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By: Jose Ramos
  • 10. Rythym Of The Night (1985) by Debarge
    A great "guilty pleasure" song/video featuring people having fun by dancing around a gas station. (and parking lot...I think) This video contain many cliches from dance pop videos from the 1980's.
  • 9. Out Of The Blue (1988) by Debbie Gibson
    It's one of my favorite Debbie (now Deborah Gibson,stage diva and singer) Gibson videos. Atleast it's better than most "garbage" on MTV (formerly a great network showing music videos instead of shows) The "photo album" was actually a great concept and , as usual at the time, Deb looked cute. (Now looks hot!)
  • 8. Every Little Step (1989) by Bobby Brown
    Female dancers (with spandex)+ white set (like Toni Basil's "Mickey" and Madonna's "Lucky Star")with large letters + Bobby Brown (wearing "shoulder padded" coat and,in another scene, spandex) = a guilty pleasure video. Atleast it's better than watching him on the news or poked fun at on some show like Mad TV or David Letterman.
  • 7. Here I Go Again (1987) by Whitesnake
    1 Name: Tawney Kitaen (The song's also great)
  • 6. Cool It Now (1984) by New Edition
    A fun/upbeat song with a cheesy video featuring the group playing basketball and a couple of girls... leading to puppy love. Unlike most "videos" now. (see #9)
  • 5. Girls, Girls, Girls (1987) by Motley Crue
    Fun glam rock party song. The video is mostly about the band's trip at a strip club.
  • 4. Mickey (1982) by Toni Basil
    This video represents new wave for this list. (Most of my favorite new wave videos are not considered 'guilty pleasure'...even A Flock Of Seagulls,Frankie Goes To Hollywood,and Dexy's Midnight Runners) Second choice: Animotion's "Obsession" (1985)
  • 3. Every Rose Has It's Thorn (1988) by Poison
    Classic power ballad and great "guilty pleasure" video. (enough said)
  • 2. Got My Mind Set On You (1987) by George Harrison
    Even a Beatle made a cheesy video with a cathy song with it. (along with Paul McCartney's duet with Michael Jackson for"Say,Say,Say")
  • 1. Foolish Beat (1988) by Debbie Gibson
    Great pop ballad. (Mandy Moore has 1/3 of the talent that Deb had during her 'Electric Youth')
This list is all about "guilty pleasures" ... songs and videos that I enjoy and not ashamed of admitting. 100% PURE CHEESE!
By: napoland presents
Definitivamente Hay Mas Videos Que Podrian Aparecer En Esta Lista: We Didn´t Start The Fire (billy Joel), When The Children Cry (white Lion), Never Tear Us Apart (inxs), With Or Without You (u2), Dancing In The Dark (bruce Springsteen), Legs (zz Top), High Enoughdamn Yankees), Etc...
By: Jose Ramos (2/3 of the series)
  • 10. 99 Luft Balloons (1984) by Nena
    Great song. The smoke or "explosion" effects also look fun to watch. It may look cheesy now,but it's good quality cheese.
  • 9. Relax (1985) by Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    The "concert" version. (I know there were 3 versions of the video.) My favorite part is when the fans run on the stage because it's like fun to watch. It's a fun/upbeat song with a "hidden" message. I know what it is,but I won't say it.
  • 8. I Want Candy (1982) by Bow Wow Wow
    A fun video set in the beach. (Like Huey Lewis & The News' "If This Is It",Beastie Boys' "She's On It",etc.) Also included: a large candy cane. This video is great,but the song is OK. At least the leader was more punk than Avril Lavigne. (No offense to Avril fans.)
  • 7. The Safety Dance (1983) by Men Without Hats
    100% pure nonsense,but still worth watching. It reminds me of those cheesy medieval fairs.
  • 6. Come On Eileen (1982) by Dexy's Midnight Runners
    The band in overalls + "Eileen",the girl in video + dancing on street corner + overly catchy lyrics = a video that's cheesy,but still fun to watch
  • 5. Our House (1983) by Madness
    An amusing video that takes place in a house in the UK. Like any Madness video. Unfortunately, "House Of Fun" & "One Step Beyond" weren't hits in the U.S.
  • 4. She Blinded Me With Science (1983) by Thomas Dolby
    A surreal video about Thomas Dolby's appointment with the shrink. (Not to get confused with "Hyperactive"...featuring a lot of computer effects.) This is the video with "words" (much like a foriegn film or silent movie)to tell a story. The video is a bit amusing,in my opinion.
  • 3. I Ran (1982) by A Flock Of Seagulls
    They actually have many great songs,but "I Ran" is their only huge hit. This video,in my opinion, defines new wave. The fashion, music, and individuality.
  • 2. Video Killed The Radio Star (8/1/1981) by The Buggles
    The first video to air on MTV. August 1, 1981. It has a very "space age" vibe, especially with the woman's suit.
  • 1. Take On Me (1985) by A-Ha
    Great song/video. The video contains scenes that blend animation and live action.
The 10 greatest videos from new wave acts with only 1 hit. (in the US) Why new wave 1 hit wonders? Because there's so many great new wave acts to select from. Other than Toni Basil's "Mickey". It's listed on my "Top 10 Guilty Pleasures" list. It's the "cheerleaders" video, if you want to know.
By: Jose Ramos (3/3 of the series)
  • 10. One Way Leads To Another (1983) by The Fixx
    Some scenes were shown about 3 times in the video (the band and the dogs) and it was boring. It was probably filmed in a sewer tunnel.
  • 9. Heaven (1989) by Warrant
    Oh, I think I'm gonna be sick if I see another white leather suit again.
  • 8. Love Is A Battlefield (1983) by Pat Benatar
    O.K. First of all, It's terribly cheesy. Pat Benatar doing a dance sequence? It's just plain horrific.
  • 7. (Oh) Pretty Woman (1982) by Van Halen
    Good cover song,but a very pathetic video. Even Diamond Dave (the original Van Halen frontman) couldn't make this fiasco worth watching.
  • 6. Seventeen (1988) by Winger
    A guilty pleasure song,but an awfully lame video. Even if it had Bobbi Brown ("Once Bitten, Twice Shy" & "Cherry Pie") or Tawny Kitaen(of Whitesnake videos) in the video, It would still stink month old sushi!
  • 5. Wild Wild West (1987) by Kool Moe Dee
    Even rap videos had a share of bad videos. Mix the 1980's with the 1880's and it'll be a very tacky result.
  • 4. Foolin' (1983) by Def Leppard
    Great song, but awful video. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the videos for "Photograph" and "Rock Of Ages",but this one is just a horrific video. For starters, what's with the lead singer being tied to a triangle and a strange woman playing a harp? Not only it doesn't make sense, It looks awfully atrocious!
  • 3. Dancing In The Street (1985) by David Bowie & Mick Jagger
    Two great rock stars dancing around like idiots. This song wasn't even a good choice to cover. (The song's a bit mediocre.)
  • 2. I Think Wer're Alone Now (1987) by Tiffany
    This has nothing to do with liking Deb Gibson. This song's one of my guilty pleasures,but this video is just a lousy clips from her mall tour. Even if it was from Deb...nevermind. To be honest, Debs was cuter (NOW LOOKS HOT) than Tiffany. (STILL LOOKS AVERAGE). It's a guy thing. "I Think We're Alone Now" is actually a cover song from 1967. And it also was considered a "guilty pleasure". The Debbie vs. Tiffany debate is over. It was just media hype. They were probably friends like some of today's so called rival pop acts.
  • 1. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (1984) by Wham!
    Day Glo Alert! (Enough Said)
This list is about awful music videos from good/great songs. Even mediocre songs are listed. (songs I "semi-like") How awful? Really gut wrenching awful. (This is just my opinion.)
By: Genaro Garza
  • 10. Nothing Compares To You by Sinnead O' Connors
  • 9. Rock It by Herbie Hancock
  • 8. Girls On Film by Duran Duran
  • 7. I Got My Mind Set On You by George Harrison
    in the two versions......;) heheheeh......
  • 6. Hazard by Richard Marx
    I don't remember if this video, is 80's
  • 5. Sledge Hammer by Peter Gabriel
  • 4. Land Of Confusion by Genesis
  • 3. Money For Nothing by Dire Straits
  • 2. Thriller by Michael Jackson
  • 1. Take On Me by A-ha
    there's another one........???????????????????
By: Adam
  • 10. Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley
    I love this video. It has fantastic production values with great use of colour and light. The dance sequences and editing is superb and (like virtually all eighties clips) everyone looks fantastic in it.
  • 9. Doctor, Doctor by Thompson Twins
    A very stylised video with lots of cartoony elements and bright colours.
  • 8. Robert DeNiro's Waiting by Bananarama
    This clip has a little of everything in it. Elements of film noir and Bertolucci. The clip is beautiful as are the girls, they all look wonderful, especially Keren who really is one of the most beautiful pop sirens on any era. The fashions are on full display and they really shine, especially the hooped tights at the start of the clip.
  • 7. Last Christmas by Wham
    To me know other clip represents everything that was great about the eighties as much as this clip does. I would go one step further and say this clip represents an image of humanity at it's pinnacle where everyone is young, beautiful, rich, charming, and can afford to spend their carefree christmases in a chalet in the Swiss alps.
  • 6. Take On Me by A-Ha
    It is such a clever video and unlike a lot of others has stood the test of time and still looks as amazing today as it did back in 1985. For those who don't know (and there couldn't be many) the clip is a combination of animation and live action. It is very skillfully undertaken and the results then and now really are special.
  • 5. Fascination by Human League
    I'm a big fan of the Human League, and this was probably their best video clip. Phil Oakey has applied his eyeliner right, and his hair is in fantastic shape. Both the girls look lovely and the rest of the band look like New Wave Uber gods. The clip is and grey.
  • 4. In a Big Country by Big County
    Boys own adventure with the band. The band are chasing a young lady all over the countryside. I've heard someone describe the 80's as "....everything seemed very modern in the 80's" and this clip appears to be the embodiment of that. The band ride three wheeler tractor trikes, and go scuba diving while the herione rides the waves on a jet ski. The finale involves abseiling.
  • 3. Suedehead by Morrisey
    Strong imagery, and bucketloads of it. Is there an icon that the video producer has left out here, if there is I can't find it. Firstly it is a tribute to James Dean (icon number one). Secondly we see Morrisey reading "The little Prince", taking photos with an old camera, he hops on a retro (for the eighties) Indian motorcycle, wears 60's clothes and lays in a bath with a magnificient poster beside him on the wall. Seems a little 'Alice in Wonderland', see the clip you'll get my drift.
  • 2. New Moon on Monday by Duran Duran
    This clip is the epitome of the 80's. A European city in winter with great coats, new wave scarves, ultra modern storm troopers in a big brotherish 1984 styled totalitarian state. I can't put into words how nostalgic for a pre-soviet collapse world this makes me.
  • 1. Digging Your Scene by The Blow Monkeys
    This is such a glamourous and lush clip. Very camp and glittery with a fine suave performance from Dr Robert.
The 80's were a truly magnificent era. I mean it was a really special time to be alive. If you were the right age, it may mean that you will never be able to escape it's memory.
By: zara khan
  • 10. Love Bites by Def Leppard
    a powerful balled,beutiful girls,and joe and co looking great,his voice is great.
  • 9. Amergeddon It by Def Leppard
    great live performance,they are looking cheerful and happy,with a large audince rockin'
  • 8. Rocket by Def Leppard
    cool video showing rock greatest acheivers and the past,and most importantly the leps.
  • 7. Bringin On The Heartbreak by Def Leppard
    mtv showed this in heavy rotation,great performers,top video,they look smart.
  • 6. Photograph by Def Leppard
    the greatest song from pyromania,evreybody for some reoson likes this video,ecpecailly marliyn manroelook-alike.
  • 5. Rock Of Ages by Def Leppard
    the video is exiting,i like the whole video,mtv were so lucky to have this lot,i like the bit where joe puts light caber and turns into a giuter.
  • 4. Animal by Def Leppard
    here are the leps having a great time in a circus,its great to see the leps looking good.
  • 3. Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard
    i like their expressions in this video,the people are rioting the house for some reoson,great song,they rock,they look amazing in ripped jeans.
  • 2. Me And My Wine by Def Leppard
    funny funny funny,this was exactly like that tv show the young ones, i like te bit joe was posing in the shower,i like joes reaction.
  • 1. Foolin' by Def Leppard
    it's very confusing,but great video,but i didn't get the bit when joe was tied down,confusing.they look cool,steve loks lushouis
the were the biggest 80's heaveey metallers,forget poison,here are the band for you to rock all night,i love the 80's.
By: Erik
  • 10. Free by Stryper
    this was always a cool song with my friends and I, and a video for this band was a rare joy (we all met in the church youth group, go figure). It still holds up for me to this day.
  • 9. Touch Me by Samantha Fox
    Looking at it now, it's just goofy, but when it was out my friends and I were totally lusting over Sam. Heck, my first girlfriend was named Samantha. Coicidence?
  • 8. Me & My Wine by Def Leppard
    Campy "garage days"-ish look at the band. I've always remembered Rick Allen's snare being used for a kick drum with "Deaf Leopard" written on it in marker.
  • 7. Talk Dirty To Me by Poison
    It's just fun... a young band trying so hard to make it rock (and they did!)
  • 6. Blind In Texas by W.A.S.P.
    Idiotic take on the spaghetti westerns, complete with Blackie Lawless's "Paul stanley" dancing.
  • 5. Shake Me by Cinderella
    Another fave song (to this day) and a classic intro (and the "Cinderella" of the video wasn't bad either, but digress)
  • 4. We're Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister
    Was there anyone who wasn't quoting Mark "Neidermeyer" Metcalf from this one? "What is that!?!? A TWISTED SISTER PIN?!? ON YOUR UNIFORM?!?!"
  • 3. Home Sweet Home by Mötley Crue
    Videos like this just made it more impossible for parents to talk thier kids out of playing rock n roll for a living and get a more lucrative job. Mine tried, so I got into radio. HAH! They'll never get me to stop! (evil snickers)
  • 2. Yankee Rose by David Lee Roth
    A great "live" video" with a fun intro. "Can you help me? My doctor says I have to take a laxative!" "Not in my store you don't!"
  • 1. Paranoimia by Art of Noise
    Max Headroom and a very cool song... what's not to like?
Soooo many videos came to mind. I'll have to make a list of the vids I still have on VHS...
By: Imran Mohammed
  • 10. Eat It by Wierd Al Yankovic
    The funniest video ever! If you have seen Michael Jackson - Beat It, then you'll recognise it is EXACTLY the same as the beat it video, except with Wierd Al Yankovic instead of Michael Jackson! Very Very funny video and cool how the two videos are so similar!
  • 9. We Built This City by Starship
    Sooooooo cheesy! The group sings on top of a fake building with a large dice chasing people in the streets. It still is a good song though.
  • 8. Rock Me Amadeus by Falco
    This video is so good! Its generally quite a good copy of the 1700s and actually is a bit scary with all those crazy costumes!
  • 7. True Faith by New Order
    Lots of people dressed up like munchkins is very funny yknow!
  • 6. Tainted Love by Soft Cell
    This Video is really good considering its 1981. The people that are like made up out of stars is really cool.
  • 5. Dont You Want Me by The Human League
    I like this video because Phillip Oakey with make-up looks so funny!
  • 4. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    What a cool video! I remember I saw this when I was 3 or 4, and I totally scared myself for ages!
  • 3. What Is Love by Howard Jones
    HAHAHAHAHA! That hair is awesome!! Bit wierd having a kid gettin hid head patted though.
  • 2. Too Shy by Kajagoogoo
    Such a good song and the video really tells you that 1983 was the year of funny hair. How did Limahl get his hair like THAT!
  • 1. Living In A Box by Living In A Box
    Great song! Cool Video! Has the band playing with cool camera slo-mo effects, then has them running in circles in reverse! The clips of the guy with the box on his head is the cheesiest bit though!
By: zara khan
  • 10. Thriller by Michael Jackson
    king of cheesy videos?not realy,the ultimate mtv explioter and a scary video,i used to get quite freaked out watching it.
  • 9. Karma Khamelon by Culture Club
    although boy looks like a girl,but they rocked mtv in the early days,this shows a great band having fun and wiaer dresses,so ridiclously 80's.
  • 8. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cindi Lauper
    she is a nutcase,completly,the 100 greatest video?yes mtvs funny girl this video is so funny,with wacky girls and rioting the street.
  • 7. Livin' On A Prayer by Bon Jovi
    they look hot ecspecailly jon looks lushious,a perfect heavy-metal song from slippery when wet,they had massive hair didn't they?
  • 6. Welcome To The Jungle by Guns 'n' Roses
    axl rose looks good,and dirty rockin'roll lifestyle in la.this is my fav song from the appetite from destruction album.its a cool video.
  • 5. white wedding by billy idol
    he is the god-looking rebel,another expliotion from mtv,i never quite understood it till now,it's great and coloful,he is such a bad boy in this video,but who cares,after all,it was the 80's
  • 4. Take On Me by A-ha
    i love it,this always came on mtv,i never got sick of it,this had the most airplay,love the animation.
  • 3. Lucky Star by Madonna
    shes beutiful,her dance moves are spunky in this video,she looks great with the black top and incredible video.
  • 2. Photograph by Def Leppard
    this guys are sexy too,and also one of mtv viewers favourite video i was about 13 when i watched it,its way cooler,and glamerous heavy-metal than poison.pyromania rocks and kicks butt.
  • 1. Rio by Duran Duran
    very sexy,very funny,i remember watching it on mtv,i loved it alot,those guys are hot,beutiful girls,and full of exitment,exotic location too.
i love the 80's,mtv was my fav channel,although i loved vh1,but mtv was the best,and thses artists i chose were my favourite ones,they were hot and sexy,apart from michael jackson and culture club,i admire them as artists though,live on 80's nostaliga.

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