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A plush teddy bear, about 9" or 10" tall, kinda pastel pink or purple or blue, velour-like "fur". The coolest part was if you submerged the bear in either hot or cold water, its fur would change color – a different color if hot, or cold. I had one, and I cannot remember the name, nor have I been able to find a picture anywhere. But I know it existed! Please help me! I'm obsessed!
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    Here is an tv commercial for "Hello Color" plush toys.

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Kelly - August 18, 2010 - Report this comment
I believe it was called the Ice-Tickle (Icicle?) Bear...i would put mine in the freezer and his stomach would turn a different color and then I'd take this heart piece off his necklace and it would take him back to his regular color.
Emily - September 13, 2011 - Report this comment
Oh my gosh, I've been looking online for this thing for years now, and you're the first person I've encountered who has mentioned this bear! I had one, too, and I am also obsessed with finding it! I described mine almost exactly like you did yours, so I know we're talking about the same thing. I'm gonna check out the "Ice-Tickle," but I don't think that's it. If you happen to find one, feel free to email e_micetro(at)yahoo. Good luck!
love it! - September 30, 2011 - Report this comment
OMG! !! FINALLY someone else is looking for one! Mine was blue!! They were called 'Icicle Bears', I'm 100% certain. I was obsessed with putting it in the freezer before bed . Haha I want to find one so bad but I'm loosing hope! :( I can even find anyone who knows what I'm talking about! You 2 are the only ones! Ill keep u posted!:)
emma - November 26, 2011 - Report this comment
I have one!!!!! I love them. So cool.... Its in my attic, now and again i put it in water and watch it change colour.
Emma - November 26, 2011 - Report this comment
Guess what ,,,,,,, i've found out what they are called.. look up HELLO COLOUR. Hope you find one!!
Michelle - December 16, 2011 - Report this comment
HELLO COLOR is correct. (american spelling of 'colour) yeah!!! I totally had the hello kitty.
Teresa - February 10, 2012 - Report this comment
Haha this is so mad becoz i recently bought me n my friend the hello kitty keyrings n because its on my keys all the time it got dirty so as i was putting it in the water i sudden went bak to wen i wss a kid i ad a sea horse that was green it went pink n red wen in hot water n then blue n purple if i put it in cold it was ace iv never actually rememberd this toy until i washed my keyring n it wa hello kitty i think its mad !!!
eligh mc - September 14, 2012 - Report this comment
ha ha so funny just been telling my husband about a hippo teddy i had that changed colour in water he cant remember them and for some reason i thought they were called yucca ducks?searched the net and coulnt find them then found ur comments!im going to check that hello color out now!:)
carrie - September 16, 2012 - Report this comment
I knew this bear existed! I've been looking for them for years. I loved mine when I was little!Rawrr I'm excited!
Jan Griffiths - June 04, 2013 - Report this comment
I have the Hello Kitty version--never got her wet though.
Bethany - September 14, 2015 - Report this comment
Oh my goodness!! I was just telling my 3 year old daughter (who is obsessed with all things hello kitty!) about this color changing HK I had when I was a child, and she wants one in a bad way! Does anyone know where I can find another one?! Mine was lost long ago:(
kelly - November 28, 2015 - Report this comment
I still have my little puppy version of this toy. Its so old/well used that all it's fur is peeling off! Wish you could still buy these. My kids would love them!
Kelley - August 15, 2016 - Report this comment
I had a cow that did the same thing. Had it since I was a kid and my little girl fell in love with it. It changed colors just like these when hot /cold/ or dipped in water. Unfortunately my dog got him and there is no way to fix him. Very sad... my mom even shed a few tears. Looking to see if I can find another one.I called him moo moo. What a special cow. Any information would be appreciated.

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