Songs from the Eighties That Have Been In Commercials, Products Beginning with D
Well, it was bound to happen, and it has been happening now for a while, Commercials bleeding the memory of the eighties, for music. The first one I remember is "Like A Rock" and then "Born in the USA." Now it's food items. What's next? I'd love to hear your recomendations. Please limit it to TELEVISION Commercials though. Radio stations usually mix in background music with spoken ads by the DJ's and the music tends to be used in both radio and television versions of most Commercials eventually.

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Dannon Fruision, using Blondie's, "One Way Or Another"
Many strawberries were walking on the street. The song is being played. Then, a cow says "Fruuuisioon!".
"Dave's World" promo, using Billy Joel's, "You May Be Right"
Used as promos for the series premiere, and used as the theme song of the show.
Dell Computer, using Billy Joel's, "Keepin' The Faith"
Love that ad that aired on MTV a lot.
Dell Computers, using Squeeze's, "Tempted"
Can we get something more original? That's the third commercial I saw that "Tempted" was used.
Denny Hecker's Auto Connection, using Tina Turner's, "(Simply) The Best"
Denny Hecker's Auto Connection is a Minnesota based car dealership and have been using the song for about a year now.
Denny's Diner, using Air Supply's, "All Out of Love"
These are a series of commercials with people doing the wrong thing, to promote the Extreme Grand Slam.
Dentyne Tango, using Squeeze's, "Tempted"
A woman with a man sharing her Dentyne Tango, the song is being played.
Depends, using Matthew Wilder's, "Break My Stride"
Just try not to get that song in your head for days.
Depends Undergarments, using Matthew Wilder's, "Break My Stride"
Must be nice to still make money, even if your song is being used for something like this!
DiGiorno, using Donna Summer's, "Hot Stuff"
A man in the kitchen is eatin DiGiorno Stffed Crust Pizza, sings the song along on the radio (with changed lyrics). The woman comes and tells him, "Don't tell me the pizza delivery guys saw you like that" and the man says, "It's Not Delivery. It's DiGiorno."
DiGiorno, using Marvin Gaye's, "Let's Get It On"
It had a man and a woman in this ad. She was giving the man to take a bite of DiGiorno Pizza. The woman says "Mmm...Mozzarella...Lucious Toppings...Who did the pizza dilivery guy tell to you?" then the man says "It's Not Delivery. It's DiGiorno."
Dick Clark's New Years' Rockin' Eve, using Queen's, "We Will Rock You"
Used to promote the 2003 New Years' Rockin' Eve.
Diet Coke, using Adam Ant's, "Goody Two Shoes"
Used in an ad during the 2006 Winter Olympics.
Diet Dr. Pepper, using Village People's, "YMCA"
The band was re-named, known as "Retirement Village People". They sing the song (with changed lyrics). Until now I was into this ad, it was funny.
Diet Pepsi, using Europe's, "The Final Countdown"
Reggie Bush practices for the NFL.
Diet Pepsi, using A Flock of Seagulls's, "I Ran"
Just in case you forget. There's this guy that was been asked if there's anything youthful you want? He answers that he wants his old hair back. Then, cames a fantasy of him with the "Mike Score" hairdo. It's so funny and I think that was the lead singer of the band or some guy.
Diet Pepsi, using The Ramones's, "Blitzkrieg Bop"
Used Diet Coke cans, Paree Water bottles, Sporty Ade bottles, and Diet Pepsi cans. They were all talking. The song in the background.
Disney's 'Dinosaur, using Was (Not Was)'s, "Walk the Dinasaur"
Used to promote a theateratical preview and even a video and DVD preview for the Disney movie "Dinasaur" (makes sense).
Disney's Dinasaur, using Was (Not Was)'s, "Walk the Dinasaur"
Could we get something more original?
Disney's Lady and The Tramp 2, using The B-52's's, "Roam"
Used to promote the video and DVD.
Disney's Lilo and Stitch, using AC/DC's, "Back in Black"
Scenes from Disney animated films (Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, et al) are interrupted.
Disney-Pixar studios , using Men At Work's, "Down Under"
"FInding Nemo" was a terrific movie, but I'm not sure that the ocean floor was quite the land "Down Under" the band had in mind! On the other hand, what scenes are on land are in and near Sydney Harbor, so I guess it's OK.
Disney-Pixar's 'The Incredibles', using Survivor's, "Eye Of The Tiger"
I saw those theateratical previews when I watched ABC's TGIF Friday night, and I heard the song being used in the previews. It was used to promote the movie.
Disney-Pixar's 'Toy Story 2', using Kool and The Gang's, "Celebration"
Used to promote the DVD and Video promo.
Dockers, using The The's, "This Is The Day"
Seems to be a remake of the classic.
Domino's Pizza, using Cinderella's, "Don't Know What You've Got (Until It's Gone)"
A couple of guys awaiting a Domino's Pizza play around while Don't Know... plays.
Doritos, using Blondie's, "One Way Or Another"
Used to promote the new guacomole flavor.
Doritos, using Blondie's, "One Way or Another"
A person (it may be a woman) was at a vending machine, and found out there was new Guacamole Doritos (A pop star or something?) and couldn't get it out, even with change, so he shakes it, bangs it, I think the vending machine was unplugged. The announcer says this: New Doritos Guacomole Chips. with guava and a hint of lime, (bite sound) you cant resist the flavor. Gotta Get Doritos. Who knows about those ads that do this? I know, and i got to get the notices that thought it was a woman, pop star, man, etc. But I got to get info from that commercial. So funny. And I can't believe I thought it was funny I know it was a man or something, I believe.
Doritos Chips, using Blondie's, "One Way Or Another"
Totally repulsed me, but I couldn't help singing along. Who could blame me?!
Dr. Pepper, using Meat Loaf's, "I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)"
A man would do anything for the love of his sweetheart--except share his Dr. Pepper.
Dr. Pepper, using Thompson Twins's, "Doctor, Doctor"
At least they did not change the words in the ad.
Dr. Pepper, using Robert Palmer's, "Bad Case Of Loving You"
Sucks me into a yucky person. Not LUCKY as it gets to a TV commercial.
Dr. Pepper, using Robert Palmer's, "Bad Case Of Loving You"
Could we get something that's more original?
Dr. Pepper, using Robert Palmer's, "Bad Case Of Loving You"
The lyrics "Doctor, Doctor" went to "Dr. Pepper" and here's the chorus to the song: Dr. Pepper, gimme the news, I've got a Bad Case Of Loving You.
Dr. Seuss's Horton Hears a Who!, using REO Speedwagon's, "Can't Fight this Feeling Anymore"
The characters in this film are probably in the upcoming movie.
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