Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I was born in 1979 and remember most my life in the eighties. I remember elementry school with all my friends, watching eighties movies like "The Goonies" and "The Breakfast Club" were the best. I loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Smurfs. And from then to today and forever I well always the love music. The big hair bands like Motley Crue and Guns n Roses. And also the retro music like Duran Duran, Bananarama, and The Pet Shop Boys. People think I'm wierd cause I never really grew out of the eighties. I just tell them its their loss. The eighties rock and well live forever.
From: Jason

I liked Care Bears, My Little Pony, Scooby Doo, David the Gnome, Mya the Bee, Back To The Future Cartoon Show, Back To The Future Trilogy, The Secret of My Success, Teen Witch, and so many other good movies and tv shows from the Eighties. Huey Lewis and the News has great songs. The Back To The Future CD is awesome. ZZ Top was good! I was born in 1986, and I remember the 80's perfectly! Good times! Laura
From: Laura

Wow, like, where do I begin? I was only young in the eighties, but I looked up to my older brother who was into rock music, wearing a fedora and a leather jacket, going to dances and stuff. Why do I love the eighties? It was a decade of decadence. It was awesome music, movies, clothes, TOYS. (I was just a kid in the 80s, after all.) Now that I am able to appreciate those things, I download tons of mp3s, own 80s classics on DVD, and yes, I still have some of my care bears on my bed. (not to mention loads of lip gloss and sparkly make-up.) Hail to the eighties....thanks to the word Retro, they have returned!!
From: wyspurrscream

I married and became a mother very young (age 15 in 1973), completely missing out on my "teen" years. However, in 1982, I divorced my husband and "relived" my youth (except that now, I was of legal age!) in the 80's - I partied hard, I danced 4 nights a week (I had to limit it since I had to work!!!), I got to see (on the big screen) all the fantastic movies that were made during that period, AIDS and HIV were unheard of at that time, and I actually LIVED!!!! I also "grew up" during the 80's - having had my party-time, I then went on to college and started my journey on the path to becoming a "responsible" adult. While that path was both rocky and smooth, it was an era that was absolutely perfect for having been able to live my "youth" during - even if I was a little bit older than the rest of the "kids."
From: Bonnie

why? it's simple... because 80's are cool, real, beautiful and legendary music:) bye
From: tom

I loved the 80's because they were so innovative in more ways than one. From Reagan to the exercise craze it was all one big trip. That decade was definetly one of the better times in life and if I could go back I would. My fascination will never die. The older I get the harder it is to let go. The 80's were an absolute blast from start to finish!!
From: Brent Holub

it was fun, we danced and danced and danced the whole decade. There were also great movies, it was the begining of great action movies as well as special effects. The clothing may look like a joke now but it was fun to wear back then, all the colors and styles. In music, you could dance tons of different rythms in one night, now is only electronic music, back then you were dancing "Wake me up before you go go" then change the pace to "Shout" and then "Money Money" and "jump" it was just great. Kids were kids, we discovered the VCR, Walkmans, Atari, and so many things. I live in full this new millenium, I liked the 90's too, but the 80`s were just perfect.
From: Humberto Abed

I love the 80's! It was the best time. The movies were great, the fashion, the tv shows, the cartoons, and the music all very cool. I was born in 1984 and yet I remember so much. I was so happy then my brother still lived w/ me and my mom, my Gram was still alive and most of all I meet my best friend in the world Heather in kidnergarden in 1989! My fav. tv shows in the 80's are Family Ties, Facts of Life, Full House,and many more. I remember I wanted to dress just like Madonna and my mom wouldnt let me. I remember riding in the car w/ my then teenage brother listening to heavy metal while he drives. We listened to white snake, pioson, bon jovi, motely crue. I remember I anted to grow up so fast to be a teenager and dress cool like madonna and like the teenage girls i saw in the mall the fashion was sooo great then! But now Im 18 the fshion sucks and what a disapiontment! But I heard the 80's r comming back!
From: Brigitte

the eighties were by far, the greatest decade of all. the reason why i say that is because i was born in 1981. i played with a lot of popular toys like masters of the universe, the transformers (generation 1), g.i. joe: a real american hero, voltron: defender of the universe, m.a.s.k.(mobile armored strike kommand), dino riders, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tonka trucks, the karate kid, the centurions, the atari systems, the original 8-bit nintendo, model trains, those fire engines that were the size of tonka trucks, etc. i watched tv shows like knight rider, the cosby show, the a-team, the greatest american hero, a different world, dynasty, miami vice, hunter, falcon crest, dallas, webster, different strokes, the facts of life, muppet babies, voltron, g.i. joe, the transformers, tranzor z, spider-man and his amazing friends, the incredible hulk (live-action and animated), m.a.s.k., dinosaucers, robocop, etc. i saw movies like star trek's iii, iv and v, care bears i and ii, g.i. joe: the movie, no holds barred, crocodile dundee, mad max: beyond thunderdome, etc. times were better back then. there were no guns/bomb threats in schools, finding that special someone was easy, we all wore clothes that fit (meaning that our pants sat at our waists, and not hanging off our buttcheeks), watching tv was both fun and exciting, there was only one pair of a popular brand name of jeans (no regular fit, relaxed fit, loose fit, baggy fit, loose straight, boot cut, flare leg, carpenter, etc.), just one size that fits you perfectly was all you needed. shopping malls and video arcades were the monster hangouts, pro wrestling meant watching two or more guys in a ring killing each other, not watching some guy stand in the ring talking for 20 minutes. women were allowed to flaunt their features with pride, unlike today where they are told to either lose weight or get plastic surgery done on their breasts. there was no such thing as political correctness. and from what i was told, men and women got their buttcheeks slapped and pinched all of the time, and nobody got sued or call a molester for doing that. my favorite foods from the eighties were those fruit bars and fruit wrinkles that were both made by general mills, smurf berry crunch cereal, ice cream cones cereal, morining funnies cereal, nestle quik, tang, kool-aid, star crunch snack cakes, twinkies, dunkin donuts, bubble yum bubble gum, hershey bars, m and m's, milky way bars, 3 musketeers bars, nestle crunch bars, twizzlers, etc. i loved that decade so much, i wish it could all come back. let's not only bring back the eighties, let's keep them alive and well!!!!!!!!!
From: Christopher Fitzgerald

The Eighties were real. The people were real. The 80's were a time of solo guitarists and drummers who could play a solo because they had talent. Singers could hold a note instead of wavering all over the place as an excuse for no talent. Computers were varied and innovative with different clans of necessarily original and creative nerds, geeks and hackers. The Cold War kept us on our toes and Russia gave us an excuse to be proud to be Americans! A man could speak his mind and be himslef without having to be concerned about political correctness or even a law suit. Housing costs to income ratios were 7 to 1, not 12 to 1 as they are today. The brightest colors were in people's clothes and hair, not the millions of American flags displayed on cars and buildings as a reminder of national pride in light of the September 11 attacks. The toy of the 80's was a Rubick's Cube; a colorful toy that required thought. People cared about something in the 80's. I'm not sure anyone quite knew what it was, but it didn't matter because we had video arcades, water parks, bowling alleys, drive-in theaters, and roller skating rinks. And skates had four wheels with two wheels on each side where they're supposed to be! The television shows were actually more interesting than the commercials. And you could get through the day without somebody trying to sell you something on a billboard, blimp, airplane banner, bus stop, fax machine, telephone, Internet, E-mail, flyers, television, theaters, clothing logos, and product placements in movies and television shows. Today we actually have public service announcements to remind us to care about our kid's education and to make sure they get some color in their life. Color!!! We had that in the 80's. I could go on obviously, but I'll end by saying, the 80's were real.
From: Scott A. Rossell

As a child of the 80s, I never minded waking up on Saturday at the crack of dawn to watch cartoons. I took it personally when they cancelled the Smurfs and Alvin & the Chipmunks.
From: Natalie

My favorite memory of the 80's is MTV. I used to wake up at 6 in the morning and put it on and leave it on until at least 12 or 1 in the morning. I miss the 80's the music, the clothes.
From: carol

I really miss the 80's. I have such fond memories! I loved MTV when it was music television, not miscellaneous television. My biggest problem was that Simon le Bon was engaged to Claire Stansfield. Now I'm 30 & have real problems. I used to come home from school, put on MTV & sit in front of it with my VCR on taping all of the videos I loved, knowing that some day this would all end. My very first poster was of Duran Duran. I still have that & everything else I ever bought of them. When I pop in one of those video tapes from the past, I get this feeling in my gut of what it was like back then. I could almost feel myself back in the day. The big hair, the leg warmers, the hokey movies (Gremlins is very special to me). Nothing seemed as serious as it does today. Maybe it's just my age between then & now. Naive then & too educated to the world now. If I could go back in time to any period of my life so far, it would definitely be 1983/1984.
From: Dana

I love the 80's because I started high school in 1980. the whole decade was the time of my life. The music was great. The movies were great. The parties were great. I had tons of friends, who I still keep in touch with and we still get together. I was in and out of the Army. I met the love of my life and we eventually had a beautiful son. If there is ever time travel I would love to go back. Tim, Philly, Pa.
From: Tim

I love the 80's! In my opinion, the 80's were great and happy for me. The music, the games, the cartoons, I really feel sorry for the young children of today. I like to think of the 80's as the last bastion of innocence. Nowadays, the music sounds crappy and the cartoons are really violent and pointless. I will turn 29 next week and I constantly think back to that decade. All I have to say is, I am sure glad I was a teen in the 80's!
From: Diana

I was born in 73. I am a child of the 80s. Anarchy, anger, grunge, the works. It was a great time to be alive. Grunge fashion is the clincher for me. I just love to be in old,ripped clothes. I still wear grunge whenever I can.
From: Cynthia

i was born in 1983 so i missed out on being a teen~ager in the 80's, which would have been awesome. i think back and realize things were easier then. i really like them koz i was young and light~hearted then. i remember the toys, the shows, the music, the fashions, it was all so fun and carefree. i love 80's movies and i absoulutly love any 1 w/ molly ringwald in it! would some1 just bring the 80's back!?!?!!?!
From: Sara

I was born in 1986, so I was only a toddler when the 80's ended. I have older brothers though, and I even though I was 4 when the 80's ended I felt like I was 14 because I know all the 80's toys, styles, music(by the way my fav. band in the world is prolly Duran Duran), and just everything else from the 80's! I'm almost 16 now, and I hate my generation! Music just sux! The only good thing about my genration is that name brands isn't as important as it was in the 80's. I can't go to sleep w/o listening to the hour of 80's music one radio station plays. I still have my Popples, Care Bears, and I even think my mom has mine and my brothers Under-Roos saved somewhere! The 80's have got to be the best time period ever!
From: Sara

I was born in 84' What I most love about the eighties were the music,games, and the movies. My favorite game was pacman because i was little and i just liked watching the yellow fellow move. My favorite movie is better off dead. MY most favorite 80's bands are: A-HA, Bon JOVI, BOLTIMORA, and pretty much all the rock and new wave bands. THE 80'S ARE THE BESTT AND THEY RULE
From: drew

i was born in 1974, & Man do i miss the 80's. i'm feeling so old know talking to kids about the 80's & they not knowing about half of the stuff i'm talking about. god there's so much i miss. i remeber falling in love for the 1st time during the 80's & the movie's, the toys, the music, the food, all the memories....i'm about to start crying. & just to think i'm only 27 now. & i feel older then dirt. i wish i had that Deloran (BTTF- McFly!)& was able to hit 88 MPH & go back. Maybe someday Doc!
From: Robert

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.