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It was a small container shaped like a heart sea shell square etc. that contained tiny little furniture, playgrounds,pools, or any other places and it would have these tiny little dolls that only bent at the waist and the main one was Polly Pocket.. they were finally discontinued in 1994 they were made since 1986 or 1987
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Amy - May 26, 2007 - Report this comment
I have the exact one in the picture! I still have all of my polly pockets (they were the perfect toy to keep me distracted while my mom shopped).
Amanda - June 04, 2007 - Report this comment
They still make Polly Pocket now (2007) but they are not even close to the original toys
Kris - July 04, 2007 - Report this comment
I had the one shown in the picture, not sure what happened to it...along with a lot of other ones...I've got the dolls still laying around in jewlry boxes, but none of the playsets are here anymore...The new Polly Pocket toys can't even be compared to these!
Pamela - July 06, 2007 - Report this comment
I remember having the spin-offs in the early 90's. They were called "Pretty Pixie" or some other close spin-off name.
DaShon - August 06, 2007 - Report this comment
I don't recall having a Polly Pocket set, but I do remember the commercials. I loved Barbies too much to worry about Polly Pocket, I guess.
Candi - August 09, 2007 - Report this comment
oh dear. i was obsessed with mine!
Leah - August 10, 2007 - Report this comment
I recently just found 2 of them at a garage sale, they were so cute! I remember I had a pink box shaped one it was like her apartment or something.
Mary - September 03, 2007 - Report this comment
I miss the originals. I looked for the originals on ebay, but they only had the newer ones.
karen - September 14, 2007 - Report this comment
i had a bunch of them ,like a colectin but my mom gave them way and im always looking for them in stores
Katie - October 07, 2007 - Report this comment
I had the little Polly Pockets but I also remember the huge mansions with lots of rooms and things to do. I got two different mansion versions. The first one was about a foot and a half in diameter and had a tree house, a pool, a lake, stables and a house with an elevator. Or at least I thought it was an elevator because the door opened the Polly Pocket dropped from the second floor to the first floor. I definitely lost this ugly polly pocket with a crewcut that got jammed in the "elevator." Later on the pockets had actual moving structures like a dance floor, versus painted scenery.
jodi - October 20, 2007 - Report this comment
I thought there were Polly Pockets when I was a kid. My daughter collects the new ones with the rubbery clothes.
Carmen - November 17, 2007 - Report this comment
OMFG!!! I SOOO have almost ALL of my Polly Pockets...the funny part, I have quite a few that my dad had to glue together for me because they would brake when you bent them. I have ALL of my houses & right before they started making the new crappy "child safe" ones (that they SUPPOSEDLY can NOT swallow as, My dad bought me, for old times sake, the newer mat that you could put all the houses on & a mansion with a working garage for the stretch convertible car! I miss the ORIGINAL Pollys!!!
Cameron - November 18, 2007 - Report this comment
I love those!!!!!I*_*I.
ashley - December 02, 2007 - Report this comment
these thigns friggin ruled! still have all mine. again, andother toy the have ruined in the present day. i also had the mansion with the convertable the shot out of the house!
Amber - December 19, 2007 - Report this comment
They go really elaborate before they made them bigger, my sis had a bunch shaped like storybooks and some really big ones too.
emily - December 23, 2007 - Report this comment
i had a few when i was younger and now my daughter plays with them so im buying some off ebay for her
yup this one too... - December 29, 2007 - Report this comment
Yeah I had a few Polly Pockets. they kept me occupied during Sunday sermons... and long car rides.... wow, what memories.
Hannah - January 03, 2008 - Report this comment
I got my first Polly Pocket when I was 6 and then the castle in the second picture. I have the pet set now, the new series, and used to have the little mall. I don't have the mall anymore.
Laural - January 13, 2008 - Report this comment
My sister and I played with these constantly. We're bitter that the new one's are nothing like the original.
melissa - April 13, 2008 - Report this comment
there was also a toy that was had a similar idea and i was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what they were called. they came out in the early 90's i think. the one i rememeber came with a little plastic doll that stood about three inches tall...then she came with a t.v. that stood couple inches as well, but when you opened up the side of the t.v. inside was a smaller version of that three inch doll and a mini living room inside. there was also a pool that folded into a mini deck and pool. if anyone could shed light on this i would really appreciate it. email is thanx so much!
Terri - April 21, 2008 - Report this comment
Hi all you polly pocket fans, I just discovered this site whilst trying get copies of some of the old commercials that i wrote for Polly Pocket (UK) back in the late 80's. Do any of you remember the generic beginning featuring two little girls in a bedroom, we moved in to the cupped hands of one of the girls that opened to show a minature world.This changed to reflect the polly products we were to showing; a beach scene for the polly houses; a cave for the jewelled hearts etc,. I also wrote the ( boys version) Mighty Max for a while before moving on to Lou Lou and her Magic Potty,Fairy Tails ( a short lived bird version of my little pony which I also followed a well trodden path to write ) Scalextric, Hornby railways etc, etc. the list goes on. They were better then...not my ads the toys themselves. If annyone has any copies of any of the ads from this time I'd love to hear from you. Terri xx
samantha - May 30, 2008 - Report this comment
Hi im a big little polly pocket fan and have 4 of em my fav ones r the fuit surprise ones i have 2 of em cherry and the apple one and a snow one thing anyway i go to the shops now and i never EVERRR see them except these little car ones that have different smells eg.wildberry and more i wish the old ones could come bak i had a little one when i was about 4 or 5 it was the pink pony one but i lost it in a furniture store and was devestated though i was holding a little yellow pony thats all i had from it i still have it yay bye for now
Ducky - July 22, 2008 - Report this comment
Terri -- Try! She's got a MASSIVE 80's toy list & she provides links to a lot of their commercials. There's also a bunch on and as well. I remember telling my mom NOT to throw my vintage Polly Pocket collection away when we moved about 7 years ago. I pray that she listened to me & they're still in storage...
moo - September 29, 2008 - Report this comment
im sorry, but can you call it polly pocket anymore if it doesnt fit compactly in your pocket!!
becky - October 23, 2008 - Report this comment
I can remember having a couple of the small polly pockets, but my cousin had the big heart shaped and I was so jealous but my mum never bought it for me
Kyleigh - December 07, 2008 - Report this comment
I used to have the Polly Pocket sets when I was little. I also remember getting this huge Polly Pocket playland at JC Penny's. It was too bad they stopped making the little Polly Pocket sets, but I enjoyed the Fashion Polly dolls.
zeetee - January 30, 2009 - Report this comment
I thought Pollys began in 1989 and went till 1997 or so before being re-imaged... At any rate, I looooved my oldschool Pollys, I had a hotel, a hair salon, a stable... I even had those Polly Pocket shoes that had 2 identical Pollys in plastic chambers on the side. Kids would always think I was crazy when they saw that I hadn't cut them out yet xD; I eventually did when the shoes got too small, but why would I ruin a good pair of shoes, eh? xD Man, I miss my Pollys...
Kathleen - February 03, 2009 - Report this comment
I started a long love affair with Polly Pockets in 1989 and that passion has continued on to this very day. I grew up in the U.S. but my mom was from Ireland so I always remember going "home" to Ireland and getting sets that were never available in America. My friends always wondered where I got these strange mystery sets that they had never seen before. Now I am 29 and my collection has grown to over 600 vintage sets thanks to and ebay!!!
Em - February 04, 2009 - Report this comment
I had several of these. I had three that were nurseries, and one that was a castle. I liked having them visit each other and making up stories.
Alanna - February 06, 2009 - Report this comment
I had a bunch of these, they were so fun. I loved how super tiny they were. I remember having some sort of car or trailer home that would open up to a bunch of rooms, that one was my favorite! I also remember a larger house that had a little front yard. I think my sister had some sort of purple clamshell sparkley mermaid version.
JULIE - February 14, 2009 - Report this comment
GAH! my goodness! i used to LOOOOVE the small polly pocket toys! (i owned quite a handful) and they were so amazing! but unfortunately, i don't have them anymore! =( they were probably donated to other kids when i moved to a different home! now i really miss having them and i wish i still had them! they bring back good memories =) i loooove how small they were! i hate how they are bigger and clunkier's not the same anymore!
robbrina(aka robbi) - March 01, 2009 - Report this comment
I just got a Polly Pocket doll. Did any1 ever have 1 of these? Her body is stuffed but her head is hard plastic & she has yellow yard hair. I would post a pic...but it seems like they never go up. I wonder if some1 still updates this site. I hope's a great site!
cin - March 18, 2009 - Report this comment
I LOOOVED Polly Pockets! I had lots of sets. They were so awesome!
gigi - April 25, 2009 - Report this comment
I never got the polly pockets and I still feel jipped!
agni - April 28, 2009 - Report this comment
I was fascinated by these as a kid, but i never got one, and like gigi, I feel jipped to this very day. At one point I went to buy them and realized they were all different now. I wish they'd bring back the old ones.
Jamie - May 17, 2009 - Report this comment
Loved them! I had the huge set that came with all the houses and the ones that lit up! My dad is currently going thru his house getting rid of stuff and I said "No way are you getting rid of that!!"
CIARA - May 28, 2009 - Report this comment
I still have ALL of my Polly Pocket playsets even up to this day! And to think that I already have a kid of my own :) It's just sad that the new version is far different than the one we used to have! and yes, the other brand which looks very much like the polly pocket is - pretty pixie.
Katie - July 23, 2009 - Report this comment
My sister and I were crazy for these little toys! She had two apartment ones, I had a zoo (which i still have the monkey and the elephant for [they're mini as well!]) I had a newer one with the approach of the millenium, it was a camera that folded out into a wedding. My favourite one was a mermaid storybook. I love the Little Mermaid when I was little. The only thing I have left of it all is the two seahorses and one mermaid. The only regular one I have left is missing its legs and one arm. *shrugs* I still loved it I am searching to this day to find more! :)
Allison - July 23, 2009 - Report this comment
My little sister and I adored them! They're gone now except for one set and barely a handful of the little dolls. Like yup this one too... they occupied me during Church and the car rides through the country after Church. Man, I miss those days...
Calla - September 09, 2009 - Report this comment
I was born in the states, but all my parents family lived in Australia, and we flew back and forth a lot of times before finally moving back to OZ when I was 5. My mum used to buy them for me to play with on the plane. I only ever had about four or five of the small ones, but I took such good care of them and loved the little dolls to bits! Mine are all worn and faded and away in a box somewhere, I think. And yes, I too am bitter they don't make them like they used to!
kristy - October 08, 2009 - Report this comment
I was at a garage sale last weekend and i found an old polly pocket box with a $1 price tag on it. I bought it but i was half expecting it to be a box of rubbish, only to find when i got in the car and opened it up there was a brand new polly pocket still in its box! It was the pencil case one everything is still sealed i was so excited. I had this very same one as a kid too and it brought back so many memories, all for $1.
Tara - November 25, 2009 - Report this comment
I loved these. I also had that Scarlett O'Hara Barbie!
Jessica - November 29, 2009 - Report this comment
i have 25 plus houses. i'm 15 and don't want to give these up. becuase they are so small i use them under the christmas tree and hopefully will have them for my children to play with!
Jazz - January 13, 2010 - Report this comment
I had three Polly Pockets - Suki's Japanese Teahouse, Fifi's Parisian Apartment and the Hollywood Hotel one.
starr - January 29, 2010 - Report this comment
I remember when i was young my friend had this small round compact. It had a purple gem on the front. When you open it there was lip gloss on one side and you flip the head, arms, legs out and close the compact (the body is the compact). Is this a Polly Pocket? If not, does anyone know what they are called?
Lu - January 29, 2010 - Report this comment
Starr, it's a Sweet Secret! :) I think Sweet Secrets were made by Galoob.
starr - January 31, 2010 - Report this comment
You're the best Lu, thanks so much! ^_^
Fi - February 03, 2010 - Report this comment
Ws just scooping on ebay to discover that the sets i has as a kid are on sale some for £30! Unbeleibable, thy provided hours of fun for me & my friends, i still have all mines to in the loft. Might have to salvage them now. The good old days eh :) The mansion was ace, hitting the tree for the car to shoot out! = )
cindy - February 25, 2010 - Report this comment
My daughter had a few polly pockets in the 80's and I always loved them. Now I'm collecting them from ebay for future grandchildren, and I admit it, myself.there is something so precious and comfortable about them. My grandson loves them and will ask, Anymore pollys today? I've been adding mighty max pieces for himI've never collected anything before; it's so much fun..
Denise - March 08, 2010 - Report this comment
As a kid, I had a bunch of Polly Pockets. Then I went to Japan and discovered Angel Pocket. I'm having so much trouble finding information on this Japanese version of Polly Pocket. Does anyone know of a website? Please link it! Thanks!
Lauren - March 17, 2010 - Report this comment
I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Bluebird made the coolest toys in the 90's lol If anyone has some they would like to ship I would love to purchuse them. email me at Thanks alot!
Kari - April 14, 2010 - Report this comment
I loved Polly Pocket as a kid and wanted to get them for my daughters but dislike the new ones. They took away all the best things about it: *You could slip it in your pocket to play with on the go *The dolls were cute as *It was a whole little world in your hand *Each little world had something unique but not too many options *You used your imagination because the pieces were limited *The new series are all about fashion and kids spend so much time changing clothes that changing clothes is the game To Denise: If you Google ポーリーポケット and エンジェル ポケット you will find sets for sale -just dig a bit!
Molly - April 23, 2010 - Report this comment
just wondered how much would people pay nowadays for the old polly pockets
Erin - June 27, 2010 - Report this comment
To Lu. Those dolls that you were talking about were proberly the Galoob Sweet Secrets.I dont have the vintage ones but i have the 2007 versions.
Steffi - October 19, 2010 - Report this comment
I love polly pockets. I wonder if kids are born dumber. I never ate my dolls. I still have all mine with all their original dolls and parts in perfect condition. I remember turning my room into a town. It's crazy that the mansion (in working condition with all parts) is worth over $100 to some collectors. I think we paid $30 for it, and I cried when I opened it. If anyone's interested in buying a set... drop me an email Does anyone know what those little dolls that came in things were? Like a doctor doll that came in a doctor bag, or a hip hop doll that came in a sneaker. They were hard plastic, pastel and about an inch and a half big. I have about 20 of them and they were in with my pollys.
Alex - January 08, 2011 - Report this comment
Sup guys? I have a ton of polly pockets. I have, like, 32! My teacher who is 24 and my aunt who is 30 used to have some and my aunt gave me one of hers and my teacher brought some to school and let me see them. I am 11 and I was born in 1999 so they were still making mini ones but they were getting kind of crappy 'cause they were made by Mattel. And now they have these big, crappy, cheap ones that CAN'T fit in your pocket. All of the sets are huge and the dolls are much bigger. I like Bluebird's better. I got a lot of ones that are in great condition on eBay and am getting some more tomorrow maybe. I just love them so much! I wish they still sold in stores. Peace out ya'll!
Kandy - January 08, 2011 - Report this comment
I love polly pockets. I remember when I was little I had about 10. I was obsessed with them! I played with them 24/7. They kept me occuppied while my mum was shopping and on long car trips... ahh, memories. I had the starlight castle, pizza shop, stampin school, pet hospital, and the magical mansion. I had a few more, but I don't remember them much. I gave 'em all to my daughter, who is 11. She loves them! I bought some for her off of eBay as well. I play them with her all the time! :) I really wish they still sold in stores. I really don't like the new ones, and neither does my daughter. They are big and CANNOT fit in your pocket! :) :) :)
shkaiyaik - January 14, 2011 - Report this comment
yeah i remember dem pocket pollies. my mama done gave some to good ol' me cuz i had done asked for some for my dang 13 birthday. dem pocket pollies are really neat cuz dem are all teeny an' stuff. my mama likes dem to and so does shkaiyaik. i am shkaiyaik. my mama done'd name me dat name. well shkaiyaik has to go eat her gumbo so bye er'body
olivia erin pope - January 14, 2011 - Report this comment
I do remember those polly pockets. I was born in 1923. My great grandaughter has some and brings some up to show me. I bought some in 1990. I was old then, but i bought them for magenta, my grandaughter. She brings them up to granny's all the time. Well, I have to go use the pot and go number 2, as you youngins call it. Goodbye all you youngins!
Polly! :) - January 14, 2011 - Report this comment
I LOVE polly pockets! I am pretty young and had some when I was little. I went crazy for them for two reasons: 1. My name is Polly! 2. They were a small little world. I used to love small things. I was all about the small stuff! So when they came out in 1989, I was about seven, and i HAD to have them. I have about forty. :) I actually got a new one today that I ordered off of ebay. it's Polly's School! I have my own school. ;) I always pretend that polly is me. It's so funny that my name is Polly! Anyway, it's green and has a cafeteria, office, pool, locker room, bathroom, and little classrooms. I love it! It came with a teacher and 4 babies. I let my daughter play with them and I like to play Polly's with her. My daughter's name is Tina, so of course her favorite character is tiny tina. And my mom's name is Tammy, and she likes Tammy, of course! It's hilarious that we all have our own dolls! Well sorry this is so long, I just love to type! Goodbye guys! :) :D :0 ;)
you don't need to know - January 14, 2011 - Report this comment
i have 83.
rebekah brigode - June 24, 2011 - Report this comment
still have a ton of the older polly pockets. Those were the best. I have been looking to sell them just not sure what they are worth.
:) - July 10, 2011 - Report this comment
I had that one in the picture too, remember i lost the carriage though (or was it the horse? can't remember) my first one was the light green one which was a school and it had a classroom on one side and a pool on the other i think. i still have all of mine, they are at my mums and my daughter plays with them now.
Alisha - September 18, 2011 - Report this comment
Hey guys! I have 9 Polly Pockets from 1989 - 1992 all in very good condition. If you are interested in purchasing any, email me at and I'll email you photos of the ones I have!
Daniela - November 04, 2011 - Report this comment
I just realized mine are Angel Pocket, the japanese version. I was 3 or 4 years old when I got them. And I never swallowed any of the dolls, and makes me wonder if making them bigger (and boring) was really necessary. Anyways I've lost my dolls long ago, but I have nice memories of them.
L Hynes - December 23, 2011 - Report this comment
I want to collect vintage ones, I dont like the new ones at all but manycastles and sets come without their dolls where can I get them?
Kristie Jo - February 28, 2012 - Report this comment
You can find complete sets at
brandonefron2064 - May 07, 2012 - Report this comment
Polly Pocket did made a comeback in the early 2000s and became a worldwide product brand, when her first fully-animated direct-to-video movie, Pollyworld, was released onto DVD in 2006.
Pink - July 11, 2013 - Report this comment
Ive recently started collecting vintage bluebird Polly pockets,I buy them on eBay my collection is up to 100! The only compacts I need that have been rare are sulus Japanese tea house and fifis Parisian apartment if any one knows or has these for sale please email me to will greatly appreciate vintage Polly pocket are my obsession,being a 90's kid was the best
christitotally80's - December 23, 2014 - Report this comment
i had the heart shaped one does anyone else besides me think that they were based on the 80's cartoon show the littles?
Emma - March 26, 2015 - Report this comment
Hi i have loads of original polly pockets sets i have decided to sell . Some have figures and some do not . Email for pics
Natasha - December 25, 2016 - Report this comment
Does anyone have a bunch of/collection of Polly Pockets from the 1990s that they'd like to sell? Please let me know. Thanks!

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