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PCH's , Comment by Lyn on July 14, 2019 - Report this comment
Steve Hogan started the company? I was not aware of that. It used to be called Pacifica via Strada . I worked there in 1986
Jogging Suit , Comment by Suit Up on July 13, 2019 - Report this comment
I loved wearing windsuits when I was in the elementary grades. I didn't wear them until I was around 8 years old. Until then, I wore sweatpants and cotton knit pants that looked like legging. The kids in my class started to come to school in shiny, smooth, and silky looking suits. The suits were mostly a solid color or color blocked. I decided that I was going to start wearing the suits with my friends. I had no idea what the suits were called and I just described them to my parents. They told my that those suits were called windsuits and they'd be happy to take me shopping to try some on to wear to school in the fall. I picked out several suits that I liked and wanted to try on my. My parents picked out solid color tee shirts for me to try on with the outfits. They even had me try on a turtleneck with my outfit. I went into a dressing room and decided that I was going to try on a solid dark pink windsuit with a petal pink turtleneck. I just stood in front of the mirror. I was finally in a shiny, silky, bright, and smooth wind suit. After just standing there, I noticed that I hadn't taken one step since I changed into the suit. I always wonder what it would be like if I was the one of the kids who was swishing around class when ever I moved. I started walking and my pants started making a swishy sound as I walked around the dressing room. When I stopped moving the swishing noise stopped. It wasn't like I was walking with a friend who was in a suit. They swishy sound was much louder. I started to walk around the dressing room again and I started to swish around. Since I was the person in the suit, my movements would determine when I would start swishing around and when I stopped swishing around. After spending a few minutes enjoying hearing myself swishy in the dressing room. I stepped out and showed my parents. They thought I looked nice in the suit. I told them that I wanted to wear a windsuit to school all through the fall and winter weather. My parents were fine with the idea. But, they decided that once it got really cold, they were going to keep me in long sleeve tee shirts. On really cold days, they were going to keep me in turtleneck. The only time I could wear short sleeves during the cold weather was on days I had gym class. Most of the turtlenecks that they bought me to wear with my suits were white. Since most of my suits were pink or purple, they bought me tee turtlenecks in any shade of pink or purple that they could find. With the soild color tee shirts they purchased several solid white tee shirts in long sleeves and short sleeve. I also had tee shirts in all shades of pink and purple that they could find. When school started back me and the other little girls talked about getting new windsuits that we were going to be wear when it got cold. I also had speech class twice a week and I had my favorite teacher. I was the only one in the class and we talked about our summer. I told her that I went shopping for windsuits and I liked them so much better than sweat pants and knit pants. I explained my parents bought me enough suits so I could wear one every day when the weather got cold. My favorite teacher told me that she went shopping too and bought a lot of new windsuits too. I asked her if they were her favorite thing to wear and she said they were. She'd rather be in a windsuit than she would in any other type of clothing. She was also planning on wearing windsuits to school full time once it was cold. She explained it was nice to feel comfortable around someone enough to talk about her favorite type of clothing. I explained I felt the same way. My parents didn't wear the suits and said that I talked about the suits and didn't need to ask people if they owned a windsuit or not. My favorite teacher said she knew the feeling and we could talk to each other about how much we liked windsuits. She asked if once the weather got cold and we were both in windsuits everyday, if I'd like to take a walk with her outside during our regular class time. I told her I would love that and it would be nice to walk around outside. Once it got colder, we both picked a day for us to go on our walk. Since it was going to be chilly, she recommended that I dressed warm and wore a suit that had a hooded jacket. On the day of our walk I wore a solid dark pink windsuit with light pink turtleneck. My teacher wore a dark blue windsuit with a dark blue turtleneck. When I got to class, she had put her keys in her pocket since we were going out the back door. All of the classroom doors were shut so we didn't have to worry about anyone hearing us coming down the hall. When we got outside, we zipped up our jackets as far as they would go and we put on our hoods. We started to walk and we started to swish around together. As we were walking, we were talking about what we liked about being in the suits. Both of us liked being able to grab an outfit without worrying if it was ironed or not, almost any type of turtleneck or tee shirt would go with it and swishing around anytime we moved around. I told her that once I put my suit on in the morning, I'd walk around non stop for ten minutes and enjoy hearing myself swishy and as I was swishing for those ten minutes and would say "Swishy, swishy, swishy," in a very quiet voice. My teacher said that she had never done it before and that I really appericated being able to wear my favorite type of outfit and enjoy hear myself swishy. She thought it would be fun if we both took ten minutes to walk around and say "Swishy,Swishy,Swishy," repeatedly as we walked around together. But, we should say "Swishy,Swishy, Swishy," in a louder and more cheerful tone. I was worried someone would hear us if we were on the play ground. Once we were on the play ground, we started to walk around and say "Swishy,Swishy,Swishy," as we walked around.

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