Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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my brother grew up in the eighties and he had all his music and we both listened to it i was like 5 and i still listen to old school rap like Slick Rick and that
From: jesse

Even though I was born in '84, I still remember a lot. I remember having my first crush on Jordan from the New kids on the block, and learning every dance move and lyric by them. I remember watching the old Nickelodean shows, and nowadays I think the shows on Nick are real dumb. I want the 80's Nickelodean back!! Obviously I remember the toys back then, because I had about every toy popular in the 80's. I Also remember having a crush on Kirk Cameron also, because my sister loved him. Ahhh they bring back so many memories, I practically LIVE then!
From: Rachael

born in 1977, i'm a child of this decade and i like everything about it (fashion, TV, sport, music) When i think about this time i see blue sky, and the try of Philippe Sella. it's funny but i feel it like that. maybe because for me it was the time of childhood but i think it's more it was so special... Nothing to say i like it.
From: Laurent (France)

I was born Feb. '75. Luckily, I have a photographic memory and was lucky enough to be too young not to be subjected to much of the '70's garbage (my older brother was though, haha). The 90s weren't as fun. I mean, with the politically correct stuff, the really stupid cartoons, and every year the new set of really bad hospital and law shows. I feel sorry for the kids who have to watch that stuff, or listen to the music that's on today. Everyone is afraid of getting sued by everyone else. If you smack your kid in public, 5 people are dialing social services on their cell phones. Kids are "oppositionally defiant" or "ADHD" and are soon heavily medicated out of their personalities...whatever happened to that being called "hyper" and the solution was eating less sugar? In the 80's, people didn't get up into everyone else's business like that. Even politics were cool. Ronnie Ray-gun was the man, which is what these kids today don't know. We have to send a UN Coalition to take 8 months to scare Saddamn Hussein. Reagan would push one button, blame the evil empire, and it was suddenly peaceful. Thanks to Napster I was able to reconstruct my 80s new wave music collection, with my favorite group being New Order. Even pop music back then was cool, they would play the new wave on the popular stations, now they play Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys, and many other bands I wish would be struck by lightning. I remember tearing up my favorite pair of Jams when I fell off my skateboard, watching SuperTV (one movie channel! And you had to put another antenna on the roof to get it!). We had a 1980 Datsun 210 that got 40 miles to the gallon and took forever to get to 60. I spent many hours on the Atari; I could flip the score on Missile Command, play a mean game of Megamania, and got a perfect score on Bowling. Malls used to have Arcade machines with Galaga, Track&Field, the US/USSR hockey game, Centipede, and Defender being the main attractions. At night, we watched Growing Pains, The Cosby Show, Cheers, Coach, and Benson. The technology of the Commodore 64 was awesome! Load"*",8,1...then go get a Fruit Roll-Up because it took 10 minutes to load the game. Michael Jordan took over the NBA, Wayne Gretzky ran up amazing scoring totals in the NHL (and there weren't so many 1-1 ties!). We spent a Saturday or two breakdancing on a corner (yes, in the suburbs), and 4 D-batteries were expensive to replace in the boom box. Remember when a CD player was 700 bucks and a VCR not much less? I still have some Transformers and Matchbox cars. Unfortunately this being 2001 I am 26 and need to get back to work...
From: KK33

I was born in 1986 and I remember bits and pices of the late 80's like it was yesterday. I remember feeling totally happy and that nothing could go wrong but most of all i remember the Tv I remember sitting in front of the tv wacthing Care Bears, My Little Ponies, He-Man & She-Ra, Jem, The Elephant Show, Superman, Batman, The Goonies, The Jungle Book, The Never Ending Story, Thunder Cats, Killer Clowns, The Pirate Movie, and so much more. I think one of the best momories from my childhood is of me standing in the kitchen singing Madonna songs to my mom. I didn't spend all my time indoors when i was little. I would climb the trees and bushes the were around for fun and pretend I was part of the Care Bears. I know i was really young during the 80's but i think it was the best time in my life. Tv during the 80's was great and fun to watch and the music was outrageous, Tv now isn't so good in fact the only things i really want my little sister wacthing now is anime (Pokemon, Digimon, Card Captors, Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, ect.) and all those shows are imported from Japan i look at the cartoons done in the US now and I get sick from them (Cow and Chicken, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, ect.) and the music nowadays isn't so good either. For The Honor of Greyskull I wish we could bring the 80's back.
From: Alison

The 80's were devoted to fun. Grunge had yet to make an appearance, and the closest thing we got to youthful angst was Judd Nelson in "The Breakfast Club." Girls just wanted to have fun, dress in bright neon colors, wear blue mascara and spike their bangs to the sky. Guys just wanted to be Bon Jovi. Or Def Leppard, if Bon Jovi wasn't possible. The music was happy and catchy, and didn't have to have a deeper, darker meaning. We were all told not to worry, just be happy. Play now, pay later. Wear those acid-washed jeans with pride. Put on your best legwarmers so you could be as hot as Jennifer Beals in "Flashdance." Learn to moonwalk, or breakdance. Jam to Run DMC and discover how cool Aerosmith was all at the same time. Ponder George Michael's sexuality while wearing a "Choose Life" t-shirt. "Frankie Says Relax." Find Max Headroom hysterically funny. I remember feeling so cool sipping my four-pack of California Coolers. I remember my best friend and I wearing a different color jelly bracelet on our ankle when we were "going with" a guy, and when the relationship was over, we'd break the bracelet and put it in our scrapbook so we could remember them later. I also remember spending fifteen minutes every time I went out pinning the bottoms of my pants so the legs would be TIGHT around the ankles, because you just weren't cool if your ankles were baggy. I remember big sweaters, and big belts, and big, BIG earrings. I remember yellow lipstick, and yellow eyeshadow drawn out in a line all the way to our temple a la Cyndi Lauper. I remember watching Live Aid, and Farm Aid, and wanting to "Feed the World" and let them know it's Christmas. I remember starting with the "Man in the Mirror." The 80's were a careless time before we lost our innocence and realized that we would later reap what we were sowing. But we didn't worry about that....we were just happy.
From: Jill

I was born in 84' which really wasn't the best time to enter the world of the 80's but I still had the chance to exsperience the best decade of the world. You see the 80's were simple. Life was fun and there was so much to enjoy. The games were the best. Toys like Nite Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, Big Wheels, Pac Man, and Slip and Slide. Music rocked, there will never be movies the same, and clothing was all about who you were and what you wanted to express. I wish the world was still like the eighty's. Long live the 80's!!!!!!!!!!! love, Jennifer Packard
From: Jennifer

The 80's was a time of awful style and even worse music. We had Fluorescent clothing, Madonna, Prince, Break-Dancing, Big Hair (but only in the front), Flat-Tops, Stretch Pants for Girls, Parachute Pants, Ice-Blocking. I look back at my high school pictures (1985-89) and wonder what I was thinking when I left the house each day.....
From: whitey

I was unfortunately born in 1982 and got just a little taste of the great 80s. The cartoons, toys, movies, games, and over all feeling of the 80s are making me so incredably sad that most of it is gone, and probably wont come back. Every day I day dream of the great times I had as a young kid surrounded by the coolest toys and cartoons. then as the 90s came around, things changed, for the worse. WHY GOD WHY!!! Take me back! Please! If anyone knows where I can get a time machine, I will pay endless amounts of money for it.
From: jay

My heyday for partying was in the late 70's and early eighties (drinking age was 18 in the 70's). For those of you younger folk who seem to have a distorted image of the real 80's, I'm here to tell you it was dull!!! I was in my 20's during the 80's and was on the cutting edge of everthing you could imagine that was hip or underground at the time. I went to all the clubs, bars, parties, etc. I am the best person to be asking about the 80's. I was there and at the perfect age when it all happened! I'm telling you the absolute truth here, in terms of the real world (social, political, etc, etc issues), the 80's was as empty as Madonna's music. I hate to burst your 80's dream bubbles, but the decadent partying & chaos in America was over by 1980. On the surface, the 80's appeared to have been big, bold, flashy, etc. But once you scratch the surface and get past Cindy Lauper's hair or footage from a Poison concert, the 80's was like the 50's....dull and uneventful!!!!! It was like a colorful book with no plot! The pendulum swung back to the conservative side. The drinking age went back to 21, drunk driving laws were enforced, drug use dropped dramatically throughout the 80's, country crafts & potpouri replaced bongs & lava lamps, AIDS put an end to the sexual revolution. After the Punk revolution in the late 70's, there was nothing left to do to music but add the "video" element. 80's music became the "head cheeze" of music. It was a diluted mix of scrappings of what came before it (50', 60's, & 70's). Visual wars in music replaced substance. All that aside, I must admit, the 80's was a refreshing return to a clean new world not seen since the 50's before the 60's/70's turned everything upside down. It was nice to see quality adult fashions return (the 80's looked like the 40's); guys actually cut their hair short and began wearing dressier clothes; woman wore makeup again; drug use, alcohol use, and smoking dropped dramatically (if you don't believe me, look at the charts and graphs); etc. In summary, I had alot of fun in the 80's, but the real world back then as a whole was quite smooth and lacking any conflicts......like I said before, BORING!!!!!
From: Dan

The 80s were the best. I was born in '78 and I remember friendship braclets and crimped hair. Tiffany was cool and Madonna too. My best friend and I memorized lines from Spaceballs, Dirty Dancing, The Goonies, and The Lost Boys. Pastel make-up, blue eyeshadow with matching mascara. It was cool to write on your jeans with markers and wear red Reebocks. It seems like bad fashion now, but it was fun.
From: Kimberly

I was born in 1966 but the 80s where my teenage years. I was self employed from the age of 14 (1980) as a Disc Jockey. It was a great time to be a DJ; and as the ony female DJ in the northwest of the UK i was in high demand. 1984 - 1989 was the best time for me. My own flat (apartment) and flash car. I was young and the world was mine. In the UK at the moment there is a TV program called "I LOVE 19-- at the moment its all about the 80's each Sataday night is an hour lomg program of each different year on the 80s and it's great. Very nostalgic. a time for me when there was no money worries - young free and single and no kids.
From: samantha jones

I was born in 1983. So I'm 17 now. I still remember some 80's stuff. The music was the greatest! Bon Jovi is my favorite band in the whole world! Jon is soooo hot! Poison...the greatest! Don't forget Loverboy, Skid Row, Def Leppard, The Bangels, Soft Cell, Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. The TV shows were the best...Charles In Charge, Just the 10 of Us, Growing Pains, Who's the Boss?,ALF!! And don't forget Out Of This World. My mom always tells me I was born in the wrong year because I'm still so into this stuff. We can't forget the cartoons like My Little Pony, Carebears and Mighty Mouse! Remember the cheesey old Batman series? My sister and I watched it every day! Of course I always got stuck being Robin because she was older. And don't forget the hugest fad of the 80's Cabbage Patch Dolls. I still have mine! Barbies were the greatest too. I really do wish the 80's would come back. My dad thought I was nuts because I took his Poison tape from him. I have every single album ever recorded by Bon Jovi. I do not miss the hair or the clothes...ick! That was a fashion no no if I ever saw one! All the Aqua net holding up thoes big "sattelite dish" bangs. The hair bands wearing make-up. Bret Michaels could have been so much hotter if he wasnt dressed like a girl all the time! Hey you never know....the 70's came back...why couldn't the 80's?
From: Elyse

I was born in 1981 , but I remember my sister listening to New kids on the block and 5 Star. I used to pull all the tails of her My Little Ponies and get into trouble from my mum. holidays used to last for ever & summer times were long and hot. On the TV I used to watch the A-Team, Knight Rider, Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street, Thundercats, Transformers & Autobots. I liked listening to Michael Jackson and watching Thriller also films like Superman, Care Bears. It just makes me feel all warm and happy , I just wish it could all return.
From: James

I was born in 1981, young but I still remember the wonderful things about the 80's. I LOVE that time. I love Jem, Punky Brewster, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony( in fact, I still have video tapes of the show) Teen Wolf (not the movie, the cartoon), Scooby Doo (My ALL TIME FAVORITE SHOW), HE-Man and Thundercats, Ghostbusters. I think that the entire 80's, I was glued to the set! I never missed a show. I remember how my mom was teased my hair and buy me high-tops in a variety of colors. And going to school with 3 pairs of socks, my teased hair and ripped jeans, And kids thought I was cool! I love the songs like; I Think We're Alone Now, Beat It, Thriller, Like A Virgin, Paradise City, Welcome to the Jungle, and All Night Long. I believe that the kids from the 90's have been much denied in everything. When I remember my childhood, I cant help but think back on those wonderful memories when everyone wanted to party but that there was also this feeling of security. And the cartoons and shows that they're airing now, I mean come on! Barney, The Teletubbies... No wonder this 90's generation is ALL screwed up. Sesame Street, Mister Rogers, Captain Kangaroo, Reading Rainbow, now those are shows that parents didnt mind us watching. Well, I guess I can only know think back on those years and THANK GOD I wasn't raised in the 90's!
From: Sussane

I was born in 81 so sure you'll think that I was born in the eigties and I couldn't experience much BUT I still remember alot of things like Lady Lovely Locks cartoon and dolls Rainbow Brite Care Bears Cherry Merry Muffin She-Ra(now SHE was cool!!!!)GI-Joe Transformers!!!!.I loved ,and still do, the clothes the leg warmers the plaid the nasty cool looking shades the Miami Vice look with no socks . Do any of you remember Starship,Whitesnake, Cindy Lauper... long haired bans were the best Alice Cooper Poison... Love song bands like A-Ha, sex bands like Soft Cell those were the best years that anyone could ever have lived in!!!! and what about movies: Breakfast Club Pretty In Pink Legends Ghostbusters!!!!! Those were the days! Anyways I wish I could relive those years!!!!!
From: Alexia

One of the things that sticks out in my mind the most are those braclets that would just snap onto your wrist. Remember those?!?! Ha ha....what about those hats where the brim would be flipped back? And girls....how could we forget wearing shorts underneath our shorter dresses? LOL. I leave now with two words : Miami Vice.
From: Ashley Kate

I was born in 84-i wish it had been 78 (my cousin was '78) but still better then than miss the whole thing! I love the tv. Care Bears is my favorite show, all the cartoons are cool, I loved DJ on Full House and the music was so cool!
From: Kat

The 80's are as fresh in my mind as yesterday and will forever remain so. I was born in 1973-just 6 years before God Truly Created Perfection-Duran Duran. My Best Friend, Heather and I continue to love and worship John, Simon, Andy, Roger, and Nick-I am not ashamed to be "stuck in the 80's". We miss Andy and Roger dearly & continue to follow and be devoted to John Taylor and his solo career, and 2001's Duran Duran, Simon, Nick, and Warren! Warren can never replace Andy in our hearts, but we love him too. The 80's will always be special to me because it marks the beginning of a lifelong friendship, love, excitement and devotion between Heather and I and Duran Duran that continues to prosper!
From: Nicole Caldwell

I was born in 1980. The 80's were the best times. The clothes were hot the music rocked and the tv was the greatest. Even though i was real young in the 80's i still enjoyed them. I would watch music videos like there was no tomorrow. People knew how to have a good time in the 80's. The 80's were the times to live in!!!
From: Aprillynn

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.