Why Are You A Child Of The 80s?

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What a relief to see I'm not the only person still talking about the big hair day of the eighties, and what I great time that was indeed. I miss it more and more as these years have passed. As a young teen I literally grew up at the Star Dust roller rink in BC Canada. It was home away from home. I suppose in a way I kind of grew up there really. From the time I was 14 years old until I was 19, I would come and go at Star Dust with friends. When I turned 19 I followed the rest, who had already turned 19 some years before me, and graduated to join them at the night club just next-door to the rink. In the years after that it was nothing but friends, dinners and clubs, frequently seeing such bands around Vancouver as Prisim, Nazereth, Van Halen and countless more hanging around night clubs. The best spot for the eighties in my mind in Vancouver was a club called the Metro downtown Vancouver. Big bands and big hair rocked the house. Memories I'll never forget. In fact I talk of the eighties from time to time on my online journal. Thanks for sharing this site, I enjoyed it. Dee
From: Dee

I was born in 1967, graduated high school in 1985; I spent the early 80's in high school, and the later 80's partying in college. During the 80's, I wore velvet gaucho pants and lacy bouses, neon socks, flashdance off the shoulder sweats, punk asymmetrical sunglasses, shirts that buttoned diagonally, and pants with zippers to nowhere. I remember "paper-bag" style pants, parachute pants, jelly shoes, and smoking cigarettes at the arcade in the mall. I waited for MTV to begin, I remember when the channel was merely a plain screen that said "MTV - coming soon." They actually played music then (the 5 or so videos they had), and even obscure bands could make a video. I love to watch 80's movies "Pretty in Pink", "Breakfast Club", "St. Elmo's Fire", such teen angst I can't stand it. I am truly "stuck in 1985" as the current song now says. April.
From: April

I was born in 1978, and not too many people remember this, but for a period, at McDonald's if you ordered say a Big Mac, you received a record of the "McDonald Rap Song". It had phrases like "...Big Mac, filet-o-fish, quater pounder with some cheese, frenc fries...."
From: Carmen Rivera

Being Born in 1971 I can recall a lot of the 80's but didn't realize what a special era I was living in. Music ment something back then tv was actually fun to watch, there weren't the dumb reality shows that you see now. The original Reality show was This Old House with Bob Villa (how many remember that), Saturday ment ceral and cartoons at the ungodly hour of 6am, when your parents wanted to sleep. The little 13-inch tv, sat on top of the larger 25-inch floor model that didn't work, but you kept for some reason in the hopes that one day someone could maybe fix it. The fasions were the best colorful and expressive, not like today where clothing is either falling half off these peoples butts, or baggy enough to stash homeless people in. Nintendo Sega and Atari were the systems of choice, and the graphics couldn't get any better. We didn't have cellphones or gps in our cars, we knew how to navigate and pay phones were abundant, and only cost a dime. We didn't have the internet we had pen pals. Stallone and Arnie ruled the action hero marked, when it came to blockbuster movies. Special effects were exactly that; special, not the CGI that litters every hollywood movie of today. Michael Jackson was still somewhat black, not the white woman of today, and he was the number one entertainer in the country. No one knew who Bill Gates was, and if they did they didn't care. Greed was good but the middle class did well too. Hulk Hogan was the WWF heavy weight champion, and Mancho man Randy Savage was spreading the macho madness. Shows like Degrassi Junior High, The Cosby show , Miami Vice, Knight Rider, The Dukes Of Hazzard, Dallas, Dynasty, Magnum P.I. rulled the air and a man named Tony Montana (scarface) loved the american dream, he loved it with a vengance. MTV actually had music on, and not stupid teleision shows that no one watches if they are above 25. Cars were almost always hand me downs from the 60's or 70's, and you took pride in working on them yourself. Aerobics took the nation by storm, and women couldn't have possibly looked hotter, than wearing a tight spandex one-peice with leg warmers, and a head band. Smoking was still bad for you but people didn't actually kick you out of an establishment for doing so you could actualy smoke at the office back then. In the 80s we werent bombarded by infomercials about viagra, bowflex, juiceman juicers,Levetra,Zoloft, The lean Mean grilling machine, Miracle blades,Tae Bo There was no HSN cable was a new technology home computers were scarce, there was no internet like we know it today no air bags we knew how to live without these things. Today everything has to ease fast convinent, and so sterile. We need to find a way to transport all of these misplaced souls, such as myself, back to the 80s once and for all.
From: Chris

I don't know if this counts but I graduated in 1981, I think 18 is still a "child" in some cases. Well, the things I remember the most are cruisin around in my best friends 280zx, and actually being a camp councilor at a time when Friday the 13th was in it's infancy. Later on I remember seeing Kajagoogoo on TOTP in England, with my twin brother Jason. Those are my best mems. Now I'm almost 42 and the 80s were definately the coolest times of my life.
From: Kevin

I remember the 80's very well. The cartoons, the music, but the one thing that I always loved about the 80's is the clothing. The wild array of styles that were in the era made it the most laxed era for cloths. I mean who (referring to the 80's gals) never had their own pair of jellie shoe's. And how about the Kangaroos, you got to love the pockets on the sides. I miss having shoe's like the kangaroo's. Hightops where the thing, especially if the guys wore them with biker spandex shorts, and a motorcycle black leather jacket. Oh and don't forget the guys had to have that beautiful long hair. Then there were the Madonna wannabe's, I am guilty of this. I remember how I dressed; the mini skirts, the lace tops over tanks, the white lace glove, long fake pearl necklaces, jelly bracelets that cascaded up your arm, and your hair, puffy, and pulled back with lacey strands hanging from your ponytail. Or how about the knee ripped jeans, and the homecrafted, arms, neck cut off sweatshirt that hung off the shoulders. Even better was one of my personal favorites, the stur-up pants, with the long (down to your knees long) shirts, and a belt that went around the shirt, and the outfit was never complete with out your leg warmers, and laceless white keds. And who can't forget the zebra striped pants, and the hot colored shirts, or even the hot color paint splattered clothing items. To this day I still have my jean hot color paint splattered purse in my possesion. Granted I no longer use it, but the memories that it produces makes keeping it around worth while. We can't forget about the hair styles; the long hair on the guys, the puffy hair on the girl's, and for those who where rebelious, rattails, and spiked hair, once again guilty of having a rattail and spiked hair. Also dying your hair different colors started with the 80's punk style. The 80's was a time of fashion experimenting. It didn't matter what your wore back then, you were excepted as an individual. Times were simpler back then. It would be nice to see us go back to a much simpler way of life, and of course BRING BACK THE 80's FASHION. I just loved the fashion freedom of the 80's.
From: KJ Apple

I was born in 1984, but here are ten things I remember about the 80's 1.Hulk Hogan 2.Kids Incorperated 3. teddy rubskin (I can't remember how to spell it) 3. Alf 4.Pee Wee Herman 5.He-Man 6.Super Mario Bros Super Show 7.Germlins 8.Mangnum P.I 9.Ernest (you know what I mean vern) 10.The Earthquake
From: Lavone

I was born in 1969, so I was a teen in the 80's. It was a blast, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. We had the best parties, the best music, the best clothes, (some of which my daughter is now wearing). I remember going to see Duran Duran March 15, 1984, my first concert. I Graduated from High School in 1987. It was a great decade; I remember getting cable for the first time, seeing MTV first come on the air, rollerskating once a week, seeing all the bratpack movies in the actual movie theatre, buying 45's (I still have them all). So much more , but not enough room..ha ha
From: Karen

I was a child in the 80's, I was born in '82. The 80's was all about the cartoons and various shows. I was a TV-baby. I was also obsessed by the 80's music and the commodore 64, which unfortunately doesn't work at the moment. It needs a new monitor. My favourite cartoons were: Jem and the Holograms, She-ra, the Blinkins, and the popples. I collected some of the toys when I was little, especially liked the she-ra dolls, what girl really didn't in the 80's. I liked shows that seemed to empower women, as the strong ones who could outsmart the others. By far Jem and the Hollograms is the best cartoon ever produced. The 80's are still apart of my life, how could I forget the styles and the pop culture of the 80's. It was great!!!
From: Melissa

Being born in 1972, I was definately a child of the 80's. When I'm having a really bad day, I just fire up one of the 80's online streaming radio stations, and sorta let it help take my memory back in time. The funny thing is, have you noticed that alot of the fads and cloths, from the late 70's to the early 80's, are making a comeback. Who knows, maybe we can break out our acid washed jeans again real soon! LOL ;)
From: Shannon

Wow... the 80s. Reading these posts really take you back. Then when you are reminiscing and thinking you remember it all, someone throws in something new and a smile is brought to your face again. Me, I remember G.I. Joe, Transformers, The Breakfast Club, Michael Jackson, Big Wheels, The General Lee, Breakdance, Slap Bracelets, Parachute Pants, Zipper Pants, Mohawks, and tree swings. All things from that decade were special in one way or another. I remember spending hours just climbing trees and dropping those little parachute guys *remember those?* from the highest branch I could get to. I would give anything to be on a big wheel again. Remember how your front wheel would ware down in that one spot, so you would get that thump thump thump when you were hauling butt and sliding around turns in the sidewalk. I loved riding my bike and doing "Bunnie Hops" and trying to "pop wheelies". I think I had almost all the G.I. Joe guys - you know that little plastic one - where you would take the little screw out of their backs and give them different legs and make your own Joe out of Destro and Snake-Eye. Remember Muscle Men?.. the little pink guys make out of rubber. I think I had a hundred of those. Thriller on TV, not Michael Jackson's, but Late Night Thriller. The Night Owl; he wore those Big Sunglasses and showed the spooky movies. Elvira... man, I was in love with her... well, her and Daisy... and her Daisy Duke Shorts. Remember the superhero that couldn't fly real well, the original Spiderman movies, the pickup that the Stunt Man drove, how about the two detective brothers that drove the orange 4x4 or seeing the Thriller Music Video for the first time, all 30 minutes of it. Metal lunch boxes, rubber shoes, remember putting a Pepsi can against your bicycle wheel . Remote Control cars *Yep, with wires*.... I was born in 1976, so I was able to enjoy everything from the 80s. It was a different world then. I have two children of my own now, and I worry everyday. I read and hear about all these horrible things going on in schools. I remember that the worse thing in my school was the bullies, and they weren't really that bad. Now kids are getting shot and stabbed in class. I would give everything I own if I could some how transport my kids back to my days. Where they could have fun, relax, laugh, climb trees, spend hours with a robot/jet plane, trade garage pail kids, and listen to that thump thump thump of the big wheel - but I'm just a dad; a child of the 80s - and unlike Marty McFly, I don't have a crazy scientist friend with a Delorean that is a time machine. So I guess until I can travel in time, or I inherit "the Power of Grayskull", I will just have to "Cut-It-out!", and scream my battle cry "Thundercats HO" while praying my kids have as many fond memories of their childhood as their ol' dad does.
From: Jesse

Aww the eighties, this whole past weekend I have been thinking of this awesome time in my life, maybe it that new Tv show the have on now - Hit Me Baby One More Time - that's has all of those old 80's bands and singers singing their original hits. I was born in May of '81, but I can remember things as far back as age 3. My parents had me right out of H.S. (mom was a senior and graduated in 82 dad in 80). It was actually cool having young parents, even though today people always confuse my mom with my girlfried, she looks youthfully young still. I remember most of the things you all mentioned here, Kids actually having imaginations, going outside to play, having forts/treehouses, Summer Camp and Girl/Boy Scouts. I absolutely LOVE television, they say it recks kids minds today, but no, not me back in the eighties (and early 90's). It's all my parents had to is put me infront of a tv and never had a problem from me. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were my absolute favorites, besides Voltron, Heathcliff, Dennis the Menace, Square One, Ghost Writer, Kidd Video, Captain N, an so many more - I could go on forever. Movies were fantastic, I wanted to be apart of the Monster Squad, The Lost Boys, Goonies, the Stand By Me-Crew and so on. BIG, Teen Wolf, Adventure in Baby Sitting and A Christmas Story are among my favorite movies. Teen movies were awesome, being a little kid and seeing Boobies in a movie was a big deal the next day at school. I had a crush on Punky Brewster, Rudy (Cosby Show) and loved the chick - forget her name at the moment - from the movie Just One of The Guys. I loved tv shows like McGyver, Jake and the Fat Man, Quantom Leap, Moon Lighting, Webster (was my childhood nickname, for some though I look like him as a kid), Small Wonder, Gimme a Break, Silver Spoon, ect. The music, the Clothes - My mom dressing me up in tight pleaded pants (the ones that make a nose when you walk lol - and Izon shirt with the animals on the side, with tube socks to my knees with apair of L.A. Gear shoes. My mom dressed my like a preppy kid. A Gremlin's t-shirt with a Grimlin a on the was one of my favorites, I was about 3 when I got it a tooka family picture. I remember having small birthday parties in class on your birthday, recess, and Field Trips made going to school fun. My first kiss happened in 5th grade were a friend and I got surrounded at the Pop Machine by a group of giddy girls playing the Pick a Boy - Kiss a Boy game, Got kissed by the hottest girl in 5th grade, it was awesome. Getting an Atari 2600 for my 6th birthday, and going over to my best friends house to play River City Ransom on the NES after school and ordering Pizza was all kinds of fun. The 80's was the decade to be a kid. I hope to never forget all those good memories.
From: Andre T.

Being born in October 1986, I don't remember all that much about the 1980's, as I was only 3y.o at the end of 1989. But the first few famous events that I remember took place in the 1980's. I remember the fall of Ceacescu's Romania, the December 1989 ambulance crew strike and the Hillsborough Disaster. I began my education in the September of 1989, at nursery school - where I learnt all about months and years. I'm just about old enough to remember anything of the 1980's.
From: Alex Wilkes

Oh the eighties. How I miss those simple pleasures. There was always a good time to be had. Remember Jem and the Holograms, and I wanted to be in my own Barbie and the Rockers band. Revenge of the nerds and the Breakfast Club, St Elmos Fire and Fast Times at Ridgemont High, gotta love the brat pack. Nightmare on Elm St, I will never love a horror movie like I loved that one. Ghostbusters with slimer and the Gate Keeper. Playing M.A.S.H. was the way you knew your future lifestyle. Aqua net was the only thing to keep your hair a mile high. Everything tight and and scrunched, tattered and stone washed. Your look wasn't complete, untill you streaked your hair with spray punk hair color, and outlined your eyes with coal black or royal blue eyeliner. Remember when it was worth getting up for saturday morning cartoons, McDonalds birthdays were all the rage, and was He-Man and She-Ra; brother and sister, hey never cleared that up, but nothing was better that fights on Skull Mountain. Transformers came with the color change sticker, when you put your thumb on it. And hyper-color shirts, they never lasted and your color spots were permanantly stuck at that crappy brown stage. Real music video's on MTV, and man oh man do I miss the simplicity of the game SIMON, I never won, the computer was smarter. Commadore 64 was the high tech computer, and it wasn't complete untill the joystick was hooked up to play frogger on it. Nintendo had the truely cool games, and I will never forget constantly blowing in the game to make play in the system. I would gladly be stuck in the 80's with my big hair, dancing to Debbie Gibson or Duran Duran, choosing between scrunch socks and acid washed jeans, or legwarmers and stirups to spend the night at the roller rink, on skates not rollerblades, denim everything. And stopping at Mc-e-D's for a big mac served in styrafoam still. The good old days with great music, great movies, when men wore more makeup than women, and everyone could almost share clothes styles, times were simple and troubles seemed far away. The list of memories could keep going on, but that would take too much time. Keep the 80's alive as long as possible, and keep visiting your local 80's club or bar, where our kind can rock on all night while drinking our cosmopolitans and wine coolers (way to go Bartle and James for making men look sissy-ish drinking your fruity concoctions) I love the 80's untill the day I die.
From: Renee

I wouldn't be a child of the new millenium for nothing! Give me the decade of my life back, it was that much fun. RayBans, Esprit clothing, Judy/The Limited clothing, Depeche Mode, INXS, keg parties at ASU, smelling Polo on hot guys, minor night at the Devil House, scarfing up salad at Wendy's after high school dances, What is this CD thing? Tab and yogurt diets.
From: Michelle

I miss the 80s so much, I miss "Friday Night Videos" every Friday on NBC, and "Solid Gold" every Saturday night, I wanted to be on the show as a Solid Gold dancer, the 80s were fun to me. I really miss "Alvin & The Chipmunks" on NBC, remember the "Teen Beat" magazine, I wish I had them in the 80s, and the "After School Snacks", and hanging out at the Mall back in the day, those days were fun, rewind those days Please!!!.
From: dwight slemmons

I consider myself an eighties child; I was born in that wonderful Orwellian year of 1984. I was queen of the world on my first birthday, because I had a Cabbage Patch doll, a real one not a black market knockoff, who went hand in hand with Rain-Bo Bright. I had a Keepers swan and a pink Be-More stuffed bronto, who were best friends with my super cool purple Popple that I named Daisy. I had scented Strawberry Shortcake dolls and even rented the movie. I had a blue Skip-It, and knew that Food Folks and Fun meant McDonalds french fries and cool toys. But most importantly, like any child of the 80s, I would wake up at 7 am on Saturday mornings, a big box of cereal in one hand, the remote in the other and so many choices of quality programming: Fraggle Rock, My LIttle Pony, Transformers, Wonder Woman, Garfield, Gummi Bears, Winnie the Pooh, and most importantly, the Muppet Babies. Then after dingesting all that sugar, it was noon, and it was time to play. Anyone who is not a child of the 80s can speculate, they can judge and they and comment but unless you actually did all of that, you can't really understand what it means to be a child of the 80s.
From: CH

I was born in 1980 and I love 80's. I remember Tv series like "Different Strokes", "Webster", "Moonlighting" and "Alf". And cartoons like "Jem and the holograms", "Masters of the Universe", "The smurfs" and much, much more. I played with "Barbie" (I had a lot of Barbies), with "My Little Pony" and "The Smurfs". I was a little child in the early 80's, but I wish I were a 80's teen to looks like Maddona, sing the songs and do things from 80's culture. I think the 80's teen were very lucky, to live in such a wonderfull era. Thank you for inventing this page, and let us feel like a dream.
From: Veronica federico

I wish I could go back to the 80's, looking back it was full of happiness and fun, the fashion was pretty out there but it had class. I was born in 1985 but I still remember; I loved "My Little Pony", from the movie, TV shows and the Ponies, the memories. The "Care Bears" were great, and still are. How could we forget "The Smurfs", "Rainbow Brite" was adorable. I remember "SuperTed - the Magical TeddyBear" who came to life, he was my favourite. Films such as "The Goonies", "The NeverEnding Story", "Ghostbusters", "Willow", "E.T.", "Back to the Future" and many, many more, I never get tired of watching it all over and over again. To sum up all of what I've said; the 80's will always be in the hearts of some of us, that we never will forget, and lucky for us there are things such as DVD,videos full of 80's footage, where would we be without it. Goonies never say die!!!.
From: Tara-Maree

I was born in 83, so I can remember a lot of stuff. I remember before I started school, I would watch "Care Bears", "Punky Brewster" (My Fav.), "Alvin & The Chipmunks", "The Smurfs", "Strawberry Short-cake", "My Little Pony" (I still have like a hundred of the ponies). Alf was cool, I wanted to marry him, "Growing Pains" (Kirk was soooo hot!), I loved so many tv shows I couldn't name them all. Our music was the only music that made sence. The music today is totally not me. I still have my Atari (and it works) along with nintendo (Which also works). Life seem simpler in the 80's then it does now. Everyone says it's becouse I'm older, I know life was simpler, because you didn't have to worry about someone killing you over something strange, and drugs wasn't as bad, I could go on forever.
From: April

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