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Jogging Suit , Comment by Windsuit "Twin" Day on January 14, 2019 - Report this comment
When I was in grade school, I wore windsuits to school a lot. I had a few suits with hoods,I had one suit where I had to pull the jacket over my head because it didn't zip all the way down, I had a suit with tear away pants, I had a few suits with zippers on each pant leg with ankle bands,and I had one suit that consisted of a pair of pants a vest instead of a jacket. But most of my suit just had jacket that zipped down and pants with an elastic band around the waist without zippers on the legs or ankle bands. I started wearing the suits after I saw my the other kids in my class wearing them. Shortly after I started wearing windsuits, my best friend asked me what it was like to be in suit of my own. I told her they were comfortable and they warm, but you didn't get hot in them like sweatpants. She told me that after she had seen me in my windsuits that she decided that she wanted to start wearing them too. I told her that I loved that idea and we could also wear a windsuit on the same day like all of the other little girls and their best friends did. It wasn't too long before my best friend had finally gotten several suits of her very own. One day at school she told me that she was going to wear a windsuit to school the next day and it was going to be the very first time wearing one. I told her that I had been looking forward to her wearing them and I was a little jealous of the other little girls because they had windsuit "twin" days where they both picked a day that they were going to wear the same windsuit and shirt on the same day; And now that she had some windsuits of her own we could also have a windsuit "twin" day anytime we wanted. So, she asked me if we could have our very first windsuit "twin" day the following day since it would also be her first time in a suit. I loved the idea. The next day we both wore a bright pink suit and a light pink tee shirt. When I first got to school, I was excited when I saw my best friend in her suit. We both went to the bathroom so see what we both looked like in our matching windsuits. My friend was also a bit nervous because the swishy sound was much louder than it was when someone else was wearing one. I told her that was my one of the things I notice when I wore a windsuit for the first time. And I was also nervous about people hearing me coming down the hall. But, I explained that recess was a big help because I was able to walk around and get used to hearing myself swish around in my own suit. But, I had over heard some kids talking about wearing a windsuit the following day since we had PE, and that what gave me the courage to wear my first windsuit. When the bell rang, we went to class and it turned out that we were the only ones in our class wearing windsuits. During, recess we walked around so my friend could get used to hearing herself swishing around in her windsuit all day. She got used to it after we walked around together for a couple of minutes. Then she said she was starting to enjoy hearing herself swishing around. I told her that was one of my favorite things about being in a windsuit. By the end of the day, she felt comfortable about wearing a windsuit. And they became her favorite thing to wear. She wanted to be in one was much as she could too. During the warmer weather she wanted to wear them, and I told her I wore my everytime it rained and/or had a windy day. My friend liked to talk about going shopping and picking out windsuits. The following year, she had asked people if they owned a windsuit or ever wore one. Our teacher got on her and asked her if that was all she had in her closet and she was trying to get attention. It upset my friend, especially because she had a windsuit on that day. At recess she was upset and was thinking about not wearing them anymore and told me about the teacher getting on her. I told her that my parents got on my for talking about windsuits and asking people if they wore them. I explained that a teacher told me they didn't want to hear my talking about them at school again. I told my friend that they also got on me for talking about play station and if it was all I did. My friend asked me if we could talk windsuits when it was just the two of us and I told her that I'd like it and that could be our secret. We'd talk about going shopping for windsuits, if we saw any we liked, or recommended for each other. I told my friend that if she agreed to wear windsuit the next day, that I would wear one too and we could even make it a windsuit "twin" day. She was agreeable and asked if I'd wear my black and light purple suit with a light purple tee shirt. The following day we both wore our suits. Our teacher left her alone. At recess, we were talking about getting to wear our suits more often after fall break. I told my friend that I was thinking about staying in a windsuit all through the fall and winter months since they were my favorite thing to wear, but I was nervous because our teacher had made a remark to me about my suit not too long ago. My best friend told me that kids would be wearing them all the time. She was planning on wearing a windsuit at least two or three times a week during the fall and winter weather. But, after she heard my idea about staying in them full time, she was beginning to think about wearing a windsuit to school everyday. My best friend didn't want to wear sweatpants or cotton pants to school either and she said she knew that we'd be much more comfortable wearing a windsuit. I agreed with her and said that it would give me the opportunity to wear a suit more frequently to school than I had in the past. She decided that she was going to support me. She told me that if I wore a windsuit to school full time all through the fall and winter weather, she was going to wear them full time too. I told her that I could tell that it was something she really wanted to do too and that it would be nice to stay in our windsuits since we both loved wearing them and we'd be getting to wear our favorite type of clothes everyday. So, we agreed that our first day of staying in windsuit full time would start when we returned from fall break. My best friend mentioned that on cold days her parents were going to keep her in long sleeve shirts. I wasn't surprised because my parents had told me the same thing. When we came back from fall break, I wore an orangish pink windsuit with an organish pink floral tee shirt and my friend wore a light blue suit with a light blue floral tee shirt. Some of the other kids returned in windsuits too. Everyone else wore a jacket with their jeans and tee shirt, while everyone in a windsuit just came to school since the jacket was part of our outfit. That was one of our favorite parts of being in a suit everyday during the fall weather. When it got colder, we decided to try the turtleneck and windsuit combo since we had never wore a turtleneck with a windsuit before. We had a windsuit "twin" day so we wanted to experience the windsuit and turtleneck combo together. We both wore a purple and teal suit with a soild white turtleneck, but we didn't like the white turtlenecks because they got dirty really quick. So, the next day we decided we'd have another windsuit "twin" day and wear another color turtleneck besides white. So, we wore dark pink suits and pink turtlenecks. We were going on a field trip that day, but we didn't make it to the bus because someone closed the bathroom door and when it shut there was no handle on the door. Every classroom in our hall was going to be empty since those classes were going on the trip too. We had our lunch boxes, so we didn't have to worry about not getting any lunch. They had showers in the bathroom, so it gave us the idea to get changed into a our swimsuit and use the showers as sprinklers that kids run through in the summer. I changed into a pale pink swimsuit and my friend changed into a bright pink swimsuit. We turned the showers on and ran under them. And we splashed each other with water. After spending time playing in the showers, we put our windsuit pants back on over swimsuits. My friend asked me if I had ever walked around in my windsuit just for fun and so I could hear myself swishy. I told her that I hadn't done it before. She said that she walked around her bedroom every morning after she got dressed because she loved being able to hear her self swishy. Start off she was the only one who walked around, then I did it, and then we both did it together which was way more fun. She also came up with an idea to play simmon says. But, in order to play we had to slip our jackets back on. Starting out she explained that this simmon says was different. Which was only going be walking around, running in place, sitting down on a bench and rubbing our legs together, or rubbing our arms against our jackets so we could have fun getting to hear ourselves swishy. Another thing that was different, was that it would be Swishy says instead of Simmon says. She started off as Swishy and told me what to do. It was tricky since I was so used to hearing Simmon says instead of Swishy says. But, it was fun and when it was turn to be Swishy, I had my best friend running in place or walking around for several minutes. We thought of another thing we could do and we thought it would be fun to enjoy hearing ourselves swish around while we said "swishy,swishy,swishy" non stop. So my friend started walking around the large bathroom and I said "swishy, swishy, swishy," non stop until she stopped walking. Then when I walked around, she said "swishy, swishy, swishy" non stop while I walked around. After we both had a turn we decided that we'd both walk around and say "swishy, swishy, swishy," nonstop together which was more fun. Then we had a lunch break. After lunch we decided to run through the showers, but we slipped our jackets off and just ran through the showers in our swimsuits and windpants on. Later slipped our jackets on and it was just like a rainy day.
G.A.S.S. Shoes, Comment by Jodi P on January 13, 2019 - Report this comment
LOVED these shoes. The BLACK ones were cool at my school. The girls would put fancy shoelaces in them like hearts, bears, stars, rainbows. I was 12.

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