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Wow.. reading some of the posts on here is like having a flashback.. Amazing some of the folks on here aren't too far away from my point of view! I'm a class of '87 guy, born in '69, and will never forget being a teen in those years. MTV ruled! Roller Skating, being a kid doing crazy wild things that many of us hope that none of our kids even think of! Being a "mall rat" watching the challenger go down in flames. Seeing bands in concert that today's youth can only hear on an oldies station and say "wow, they rocked, I wish I could have seen them". Scorp's, VH, not van hagar, seeing Hagar on his own, I can't drive 55!, with Krokus, watching this unknown huge hair guy opening up for the scorps, singing "runaway", and wondering who he was??? then running out and buying the album on vinyl! Kiss with makeup in the 70's, without in the 80's, and with again in the 90's.. I recently went to a poisen/cinderella/faster pussycat show, and I was AMAZED at the young folks who couldn't possibly have been in the 80's there.. Did we leave that much of an impression on these young folks who can only hear about the best time in the world?? who here remembers conjunction junction, what's your function? Scooby was cool, scrappy sucked. I wouln't pass those days up for anything, and everyday of life in this time, makes me miss the old days that much more. It's an amazing thing that when we lived those days, we had no clue how much of an impact we were having on the world around us, and how much of that world impacted us. Who here remembers the comedian Sam Kinisen?? if you don't, then find a vhs tape of him and watch it! how about Wild Thing video, and that chick with Sam?? What's her face with the big fake boobs?? Funny thing is even the cars of the 80's were cool.. Tis why I still have my high school car, and another 80's car! Still wear my black bike jacket, and occasional bandana once in a while, and feel free to crank up that old G n R, among other's that i'm sure half the folks on here never heard or saw live, and the other half would die to! Thanks for reminding me of alot of things I had forgotten about, I'll just leave ya with one last thing.. What Do you wanna do with your life????????? I WANNA ROCK!! peace........
From: Mike

I remember when TBS Superstation had their show start times at 5 and 35 minutes after the hour.
From: Rachel W.

1980 was my best childhood years, I was born in 1973, but grew up in 80's and had those toys and simple things that was so fun and those mc donalds and pizza huts that has glases cup with carebears or et or gijoes and all those shows and it seem carefree that time, I would love for my kids have that expreince, today it seem like things are cheap break easy and kids dont appcate today, I think if they were born in 1980's they ll love it there, and seeing toys coming back from 1980 out in store today, it brings back memories and my kids loves those 1980 toys they said "dad you had that toys before!?" they think its cool that we had the same kind toys:) come back 1980! Charlie
From: Chrlie

I was born in 1977, the 80's were well on there way by the time I was turning 3. I remember big coats with ugly checks and wood buttons and fur around the head of the coat, and to think know that is back into style. I remember my mom listening to Fleetwood Mac and me saying to myself " o my God how much longer is this record going to play ?" and now I idolize Stevie Nicks, I loved the little dog Poochie she was the greatest toy ever in my mind, and you had to love Micheal Jackson's "Just Beat It" and "Thiller" due to thiller I was a zombie for 3 years for Halloween, and the whole zippers on the jacket and the shirts that had the slits and the strings hanging from them and the feather roach clip that I hung on my coat one day to school cause I thought it was pretty and I got into trouble cause at school they asked me where I fount it and I told them I took it out of my Dad's truck and Mtv blew me away I had an over load of music my eyes didn't shut for about 3 days my mom would say she just stares at the new channel for some reason, yea, cause it was an awesome begining and I was there for it, and the whole Nintendo craze, I drove my parents nuts trying to get every game and by the time I had gotten a new game the second one of the first version was already out, and Zelda what else can I say except that its a classic, and New Kids On The Block & Debbie Gibson, that is one ritual I did skip out on in the 80's. I loved watching Dallas, Falcon Crest, and Knots Landing that was so the 80's. I was so hoping to grow up and know I'm thinking back to those were the good old days.
From: Denise

You know.. coming across this site sadly did warm my heart!! Rembering me as a child alot, im 22 now is 2002 I was born in 1980,I saw a post talking about that there seemed to be an innocence about the 80's,i miss that,I found I grew up fast as soon as 1990 hit where did all of 1990's go where has the last ten years of my life gone??The eightys what a decade!I was a child so innocent man the worlds cruel as an adult I wish I never grew up!!Just call me a Peter-Pan want a be

I love the 80s. The 80s were such a fun time to be a little kid. I was born in '82 and my memories begin in '84, so I got to experience most of the decade. For me, it feels really good and cool to have an early 80s year as my birth year and to have been able to enjoy the decade as a child. Everything about the 80s was great--the music, cartoons, movies, etc. So many of my best childhood memories come from the 80s. I couldn't ask for a better time for my early childhood.
From: jon

I got a golden retriever and even named him Brandon, to be like Punky Brewster.
From: Deanna

the 80's were great but after my sister and i dressed as eigties brides maids for halloween this year i could never go back to those fashions, we did the big bangs and everything( plastic jewelry, shower curtain earings, completly not matching, and bright pink blush with orange lipstick and green eyeshadow). i wasnst around in the 80's for very long because i was born in 84. My favorite thing in the eighties would be the muppet show and fraggle rock.
From: lindsay

I loved the 80's. Today things just arent the same. My chilhood in the 80's was the greatest! I loved the carebears. strawberry shortcake, My Little Pony's, Fraggil Rock, Dumbo's Circus, Wake Rattle and Roll, And all the great sitcoms. The t.v. shows kids watch today are so unoriginal and boring. I remember loving Paula Abdul and even telling my mom to call me that! I wore my hair in a side ponytail and loved polka dots. I wanted a glow worm and teddy ruxpin so badly but my mom thought they were ugly and wouldnt buy me them! My siblings and I had great toys though like a power wheels and lazer tag. Kids were always playing outside in my neighborhood. I loved my slap on bracelets and leggings. I ate ring pops and push pops and still remember the commercials for them. (the ring pop one where the boy is proposing with a ring pop) speaking of commercials I can still sing most of the jingles like the my buddy/ kid sister one. I still think the slip n' slide is the greatest toy ever invented. I wish I could have been a teenager in the 80's because the music was awesome (not to mention the lingo!) and the fashion was fun too. I love the 80's because it was innocent and memories of it remind me of the great childhood I had because of 80's t.v. shows, toys, music, and attitude!
From: jessica

I was born in 1984 and i remember alot about the mid to late 80's. In Australia i was when you would sit down and watch these new shows like neighbours and home & away and think they would not last that loing (little did we know they are still going today). You watched The golden girls, cosby show, you can't do that on television, play school, hunter, hey dad and many other more shows. There was different strokes, perfect strangers, married with children, It's a knock out. The music had a rythem and you could not get enough of Mel and Kim (Respectable) and The Firm (Star Trekkin). All the advertisments were about australia and made in australia and there the kind of adds that people are still talking about today. The clothes were bright and hyper colours T-Shirt were all the rage. I loved the teenage muteant nija turtles! I was so into Donatello and even had a theme party at hungry jacks! Remember when you would go and get the latest music on CASSETE? The VCR was all the coolest thing to watch. I loved my Teddy Rupsin and my best frind had a mother goose. I had a cabage patch kid. Kylie Minogue was the rage and so was Melissa of E-Street. THATS WHY I LOVED THE 80'S!
From: Jole Wright

It's funny reading all of this, because I was born in september of 1980, and after having graduated highschool three years ago, I finally started taking college courses. I am taking a college writing class and the first essay was to write about a person. I wrote about my best friend who I fell out of touch with. But the point is is that I realized exactly how nostalgic I am and how I crave it. I need the safety that comes from watching my favorite cartoons again that I used to watch on saturday mornings. I need to sniff my strawberry shortcake doll that blew strawberry kisses at me when I squeezed her tummy. I need my happy meals in boxes, not bags. (not that I get happy meals anymore since I am 22, LOL but you get the point. Actually, I got one the other day because I am trying to lose weight and it is less food than regular micky ds food and it came in a box i was so happy! then i got another one today at a different mcdonalds and it was in a bag, bummer.)In my essay I wrote about how my friend and I used to play with our barbies and make up storylines..like they were going to the mall to meet their dates He-Man and Hulk Hogan, and later they were going to Castle Greyskull, riding there on My Little Pony back. Barney was only on video and not on tv scary people. Mtv showed videos, like vh1 does. I also remember when Nick came on and half the day it was dennis the menace and lassie and flipper..AHHHHHHHHH! I always hated that. Then they got the good shows like you cant do that on television, double dare, that show with dave coulier from fullhouse and a bunch of other shows. Nick seems to have a habit of getting rid of there cool shows.(Hey Dude, Salute your shorts, You cant do that on television, Clarissa, Roundhouse. No cartoons today can beat Gummi Bears, Snorks, Fraggle Rock and the smurfs. I remember Pound puppies..I had a couple, as well as practicly every carebear. In fact, remember when the disney channel had NO commercials? It was great. Ocassionally the disney channel showed an anime cartoon called"Unico" about a little tiny unicorn with pink hair. To see this now you would have to turn to ebay. Degrassi was the best. The next generation of degrassi is cute, but its not low budget so its not as valuable I think. Nick Jr showed The littlest Koala, Fred Penners place, David the Knome, Eurekas castle, etc. I only "pretended" to like new kids on the block because my friends did ;) I ate graham crackers and drank apple juice in preschool when the challenger blew up. Pee Wee was still cool. I made fun of my friend when she lifted the NES controler up and down when she pushed the buttons as if it was going to help her mario jump any higher. I loved watching corey feldmons impression of Jacko. (still do actually, he's still a cutie..ahh..i think he is engaged now though. hehe)I had a crush on christian slater from "Heathers" and Keifer Sutherland, and Emilio Estevez. I played my Paula Abdul tape so much that"opposites attract" would no longer play. I would watch mtv all day long waiting for that one video to play. Shrinky dinks and Thundercats were all the rage with my brother. Raffy rocked my little sisters world. I always hated the poofy bangs though..I still do LOL because alot of girls around here still have them. Dominos pizza had the noid! Little Ceasers was cool. The toys in the happy meals were better. Remember those sticky spiders that you would throw at the wall and they would walk up it? creepy! Color forms! I had teddy ruxpin and my brother had grubby. I had that Cricket doll to, but she didnt work that well. Crocodile mile! Those balls that were stuck in the middle of a ring that you stood on and bounced (looked kinda like saturn) Pocket rockers! 321 contact! Square one! Todays special! Watching that garfield cartoon where they went camping and being scared when that black panther or cougar tried to attack them as they got into their car. Pop rocks and pixie sticks Charles could be in charge of me anytime ;) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was the ONLY movie I have ever stood in line for and not been able to see because it was completly sold out. We even had to stand outside the theatre and wait.Ecto Cooler! Tinkerbell cosmetics in my christmas stocking
From: Alyssa McFarland

i was born in 1984 and something i remember about the '80s is the great ROCK music that was back then. Today we have this Rock Rap/Rap Rock whatever the heck ya call it. It's like putting a Honda engine in a Firebird, it just doesn't work. We had bands like Motley Crue, Poison, & Bon Jovi what bands from today are they gonna remember 20 years later? I can't think of many! But the hair bands will always remain the best thing to happen since Sliced Bread.
From: Sheena

I was born in Providence, Rhode Island, Oct. 25th 1970! That made me 10 years of age when the 80's came in and 20 years of age when they left! I was the Perfect age to enjoy everything that the Decade of the 80's had to offer!!!! Imagine, I was 15 in 1985, what more could you ask for? You know, people talk about the 70's, they talk about the 60's and even the 50's as great decades. I Believe it took the 80's to put ALL of the COOL stuff that those decades had to offer throw in its own Great stuff and SLAM it into 10 KICK BUTT years!! Think about it! The styles, music and attitudes of the 80's was like ONE BIG melting POT of 40 years of COOLNESS! America has never been the same since! Its like the culture is Still recovering from that PARTY that was the 80's!!! These last 12 years have felt like its been in a "drunken stupor"! You know who I really feel bad for? The kids who had to grow up in the 90's!! THEY CAME LATE TO "THE PARTY", MAN!! They lived off the residue that was our cake! For instance, everybody knows young kids are honest when it comes to things they like and don't like. My 9 year old daughter FREEKS every time she hears ANYTHING from the 80s come over the radio! (Mind you, I'm forced to listen to a "MIXURE" of the 70, 80s, 90s and "today", as there is no dedicated 80's radio channel where I'm currently living.) BUT, it never fails, She always asks me when she like something; " Daddy, is this song from the 80's?" in which I would reply, "Yeah honey...the 80's" about 95% of the times. What does that tell you? At least for my kids, they know what sounds good and what DOESN'T!! (Sorry mr. shady, but PLEASE SIT THE *BEEP DOWN!!) I could go on, and on...But, you guys know what I'm talking about.. As for myself, I thank God for His timing with my birth! And I go on with life as a Very Happy father of two, married to my wonderful (80's high school sweetheart) wife.. Knowing that someday, "UP THERE", I'll be able to walk into the already packed video arcade section of the mall. With my dark sunglasses slightly push down to the tip of my nose. Rolling up my (already) short sleeve shirt making sure my it's collar is standing up. Walk over to that Pole Position game in the far corner of the room and ride to the sounds of Duran Duran, U2, Aha, and... Ok yeah, even some Motley... Ah....the........80s................
From: Robert Duran

I was born in 1977. I AM a child of the 80's. The 80's was the best decade ever. Being a kid in the 80's was the best too. I remember gettin up at 6 o'clock on Saturday mornings and watching cartoons till noon, then going outside and pretending to be He-Man(still the undisputed champion for best cartoon ever). Those were the days. And of course, every child of the 80's breakfast of choice was one of the seemingly billions of cereals that came out in the 80's. I basically stayed with the monster trio(Count Chocula, Frankenberry, and the best cereal ever Boo-Berries)but Capn' Crunch, Fruit Loops, and Cookie Crisp were great too. The eighties had the best cartoons ever, period! My personal faves were He-Man(of course) and The Spiderman and his amazing friends/the Incredible Hulk show. Boss! USA cartoon express and school house rock, the shirt tales, Mr.T, Thundarr, capt. caveman, space ghost, the Justice League, among others were great. Nickelodeon was a staple of everyday life as an eighties kid. "You can't do that on television", Dangermouse, Count Duckula. And if you remember those "BananaMan" shorts then you were a Nick junkie. Dum da dum da dum, Inspector Gadget! Ahh, the memories. And the toys, oh the toys! Transformers, He-Man, GI Joe, and Voltron, even Go-Bots. Thundercats, WWF thumbwrestlers, laser tag. There is no end to the greatness. But lets just skip to the real toy experience shall we. First there was atari, intellvision and so on. And then one day our world would be forever changed by an invention just as great as the telephone, tv or electricity. NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think back to Super mario 1,2,and 3. Metroid, Mike Tyson's punch out, Adventure Island, excitebike, Double Dragon, Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, Duck hunt, Karate Kid, Gauntlet, Kung Fu, Maniac Mansion, the mega man series, River City Ransom, Ninja Gaiden, Tecmo Bowl 1 and 2, Tetris, and Wizards and Warriors. At least 5 years of my life have been spent playing Nintendo. Nintendo Power became required reading. Also who could ever forget Garbage Pail Kids. I dont know how much money I spent on these cards. 25 cents per pack, who could resist? Big wheels, pogo balls, breakdancing and skating(board or just plain old skates). There was nothing better than the 80's. Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me" will forever be my favorite song and damnit, I'm proud of it. Hair bands and hair spray, heavy metal and metal toys. I just cant wait til the 80's come back. That will be the day my friends, that WILL BE, the day!!!
From: chris c.

I was born in '86, so i missed out on a lot of fun stuff, however, i had older siblings, by 7 and 11 years, so they taught me a lot. Plus i have a really good memory. I remember watching old movies over and over again. I loved Goonies, Monster Squad, My Mom's A Werewolf, Watcher in the Woods. Of course most of those movies came out before i was born, but i watched them on tapes. I remember the Betamax machine, my dad actually got ours working again, and now i can watch my old movies. The weird thing is, some of my favorite movie now, were made in the 80's, like Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller (that movie was costantly playing in my house and i can basically say the entire movie)I loved You Can't Do That on Television, and Hi, Honey I'm Home. Good times. my friends laugh at me cause i always listen to the 80's station in my car but i don't care. I just tell them that they're jealous cuz they don't remember 80' as well as i do. The only thing i would change in the 80's is that on Christmas '89, i would get an Easy Bake Oven, i still have not recieved it. Every one of my friends had one.
From: Lauren

Was looking for the words to "Do They Know It's Christmas?" and ended up on this page. Thanks for having this page! I am totally a child of the 80s. I can relate to almost everything on this site. I love it and am bookmarking it! I remember my best friend's brother wall-papering his room with Garbage Pail Kids cards. Loved jelly shoes & bracelets and my Strawberry Shortcake dolls. (can't believe all that stuff is in Hot Topic now!)
From: Rachel

Does anyone remember the "Where's Waldo" books? Those were great. I liked it when PBS used to have the cool shows like "Where in the world is carmen sandiago" and "Square one" with mathnet and charlie. I remember racing my hotwheels down the street with the neighbor kid. I remember wearing scrunchis to the side around those baggy flamboyant shirts. The 80's and early 90's were the best. I wish I could go back. Everyone was so innocent back then.
From: Whitney

I love the 80s. The 80s were such a fun time to be a little kid. I was born in '82 and my memories begin in '84, so I got to experience most of the decade. For me, it feels really cool and good to have an early 80s year as my birth year and to have been able to enjoy the decade as a child. Everything about the 80s was great--the music, cartoons, movies, etc. So many of my best childhood memories come from the 80s. I couldn't ask for a better time for my early childhood.
From: jon

Wow. What a generation. I was born on the 23rd of November 1981. I'm 21 now, but I still remember that beautiful decade. Getting up early before school so I could catch the FULL hour of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Durin recess we would act out all of our favorite scenes, and quote every freakin' turtle. At lunch I would eat my "Lunchable," straight out of my California Raisins lunchbox (even though I tore off the picture and wrote "Guns and Roses" and "Poison" in green crown on the paper. After school my friend Patrick and I would play super-heroes, or Transformers, depending on our mood. Every night I prayed that the Arnold Schwarzanegger(?) movie "Commando" would be on, or one of the Superman flicks. I watched the "Breakfast Club," "Weird Science," and "Sixteen Candles" about a million times, even though I didn't get all the jokes back then I still loved them. Sometimes for amusment we would play catch with those neon colored velcro paddles and the tennis ball. Remember those? Around the fall of 1987, I remember my Dad buying our first Camcorder. It was one of the biggest electronic contraptions I'd ever seen. But when I saw myself on TV singing in my blue Mickey Mouse sweater (that freaking thing itched like hell) at my Kindergarten (2nd Avenue School) christmas concert, I was awe-struck. I remember my brothers ripping all the arms and legs off my GI Joes so all I had was just a bunch of little, plastic, crippled army guys. I remember my fifth birthday, when Alf was on my cake and my gifts consisted of Silverhawks and Teddy Ruxpin. I remember begging and begging to get Vanilla Ice until my mother finally cracked and bought it for me. I remember stealing my oldest brother's high school fundraising money to buy a Metallica poster(which he later ripped it down and stuck it on his wall) I remember my babysitter tortuing me by making me watch "A Nightmare on Elm Street pt. 3" and then locking me downstairs in the dark. The thing that I remember the most of that generation is being in Elementary School (Hayward Elementary, Nebraska City, Nebraska) during the 80's, when it seemed like the only purpose in my life was to have fun. There were no worries, no problems. Sorry that was so long. By the way, AC (Albert Clifford) Slater is my idol. Take care.
From: Richard Kingery

I was born in early 1984, but I can't help but to be crazy about the 80's! I can remember watching Madonna videos and I also remember heavy metal bands like Poison and Guns-n-Roses. I remember when New Kids on the Block and Tiffany were popular. I loved (and still do,) The Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake,and Jem and the Hollograms. I just know (and hope) that the 80's style will make a huge comeback. I wear the big huge hoop earrings, and I love the mall bangs and big hair. It's awesome! I also collect Care Bear items and I have also recently dug up some of my 80's memorbillia. (I still can't find my Pound Puppy or Cabbage Patch doll so I won't give up!) I love 80's movies like Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Caddyshack and many more. I'm crazy about 80's music, and I download as many cool songs as I can. I feel the 80's was a more simple time. I can't really remember much about the 80's, but I watch shows like the Cosby Show,Growing Pains, and the early Roseanne years and it brings some memories for me. I hope the 80's comes back. The 90's was a drag, and so far the new millienium is too. I won't give up, and I hope others who are crazy about the 80's won't give up either, because the 80's rocks!
From: Krystal

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