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I must say I have had a lot of fun reading this site. The 80s was an interesting time indeed. I was born in 1979, so I was at the ages of 1-10 for the decade. I dont remember much of the very early 80s but I do remember later sections. Growing up in Australia we didnt have cable TV, or any of that stuff. Jimmy Barnes, Johnny Diesel and the injectors, 1927, and Aussie Craws were big. Crowded house delivered us some fantastic numbers. David Boon (www.boonieforpresident.com), and Alan Border Were Cricketing legends, and lets not forget the dominance of the parramatta eels, and the canterbury bankstown bulldogs in league. Afternoons were spent at home watching the abc with cartoons like Inspector gadget, astro boy, Mysterious Cities of gold (which I recently got a copy of :), and Ulysseys 31. After the cartoons were you cant do that on television, degrassi, and who could forget punky brewster? You cant beat the feeling of coke, and the mcmenu song was just a classic. One of my earliest memories is a holiday I went on with my family when I was 4. I saw return of the jedi at the pictures! Soon after it was ET :) I loved playing frogger and moon patrol on my apple IIGS. Dont get a whammy on press your luck! Tony Barber was sale of the centurys quizz master. Magnum PI, Simon and Simon, and Macgyver were shows I liked as I got a bit older. I had a younger sister so I copped all the cabbage patch, care bears, strawberry shortcake, and skipping rope phases. I even jumped rope for heart! Mullets. (www.mulletjunky.com) Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan. Neighbours and Home and away started. It was always fun sticking plastic chip packets in the oven and shrinking them til they were small and hard. I think the 80s is still around in plain view. Trow out bins in cd stores are full of 80s. Counting the beat by the swingers was recently used on k-mart ads. TV1 on fox is alive and kicking with all the classic series being rerun. Thanks again for this site.... Its great for people to be able to share the bits they remember and fill in holes in memories of others that dont remember :)
From: Daniel

Who remembers the "Mr. Men" and "Little Miss" books? Fraggle Rock still features prominently in my life (It's still on Saturday mornings here as a matter of fact) And I own a autographed copy of the Editorial comic by Bill Day that was printed when the Challanger blew up. I love the movie Labyrinth, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, and The Culture Club. I was in love with Jon Bon Jovi. I had his poster over my bed. I owned the complete collection of my little pony, including the pony stable. I remember brushing and braiding their manes. I know what Snorkels are. I still have my care bear (Cheer Bear) I remember the summers when I would go to the park on my bike and my mom would tell me to be home "when the streetlights come on" and she didn't worry too much that something would happen to me. I played with cabbage patch kids. I sang "Electric Youth" at full volume sitting in the passenger seat of my moms mustang, and it was SO cool, I rented "spaceballs" and "star wars" on the same night. We went grocery shopping at A&P. I went to the roller rink and skated hours, to this day I remember the unique smell of the place, sweat and money. I had a "hoover dam" hairdo, copmplete with curled and teased bangs. And I thought it looked GOOD! I know all the name of the teenage mutant ninga turtles. The Breakfast Club was the best movie ever (besides Labyrinth!) I danced like mad at my best-friends house to Huey Lewis and The News. I love Pixie Sticks, and I ate pop rocks. I owned several pairs of jelly shoes. The eighties were so much better then the 90's, not to mention now, The music was A THOUSAND TIMES BETTER. not to mention movies. (ok, ok, I know that the 80's gave us some crappy campus comedies) life was good, and it was fun hanging out on the front porch, and it will never go away as long as we are around. Move over Sailor Moon, the Fraggles are in town!
From: Jessica

I was born in 1977, so I was definatly a child of the 80's. But, you left out breakdancing! Also, what about rat-tails, peirced-ears (in boys), and skateboarding with the wide boards (no more bannana boards here!)? BMX was a fashion statement, and could do donuts around the old bannana seated 10's bikes. We all knew who phoned home. And tried not to feed anything fuzzy after midnight. We all wore jams in the summer, with our neon sunglasses, pretending that we were Crocket and Tubs. Red Dawn was our greatest fear. Hulk Hulgan always faught Rowdy Rodney Pipper. Michael Jackson had one white glove, and we all wanted one, too. We collected Garbage Pail Kids to be cool, and all wanted to drive KITT to school. Teddy Ruxspin was the coolest toy to have, because he really talked.
From: Thomas

I was born in 1968 so I was a teen during the 80's. Looking back now, I really miss the 80s. I remember a time when "just say no!" was meant for anything illegal, immoral, and just plain stupid. I still listen to all the 80's music I can find, just because it's the only music i can dance to, plus it's not overly vulgar, rude, or loud. Remember when we could actually understand the lyrics? Even if the band was british...My 3 favorite bands from the 80's have remained my faves through the 90's and 2000's (Def Leppard, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran). I am not ashamed of the hair colors or the clothing I wore. As successful as Madonna is, who wouldn't want to emulate the Material Girl?! As my daughter (born in 93) gets older, I see what is offered her for clothing (WHO thought it was a GOOD idea to bring back bell bottoms??? aaarrrggghhh... I hated them in the 70's as a very young child, why should I like them now?), which I end up designing and sewing for her, the music isn't the same, how much rap-crap do we have to indulge before it goes away? It's no wonder that our youth are clinging to the hopes of the 80's return. My husband is still a hard-core Duranie and Depeche Mode fan, but with what else is offered for adults, what choice does he have? (haa haa) Our daughter enjoys listening to 80's music more than the current stuff. She enjoys hearing my husband and I tell her about what happened during the 80's (Reagan getting shot at, the Challenger Exploding, Max Headroom, etc) and hearing about what we did growing up in the late 70's and all thru the 80's. I'm glad there are alot of us out there trying to cling on to the 80's nostalgia, if not, we'd be a lost clan. The movies were great, the music awesome, the videos were cool, and we all gagged on a spoon from time to time. Although I think my spoon tended to be bigger than the rest of my friends (LOL) Long live the 80's!
From: Christine M

I so remember the eighties. I see alot of young twenty somethings on here, I'm (25) so I remember well. The eighties were a time of innocense and fun I read that essay and it told my stories. I use to play in my front yard with my bestfriends (we all lived in the same nieghborhood) on the slip and slide and then later in the day we'd play with our cabbage patches. You know i still have mine thrown in the attic somewhere. My cousin and i would cruz the mall with our roled up torn jeans with the rucka bangs smacking on bubble gum with frosty pink lip gloss. I would wave to my friends who were in the mod group, looking like Ally Sheady in the Breakfast Club. Do you know I owned a pair of pink pumps almost identical of Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink. And sometimes when I think of those goods days that went to fast remind you of course I'm still young I tried to still go with the lingo here and now what woke me up. When I was a little girl I watched Family Ties I was so in love with Michael J. Fox I had his posters plastered in my room even hanging from my ceiling, and then in the recent news when he announced he had Parkinsons Disease I realized we're not young anymore, or innocent,or invincable. Those days are long gone and will be missed dearly. The only thing we do have left untouched are the Simpsons that's conforting.
From: Sonia

I was born in '84 and I have always been a fan of 80s stuff. Like pretty much every kid that lived in the 80s, I played with Ninja Turtles, drank Tab and Kool-Aid(you can still buy Tab where I live), and ate King Vitaman for breakfast(you can still buy it too). I still listen to some of the music- I always thought New Order was cool. I remember having a bunch of tape singles like Tone-Loc and Fine Young Cannibals- I still have them- they still play pretty well- and my mom had about every Madonna vinyl or tape that was out. I remember watching "Muppet Babies", "Captain N and the Game Master"(that was such a sweet show), "Karate Kid", "Rude Dog and the Dweebs", and of course, "Ninja Turtles". I played The Legend of Zelda religiously on my Nintendo(It took me a period of 8 years to beat it- 4 years of playing, then 4 years when it was boxed up, then i beat it in about a week or two), as well as Karate Kid and Double Dragon- I still have not beat those either. I dressed in neon colors and wore Rude Dog shirts, and I had Nickelodeon brand slip-on shoes too. I got my first glimpse of cable TV, and I saw people driving Plymouth Conquests, Chrysler New Yorkers that talked(my grandma had one), and kids riding around on scooters that were a lot safer than nowadays. Life in the 80s was good if you were a kid.
From: Nic Hartmann

I was born in 1971 and grew up in the 80s. It was the best period of my life; since, I have a wife (who I met when I was 16) and a baby, a job and not much time to reminisce about anything. But when I do daydream, mostly it's about growing up in the 80s - everything was so simple back then. The music was the best (hair bands and heavy metal!); the movies rule and MTV actually played videos not some garbage we're forced to put up with now. Who cares about rap (in general), whiny groups like Pearl Jam and Nirvana - what the hell is so bad? Get over yourselves! Grunge sucked. Whatever happened to playing good, loud music and having a good time? I'm so glad I found this site to help me remember all the things I miss; there's so much I didn't remember until I visited here. If I ever had a chance to go back in time it would be to the 80s. Everything I miss in today's world (music, videos, movies, day-to-day lifestyle) was in the 80s. It's all I can do to not think about what we used to live/see/hear and look around me today and not shake my head in disgust.
From: Tim

The 80's were the best time of my life! Even though I was only born in 85 and I didn't get to experience all that much, it still holds a huge weight with me. I grew up with Jem and the Hollograms, that was the best show ever and I'm so mad cuz its not on anymore! Rainbow Bright and Strawberry Shortcake, He-man and She-ra, Punky Brewster...Those were the greatest shows and I still get teary when I think about them. I found a Jem shirt at Hot Topic last week and my best friend thought I was crazy because she didn't know who Jem was. people think I'm crazy because I miss Jem so much!!! And my Little Pony, too!!! The 80's were the best, I learned how to read on Judy Blume books and I learned how to be a girl by mothering my Cabbage patch premies....
From: Colleen

Man reading all of these messages sure takes me back. (laughs) I cant beleive how many other people there are that love the 80's as much as i do. I was born in 79 so i guess that makes me an 80's child. I like that term much better then generation X. I have So many memories i hope i dont bore ya :) I remember my dad buying me big wheel after big wheel cause i'd ride it everyday and ware out the front big wheel so bad the plastic would be totally gone hehe. Being envious later of other kids that got ones with car batterys in'em. Having a great transformer collection and always wanting to be just like he-man "i've got the power" I also remember being envious of the kid in kindergarden that showed up with a talking teddy roxbin when all i had was a remote contol semi-truck from the a-team. It was great watching all those cartoons like scooby doo and woody woodpecker. Anyone remember the USA cartoon express? hehe The music was great back then, heck i remember listening to micheal jackson on a record player and trying so hard to break dance. In fifth grade rolling up my pant legs doin that french roll thing. Listening to new kids on the block and learning all the lyrics to they're songs to be cool...only to learn later that they're going out of style because everyone thinks they're gay. The movies were great in the 80's as well, micheal j. fox was the coolest in his delorean goin back in time and playin his electric guitar doin johnny b. good. I wanted to be just like him in Teen Wolf gettin all the babes and doin all the basketball moves. I guess i wasnt the only one that would have killed to have k.i.t. that kick butt black firebird with the killer red light on the front ;) I always thought corey haim and feldmon were so cool in they're movies as well. Did anyone see one of they're later movies called "Dream a little dream"? That song "Rock On" in the movie was a definate trademark of the 80's if you ask me. Dang i could go on and on. I thought the HBO special of Tales from the Crypt rocked. In fact after watching for a while i started reading the comics of it. By the way did anyone else put up a score chart on the wall next to they're atari for pacman scores? lol I was the king! Not to mention later i became so good at mario brothers that i could beat it upside-down backwards with my eyes closed hehe. *sigh If only i could go back in time for one day and re-live some of those memories. Well tis somthing i guess we can pass on to our children and grandchildren. Like our parents did with the 50-60s. Oh WAIT! I'm not old! Really...i'm not..ugh okay so i'm a bit out of date. Atleast i can come here and share my feelings with you all. ;) Thanks to everyone for bringing back some great memories of times i had. Keep up the good work on this site! It's a one of a kind that i'd like to keep coming back to for sure. this site is so bright.... i gotta wear shades 8)
From: tom

I remember when I was around three years old (b. 1984) having my room totally decked out in Rainbow Brite. And watching the Muppet Babies. . I remember drawing on my bathtub wall-tile with those "tub crayons". HAHA, I can actually remember bugging my Mom all day to buy them for me. Does anyone remember when Nickelodeon first began airing and all they showed were re-runs (of course) of Lassie and Dennis the Menace? Ahhh. I miss being a kid more than I miss the 80s :)
From: Karyn

I am a child of the 80's and this is all to familiar with me, all of it, you forgot about cartoons like Thundar the barbarian, and the force five series and voltron though, these were the essence of my childhood, it's almost strange to believe that even though i'm still fairly young in my own mind (25) I can look back and reminisce on times past such as these, our childhoods have all become a memory that we wish could be relived, I would love to be 10 years old again playing with my GI JOE's , eating Ramen noodles and drinking cool-aid
From: jon

I am and always will be proud to say that I am a child of the eighties. I remember getting little Orco from He-man in the McDonald's happy meals that came in boxes with arches not paper bags like today, and throwing him across the room to see if he would fly. The children of the eighties would sit at their grandmother's kitchen table on pillows coloring their care bears, and lady lovely locks cartoon coloring books while singing along to the sounds of Denver the last dinosaur "He's our friend and a whole lot more." The all-time favorite movie will always be back to the future be you boy or girl. The best thing that a kid could possibly have back then was their imagination and an atari. Those were the days. Kids would be so much better off these days without all the stuff they have that distracts them from their own imaginations.
From: Lyndsay Brooke West

WOW, So long ago, where has the time gone? I remember it all, the GI Joes, Scobby, Challanger, Im almost 30 now, and it seems like it was just yesterday..Brings a tear to my eye... Good Job, you've captured many of my memories. Remember, your only as old as you feel. Peace Friends,Jeff Born in the 70's,Child of the 80's teen in the 90's, Adults of the new Age
From: Jeff Lee

I am a 80s child. I was born in 1983 and though I was very young I remember it all. I love the 80s, better than today. I'd give anything to go abck tot he music, movies, hairstyles, clothing or what not. I used to love playing with my little ponies and watching the Nerds. Revenge of the Nerds 2 as one of my first favorite movies, the very first being House 2. I loved wearing the big shirts over the stretch pants, even though I was only 4. Garbage Pail kids, cabbage patch dolls, I still have all my old 80s toys. I wish that great era would come back!
From: Stacey

Yes, the 80's were a time to remember. I was born in '78, so I pretty much lived it up. Jelly shoes, ET, Garbage Pail Kids, Ghostbusters, you name it, I saw it all. I am looking up pics from the 80's cartoons, toys, etc and have only found a few good sites. This is one of 'em!
From: Terri

What a wonderful site! I was definately a child of the eighties, i watched my older sister put on her blue eyeshadow for her senior pictures, while playing with my My Little Ponies. I couldnt wait to get up at 5:30 in the morning to watch my cartoon block of GI Joe (remember the Viper/Wiper episode?)My Little Pony while waiting for the school bus. Nothing was more important than Marty getting his parents to fall in love. Gremlins and The Temple of Doom scared me to death! Mom and Dad would rent a VCR so we could watch Labyrinth and Dark Crystal. I remember shopping for two pairs of socks that would match my new sweater. My Twin sister wore matching sideways ponytails and wished we could buy mascara and have cool neon hair. *sigh* I sat with my entire class during recess and watched the challenger explode, and never realized it would be so important. I "just said no" to drugs. What a time it was! Thanx again!
From: Evie

I miss the cartoons and the toys!!! I was born in 1983 so I was just a little girl then. But I remember having Strawberry Shortcake sheets, Cabbage Patch dolls, a Rainbow Brite doll (complete with the horse), the Care Bears board game, the Charmkins board game.... My cousin was the same age as I was, and even though she was a girl, she loved playing with Creepy Crawlers, California Raisins, Atari, and pretending she was a member of the A-Team. Lol! We had so much fun then! I remember getting up early to watch the Gummie Bears and the Smurfs. It seems like kids nowdays have no imaginations anymore. They have those idiotic new cartoons to watch, violent video games, and toys that are so realistic, there's no use in pretending they're something else. I like this decade (and century), but I so miss my 80's!! :)
From: Lisa

I LOVE the 80's. The music was much more innocent and carefree. About mostly positive things instead of all the hate, misery, pain, drugs, abuse, and death it is now. You could look like a real human, sing well, and still be famous. You didn't have to be put through this plasticiser cookie-cutter thing, get breast implants and look like every other female 'singer'. Today it's all about looks in pop music, both male and female 'singers'. And the TV shows then were funny, AND you could watch them with your family. Not all these shows with ppl who all look the same and talk about sex. Also, you didn't have to be sickeningly thin to be pretty then. The fashions were so much more fun and colourful. Not brown and avacado green like they are today. Rap then was fun, not frightening like it is now. Toys were better made, and much more fun then. My Little Pony, Jem, Care Bears, happy things. For girls it's all about looks now. Kids are worrying about their looks younger and younger. Back in the 80's we had a chance to be kids. Ppl weren't shoving all these problems in our faces like they are now. Video games were just pure fun back then. It just seemed so much happier then. I am so glad I got to live in the 80's. Kids today with only the 90's and the 00's are so sad. I feel sorry for them. I loved going to the skating rink every weekend wearing white skates with flourescent wheels. Not these blade things. We could go to the movies late at night, and not worry about being shot in the street. We could roam the malls, and just have fun. Ppl were more relaxed and carefree then. They wore bright, pretty clothes, listened to fun music, and just enjoyed themselves. Today the stuff kids listen to makes one want to cower away at night. It's unreal. The 90's were when I became an adult. The 90's were supposed to be my generation. I hated most everything about them, and wanted the 80's back since 1993, or so. I had hoped the 00's would be better, but it looks like no such luck. BRING BACK THE 80'S!!!!!!!!
From: Mélissa

"The 80's,The best of my generation" I was born in 1970 and did everything possible to escape the era of bell bottoms and lava lamps. At eight I could see greatness on the horizon with the beginnings of StarWars. At ten,my father was Superman,Batman,Indiana Jones,and Albert Einstein all in one,as well as the sole power behind all my achievements in Cub scouts,Indian guides,never missing a single game of any sport I was ever in,and always having the time to hold my hand when the world was just too big,or I was just too small in it. Now comes a moment in time that changed childrens lives for ever,Pong is introduced as the first home gaming console,which I still happen to have,as well as the Atari 2600,7800,Sega genesis,Sony PS One,and now the PS 2,all of which still function.Video gaming had arrived,yet I still had time to dress in camouflage and play war until it was too dark to see the bark bombs coming,I still had time for G.I.Joe,He-man and The Star Blazers to fire that wave motion cannon!!! My childhood was the best because I had a little brother to share it with,and through all the ritual beatings,wedgies,wet willies,swirlies,and other brotherly bullshit,we stood side by side and took the heat together,and after all these years,I could never choose a better man to have my back. I have seen a president shot,watched the challenger space shuttle explode on television,seen the birth of MTV,witnessed the eruption of Mt.St.Helens,stood in the path of a 7.2 earthquake,worried about being drafted for the Gulf War,became a divorced statistic. I have hurt the o-zone with all the hairspray I've used,gave employment security to children in third world countries unknowingly by buying name brand shoes that they've been forced to make. I have watched Olympians cheat at the Good Will games, I've seen the coming of aids,and I hope to see the cure,I was there for hands across America,and farm aid. I have seen a lot in the last 31 years,good,bad,and the ugly,but as I take a look at now and then,more than I ever have before,I miss then.WE were cool,smooth,GQ,and we had it all,and the envy of every generation that followed because we did it all,and we did it first!!! I hope that I took you back to the best of my generation,I had fun going back in the article above,and from it,I was inspired to write my own memories. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Brian Blomberg
From: Brian Blomberg

Born in 1985, I am now 16, but I would like to say that I am a child of the 80's, cause I am!! Yes, I remember wearing neon colored clothes, suspenders, and t-shirt ties. I listened to "New Kids On The Block" (We had a poster of them in our garage for some bizarre reason) all the time!! My friends and I made up a dance to "Step By Step"!! Nickelodeon and Disney were all I would watch. Who could possibly forget "You Can't Do That On Television", "Hey Dude", "Welcome Freshmen", "Fifteen", or "Wild and Crazy Kids"?? And "Clarissa Explains It All" was the BEST!! The Disney Channel kept me hooked on "Mousercising" and I wanted to live "Under The Unbrella Tree" (does anyone remember that show?)...I loved "Mickey Mouse Club" and "Kids Incorporated" (still know the theme song..."Kids Incorporated, K I D S...Haha") and wish they would come back. I absolutely adored "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and have the tapes. I was always Rafael when we were playing around. I took my Kid Sister doll with me everywhere, and Teddy Rupskin was my best friend. Remember those Playschool kitchen things? I made mine into a space ship! Haha! I remember going onto the Internet via Prodigy, but there wasn't a whole lot to do...No websites, mostly message boards. Also, we really do still have our Care Bear glasses from Pizza Hut. Punky Brewster was my idol, and I had many fanny packs, which I found quite useful for carrying my toys around Disneyland. I loved the "Care Bear" movie and still have it...Watched it last year, I believe. "Fraggle Rock" was truly an awesome show. Though I don't recall watching "The Facts Of Life" then, I love it now and watch it ALL the time...I have lots of episodes recorded...YAY!! Though I didn't care much for the clothes (looking back, of course), I hope that we have another decade like the 80's!!!!
From: Katie

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