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Born in July 1975. I remember the Muppets, Fragle Rock, Seasame Street, KIDS Incorporated, Roomper Room, The Greatest American Hero. I was 5 or 6 when Reagan was shot. I was 10 when the Challenger exploded. I was very sad. I remember listening to "Jump" by the Pointer Sisters on Kiss FM with Rick Dees in 1985. That song was new. I remember watching MTV back in 1987.I remember the video "Money for Nothing" by Dire Straits. I remember Alf (laster 80's) Soap, the Jeffersons,Welcome back Kotter, The Bensons, Charles in Charge, Night Rider, Hawaii Five-0..still know the music too, The Love Boat, Brady Bunch, 8 is Enough, the one show with "Alice" was it Alice Diner? All in the Family was funny too. I like the one show with Nel Carter in it, and the other show with the little black man in it, his dad was white in the show. Three's Company I used to watch. I was into David Lee Roth and into the group Ah-Ha in the mid 80's. I had my own kiddie turn table at age 8 and had a record of Billy Joel. I was in love with him at age 8 and I used to play "Up Town Girl" over and over again. I also had an album by the Stray Cats Strut and Bruce Springteen and I had the album "We are the World"-believe it or not! By late 80's I was into what is now called "Freestyle" music.. man that is the best! If I could go back to any time period, it would have to be 1987. I was 12 and just getting down with dancing. It is amazing how I now see that I still enjoy the music of the 80's (at age 31) and I just discovered that the Violent Femmes are a 80's band. I remember hearing those songs too. I remember watching Dirty Dancing in 1987 and Top Gun in 1986. I faintly remember a song called "She a fly girl" that came out around 1986, but I don't know who did it. man, those were the years.
From: Sandra

I loved the 80's! I was born in 1969 and the 80's was my pre-teen and teen years. So many great memories. The best part of the 80's was the MUSIC! Rock was actually Rock and Metal was Metal. Gee, so much has changed since that decade, but still, I love to think back!
From: Hershell Y

The 80's ruled. It was my favorite decade ever! If I could take my husband with me, I would go back in a second.
From: jennifer mcardle

I was born in 1974 and grew up waking up to Saturday morning cartoons I use to love Hannah Barbera and The Kung Fu Theater on Channel 5 remember the karate slippers? and i think i owned one of those Michael Jackson jackets with a million zippers! Beat street to me was the coolest movie. right after i watched it i took my crayons and did graffiti on my moms wallpaper she was so pissed of at me.I remember that my older sister use to dress like Madonna and she had these ugly loud green sandals with the shoe string ties.those years were some of the best years of my life.
From: Mark

Unlike a few others who were born in the mid eighties, I was born in 1975. When 1980 had come around I was 5. I was young enough to remember and appreciate the remarkable day and age we know as the 80's. 1980's was very special; where music, television, movies, pop culture,etc were awesome. Although things were not perfect in the 80's generation, you had a feeling that things were the way they were supposed to be. The 80's had a look and feel to it that will probably never again be duplicated. The atmospheric environment among other things was so pleasant. I loved the eighties. It is without a doubt the greatest generation of all time. Beginning with Christmas in the eighties; is was absolutely terrific. I remember on Christmas mornings my brother and I would always wake up exceptionally early to wake our parents up. My parents would get up and walk us downstairs to reveal the presents to us that Santa had brought. We always received the toys we had asked for and much more. My Mom would take pictures of us opening our presents and Dad would sit back in his chair just watching us with a smile on his face. My brother and I always received the best presents consisting of He-man, Silverhawks and G.I. Joe action figures. One Christmas I got a Knight Rider car that came with a Michael Knight action figure. It snowed a lot around that time of year as well making the feeling of Christmas so much more special. My family and I just stayed in the house the whole day enjoying our gifts, watching television and playing in the snow. My Dad would always go outside with my brother and me to help build a snow man and to go sleigh riding. I really miss those days. Another memory of the 80's I have is waking up every Saturday morning between 5:30am - 6:00am to start watching the Saturday morning cartoons. It begin with Spider-man (although from the 60's it came on in the eighties as well). I faithfully watched cartoons every Saturday morning from 5:30am - 1:00pm. Saturday mornings is one of the most memorable things about the eighties; where cartoons were cartoons. Shows like Fat Albert, Wuzzles, Snorks, Shirt Tales, Superfriends, Kidd Video, Gary Coleman, Smurfs, Pac-man, Going Bananas, The Get Along Gang, Mighty Mouse, Spider-man and his Amazing Friends, Ruby Spears Superman, the Littles, Punky Brewster(cartoon), the Trolkins, Turbo Teen, Mighty Orbots, Mr. T, CBS Saturday Morning Stories to name a few made my Saturdays. I was always so extraordinarily excited about the weekends mainly because of Satuday Mornings. The week days especially were good as well. I remember the cartoons like the Silverhawks, Thundercats, He-man and the Masters of the Universe and G.I. Joe. Those cartoons had morals. At the conclusion of each of these shows there was always a lesson to be learned whether it be about the importance of staying in school, not to do drugs, stay away from matches, etc. No matter what the lesson, it was always very beneficial to us growing up. Nowadays you dont have cartoons like that anymore. I feel sorry for the children in this day and age. I really wish the kids of today could be exposed to what we were exposed to in the eighties; maybe it wouldn't be so much violence and negativity in school and on the streets today regarding children. T.V. is very influential to children. Man oh man, it would have been great for today's kid's to have met yesterday's kid friendly environment. Yet another memory is of the shows/sitcoms that came on. I remember my all time favorite show The Greatest American Hero. That till this day was awesome. Every Saturday afternoon it came on I would grab a towel, tie it around my neck and run around the house pretending I was flying and singing the song "Believe it or not I'm walking on air". My father on a continuous basis would yell at me to be quiet. That was ridiculously funny. Other shows: The A-Team, Family Ties, Wonder Years, Different Strokes, Silver Spoons, Married with Children, Knight Rider, Cheers, Who's the Boss, Blue Thunder, Airwolf, Love Boat, Benson, Webster, Punky Brewster, the Voyagers, Small Wonder, Battlestar Galactica, and Superboy to name a few. Simply put, the 80's is definitely the greatest generation of ALL TIME!!
From: Mike

I was born in 1986 and i dont remb the 80s the most i remb was 1990 when i started school but most the cartoons i watched was from the 80s like xmen care bears the racoons fantastic four (guess the uk was a bit slow lol) sesame street oh man i used to come home at lunch time from school for that! and nintendo! great stuff! although dont get me wrong i loved me sonic and chuckle vision lol even though i loooove technology now i must say a part of me wishes i grew up in the 80s it looked sooo kool and the cartoons rocked
From: kimberley

Loved worcester in the 80's I live in Oxford, and my friends and I used to take the bus to the worcester mall on a sat. morning. It was great. I remember the night, that the "Stones" played sir morgans cove, and the amount of people that layed the streets of worcester for it. Channel 27, was the best channel to see Abbot and Costello movies on, along with Shirley Temple and Laurel and Hardy. Bozo's Big Top aired from there as well, and had my first television appearance on there. WAAF was and will always be the best station in worcester. (even if it is in Boston now.) We had it first!
From: Penny

Okay, first of all- someone born in the early eighties would remember the eighties and should therefore be considered a child of the eighties. I was born in 1983 and I remember the eighties. I sure as heck am not a child of the 1990s- eck! Second of all, a child is a person under the age of 18. Therefore, whoever said someone born in the 1960s was an eighties child is not totally right. Maybe there are two types of eighties "children"- those who were teenagers and remember partying then, and those that were little kids and remember things like watching Jem or Heman. I personally love my memories of the 1980s/very early 1990s. I remember that I had a huge Strawberry Shortcake collection, a huge My Little Pony collection, and a bunch of Barbies with poofy hair and bright blue eye shadow. I also remember listening to Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Prince. I remember being in awe of my older cousins and their friends (they were teenagers). I remember watching Kids Incorporated and being in love with Ryan Lambert. I remember watching Mickey Mouse Club and loving Chase Hampton and his big poofy red hair. I remember being about 5 years old and falling in love with Joe McIntyre of the New Kids on the Block. I remember going to see them during their "Magic Summer" tour of 1990 when I was seven. I can remember all of these things, so why make someone like me feel that our memories are not "good" enough? We may not be as old as you, but our memories of the eighties were worth just as much as yours. They are golden to us. I currently collect 80s memorabilia. When I see something that is 1980s I have to have it. I currently have about 100 Cabbage Patch Kid dolls, several Strawberry Shortcake dolls, A Canary Yellow Rainbow Brite doll, Four New Kids on the Block dolls, a New Kids board game, a Pillow Person, a few 1980s/early 1990s Barbies, and several figurines. I'm always explaining to people why the 1980s was so cool, and yet someone out there feels that I was not "truly" a child of the 1980s?
From: Crystal Higuera

I was born in 1982, I remember that I was a toddler that day, I saw the show "Dukes of Hazzard" and many other 80s shows until I was 7 in 1989. I loved watching these tv shows every afternoons, mornings, nights during my baby/kid years! I remember that my first game was nintendo with white and grey gun as "Duck Hunt" and "Super Mario" and the other one was "CandyLand", too. I remember these shows were on NBC and CBS that time I was a young girl at my home where I grew up, it was a blast growing up in the 80's since I was born. I'm proud to be a 80's kid and born in 1982, too!
From: Alice Hochhausler

I was born in 1975, so i spent my whole elementary school years in the eighties. I think for me, having always been a bookworm, remembering when a renegade rebel brought in her older sister's copy of "Forever" by Judy Blume, and it traveled around the 4th and 5th grade classrooms like wildfire was hilarious. At that time, we were truly so innocent, we didn't know what the hell we were reading. But we had images to uphold. So, off to the neighborhood 12 year-olds, and her copies of "seventeen",and her lies about how it really went.At that point,we went home even more screwed up. Do you girls remember the frenzy of trading Sweet Valley High Books? Did anybody else's school ban the "Choose Your Own Adventure" series? At our school, they did, I'm too young to remember why, but I know they're there NOW! ARRRGH!!! How very cool you were to own Silver Unicorn polo shirts, and (for those of old enough,)do you remember where you were in school when the space shuttle (I think it was called Challenger?) exploded? I was waiting for my mom to pick me up. I had the stomach flu. It was the first time I saw a man cry. A very cool 5th grade teacher started to bawl. And, as kids, we had never seen that before, at least not many of us.It was our first expirience with the real world. And on a happier note, I don't know about any of you out there in cyber land, but who besides my grandfather and I are very grouchy that Bugs Bunny is gone from Saturday morning cartoons? And now he's a gagnster?!? If nothing else, bring back The Great Space Coaster...that was totally trippy. Or at least tell Kirk Cameron to get off the religious pedestal. He was a lot cuter when he was dumb and mischeivous! When I think of all the moolah I could have if I had not cut apart my first "Teen Beat" magazine,(from 1985- God,i'm dating myself,)my parents felt I was ready for, I would be set. It had my beloved Michael J. Fox. on the cover, and a story about Prince and his new movie, Purple Rain-heard of it? :)
From: Lilly Strobeck

Ah the 80's. What a time. I must say that the they go hand in hand with the 70's as a golden era. It was a time of change for me. Coming to Australia in 1982 from Germany at the age of 6 was the start of a new life. The 80's meant being free.It was an easy time, the came before the storm. I just want to say that the world died after the end of the 80's. Now you can't do anything anymore without out fear of breaking laws oor rules of some kind (no fishing, no swimming, no diving, no riding bikes, and the list goes on). Life for kids now is not the same. They aren't free to do as they please because of 'dangers' everywhere. We have taken on a yuppyish fascination with shopping centers, housing estates and coffee shops and lost the true meaning of freedom and adventure. By the way, my favourite TV show was "Starblazers",. Although from the late 70's I watched it religiously after school.
From: Jens Lipponer

Hi, I was actually born in the Summer of '69 so I was a child & teenager in the 80's. It was a time of discovery and new beginnings as I left school in 1985 to find my own way in life. I am the original 80's brat gone good now. A movie buff at the time, loved Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Runaway Train, but more especially the Teen angst movies as I could seriously relate to them. Movies like Ferris Buellers Day Off and The Breakfast Club. My best friend and I would get some fish and chips from the shop (yes I'm a Brit) and spend the whole Saturday afternoon watching videos on Betamax. Later, as I got into the later part of the 80's I found Acid House music and nightclubs. All those yuppies trying to dance to that crazy music style, still makes me laugh. People actually used to go to clubs in very smart casual dress. Shoulder pads and 'Big' hair for the ladies, Miami Vice style pastel coloured jackets and T-Shirts for the boys. Seems to have gone so fast. Really was the best time of my life, & still own an Atari console. As the saying goes, 'Life goes pretty fast, if you don't stop to look around once in a while you could miss it.' I miss that time but I look forward to the future too, as should we all!!
From: Simon

Ahhhh the 80's! yes, i remember the atari 2600 and playing frogger, donkey kong, pac-man, pitfall, and the like. I remember having to watch to make sure i wasnt beamed in the head by my mom wielding an unruly atari controller while playing a spirited game of frogger! i remember setting off water rockets in the back yard while we grilled out and the bug zapper ate all the unwanted guests. i remember G.I joe, and return of the jedi, transformers, M.A.S.K., Voltron, Thuunder Cats!, He-man, and She-ra, Evil horde, Hot wheels, and making many hot wheel cities from digging up my moms yard with the help of my friends. did i mention we all thought we were bad asses doing that crane kick of the karate kids. we thought we could do anything. the lamborghini countach was THE BADDEST car EVER! didnt we all want to be ricky on silver spoons with the train set he could ride on? i remeber the facts of life, and gimme a break, family ties, growing pains, threes company, moonlighting, too close for comfort, the price is right, head of the class, double dare, super mario bros., saturday weekend specials, the wide world of sports, time for timer (hankerin for a hunka cheese, dont drown your food, sunshine on a stick), loonie toons, and underoos....oh, how i thought i could fly like superman...really..., ive rambled on and on, but damn....i just turned THIRTY!! and i cant believe it. it seems like yesterday...maybe this will help all you other kids of the 80's re-live a little of it too...
From: Travis

Lately I've been thinking about my childhood in the 80's more and more...don't know what it is, really, but I do know that the 80's was where it was! I remember waking up early every saturday morning with a big bowl of my favorite cereal to watch my cartoons...like the Archies, Pee Wee's Playhouse, Muppet Babies, The Real Ghostbusters, as well as some School House Rock and The Bugs and Tweety Show. I remember feeling sad when the cartoons went off for the rest of the day because the sports was coming on. Then that's when I'd probably go outside to play or whatever. Do you remember when Trix cereal tasted like fruity Trix cereal? What happened to the good stuff? I also remember the jelly jackets, the jelly shoes, the sunglasses that looked like headbands, the rubber bracelets that were just cool to wear, but now they represent all things sexual, the water games found in school where you've gotta press the button to make the ball float up in the water into the brackets, and big wheels. Then there's Rubik's Cube, Simon, Sit n' Spin, the Snoopy Snow Cone Machine, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Garabge Pail Kids Stickers and Barbie. Jem and The Holograms, as well as Wonder Woman, the Electric Company and 3-2-1 Contact. Don't forget He-Man and She-Ra, and Hot Tracks videos, right along with Video Soul, Solid Gold and Friday Night Videos. The Madonna look-alikes as well as the Michael Jackson and Boy George clones. The spiked or big hair, acid wash and thriller / beat it jackets. The plastic junk chains with the large plastic charms and those plastic sunglasses that have no lenses in them. They just look like venitian blinds for the lenses, and came in all colors. Remember Once Bitten with Jim Carey, Back To The Future, Friday The 13th, Halloween, Fat Albert and Pretty In Pink? How about The Breakfast Club? Don't forget about Forgetful Jones on classic Sesame Street, Prairie Dawn, Kermit as the reporter for the news flash, and Romper Room. Reading Rainbow anybody? I even remember the Choco Bliss cakes, and the Hostess Pudding Pies, which later were replaced by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' version. Damn, I miss the 80's. I have a bad case and man, have I got it bad! Even the commercials were cool. makeup was wild, outrageous and fun. Clothes were hip, cool fun and creative...totally expressive. There wasn't as much of the crap then that we get nowadays and the kids of this generation are so totally robbed. They will never get to experience the true era we lived in. The 80's frickin rock, and that's about all there is to it. No other era can touch the 80's...no other! I so love the 80"s...it was the joint!
From: Tanya W.

Hello I was born in 1982 and grew up watching cartoon tapes that friends of the family would record for me, I had all the He-man toys, the Thundercats toys right down to the cats lair and was one of the first members in the TMNT fan club, I was a double digit member, I still have my Michelangelo t-shirt I got when I sighed up. Due to my sister I watched alot of She-ra, Rainbow Bright, Gem, and together we would watch shows like David the Gnome, The Litt' Bits, The Littles, Little Koala, Count Duckula and a million more, I was not a child of the music of the age, but my goodness if I'm not a super proud member of the cartoon generation. Since then Iv been trying to collect as much Litt' Bits stuff as I can, sofar Iv got a video tape of the first 5 episodes and a coloring book(not colored!!), and am contracting a poster to be made, hahaha. so nerdy. <3
From: Maitreya

ok I was born in 83, my memories are quite the same as the other kids my age, but I do remember my favorites! Dino the last dinasour cartoo, and there was the Gummybears too! My Favorite was Duck Tails, I even bought the complete series on DVD now, My favorite movie was ET, still to this day it's the first movie I ever remember watching. I used to wear velcrow shoes cause I couldn't tie my shoes, I'd put them in x's. what else I always wanted a night bright night light, the crocadile mile slipin slide,and a power wheels mini jeep. I had a gi joe. I loved the A -team came on at three. and there was a game show I forgot what it was called but people would be on two teams and rum around jumping in muck and climing around looking for tags or somthing, there was buzzer they had to hit they had like 30 seconds or somthing, I hate to say it but I liked the Facts of life. Sitting on a skateboard and going down the driveway, I love the 80's and it was a time so dear to me.
From: sean

i was born in 1966. i remember the 80's well, (for the most pert, anyway) the good and the bad.. everyone else has gone though it so i won't repeat. i just want ta say that to me it was the music that made the decade great. i believe that music hit it's peak in the 80's. it has been going downhill ever since nirvana showed up. i was all about the big hair scene. hell, i am 41 years old now and have as much hair now as i did then, ( though it is not as "big" as it was) and hope it will remain that way as long as i live. (most of my friends have gone bald, or at least thinned greatly) yes, you can say that i am "stuck in the eighties"..... but there is no place i would rather be.
From: Lance

For the guy "Dave" that said you were only a true child of the 80's if you were born between 76-86 is just plain dumb....I was born in 1970 and no, I am not too old to be considered an 80's child, I was age 10-19, the ripe age of an 80's child and I remember everything about that decade. It was the last of the innocent years...after the internet was born the world went down and is still going down hill...it's very scary!!! I love to go back in time and remember the great memories of the last greatest decade ever!! I am very, very lucky!!!
From: shannon

OMG .... The eighties were the best time growing up as a kid.. I was born in '73 so I was in elementry and middle school in the 80's so I really remember..lol It was so munch fun looking back at all the wonderful memories and toys (strawberry shortcake, Jem, Poochie and my lil pony and I had to have western barbie!) and especially music like Depeche Mode and the cure!!!!! Everything was more innocent then.. I would never trade in the era that I grew up in!!!!
From: Evelyn

My name is Nicole Little. I'm 30 years old. I am an African-American female who is also a child of the 80s. Even though I had a rough time during that period, I had more happy times in the 80s. I remember the jelly sandals, the LA Gear leg warmers and sneakers. I remember the Saturday mornings when I couldn't wait to get out of bed to eat a huge bowl of cereal and sit in front of the TV abd watch Kissyfur, Gummie Bears, Smurfs, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Muppet Babies, Foofur, Punky Brewster, Soul Train, Monchichis, and Check it Out. I remember when I had the Michael Jackson Thriller doll. I remember when I was one of the few little black girls that want to look like Madonna. I remember when New Edition were the Jackson 5 of the 80s. I remember the biker shorts. I remember when I used to watch people breakdancing. I remember Watching Purple Rain and Krush Groove even though both of them was rated R. I remember Goonies. I remember when I has Jungle Fever when I had a crush on Fred Savage from The Wonder Years. I remember The Cosby Show. I remember when Bobby Brown blew up with Don't Be Cruel. I remember when New Jack Swing was born in the late 80s. I remember when Jody Watley hit big. I remember when Whitney Houston was the girl next door. I remember when Diana Ross had HUGE hair. I remember the Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. I had two of them and their storybook. I remember Rainbow Brite. I had the Rainbow Brite and Indigo Doll. I remember the Smurfberry Crunch Cereal. The list goes on and on. I miss the 80s. That's when everything was pure. It was barely any people getting killed from gun violence. I still watch the Chipmunks and the Smurfs that my father taped. He used to make fun of me watch cartoons, but I can't help it. It's my chilhood.
From: Nicole Little

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