Songs from the Eighties That Have Been In Commercials, Products Beginning with S
Well, it was bound to happen, and it has been happening now for a while, Commercials bleeding the memory of the eighties, for music. The first one I remember is "Like A Rock" and then "Born in the USA." Now it's food items. What's next? I'd love to hear your recomendations. Please limit it to TELEVISION Commercials though. Radio stations usually mix in background music with spoken ads by the DJ's and the music tends to be used in both radio and television versions of most Commercials eventually.

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Sakata Rice Crackers, using Trio's, "Da Da Da"
The lyrics have been changed from 'Da Da Da' to 'Sa-Ka-Ta'.
Sandals, using Jackie DePearson's, "What the World Needs Now/ Disco Version"
Who did this high energy dance remix of What the world needs now?
Sandals Resort, using Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes's, " Time of My Life "
This song, although a knock off, used by Sandals resorts to advertise it's many locations and amenities, was the final dance song in the movie "Dirty Dancing".
Sasson Jeans, using Elton John's, "Sad Songs (Say So Much)"
The product was for Sasson Jeans, not Vidal Sassoon.
Saturn, using Madness's, "One Step Beyond"
Used in the Saturn "Jelly Donuts" ad.
Saturn ION (2003), using Alphaville's, "Forever Young"
Used in the 2nd installment of Saturn's "adulthood" series of ads. In this, the ION and its passengers are "Now Leaving High School." Punchline would have been better had "Forever Young" been 18 this year, but it isn't; it's 19.
Sheraton, using Pat Benetar's, "We Belong"
This commercial was used for the slogan "Belong".
Siemens Mobile Phones, using Rick James's, "Super Freak"
When Super Freak is heard, someone's dropping old mobile phones on a rug in the floor.
Slice (soda pop), using Nails's, "88 Lines About 44 Women"
"We all got it... we got the juicy taste of slice... get it, got it, get it... either you got it or you don't" Sung to the music of the Nails.
Slim-Fast, using Robert Palmer's, "Simply Irrisistable"
We have to count it is from 2003, for their ice cream.
Sony, using Billy Idol's, "White Wedding"
Used in a 1999 UK commercial for the Handicam.
Southwest Airlines, using Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes's, "Up Where We Belong"
Sparkomatic Car Stereo, using Yes's, "Owner Of A Lonely Heart"
Special K Cereal, using Bananarama's, "Cruel Summer"
Ad shows several magazines of attractive women while playing the song, then states "Summer can be cruel" and goes on to list the nutritional benefits of Special K.
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, using Twisted Sister's, "I Wanna Rock"
Lyrics changed to "I'm a Goofy Goober...ROCK!"
Starbucks, using Survivor's, "Eye Of The Tiger"
The song had changed lyrics. The instumental part added "Glen! Glen, Glen, Glen!" and "Roy! Roy, Roy, Roy!" and many changed lyrics.
Starbucks , using Survivor's, "Eye Of The Tiger"
Absolutely the funniest commercial I have ever seen. Try to watch it and not have ROY ROY ROY stuck in your head for days!
Starbucks Expresso, using Survivor's, "Eye Of The Tiger"
I think it featured the actual band Survivor in it.
Starburst, using Tones on Tail's, "GO!"
Shocking!! What a blast from the past...made me want to dance!
Starburst Fruit Chews, using Lionel Richie's, "Hello"
Starburst- fruit chews, using Tones On Tails's, "Go"
Three teenagers in a car. Guy in the back seat, digs through the crack in the seat and finds an old Starburst. Then he eats it. Tones on Tails is playing in background.(U.S. Commercial)???
Stolichnaya Citrona, using The Clash's, "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"
Used in 2002 Stoli Citrona "Party" ad.
Subway , using Firehouse's, "I Need You Now"
Two people are sitting in their car, and the windows are all fogged up, the Firehouse song is playing, making you think something *wink, wink* is going on in the car. A cop walks over and taps on the window, but when the window is lowered we realize it's two guys eating subs in their car.
Subway Restaurant, using Alias's, "More Than Words Can Say"
I believe the commercial first aired during the Super Bowl.
Swiffer, using Devo's, "Whip It"
The song had changed lyrics. There were many parts changed, but always the "You can Whip It" part was changed to "You need Swiffer".
Swiffer, using Devo's, "Whip It"
Swiffer Wet Jet, using Devo 's, "Whip It"
Hard to believe this New Wave classic is now a jingle for a floor cleaner, huh?
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