Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I miss a lot of the 80's things.the fact if you worked hard you were rewarded. That people at work were pretty much the same all year round, and something like a divorce or finding out you workers kid on drugs was a MAJOR and rare event.When people minded their own business, not played reality TV style mind games 24/7. When you got a good job you expected to be in it 40 years, not 6 months. You expected according to your parents in the 1960's you were going to grow old with the same person, watch your kids grow up and go to college and then have kids, not have kids spread out to three different partners or spend more time in divorce court than at your kids special moments. We also worked more and felt things more back then as a reward. Verbal confirmation a girl finally liked you in the 80's made you feel like a million bucks.Like you were a rockstar. Remeber that? How it really felt? Now its an SMS text or email, skype conversation and barely a twinge. A thousand more ways to comminicate has totally watered down the actual feeling you should get from communication. And when you married the nice girl, arguments were measured on a yearly basis, not hourly. The divorce rate was still 10%, not 50% as it is now. You didn't need re confirming vows, a sex therapist, or some fun on the side because holding hands with that special person at the end of a day is as good as it gets. And for the kids reading this, that feeling according to our grandparents was supposed to last 50 YEARS!, not the three weeks until you get bored and need another skype, webcam, partner. Also things were NOT safer in the 80's BUT the people themselves were. We took responsibility for our own actions more, and the upside to that is you are trusted with your own freedom. Unlike now we have it all taken care of by the GOVERNMENT. Remember when you could stand up in the back of Dad's pickup, ride your bike on the sidewalk, walk a dog without a leash, walk to school alone,not wear a seatbelt and still be more safe than today. We also had the freedom to adminster our own justice and to take care of our own community. The bad kid who knocked over bins got his ass kicked by the nearest adult. The teacher caned the bad kids at school. The guys bugging women in a bar got a punch on the chin. Mom smacked you in the street if you were acting up, or who'sever mom was in charge of a group of you dished it out if you needed it. Basically with everyone taking part in managing society it was like have 100 million part time citizen cops looking out for each other. Now its considered unsafe and violent and criminal to discilpine anyone and we expect that the actual police, a tiny amount numbers wise by comparison, to do all of that for us. And we wonder why we are over ridden with crime. Also in the 80's the world was NOT NICER or more innocent back then(we were still on the brink of a nuclear war with russia) HOWEVER the point was the definitions of good and bad were much more clear cut and you knew where you stood. Also hard things in life, like the threat of war hanging over your head made you strive to enjoy the little things. Thinking was clearer, roles were more defined. The tough guy was tough, the bad kid was bad, the good kid really was a good guy,good feelings felt good, the criminal was the criminal, the hard worker worked hard, and we all avoided "the kid who tried drugs" or the guy who sold them.Now everything is a mish mosh of crap with every kid and person 'part druggie, part comedian, part toughguy, part smartass, part cheating on their wives/girlfriends etc' and you never know where you stand. I like the 80's quite simply because you take any human being from the 1980's back to the 1960's, 194040's, even last century, hell the 1700's the 1500' okay right back to medieval times, to when we were cavemen living in a cave. And you got the same person in each era. The average guy from these eras wants love, a family, and with these simple goals, and he has to take care of his own self and responsibility in the big dark world. Therefore every little thing extra smells and feels great and is appreciated. Which is why we have 50 pages of people remembering so keenly all the little things that made the 80's great. The 90's started to lose all that, and the 2000's it was gone.
From: sixtus

I was born in the early fifties, which put at about twenty-five when I was entranced by the '80's music and later the Goth scene. The music was so different, and something new was constantly comming around the corner. I found clubs where I choose to dance alone. And the Goth clubs were superb. Goth and its music took more of a romantic-tragic tone. I will live in the '80's forever. That's where I'll go when I die. -- MW
From: Marshall

The 80s was the absolute BEST DECADE EVER!!! I was born in 77 and the 80s was the decade of Chevy Chase films, Friday the 13th movies, break dancing, leg warmers, Ghostbusters, the Goonies, Saturday Morning Cartoons, and the two Cory's,....I could go on but you all get my point. Man, if we could only go back.....Music was MUSCIC back then...the artists had to have talent and the movies were original and GREAT!!! Cartoons were not on 24 hrs a day...you had to get up early in the morning and catch them and check them out after school....people seem to be more friendly back then and the times were not as violent as they are now.....damn...
From: Retro80s

I love the 80s!! I was born in 1974 but of course I came of age in the 80's. I just realized why this was best decade ever: times really changed. Everything blossomed: people-music-foods-cities-clothes-hair-colors-cartoons-videos-video games-toys-TV-celebrities.....EVERYTHING was new...bigger..brighter!! The segregated 50's ....the diverse 60's ....the political 70's ....People finally wanted to have fun! The 80's was fun!!!! I love the 80's!!!
From: Rachelle

Where do I begin? Best time of my life..I try to amalyze and think well, was it because I was a child? Am I just missing my childhood or were the 80s really that "awesome"..and Ive come to the conclusion that I am partially right about my childhood BUT looking at my two year old son now and the generation he is in..I feel bad for him. The 80s were such a CREATIVE and almost spellbinding time..I remeber the adults around me being so happy and so much more carefree and there was this unexplained innocence about everything..I mean we had the MUPPETS(and Jim Henson was still alive :( And the music has NEVER been the same or nearly as good..i get sad when I think of what a good time it was back then and if I had a time machine you best believe I would have that dial set back to 1982 and then when it got to 1990 I would set it back again..Morning cartoons that didnt have violence or sex(ex Smurfs, Snorks,nickolodeon, cereals that had fantastic treats, even Happy Meals with COOL toys not the garbage they give out today, TALK N PLAY(which by the way I just ordered one on EBAY for my son), Popples, ALL the movies, Disney popsicles, Lite Brite, being able to actually play outside and ride my flourescent pink bike anywhere without my parents having to worry half as much as today..the list goes on and on..anytime I feel sad I close my eyes and reminisce about that decade of FUN..
From: Shannon

If I would have known then what I do now, I would have cherished those times. I loved the Smurfs, Star Wars, ET, Popples, playing outside, telling spooky stories in my neighbor's tree house. The times were so innocent back then. Now, people are in such a rush to go nowhere. Now with email, cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, so much violence and anger on TV - that innocence just isn't there anymore. One of my favorite memories was when I got my first scooter. I rode that thing everywhere. I'll never forget when the 1st Nintendo game system came out. The 80's were a magical time.
From: Kelli

The music was probably my best reason that I loved the 80s. I have practically all the 80s music on CD and am always playing it in the car and at home. The clothes and hair styles were another. The 80s also have bad memories, such as the demise of the space shuttle Challenger and her crew.I was born in 1956, and was 30 in December of 1986, so the 80s was the end of my 20s.All in all, I truly believe it was the best decade of my life.
From: Jan Griffiths

Hhhm...why do I love the 80's? LIKE DUH! BECAUSE OF EVERYTHING! I was born in 1961, so my eighties were my twenties....right. Man, i was the big-hair chick, with the oversized "FRANKIE SAYS RELAX" tee! LOL and leg warmers. We acted foolish, like we didnt want to grow up at all or leave our reckless sides, listining to Gogos, Madonna, oh DURAN DURAN...and so on and on. At the time my bes friend and I shared a cheap apartment and would drag ourselves every morning down to a small cafe then work, then at night it was club time with our two gay pals (they were the coolest, and had the biggest, most awesome hair)anyway, That's why I love the 80's and yes, life was simpler, there was no reality tv on MTV or that sort of crap, people were free and frienship was true. I married one of my best friends in 88 and today we own a Vintage Store...who would have thought all these things we sell, like a Sony Walkman, (bulky one) were once the in suff...life goes on. Nothing will ever change the 80's!
From: LOLA Vintage

I loved the 80's and I miss them temendously. Love and life was so different back then. It was a generation where anything was possible. It was a generation of dreams. The tv shows were real and something we as teenagers could relate to. The music was so different than any other time. Ronald Reagan was president and he was kick ass--handled the Soviets and handled Lybia. There was alot more pride and respect then. Alot more patriotism...meeaning you didn't hear so much about how so many Americans seem to hate America. I remember the crazy but sexy fasion, Atari, the movies, arcades, parties, ect, ect. There wasn't nearly as much perversion back then either and children were't exploited as sex objects.Chasing after the girls seemed alot more fun than what i see or hear about these days. Today everything seems so out of control, unimaginative, unrestrained, selfish and gloomy.
From: Larryy K

I was born in 1985, so a lot of stuff in the 80s (the music, the politics, etc.) I don't have memories of from the first time around. But we had the best toys and kids shows. I used to watch Zoobilee Zoo (remember Zoobilee Zoo?) and Pee-Wee's Playhouse. My parents taped all the Zoobilee Zoo shows for me and I still have them on tapes from the 80S and 90s. My parents watched Pee Wee's Playhouse and ZZ with me and enjoyed them! This was back when parents could actually enjoy the shows their kids watched. The cartoons and toys were rad too. Cabbage Patch Dolls, Care Bears, Hello Kitty, Lady Lovelylocks, My Little Pony, Popples, Pound Puppies, Rainbow Brite, Smurfs, Strawberry Shortcake, Pamela the Living Doll (I still have mine and she still talks!), Oopsie Daisy, PJ Sparkles, I could go on and on. In short, the 80s were a great time to be a kid!
From: Shana

The 80s was simply the best decade ever!!! It would be easier to list the things I didn't love about it! Well...actually that's hard...there is nothing I didn't like about it :)... Everybody should stop reminiscing and actually resurrect the 80s...woo!!! I'm gonna go dress up in 80s clothes now and celebrate
From: Jeremy

Tears run down my face reading this site. I was 15 in 1980. 20 in '85 and relate to all of these entries. What can I say that hasn't yet been said? (Randy wipes his face!) What memories.
From: Randy

were should i start .I wish i had a time machine and i would go back to the 1980's in a heart beat.I think my favorite would be 1985 thats the year i graduated from High School and that was the best year out of the years.I also love the fact that MTV started on my birthday and thats when they played music.On top of that here in Boston we had our own Music Channel called V-66 for 2 years and it was a great station.There were also great movies and tv shows from the 80's and the music forget about was the best i can think about at least about 100 awsome songs from the 80s.The 1980's growning life was so much easier.I know it is gone but the 1980's will never be replaced what so every
From: Michael

why i love the 80s? DUH it had the best music, I LOVE Huey Lewis and the News, Animation, Lisa Lisa, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, Tiffany(shes HOT), and i LOVE movies like Ferris Buellers Day Off, all Back to the Future movies, all John Hughes movies, and i love the fashions, especially the colors and big hair, and women were frikin HOT!!!! i wish i lived in the 80s, but im 14 and hate 2010, with all this bieber and gaga CRAP. the 80s were SO FUN AND I LOVE THEM AND THE MUSIC AND FASHION AND MOVIES AND TV SHOWS LIKE MIAMI VICE AND FAMILY TIES AND FULL HOUSE....
From: Irwin M

Well because it's awesome! So many styles of music, and it's seriously the best decade for pop! I love new wave bands such as devo, OMD, Tears for Fears, etc. I love big hair bands like Bon jovi and whitesnake. And fashion was the craziest! And my favorite TV shows are Family Ties and Miami Vice, and the movies are epic! I love back to the future and Ferris Buellers Day Off. I also love that movie Cant Buy Me Love. I was born on 1996 and I LOVE the 80s more than 2010 and all those bieber crap!
From: Miguel M.

I miss everything-The music, the clothes, the rocker-chicks. I miss having all my friends around. After high school, everyone just kind of starts dropping off the map. It was post 911, before all the elimination of our rights. You cant have bonfires. You can't ride your bike in the woods at night...on and on. I guess I miss that overall freedom. The music today sucks. The movies suck. The 21st century can kiss it.
From: David MacPhee

I was born in 1971 so I truly did live through the Eighties. It was my teenage years, the years of kissing boys to Careless Whisper or being in awe of Michael Jackson and all that Thriller is...Jackson was the King and then came the Queen, Madonna with like a Virgin and Material Girl -- the betamax video came out and we opted for that, only to realise VHS was taking over -- things were tough back then but people just seemed more accessible. My kids are now into ipods and psps and xbox and back then it was pacman at the local arcade if you had the money to spare...we spent most of our time watching the crown breakdancing and cheering them on -- aaaah the Eighties, to relive the Eighties in my neons and leg warmers, shoulder pads and big hair -- hee-hee, the bigger the hair the closer to God, the huger the shoulderpads, the cooler you were...plastic was in -- mum had tupperware everywhere and we work the jellybeans -- on teh box was teh Cosby show adn Thunderbirds (them puppets), knightrider and magnum PI...aaaah the Eighties
From: Jax

I was born in 1971. The 1980's were a special time for me. Commodore 64, Vic 20, Vectrex. The music was pretentious but campy at the same time. It didn't take itself too seriously but the style was at the front for sure. Video cameras sat on your shoulder and the Vcr was strapped with you. You'd actually carry around the VCR on vacation. I will say that all decades become something special when time passes. There was the contstant threat of nuclear war, Russia and US. Movies like The Day After terrified me. Millions of people died in Ethiopia and terrorism was starting up in various parts of the world. People smoked in malls and you'd have sand boxes in the malls for the butts, in schools they would hit kids. People were less tolerant of other people and if you were in a band, access to recording equipment was only for those with money in the bank. Large record companies ruled the radio and videos were getting filled with sex. So, in my opinion, the 80's were fun and great, but in twenty years or so, there will be websites talking about this decade. It's always happened. Oh, in the 80's, the 50's and 60's were the time people wished they lived. Example: Grease, Sha-na-na, The Stray Cats...etc..
From: Drew Mclenger

I was born in 1976 and grew up in the 1980s and it was a graet time.like lorraine jorgansen,i too remember cloth diapers and rubber pants,wearing them under easter dresses and holiday dresses.the parish i belonged required them under our communion dresses as well.many girls back in the 80s wore rubber pants for special occasions also .it was a time of innocence.
From: cindy

I was born in 1993 and I love the 1980s. I love the 80s because I love the 80s music the best and I hate to today‚ÄTMs music. In my school I considered the outcast, because I listen to 80s music instead of listening to today‚ÄTMs music, and also by dressing like I am in the 80s. I wish was in the 80s so much!!!
From: Frannie

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.