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I was born in 1975, the only thing that made life worth living for 5 years worth of the 70's was the fact that I was old enough to truelly enjoy the 80's! Remember Ocean Pacific? Or checkered Vans slip ons? What about pinning your Guess jeans so tight around your ankles your feet turned purple. You were not cool if you didn't have something with the word Generra on it! It seems funny to think we wore those hideous shorts that were really short and had the white trimming all the way around and went perfect with your knee high tube sox and trax tennis shoes.I remember even us guys would plaster our hair with mousse while it was wet and then cover that with hair spray. I loved Bmx racing and freestyle. I still have a 1986 GT performer and a 1986 Haro Sport. I loved heavy metal and still own a large portion of my old collection. I loved karate and those sweet oriental bandanna's you could buy in the eighties. Remember when Baseball cards actually still had gum in them? and cost like 20 cents a pack? you could afford to stick them in your spokes.It was cool to go roller skating and have your hair long in back in that hockey player fashion. I had a Dukes of hazard lunch box and an Incredible hulk lunch box the year before that! I have a 1985 IROC-Z Camaro that I cherish. I was just in a store in a small town not long ago and They still have many original 80's toys and things on the shelf and they still are for sale, nobody ever bought them! There was a Miami vice board game,Family ties board game,Pound puppies,Cabbage Patch clothes,A Pogo Ball,View Finder Slides of eighties Cartoons, Duck Tales Dolls, Rubiks cube and much more I thought I had stepped back into the eighties, and became immediatly depressed after leaving. Well this is getting long but I have to say there has never been a better time to grow up than in the eighties! I gotta go catch the sno cone man!.........Later!
From: Brian

Others on this page were only born in 1980, just like me, so i guess I'm qualified as an '80s Child as well! I loved the 1980s. I grew up in a very strict Christian home so all of the things that i really wanted to indulge in as a kid - such as He-Man, Ninja Turtles, Ghost Busters, Battle Beasts { Does anyone remember those ?} and countless other toys - were deemed by my parents as 'Demonic' and 'Satanic'. I remember being so sad over the fact that i couldn't have those things like other kids. Speaking of evil things, Heavy Metal was quite prevalent in those days, remember? The toys that i was allowed to have were the almighty Transformers, Dino Riders, G.I. Joe, rubber dinosaurs that were made in China { I still have all of them } and all those cool battery powered cyborgs that Radio Shack used to make. I never did have many toys but i kept most of them, and i cherish them still, but i feel downright rotten about the toys that i nolonger have. Definitely, the toys are something from the 1980s that i miss - never have i seen such meticulously constructed toys since then, and chances are that i never will, ever again. Like another guy on this page i wish i could go back in time with the money i have now and buy them left and right! Those toys were distinctly Japanese, now that i look back at them... overall though, i love the '80s the most for one reason: the animé. I grew up watching Voltron, Robotech, the Transformers { Of course } and literally dozens of Japanese cartoons for kids dubbed into English and distributed on video here in the United States by all sorts of obscure companies... my mom used to rent them for me and my sisters all the time. I think the first animé that i ever saw was The Fantastic Adventures of Unico, waaaaay back in the day when i was either 4 or 5. I didn't watch the whole thing because it scared the heck out of me, as most animé did back then because so many were really morbid, but the look of the art and animation burned itself into my mind permanently. I realized that these cartoons that had that distinct look were completely unrelated to all the other cartoons that used to air on Saturday mornings. I hate to say this because it sounds conceited, but ever since i could pick up a pen I've been an artist, so visually, even during childhood, i was extremely perceptive. When i was 6 i saw previews for Captain Harloc and Captain Future at the end of some video { It may have been 'Big Trouble in Little China' or 'Super Girl' } and also that's about the time when i began to see the aforementioned cartoons on T.V., usually at my cousin's house during the summer { I didn't have cable at home and i probably wouldn't have been allowed to watch them if i did }. Even though i was just a little kid i realized the animé artform for what it was and i instantly fell in eternal love with it. I also knew that these cartoons { I didn't know they were called 'animé' back then } were Oriental in origin, judging from the names in the end credits. If i could have had my way back then i would have bought everything remotely related to animé - the comic books, the toys, the videos - but my parent's overbearing Christian paranoia prevented that from ever happening. People would kill these days for some of that old merchandise... if only i really could have bought those things... As time passed the 1990s dawned and even though i didn't know it animé was gaining a small but dedicated following here in the United States. I began collecting a few comic books { Spider Man, Death's Head and Morbius come to mind } and getting into fantasy art and stories, which opened up a whole new world for me. A year or two later the Sci-Fi channel { Back when it was less than a year old } had an animé festival, showcasing some real classics that were made back in the '80s such as Dominion Tank Police, Robot Carnival, Project A-ko, and the one film that made me go insane with pleasure: Vampire Hunter D!!!! Aarrgh! It had that dark look and stomach churning realism that i knew so well from my childhood. It was Japanese animation, 1980s style. Despite the fact that i was penniless pre-teen back then, i immediately saturated myself with anything that i could find related to animé, which sadly wasn't much here in my home town at the time. A year or so later my family took a trip to Pheonix AZ, where i was able to catch up on what was happening in the real world outside of Gallup NM, a.k.a. Drunk Town U.S.A.! I was either 13 or 14 at that time. We went into one of the bigger malls there and i found a Suncoast Videos store. My family went on but i stayed in that store and literally gazed for hours at the animé videos that were lined up against the wall and available for sale, and also at the $30-$35 price tags. Even if i could have bought a video or two i could not possibly have snuck them back home without my parents noticing. Vampire Hunter D sat on the shelf, next to dozens of videos that are practically impossible to find now. I was incredibly frustrated but at the same time filled with what's perhaps the greatest awe for anything that I've ever felt. I held each video as gently as a baby, and read and re-read each movie synopsis over and over. When it was time to leave the mall i had a hard time pulling myself away from that video store shelf; i knew I'd never find those videos in Gallup, but more frustrating was the fact that i had no money to buy them with anyway and that my parents would only have to look at the 'Not For Kids' sticker on the front once before they gave me evil glares and said, "Why are you even trying to buy this?" if i asked for one. That's how it all began. I'm 20 now and i can buy any video/laserdisc/DVD i want, by God! I realize that perhaps this essay has more to do with animé than it does with the 1980s, but if i hadn't been born in the '80s, animé would never have become such a vital part of my life as it is today. Japenese Animation is a part of me; it's something that i watched in my formulative years when i was growing up, it's something that i cherished when it was barely gaining a foothold here in the U.S. and when hardly anyone else cared, and most importantly it's the only form of animation that can strike fear { And every other emotion } into my heart, instantly. The dark nihilism of 1980s animé nolonger exists... like all things that eventually become popular, modern day animé is for the most part nothing more than a stupid, commercialized fad. Can you imagine how the great painters of the renaissance felt when they realized that they were amidst a new, revolutinary form of art, and that they were around to witness it at it's purest form? That's exactly how i feel. I can't express the honor i feel inside, knowing that i was alive and enjoying animé during the 1980s, when it first began to infiltrate the mainstream media on a larger scale than it ever previously had. Do i hate animé? That's an impossibility; animé is a part of my inner being. I simply do not support the new, hollow incarnation that animé has become. It takes no brains to realize that soooo much more work was put into retro animé, in both its story and visuals. If one thing totally irritates me, however, it's that kids today think they are animé savvy just because they watch watered down, `Made for mass American consumption' versions of Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z and Tenchi Muyo on the Cartoon Network. That is just idiotic arrogance. Just recently a friend of my younger sister's let her borrow an original copy of the extremly rare The Fantastic Adventures of Unico, and for the first time I've been able to see the entire film. It was a totally religious experience - each time i watch an old animé i regain a small part of my lost childhood, back when the world was a new and exciting place. I now collect retro animé as a serious hobby and i treasure every movie i own. Watching those videos puts me back into the shoes of the bewildered, innocent kid that i was back then, and i become truly happy. I have the `80s to thank for that.
From: Carrion Covered Soul

I just wanna say I'm glad other people in the world think just like me... What the hell is the world coming to now? I was only born in 1980, yet the greatest memories of life were from the first 9 years... I wanted to grow up fast so I could indulge in everything I saw in the adult world around me... 1992 it stopped... Media, fashions, attitudes... everything went to hell. Anything that makes you FEEL is classed as "Tacky" or "Cheesy" now, and everyone is so afraid of being labelled with this that nothing emotive or creative is produced anymore... hense endless "big budget" mind numbing 90's action movies... manufactured music and dull fashions. Keep on being real... You've got a good site here.
From: Bones

The author Jean Shepard is one of my favorites; he wrote "In God we Trust, all Others pay Cash. This book was made into the much loved movie "A Christmas Story" starring Peter Billingsley. Shepard once said that remembering the past as being better than it was is a sickness. Things were just as bad then as they are now. He might be correct, however; I feel thoughts similar to the posters above: the eighties just have a magical feeling about them to me. The fascinating thing is, people started to collectively miss the eighties just a couple of years after we moved out of that decade. There must have been something special about the decade that made most of US population remeber it with a fondness so soon after the decade ended. As Gen-X'ers, we grew up hearing sentimentality from our elders. During the eighties, the WW2 generation began to think back on its glory days of the 1940s. The children of the sixties were just beginning to speak about the vietnam war during the early eighties. The war seemed to be pushed out of the nation's mind during the late seventies as the country tried to forget what felt like a nightmare. Maybe we were just in a hurry to have some nostalgia of our own? However, I just cannot say it enough, every memory I have of that decade just hits me with a feeling that the air seemed brighter, friends seemed more loyal, Christmas seemed magical beyond belief and even school seems funner than I remember it. It just strikes me as odd that it isnt just me who has these feelings and that we all had them right away. It was like we knew what we had lost when the nineties began. Thanks for listening to me drift backward in time. God bless all the rest of you who miss this special period of time that is gone forever.
From: steven scruggs

i was born in 78 so the 80's were a blast for me. Man i wish i could go back to those times. I remember i got lost at the 84 worlds fair in new orleans. I was so scared but i found my mom. The shows i used to like was dukes of hazzard, g.i.joe,transformers,mask, silverhawks,captain power,he-man, And especially voltron. After school everyday i used to go to my friends house and play with his he-man toys And he had everything made. Christmas back then were so special. On christmas day in 85 (the best year) i got a whole bunch of voltron stuff, so did my brother.But the most thing i liked about the 80's were the toys. I wish i had the money back then like i have now to get some of those toys; even though i never took care of my stuff:(. Now i'm trying to get back what i lost in my childhood thru the internet. Also i'm very glad the cartoon network aires my favorite cartoon now the silverhawks. Seriously i would give anything to live those days again.
From: lionel

Hey! This page is "wicked awesome!" Haha. The 80s were great, I'm glad they are kinda coming back...I saw Iron Maiden, Crue, Poison, and Cinderella in concert all this summer (2000)! With my friend Paul who is also a big 80s fan. And big hoop earrings are back Yay! Also my hair is really curly and everyone loved it in the 80s when I was a kid, now in the 90s I go nuts trying to get that straight look. Its nearly impossible! When I was nine I got a purple Punky Brewster vest for my birthday! It was the bomb, I wore it all the time with a bright orange t-shirt that totally didn't match. We ate pop rocks and Big League chew and "cherry cola" flavored candy products, some boys in 6th grade would sniff lines of Pixy Sticks. That was pretty gross. Haha, the cocaine of the middle school. We traded goonies cards and Garbage Pail Kids with gum inside. We had Coleco Vision but only one game -Donkey Kong. My mom said the games were too expensive. We hooked it up to a little black & white TV. After a while you could see those little fireball things burned into the screen we used it so much. The Red Sox made it to the world series and I tried so hard to stay awake to watch them play "on a school night". I was Cyndi Lauper for Halloween and I sang Girls Just Wanna Have Fun at the 4th grade talent show. I wanted to be on Kids Incorporated so bad. That was the best show- I thought they had the coolest clothes, I wanted one of those cheesy sequined mini dresses that Stacy always wore. And Ryan was way cuter than Mickey! Sean Astin was sooo cute in The BRAT Patrol and Corey Haim was a total hottie! I wanted all of those Strawberry Shortcake dolls that came with the little pets, and the Seewees you could put in the bathtub. I wanted that snoopy snow cone maker (along with everything else in the Sears Wish Book) but my cousin got it and said it didnt work and the ice was impossible to chop. I always hated the wealthy kids who had 11 Cabbage Patch kids when I was dying just to get one. My friends and I would practice doing the "O" at recess like the gymnast Kristie Phillips where she could do a backbend until she was in the shape of an O. We played with that green slime that came out of the gumball machine (it came in other colors, but green was the coolest and you could pretend to sneeze and get it all over someone. We were so gross.) We called each other fag and queer and gaylord and were shocked when we found out what it meant cause we had no idea. The comeback to someone calling you NERD was never ending radical dude. JERK was junior educated rich kid. Remember nerds cereal? Crispy Critters? A cha cha cha. Indubidently delicious! And we all know that the Pledge of Allegience includes references to Michael Jackson and Glory Hallelulliah includes "teacher hit me with the ruler." Haha. She blew up the bank with a big army tank. And any girl with brothers knows how easy it is to get one of those little battery 4x4 trucks caught in their hair. And the commercials for Bigfoot were so misleading. You'd think the thing could go over brick walls but it won't even make it over the carpet in the living room. Remember getting popsicles on the last day of school and if you got purple you were awesome, red was okay, but orange meant you were a loser. I always liked the red best anyway. I wanted to skate like they did on Gleaming the Cube and have a room underground like Yabbo. He was so cute I even named my guinea pig Yabbo. We used to do wheelies on our BMX bikes off this big rock in my driveway,...now I scrape the bottom of my car on that rock all the time. Haha. School parties at Roller World were the best ...skating around in a circle on "real roller skates" to Bon Jovi back when the "couple skate" was the closest thing you could get to a real date in elementary school. The Junior High dances when the slow dance was "Heaven" by Warrant? Jani Lane was such a hottie! I remember carefully blow drying and curling my bangs for that perfect "puff" look, then sneaking hairspray to the bus stop. (My mom thought it would give me lung cancer...she's probably right.) And there was nothing grosser than the smell of soggy Aqua Net on rainy days on the bus. Everyone wanted baggy sweatshirts that said Guess or Adidas (remember that Run DMC one with the city skyline on it?) Guys bathed in adidas cologne and pushed up the legs of their sweatpants with their socks pulled up for that "soccer look". How dorky. We wore those mesh fedoras with Guns n Roses banners tied around the brim. In the summer it was Panama Jack T-shirts or Jimmy Z or Vision Streetwear. I always wonder if I am really Generation X, my brother always says we are not, because "Generation X wore ripped jeans out to clubs. We wore them to elementary school." So I guess I am like "X and a half." I wish I was a teenager in the 80s cause everyone really knew how to party the rock n roll way, not rolling your face off on ecstasy listening to some lame ass DJ from Ibiza. I miss the 80's!!!!!
From: Michelle

I was born in 1967 so I am an older 80's child, graduating in 1986. The 80's were the greatest at least in my little groups mind. I remember talking about what we would think about our clothes and music when we were old like in 2000. I can't believe it has been 20 Years, actually 15 for us. Yes I can't believe that we wore some of those clothes and thought they were so cool. The big hair and Aqua net hairspray. Oh how hard it was to keep our hair from getting flat, what about the colored hair spray and glitter for your hair. I saved so hard for the Pepe' jean jacket and Candies shoes. We had good music- Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, VAN HALEN, Bon Jovi, I wear my sunglasses at night-whoever sang it, CORI HART i think- Was definitely us. The 80's were great but will the styles come back. I watch reruns of Dallas and Dynasty and wonder- I thought those were the greatest outfits no I wonder what I saw in them.
From: Carmen

Hey I lived thru all of the 80's I was born in 79 ha ha. Well I remember a lot of things like Knight Rider I am such a huge fan of the KITT car I also liked to watch star trek the next generation. I love to listen to tiffany still and I think she is better than britney spears!!!! I have a collection of 80's music in my car radio!
From: Steve

I graduated from High school in 1988. What a decade! I loved my bedroom. My walls were a tribute to Duran Duran. Mitch Gaylord also held a spot above my bed. I listened to Corey Hart tell me that he wore his sunglasses at night, and Rod Stewart told me that some guys had all the luck. I was in HEAVEN listening to the raspy voice of Bryan Adams. There will never be sounds like the ones from the eighties. I had cool clothes, big hair, and my goal in life was to be a totally tubular valley girl. I watched Dallas on television, and then of course Knots Landing. I wanted a bicycle like Pee Wee Herman's, I was in love with Judd Nelson, and I wanted to be PRETTY IN PINK. MTV rocked in the eighties, the CARS had the coolest videos. I could go on for days, so I will just close with a REBEL YELL.
From: Kelli D.

All I have to say is that the 80s rocked! The Breakfast Club was cool and remember watching all the 60s and 70s reruns? I was born in '72 and I started playing video games when arcade and Atari 2600 came out at a ripoff price so I would borrow the little chips and EPROM from a friend. ;) Nothing will replace the 80s and that decade was even the last to pledge allegiance to the flag... Cal
From: Cal

Man the eighties! I was 15 in 1981. Heavy metal ruled and I played guitar everyday all day long. well..when I wasnt in school. Had my first band. could'nt play anything all the way through. Ahh Rush! Spirit of the Radio. What amazingly awesome technically mind boggling music. Progressive was a term for rock that really fit what rock was doing and sounding like. I wore my parachute pants that I bought at Chess King with my jazz shoes and tied a bandanna around my leg just because. in 82 I hitched from Boston to Daytona beach and played night clubs at 16. The cars, Loverboy, Ray Parker Jr., Lipps, Alan Parsons Project, 1983 I was back in Boston trying to finish school. Yea right school ahh let me see. School or rock and roll older women and parties all the time hmmmm...........I chose rock and roll. We played Judas Preist Ozzy Sabbath Quiet riot Scorpians Dokken Van Halen AC/DC Zepplin Aerosmith never gigged though. 86 was the best best year!!! I had a 78 Nova with a $400 Blau Punct stereo listened to Prince, Bon Jovi My girlfreind was 17 and we partied on the weekends. Everyone came to our practices and our hair was getting really long. I was lifting weights and dreaming of being the next Kip Winger. By that point I was smoking leads on the guitar. The music was awesome. I lived at home and had no responsibility. The most memorable times in my life were in 1986 for sure. It was an innocent time and soooo much fun the movies were great!! Crocodile Dundee, Top Gun, This is Spinal Tap, The Secret of My Success, Ski School, Weekend at Bernies, I loved all that fluffy boy girl stuff. 89 was my next gigging band. We played on weekends and made enough for gas for the week. We practiced all the time. Played guns and roses, INXS, more Zep VH It was the last real year of party rock. Just fun light big hair rock and roll for no good reason but having fun. No political views or agendas just crank it up and bang your head and lets all go to Dennies and have a food fight. I loved it all and I would do it all again. I would relive it like the first time because it was innocent and true. I was young and full of dreams and potential. I had relationships with freinds that were so close and everyone beleived that I was gonna do something big with music. Well..... Sept 20 2000. I just lost my job today. That is why I am up late tonight. I am 60 pounds heavier and wearing my glasses full time and a short hair cut. I still have a few guitars in my office but I dont play them enough and I weep inwardly when I think about how good I was and how far I am now from it all. Wish I could go back but I know I never can. Still dream about playing collisium's and arena's and playing that solo in a blue light with smoke all around me. My wife is sleeping right now and we have our first baby on the way. Praise GOD!!! Tomorrow I will beat the street and see if I can still pull $60,000 base salary plus bonuses with no High school diploma and no college. It aint easy but this aint my first rodeo. When I find that job, I will sit in my office with no window and dream about driving my 78 Nova and playing with my buddies while we sip on California coolers and dream big dreams that only young men dare dream. God bless all who read these words. Follow your dreams and put your trust in Jesus!!! and LIVE LIVE LIVE like one of those eighties movies where the fun never ends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Celli

Born in 1981. Yes I had the care bear cups from pizza hut and a crush on "Magnum P.I." and most of the NKOTB. Every Saturday morning was like Christmas for me-waking up to watch muppet babies and care bears, I actually wanted to legally change my name to Strawberry shortcake. School was hilarious- the crimping irons that crimped stars and shapes in your hair, I had one, the slap bracelets and paint splattered jeans, jean jackets and jelly shoes, the huge neon earrings and pogo balls, I even owned(well my parents did) a Commodore 64 computer whose most advaanced games consisted of oregon trail and QLink. I LOVED cyndi lauper and sang girls just wanna have fun for one of my birthdays. I wanted to be jem or at least have her magical earrings. I even cried at midnight on new years eve of 1989. At only eight years old I knew the eighties were unique and that now I could only watch who framed roger rabbit on a rented VCR. The 80s were beautiful. If only I could relive them a million times I would. Me and teddy ruxpin.
From: Elizabeth Plank

I was born in 1983, so although I was only 7 when the decade we know and love as the 80's signed off for the last time, I have some special memories of that time. I am a huge fan of the God's that are Bon Jovi and am proud to say that, thanks to the musical tastes of my older cousins, I have been a 'listener' of Bon Jovi right from about their New Jersey album time. I recently saw them in concert and I can say their still kick and scream 'til the final curtain goes down!!!!!!!!!! I remember all the fashions. When it was trendy to have a denim ra-ra skirt and you had to have posters of Kylie and Jason, Beverly Hills 90210, Corey Haim, Madonna, Michael Jackson, the casts of Neighbours and Home And Away, etc..... up on your walls. When everyone had my little pony lunchboxes (and had to put up with all the rhymes the boys in your infant class made up about My Little Pony being skinny and boney). And to all you who were unlucky (or lucky as the case maybe!) enough to miss out on the eighties entirely, it was all crappy Madonna on Top Of The Pops or Duran Duran and stuff like that, some of was good, and I can say I am proud to be a child of the eighties!!!!! P.S. Any other Bon Jovi freaks out there, feel free to write to me and we can swap stories!
From: Alex

I was born in 85 so I missed out on the 80's pretty much. 91 was my year. But the 80's still mean a lot to me, I wish I could have spent 10 years of my life in the 80's. The things that were said as slang words are extremely funny and ture. I love the 80's man, and The Smiths!
From: Corey

I remember the eighties. I remember them very well. That decade was by a long shot the greatest one ever! T.V. was much more than worth watching. The best cartoons came from the eighties, like Thunder Cats, and Transformers, The Gummi Bears, The Smurfs, and many others. The best animated movies came from the eighties, too, like The Secret of N.I.M.H., and An American Tail! M-TV had kick-ass rock videos playing all day, and Heavy Metal was big, too. Now all M-TV will play is Rap. All day, every day. It sucks. My T.V. is collecting dust now. Power Rangers, Britney Spears, and the Tellitubbies have chased me away from my T.V. screen. My radio is always on and it's tuned to the classic Rock station. Every song that I can remember is still played. I miss the eighties. If I could turn back the clock, I would go right back to the 1980s and break off the clock's hands. Then everything would be cool.
From: Luke

I was gypped, having being born in 1985, but man, these days I drift back to my 80's roots. I remember being 3 years old and seeing videos like Debbie Gibson's "Only In My Dreams" or Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now" and gluing my eyes to the TV to watch them. How about that cartoon Jem, you know, the one about the girls who were punk rockers? I loved that show!!! I would play my Nintendo for hours, and even had my very own Cabbage Patch Kid. I would watch You Can't Do That On Television, the Snorks, Punky Brewster (I loved that weird chipmunk-looking character on the cartoon) and especially Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Even today I still have that CPK somewhere in my closet, and I've inherited 80's music such as the aforementioned Debbie Gibson and Tiffany, not to mention Madonna, Wilson Phillips and Martika (anyone remember her? If so e-mail me) and I even have some of my Ninja Turtles, despite missing accessories and legs (hey, cut me some slack I was only 3)
From: Nick

The 80's are something most people laugh about, but I'll tell ya-although the music was sometimes well, bad, There were much cleaner lyrics and no "parental Advisory" on basically every album. Cartoons! Cartoons were fun. Cartoons these days really suck. Ah- Monchichis. Though I am glad fashion these days are a bit cooler. Wearing a ponytail on the side of your head really throws you off balance and floresent colors give me you a headache, but the ripped jeans were the best. Oh-and the stretchy jeans, not to comfy. The 80's were good.
From: Kristi

Oh this is wonderful! I graduated from high school in 1984. I remember EVERY SINGLE THING You listed at the top of this page. It's so funny watching my kids get into Pokemon and Power Rangers, and wondering whatever happened to Grape Ape. They did get a school house rock video as a gift and they love it too!!!! Thanks for sharing this and these memories. I may not still have the big hair, but I'll always be an 80s chic. (I didn't even know I was considered part of Gen-x until recently!) Suzan
From: Suzan

i too am a child of the eighties. i lived, breathed, and basked in the quality programming, action figures, and countless cans of playdough. you would see me, wearing my GI joe shirt, cuorderoys, slap bracelets all up my arms, in front of the tv, chanting "by the power of grayskull, I HAVE THE POWER!!". the eighties can never be matched. it was the golden age and my happy land. take me back.
From: laurence

I was born in 82. And I can remember quite a long way back when I was really young. I've been reading all these comments. I mean all hundred and something comments and I've been remembering all of my fond memories from the 80's. The best memories are the cartoons such as "Thunder Cats", "Saber Rider and the Star Sherrifs", "He-Man", "She-Ra", "My Pet Monster", "Transformers", "Marshall Bravestar", "Snorks", "My little Pony", "Ducktales", "Voltron", "Care Bears", Alvin and the Chipmunks" and popples and gi-joe and i'm sure theres a lot more. I also remember the music, but I only remember some parts but none of the artists names which really pisses me off. Whenever I hear a song now of these days I sometimes think that "hey this kinda sounds familliar" and I start remanissing. I also remember the cars the people the way everything looked with the style of the 80's. Where none of the kids gave a dam about computers and super mario brothers was the best thing ever and as complicated as things got. I kinda think it would have been really cool to have been a teen in the 80's, but then I probably would be missing it a lot more if I had more memories of it. I also remember the way my older cousin used to keep her bangs all feathered. I ran across this website while I was trying to find the theme song to "saber riders" and this has been a reall cool discovery. Anyway I'd just like to say that THUNDER CATS KICKS ASS.
From: bernie

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