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Shell Suits, Comment by My First Day of Wearing a Shellsuit on May 20, 2019 - Report this comment
When I was seven or eight, I decided that it was time that I started to wear shellsuits. My friends wore them and they looked really comfortable. I loved how colorful, bright, shiny, and silky they were. Anytime my friends wore a shellsuit, their pants were swishy and made a neat swishing sound anytime they moved around and their pants rubbed together. My parents took me to go look at shellsuits and had me try some one. I tried on a pale pink and bright pink shellsuit. I really liked the suit and couldn't wait to wear it to school. My parents also bought me several more shellsuit since I loved being in the suit so much. When it got colder, I decided that I was going to wear a black and pink shellsuit with a pink tee shirt. My pants were solid black with a narrow pink stripe going down each pant leg, there were zippers on each leg. My jacket was a solid dusty pink with a collar and a black zipper going down the front. I was really excited, because I didn't have change out of it within a few short minutes like I did in the dressing room. This time I was going to get to stay in it all day. And unlike the dressing room, I was going to be moving around in it. I took my first steps and my pants starts to swish as my thighs rubbed together. It was time for my parents to take me to school and the swishing sound followed me all the way to the car. Then when I got out of the car and walked into school, I started to swish around again. I loved the idea that I was going to be hearing myself swish around until I stopped walk and stood still or took a seat. My friends commented how much they liked my shellsuit. We had PE that day, so that meant that I'd be able to hear myself swish around. One of my friends saw that I was wearing a shellsuit and she decided to wear shellsuits too. I told my friend once she got a shellsuit to let me know and I would wear a shellsuit on the day she wore her first shellsuit. I suggested that it would be fun if we both went to Wal-Mart together when she went to purchase shellsuits and we could both find a shellsuit that we both liked and where the same day. Our parents took us to Wal-Mart and my friend tried on several shellsuits. Once she picked out some, we both looked at the other shellsuits that were in our size. We both saw a navy and pale yellow shellsuit that we both liked. Since we were both going to buy the same suit, we decided to pick out a top to go with it. So, we both picked out a pale yellow turtleneck. We picked a day for us to wear our matching outfits. On the day we both wore our outfits, we were both excited about having a twin day.

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