Songs from the Eighties That Have Been In Commercials, Products Beginning with K
Well, it was bound to happen, and it has been happening now for a while, Commercials bleeding the memory of the eighties, for music. The first one I remember is "Like A Rock" and then "Born in the USA." Now it's food items. What's next? I'd love to hear your recomendations. Please limit it to TELEVISION Commercials though. Radio stations usually mix in background music with spoken ads by the DJ's and the music tends to be used in both radio and television versions of most Commercials eventually.

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K-Mart Stores, using Bow Wow Wow's, "I Want Candy"
Used in a 2004 Halloween ad (kids were Trick-or-Treating for candy).
K-Mart Stores, using The B-52's's, "Love Shack"
Two people in their tent (seen by shadow), the song plays in the ad.
Kellogg's, using Survivor's, "Eye of the Tiger"
This ad aired in the U.K. only.
Kia, using Michael Sembello's, "Maniac"
Used to promote a 2008 Kia sale. A salesman performs Flashdance moves to a horrible version of Maniac with new lyrics! Absolutely horrendous!
Kia Car, using Flock of Seagulls's, "I Ran"
Kia Spectra, using Tom Tom Club's, "Genius of Love"
A couple goes through twenty years of life in thirty seconds...and the woman is stopped at the end.
Kit Kat, using George Thorogood And The Destroyers's, "Bad To The Bone"
Used to promote the new White Chocolate flavor. In this Commercial, a man was sitting on a motorcycle (not riding), the song plays, the man eats a Kit Kat White Chocolate. It was a father that lived in the house where I had a student (a boy) which was in Lounsberry Hollow Middle School in Mr. Paolini's room at the same house Dad (in the commercial) lives. The school is at Sammis Road in Vernon, N.J., so the boy who was in school and the Dad in the commercial lived somewhere Vernon Township. I can't think anything about this ad, what I love about the commercial. This commercial took place somewhere in Vernon Township, or in Sussex County.
Kmart, using Men At Work's, "Who Can It Be Now?"
Used in a 2004 Halloween ad.
Kohl's, using Thomas Dolby's, "She Blinded Me With Science"
Kohl's, using Big Country's, "In a Big Country"
Cover version of the song. Used to promote some fall sale, I think.
Kroger Senior Golf Classic tournament, using The Romantics's, "What I Like About You"
Used to promote a Senior PGA Tour event that takes place in the Cincinnati area annually.
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