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Jogging Suit , Comment by Swishy 3rd Grader on July 18, 2018 - Report this comment
Some of my friends noticed that I was in a windsuit everyday after fall break. They loved wearing their suits to school as much as I did and they decided that they wanted to stay in their windsuits everyday with me. But once cold weather hit, their parents made them wear a turtleneck or long sleeve tee shirt with their windsuits, like my parents were having me wear. When we wore turtlenecks, it felt like it was part of our outfits and it felt odd walking around school in a turtleneck and windpants. So, we stayed in our turtlenecks and we zipped our jackets up to the cleavage level. On days we wore long sleeve tee shirts, we liked it better since we didn't feel like it was part of our outfit. Since other kids were coming to school in windpants and tee shirts. We usually hung our jackets on the back of our chairs and wore our shirts and windpants. One time my parents made me wear a white tee shirt with Winnie the Pooh on it, which was a shirt I hated. So, I kept my jacket zipped up as far as it would go so I wouldn't have to look at a shirt I hated.
Shell Suits, Comment by PE/Guideance Counselor on July 18, 2018 - Report this comment
@ Dave, The year, I was in 4th grade, we didn't have a PE teacher for most of the year and our home room teacher had to do PE with us. We also had a new guidance counselor. She dressed fancy often, but after fall came around she was in a shell suit a few times a week. After spring break she decided that she wanted to do guidance and PE together. So, she became the PE teacher. Once she was the PE teacher, she wore her shellsuits to school often since she was in the gym most of the day. In the warmer weather, she came to school in a sleeveless polo shirt and a pair of shellsuit pants. She often got comments about it, she said she wore them because she liked the glistering material and that swishy sound. Some of the boys told her she looked hot in her shellsuits.
Shell Suits, Comment by Swishy 1st Grader on July 15, 2018 - Report this comment
In 1st grade, I was actually looking forward to coming back to school because I'd be in windpants everyday. I liked the idea since I wouldn't be in hot sweat pants and tight knit pants. I started wearing windsuits in kindergarten after seeing teachers and students wearing them all the time. Finally when November came I would be wearing a complete windsuit full time to school until warmer weather. After Christmas break, my parents told me that it was really cold and I was going back to school in long sleeve shirts and turtle necks. I didn't really like that idea because the classrooms were hot. But, I couldn't complain since I was going to get be in a windsuit everyday, which was my favorite thing to wear back then. When I went back to school, my parents ended up keeping me in turtlenecks most of the time. I hated it because they were really hot and the neck was very itchy. But, the only thing I liked about wearing a turtleneck was that it really made my suit stand out.

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