Why Are You A Child Of The 80s?

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I had a red PeeWee Herman luchbox I took with me everywhere, until third grade, which always smelled of peanut butter. I was jealous of the boy across the street who had a My Pet Monster doll. I wore Punky Brewster high top sneakers and neon pink bicycle shorts until they became monumentally uncool. I had a Cabbage Patch Kid called Melissa, and forced my sister into elaborate games involving our collective My Little Ponies. I have fond memories of the Muppets. I was born in 1981!
From: Katie

Born in '71,class of '89--like, totally enjoying reading everyone's rad postings and reminiscing. The best years for me were around '82/'83--my 2 best friends and I were Duranies and spent all our free time listening to Duran2, Thriller, Culture Club, Cyndi Lauper, Wham, New Edition, etc, and making up dances. Back then, the guys who listened to alternative had punk hair and wrote with black marker or whiteout on their coats, and were who everyone had a secret crush on, and alternative music was not what everyone listened to (I know I'm over 30 and out of it but IS there anything alternative now?). We spent hours glued to MTV at my friend's house- not everyone had cable then & she was the only one on the block who had it- waiting for our fave videos. We had black lace gloves, jelly bracelets, and drank Capri Sun at lunch. In high school we wore stirrup pants (which I hope NEVER come back, who looked good in them?), big sweaters, and giant earrings. No computers then, I typed my high school papers on a typewriter with the stupid correction tape key. I'm still an 80's music maniac and miss vinyl(yes my friends think I'm insane, but there is something about it that just makes listening to music more of an experience). Remember taping songs off the radio on a separate cassette player you had to hold up to the radio? And The Breakfast Club is still, hands down, the best movie ever made (John Hughes, where are you?)- Ferris Bueller is a close second. We are still a princess, a brain, an athlete, a basket case, and a criminal.
From: Lianne

Hi, I was born in 1981, so I pretty much got to "experience it all"......I WORE my hair either crimped, or in a side-ways pony tail, clothes in neon colors, ripped jeans, knee-high jeans with paint splatterd all over them, or a skirt with biker pants sewn underneath everyday I WATCHED Smurfs, He-man, She-ra, Ghostbusters, Care Bears, Yogi Bear,(young) Scooby-do, and others. I OWNED a Popple, My Little Ponies, Cabbage Patch Kids, a She-ra action figure, jelly shoes, and bracelets, Barbie dolls, and a bike with a banana seat. I LISTENED to Bon Jovi, Def Leopard, Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, Guns N Roses, Whitesnake, and ALL of those other glam rock bands as I listend to mostly rock and roll back then...the 80s was a good time to be a kid, and I wish they would come back.
From: Nicole

I posted on here once before, but I thought I would again because a couple people on here said "how can you people who were born on the eighties even remember the eighties" or "just because you were born in the eighties doesn't make you a child of the eighties". Those kinda comments grated on my nerves...correct me if I'm wrong but they did say CHILD, and those people don't know what one is, well, allow me to clarify for you. The exact definition of a child is "an unborn or recently born person" so when they say "child" they are mostly pertaining to the people born in the eighties, while you may have been in high school at the time, you weren't a "child" of the eighties, you were a YOUNG ADULT, and a teenager isn't a child, and sorry to sound to rude about it, but those comments just annoyed me.
From: Nicole

Hi I was born in 1982, I am now 21 and I still have stuff from the 80's in my room, like the original Nintendo because I still play with it even now I own stuff like Playstaion 2 and Gameboy Advance. I still play with my Nintendo, it's an 80's thing babyie. I used to even have a whole lot of New Kids on the Block stuff and I just found some that people were giving away at a flea market, so I got another Joe doll and a Tiffany and New Kids Hangin' Tough tape for 1 dollar each. I also got some Care Bear stuff. I don't care if I'm 21 now and still own some of that stuff, I can't help it. I also remember when I used to watch Punky :). God I wish that would come on DVD like all the other TV shows do :). Facts of Life was also one of my fave too. I still watch Nick at Nite to see when that comes on, although I have not seen much of Nick at Nite anymore so maybe there doing away with that too, I also stopped watching MTV because it's no fun anymore. Then there were Barbie dolls, I used to sit outside with my neighborhood friends and play with them. I used to play BLADE'S OF STEAL ON MY NINTENDO with my next door neighbor I'm looking for that game again somewhere in one of those Funcoland places. I also loved Duck Hunt and Rainbow Bright. I remember owning one of them. My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake, the new one is out and smells good too, but they are just not the same as the old ones. American Tail, I was in love with the mouse, I wish that would come out on DVD too :(. I also loved watching Alf the only cool alien in this world, then there was ET, one my fave alien's too, so guess that makes 2 cool aliens. Tryong to explain this stuff to kids today makes me feel old, but I am an 80's kid and a Toy's 'R' Us kid, and "I don't wanna grow up cause baby if I did I couldn't be a Toy's 'R' Us kid :). I also remember that toy Teddy Ruxbin, he is deffintely the best toy I owned. I was sick one day and my dad went to the store and got him for me and I loved that thing. Now my dad is gone and I have lost my Teddy Ruxbin toy and I kind of wish that I had all my toys I used to have, but I don't. :( There is more stuff I probably left out, but it's all good. Being 21, if I see this stuff around I want get it but don't. I think it's good that they remake all this stuff, but they shouldn't because kids today don't deserve those kind of toys, but I hope they put all of the TV shows on DVD and I'll own it all right. :) meghan
From: meghan

This might sound crazy but I was born in 1987 but I love the 80's, even though I am class of 2004. I got into the 80's by my ex-boyfriend, first by Pat Benatar, whom I recently just saw in concert, as well with Joan Jett. Joan Jett is my favorite singer. I love her. It all sounds weird but even thought I didn't grow up in the 80's I can still feel it. It's in my blood and I wont let it go. Hopefully some people will bring the 80's back.
From: Ashlye

I am totally obsessed with the 80s.The 90s suck and so do the 2000s. The 80s were an innocent and simpler time. Kids had imaginations and played outside all day long and they weren't spoiled and did not sit around watching too much crap that shouldn't even be aired on Nickelodeon and Disney channel and play too much video games. Kids aren't kids anymore. TV shows in the 80s like Dukes of Hazzard, Knightrider, Airwolf, Perfect Strangers, Dallas, CHiPs, Family Ties, Miami Vice, A-Team, What's Happening, Cagney & Lacey, Matt Houston, Different Strokes, Punky Brewster, all used to be for fun, now it's crappy talk shows and reality TV poisoning the airwaves. The music was clean and just for fun. The music that was breakdanceable is from old school rap, new wave, funk artists like Afrikaa Bambaataa, CD3, Grandmaster Flash, Mantronix, Whoudini, Zapp, Cameo, 2live Crew, Man Parrish, Kurtis Blow, Slick Rick, Rick James, Sugarhill Gang, Midnight Star, One Way, Kool & the Gang, Herbie Hancock, Dazz Band, Vaughn Mason & Crew, Doug E. Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew, Depeche Mode, New Order, Michael Jackson, all songs from the Footloose sound track, Yaz, Hashim, Fearless Four, Funky Four plus One, Huey Lewis & the News, Teena Marie, Duran Duran, Mary Jane Girls, WHAM!, the Whispers,The Cure, and all of the great artist from the 80s. Now all everybody listens to today is crappy rap garbage and crummy pop music. The toys were better in the 80s like radio control car, Matchbox cars that were metal, toy trains, and action figures. Not to mention that 90% of toys today are plastic pieces of shit, require batteries, electronic pieces of shit.
From: Billy Duncan AKA 80s Freak

Ahh yes..indeed an 80s child. I was born in 66 and remember the 80s well. I was 14 when the 80s rolled around.. perfect time to enjoy the 80s. I remember our first vcr it was a top loader with a corded remote control.Witnessed the birth of mtv back when they played the best music vidoes,now it sucks.i remember the first video played, Buggles,video killed the radio star.The music was the best infact thats what i mostly listen to,Def Leppard,J geils band,softcell,tears for fears,pat benatar,sparks..music you can dance to, that was music. Movies were great too...remember RAD the bmx movie my all time fav.Oh yea can't forget the Dukes of hazzard,I sure had a crush on Daisy Duke. Loved teenage muntant ninja turtles. The wild hair the way we dressed ,the wild colors, and the things we did.Loved the Goonies.Parachute pants were great, used to wear them all the time.Slap bracletts were great too.He man,scooby doo,sherah,gi joe those were cartoons not like the crap they have today.I remeber our first microwave,witnessed the birth of cable tv,of course had to go to a friends house to watch mtv cause mom thought was waste of money,mtv RULED. Remember the rubics cube,i do cause i was the only one in my class to solve it.I remember crying seeing the space shuddle blow up on tv.The toys were the best too,i remember my first bike,loved he man toys, gi joes,remember transformers.Kids back then used their imagination when it came to playing,now kids don,t seem to have it.Nintendo was awesome,would play it for hours on end.super mario,duck hunt ,zelda,those were video games. No video game can beat the games back then.The 80s were awesome and what a wonderful decade it was. That was the best ten years of my life and was glad to grow up in the 80s :-) Who knows,they say history repeats itself...maybe the 80s will too. I sure do miss the 80s,WHAT A TIME IT WAS :-)
From: Joe Tonoli

Being born in 83, i am probably more of a child of the late 80s/early90s rather than a pure child of the 80s. However, my most fond memories come from the eighties. I remember getting up every saturday morning to watch muppet babies and pee-wee's playhouse. At night i would watch full house, cosby show and alf. Back then, children could watch shows on prime time network television without their parents worrying about TV ratings or violence and sex. Nowadays most shows on prime time are not for children. I remember watching game shows. There were a lot more game shows back then, like concentration, the old hollywood squares, and price is right was on during the day and at night. Wheel of Fortune was a lot better when Vanna actually turned the letters (instead of just touching the letters as she does now) My sister taught me about the popular music like NKOTB, Debbie Gibson(whom kids born in the nineties know as Deborah Gibson) and Tiffany. I remember being able to play outside late into the evenings with the neighborhood kids, playing wiffle ball. It was a great time to be a kid.
From: scott

I really miss the 80's. I was born in '84. I miss watching Strawberry Shortcake movies. Watching Care Bears, Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles, Barbie, and My Little Pony on the TV. Cabbage Patch Kids were a cool toy. Camaros were the coolest car in the later 80's. Barbie had really stylish clothes. The side pony-tail was in style along with the popular mullet. The music was awesome, (The Bangles, Madonna, Def Leopard, and Fleetwood Mac). I always watched Cheers, Little House on the Prarie, The A Team, Maried with Children, Star Trek, and Punky Brewster. I really miss the 80's!
From: Dianna

the best thing in the 80's was playing with my rainbow brite doll and my brother used to listen to billy idol tapes on his radio
From: Monica Guzman

I remember the 80s... born in late '81 I experienced most everything that others have mentioned already such as loving the Care Bears (and especially the Care Bear cousins! they were sooooo cute!). My enormous My Little Pony collection - those ponies lived a better life than I did with their Ice Cream Parlor, Pink Castle, Stable, and of course "the big one" the candy pink Pony Mansion complete with a kinda working pool. I could cover the entire living room floor with all my ponies. TV was awesome, all the cartoons like Thundercats, He Man/She Ra and Voltron... it makes you realize that they simply don't make em like they used to. How many of us would love a He Man/She Ra collection on DVD??? I know I would buy it... and I remember other 80s programs too, mostly Knots Landing, Dallas and Dynasty because that's what my parents watched. LOL Then there was the music... who could forget all the wonderful HEAVY METAL that populated the airwaves and MTV? Uber popular bands like Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Europe (my first and my fav), Cinderella, Warrant, Poison, Iron Maiden... the second tier groups like Dokken, Winger, Yngwie Malmsteen and Rainbow and then there were those few that were lucky enough to run across the rare gems - Icon, Mydra, Treat, Vandenberg, Skagarack, Virgin Steele... so much great music, so little time. You could actually catch a Banshee video on Headbanger's Ball and Whitesnake could be enjoyed daily. The hair was big, the fashion was lipstick n' leather - bright colours (neon pink/green) and faded, ripped jeans. KangaROOS were "in" and so were the sparkly L.A. Gear sneakers for us ladies. I remember having many pairs of these, my favorites being lavender with sparkly laces. And I have to mention the movies, for "Beastmaster" was made in this time period as well as other fantastical fantasy fare like "Deathstalker", the Conan movies, "Red Sonja", "Legend", "Labryinth", "Krull", "The Neverending Story"... and the animated classic, "The Last Unicorn". There was plenty of other good stuff too like "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", "The Breakfast Club", "Pretty In Pink", "Spaceballs", "Star Trek IV", "Lethal Weapon", "Trick or Treat" and "Blue Velvet".
From: Alanna

From: angie

I wanted to live in Care-a-lot with the care bears. I wanted a color belt like Rainbow Brite. Popples were the coolest things ever! I had a smelly strawberry shortcake doll and I never missed an episode of Fraggle Rock.(Down to Fraggle Rock)
From: Nikki

*Child of the Eighties* This title could not be any clearer when it comes to me. Man what a truly ~magical~ time. I was born in the year of 1983, in Mesa, Arizona. I have often wondered if because "where" I lived made a difference in my experience in the eighties, but after looking at all the commentary I can see that I am a tiny grain in the bucket of sand, which is cool. This way I can write something that I know others will relate too. Man, oh man, where do I start?? My earliest memories are of me and my older sister dressed exactly alike. We had our first trip to Disneyland and my mom busted out the "child leashes" which appearently was the new and improved way of watching your kid. I hated those things!! Disneyland had a special parade entitled :"Totally Minnie", which evidently established Minnie Mouse as a "valley girl". A new breed of mall rat that somehow slipped through the gates of the happiest place on earth. A completely trippy parade that included huge crimped hair, over exaggerated makeup with the streaky pink cheeks,(one of my huge pet peeves from the era by the way), the music!! Oh wow the music was so synth!! This parade summed it all up. I remember being a small child in front of my television set in my living room. Green shag carpeting and mirrored walls was a complete 70's style, but like my parents, the room would not change a certain style until it was completely played out. I would watch PBS because it was the ish at the time!!! I remember the line up, 321 contact, Reading Rainbow, Sesame Street, and Square One. Educational tv at it's best people!! Saturday mornings were the greatest!! I would wake up in my room which was completely drenched in Rainbow Brite merchandise, and put on my Cabbage Patch slippers and head to the sacred "living room" where I would watch the great cartoons that I still hold very, very dear to my heart. Rainbow Brite of course, as I held a doll of her best friend Patty O'Green, Shirt Tales, The great Monchichis, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Duck Tales, Popales, Jem and the Holograms, you name it. I watched them all!! I loved watching the commercials as well, I would envy all the kids on each of the commercials as they showed what new Barbie and the Rocker they would play with and how they would make Snoopy Sno Cones, I wanted it all, but we could never afford such, shall I say, "luxuries"? I would indulge myself in watching Diff'rent Strokes and Silver Spoons, along with the cartoon Teen Beverly Hills, and imagined what it would be like to be rich, but in times of the Reganomics a lot of people like my family and I had to cut back, so that meant no Teddy Ruxpin for us. We could however, afford a VCR, and with the new invention of cable, my mother took full advantage of this new tool of the future. We would tape everything!! I still have some shows on film along with the commercials. It's soo neat to look back at them. My favorite video of course was The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, although a bit scarier, came in a close second. Jim Henson made some great shows during that time, the afore mentioned and also Fraggle Rock, which I could'nt get enough of, and Muppet Babies. I can proudly do the baby Gonzo voice!! Me and my cousins would get into the car and go absolutely CRAZY when the song "Higher Love" came on, we would sing along to it like there was no tommorrow!! 4 littles girls in the back of a car, bopping up and down to that song , all with our pony tales to the side and our neon biking shorts with huge glitter t-shirts that for some reason were tied to the side as well, our styling LA Gears with the 4 lace colors shoved in to each shoe lace hole. Memories!! Great ones! I remember sitting at the dinner table mezmerized at the little girl stuck in the well, and when they finally pulled baby jessica out, my mom yelling out for joy. As the 80's went by I wished that i could look like my older cousins, they lived on the north side of town and were the "mexican cholas" with there dark red lipstick and there hairsprayed to death hair, with ridiculously huge bangs! There were no limits to those bangs!! Listening to A lighter Shade of Brown and of course Salt N' Pepa. I thought I was a cool 5 year old cus I would dress up like Expose for preschool with my frilly dress, and my stone washed jean jacket. Why would you let me out of the house mom?!?! Why?!?! Oh such memories! I could honestly go on for hours but I will save you from that. There will never be a time in my life that would compare to the lessons I learned then. Such innocents, curiosity and imagination! Pure imagination! We look around today and notice that almost every young adult knows how to use a computer, and for some reason our parents still ask US for help with checking their e-mail, that is if they have one. The eighties will forever be in my heart, I will never forget them, good stuff, good stuff.
From: Loriana

I'm a little tired, but I guess there was more to the 80s than it seems like now. I was born on the ass end of 1972. As different as my experience was in the 80s from most anyone else's on this page, there are still a lot of similarities. for instance, I too had robot wars with my friends, played with Star Wars figures, the Rubiks cube, watched a lot of MTV, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, A-Team, Dukes of Hazard, G-FORCE and all that stuff. I even had parachute pants at one time that zipped off into shorts. I never could learn the windmill, but I performed the worm. Music: Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, Run-DMC, Michael Jackson (Beat IT, Thriller,) The Cure, The Church, REM, The Smiths. Atari. McIntosh. Nintindo. No, just Nintindo.I was a Dungeons and Dragons nerd. I read LOR when I was twelve. Stephen King. Clive Barker. Terry Brooks. Unfortunately I grew up in the Bible Belt, so I missed all of the good parties. I did see a lot of those stupid anti-drug/ anti-drinking movies in school though (Where they make make the kid who smokes marijuana completely loose his memory for good). Hair bands. Who could forget the hair bands. I have to admit that most of my good times were in the early to mid 90s (except for those Stand By Me moments of late childhood when I practically lived in the woods). The whole Smashing Pumpkins/ Soundgarden/ Pearl JAm thing was pretty exciting for me. Of course, its kind of hard to tell now when the 90s stopped--it seems to have slipped on into the 00s. Definitly not as distinguishable as the 80s at any rate.
From: Dereck Cram

I was born in 1989 but I still love the 80s. I'm 14 now but I LOVE Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, My Little Pony, The Wuzzles and Strawberry Shortcake. And whenever I talk about them to my friends or at school or on MSN people are always like "You're weird." And I just say "No. I'm just living in the past that you never knew & I'm not supposed to."
From: Marissa

i was born in '77 and am still living in the 80's. i lived in orlando, florida and i remember seeing the challenger light into flames. i will always remember standing on the school lawn with my class and seeing teachers and students hugging each other and crying. do you girls remember being taught about your menstrual cycle by a video with the 'original' little orphan annie as your host? i loved reading the book 'at the end of the sidewalk', sweet valley high, babysitter's club, and all the teen magazines. kirk cameron was the king of teen mags, he was in every edition. signing people's yearbooks with abbreviations for everything e.g. l/y/l/a/s (love ya like a sister) tv rocked in the 80's!!!!! saturday mornings will never be the same. i love that you can find 80's toys around again. there's this candy store on newbury st. in boston that's called sugar heaven where you can get freshly made cotton candy in numerous flavor, nerds, fun dips, make your own pixie stix, mary janes, wonka candies, atomic fireballs, gobstoppers, etc... and they play 80's music too!!!!! eventhough i no longer wear jelly shoes, jelly bracelets, use a can of hair spray everyday, worship NKOTB, or say radical all the time, i will always be a child of the 80's. I DON'T WANNA GROW UP, I'M A TOYS R US KID..............
From: Grace

I love all these comments from kids who "remember" (barely) the 80s....not too many of them "lived" the 80s as I did. Born in 63, 20 in '83, these were the times not be forgotten. Valley Girl? I was Randy! Fast Times? I was Spicoli before Penn! Nerds? Lewis and Gilbert we're guys I beat up in high school! My girlfriend made me listen to Kiss "Lick It Up" 42 times in a row back in 83! I was a master at Burgertime, Tron and Joust - don't forget competitive foosball! I had a room to sleep in at the arcade from 1981 to 1984! I was one of the Boys of Summer Don Henley sang about so eloquently. I once tried to steal Billy Idol's leather jacket when he slipped and accidentally threw it into the first row of the concert I was at in 87! I went to Metalmania in '84 and saw the Scorps, the Crue and the Riot, not to mention Ratt and the boys...I was the manager of the toy department at a large department store and had 100 cabbage patch dolls entrusted to me back in Christmas of 1983...I almost died that day...run over by crazed housewives and grandmothers! Those were the days! So many stories, so little time.....let's get together over a Corona and talk some more!
From: Johnny Mach DJ

I was born in may 1976.I wanted to be optimas prime for crying out loud.I loved those days because it was my youth you could say I caught the edge of the 80s genaration.I remember when transformers the movie came out in 86 I begged my mom to take me to see it but did'nt get to but when it came out on video I kept it rented I think I wore one movie stores copy out really.And january the 29th 1989 my big brother took me to my first rock concert at the asheville civic center. Poison with special guest Tesla that changed me man. My big brother took me and my little brother to just about every rock concert that came to asheville after that cinderella,Motley crue,kiss,skid row,warrant,megadeth you name it. I have never really got past 1989. It's strange now I am 27 and its 2004. LONG LIVE THE 1980s
From: Mike simpson

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