Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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Ok, ok, ok so I was born in 1986. So I didn't get to actually enjoy the 80's while I was there. But I do remember a few things, mainly the cartoons. I don't remember when I fell in love with the 80's... Somewhere between seeing Aha's "Take On Me" video and falling for John Cusack... Tell you the truth, when I was younger, I thought the 80's were just weird... I would watch the videos on MTV where the guys dressed like girls and all the colors that never belonged together... Nowadays I take pride in individualty, and to me the 80's were definitely the most outrageous, what-were-they-thinking decade. So now I just need to catch up with all the John Hughes and John Cusack movies... Ahh, to be in the 80's...
From: Fifer

The 80s Rocked Because Of The Classic 80s Movies That Were Made, My Fave Being The 'burbs And Of Course... Great Scott Marty!!!! Back To The Future!!!
From: matt collisimo

i loved the 80's because....well the 80's rock!!! I mean check out the awesome clothes and hair. dude, the 80's were the best. i mean who could forget phrases like..."hang loose" "don't leave me hangin" and the stonewashed jeans. i mean come on.
From: carissa

I was born in 1985, but that doesn't mean that I don't love the 80's. I don't remember a lot, but here are a few things that remind me of my early childhood: My first favorite song ever was "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing (I used to "write" the words to it, only I couln't write yet!); my all-time favorite movie is Back to the Future, but I never saw any of them in theaters because I was too little; everyday I'd watch Sesame Street and The Brady Bunch and friday nights I'd watch TGIF on ABC (when they showed good shows like Full House, Family Matters, Perfect Strangers...); when we got our first VCR in 1987 and then got cable in '88; and finally, I don't remember watching MTV, but I have a memory of seeing Boy George and thinking he kinda looked like my mom (I think it was the perm). I could go on and on. I choose 80s movies, music, and TV over new stuff any day... it's fun and a whole lot better!!!
From: CJ

In the 80's it was so awsome everything was a big party! No vilolence at all. No one one really cared what happen. when i was 15 I lost my virginity to guy who was so cute and married that guy. I don't regret nothing! I wish i went back to the 80's! At that time I'll let my kids do whatever!
From: Maggie Davis

Like the poster before me, I was born in 1985, but I love '80s retro as well. I can't really describe why... perhaps it's the kitschy fun of dressing up in a pastel blazer, or the artificial hilarity of synth-pop, or maybe the fact that my friends say I look like a television detective when I drive my '86 Buick wearing silver aviators... Maybe it's the art-deco design from the era that looks so deliciously post-modern today(mmm...DeLorean...), the cheesy yet entertaining A-Team, or the general excess of the Reagan-Thatcher-Mulroney era when compared to the slumping economy of today. In any case, I'm glad that fashion and media have moved on to '80s retro, and I eagerly await the release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (expect a major surge in interest in the '80s from my generation once it's released).
From: Shaun Morris

I was born in 1979 and my first real memories of the 80s began around 1982. I loved the cartoons, especially Transformers. I still get excited when I think of Roland Rat introducing the next Transformers clip. Does anybody from the UK know how long Roland Rat stayed on the air, or if he's still on? I was an American living in England from 1983-1986. I must have had at least 4 Big Wheels as a kid. Loved them! Preferred them over bicycles until about 6th grade. By then we had grown out of them. All the toys were great too. Who didn't have Transformers, Gi Joes, He-man or My Little Ponies for the girls? Sometimes I wish I had been just a couple years older during that time, but for the most part it was great. Really miss it.
From: ~~~~

I was born on October 19, 1982, and I have some vivid memories of the 1980s. My brother and I are twins, and our toys were always fun! I didn't have a big wheel--I had an even cooler alternative. It was a PVC bike that looked like a motorcycle! My brother and I used to ride them in our driveway at our old house. We also had a Little Tykes Big Red Wagon, with the collapsible white doors and black PVC wheels. Our old house was a split-level home, and in the lower level, we kept our toys, including a play kitchen (not Little Tykes, but it was more realistic looking) with a stove and refrigerator. We had a Sesame Street toy box in the play area also. For Easter 1986, when I was 3, my grandparents bought us a Teddy Ruxpin, and for Christmas that same year (I was 4 by then) I got my Cricket doll. I had Pound Puppies, My Little Ponies, and my brother had Ghostbusters (including the two cars, the figures, the power pack, the goggles, and the trap!!!). The Ninja Turtles stuff was fun, although that was the late '80s/early '90s. I still have Teddy Ruxpin. Oh the commercials! I still remember alot of them, and I have a Christmas video with "The Grinch," "The Christmas Toy," "Mickey's Christmas Carol," and "Twas the Night Before Christmas," all taped in '86, that has ALL the commercials on it! The sitcoms were the best, the movies are great, the music rocked (and still does!), the cartoons were much better than they are today, and I have a famous b-day (The stock market bottomed out on my 5th birthday). My favorite movies are "Fast Times @ Ridgemont High," "The Goonies," and "Summer School." I cannot believe the revival of all the great 80s stuff (I finally have Care Bears stuff--I had everything when I was young--I didn't need a Care Bear then, but now I collect 'em)! I even own a "Goonies" t-shirt!!! The My Little Pony stuff is scary now, all anorexic looking!! Yikes. Life was so simple, until I started kindergarten in September 1988, but it stayed pretty simple until high school started in September 1997. I'm now in my second year of college, and the 80s are popular on campus. It's easy to love the simpler times of my life, even if the only way you can go back to them is through TV or movies. Oh well.
From: Allison

I was born in 1985. although i remember a little, i am proud to have been born in that decade! The eighties were cool for music, such as michael jackson, simple minds, bananarama, and my favorite... living in a box. the movies were the greatest: the terminator, back to the future, commando, predator and so many more. MY favorite film is RoboCop from 1987. Also the 80's rocked for technology such as VCRs and Tv's (my 29" Sony TV is still working like new.... from 1982!!!) 1987 rocked. ok so i was 2, but cool stuff happened: my bro was born, living in a box made the coolest song ever, robocop was made and i bumped my head on the table(which has left a mark on my eyebrow!) To those who know little about the 80's, u should watch the many cool films made, listen to the new style feelgood music and just cry that u didnt love this decade earlier! Also, scary teen horror was popular! some were so good! To those who have left messages here too, I feel the same, I would give anything to be living back in the awesome 80's Thank you so much for this site!!!! I conclude with the words from the song living in a box, by living in a box: "I'm a living in a box (LIVING!) I'm a living in a cardboard box!"
From: Imran

I loved the 1980's! i remember walking around our neighborhood with a boom box blasting the song, "Our house in the middle of a street". i owned a pair of Pony hightop sneakers, i had a collection of garbage pail kids, i HAD to have a Cabbage Patch Kid for christmas. Remember skateboarding was popular and Vision Street Wear?! i Loved watching Miami Vice on friday nights. and i thought leg warmers and jelly shoes were cool! i remember the old channel boxes for TV that you had to push the keys. and of course Madonna was my IDOL!!!! (and still is!) The 80's was the BEST era to grow up absolutely!!!
From: angela

I am a teenager but I love the 1980's stuff especally the tv shows. I just wish that today was like then. My father says that in was the best time for him when he was in high school. I got the best ever hairstyle that was created then too. The tailcut is what I call it now, but it was called the rat-tail then. I been growing it for about 8 or 9 years now since before I started school and it is really long now, all the way down my back. I get the greatest coments on it being so long too. Not to many boys has tails but some are starting to get the tailcut here again. We also kind of live the 80's way at my home except for computing of which the computer wasn't like it is now. Then we didn't have the internet is what my father tells me. Jason
From: Jason

I didn't grow up in the eightes but I grew up around people who did. I fell in love with the movies,shows and music. Now I have dedicated my time to collect all eightes stuff.
From: Brittany

Wow, you guys should did have some great times in the 80s. I was born on the last day of the year in 1985. I don't remember much but goes. About the T.V. shows, I used to love to get up on Saturday Mornings or through the week to watch Ducktales, Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers, Garfield, David The Gnome, Little Koala, The Elephant Show, Inspector Gadget and more. The toys was fun to play with, I remember cars and trucks used to be much bigger than they are now. The only videogame I only played then was Mario Bros. and DuckHunt on my sisters Nintendo. My sisters know alot more than the 80s than I do. My oldest sister was born in 73 and my other one was born in 77. I do remember the little hairstyles that little 5 and 6 year boys and girls wore, "I had a fade and a little tail in the back of my head." The music was fun to listen to. I loved to listen to Salt n Peppa, Keith Sweat, Guy, BabyFace, Envogue and a few more. A lot of things did start to go downhill in the late 90s like Fox, ABC, and especially Nickelodeon, and the toys is not as fun as a long time ago. We don't have a lot of freetime in High School now. A lot of schools have cameras every now. I do agree about the music being not as good as before but all the music even the rap from the 90s and today are not bad. Well I miss the 80s and the early 90s. Long live the 80s
From: Willie Hawkins

The 80's where the years of excellent, unbeatable music! It had guitars, intelligent lyrics (or at least clever), it was exotic. 80's rockers didn't whine into the mircophone about how hard life was- they just turned up the volume! They made love to their guitars, smashed them afterwards, lit them on fire and sacrificed them to the Gods of Music! 80's gave rise to the best bands in the world- the SCORPIONS!!!!, Warrant, Poison, Dio, Def Leppard and many many more!
From: White Dove

I was born in 75 And i loved the 80s. The music was amazing Duran Duran Madonna, Bangles and big hair bands like motley crew Poision and guns and roses :) The fashion trends were totally awesome and like every girl in my high school i had my bangs teased above my head with a ton of hairspray. The 80s remind me of a time when i was young and free. That bon jovi song never say good bye says it all for me "remember days of skippin school racin cars and being cool with a 6 pack and a radio we didnt need no place to go " every time i hear that song it makes smile :) 80s FOREVER xoxo Amy
From: Amy

I actually already said why I liked the 1980s, but a conversation my brother and I (twins born on October 19, 1982) and my best friend (born October 14, 1981) had last night made me write this. We were actually discussing cartoons. My brother mentioned something about the terrifying/annoying clown on the kiddie show that Garfield hated, and I said it was Binky the Clown, and he would scream "HEEEEEYYYYY KIDS!" They started laughing and my brother said, "Man, that was a GREAT cartoon." It was a staple in our lives during the late 80s and early 90s. We also talked about "The Christmas Toy," which was a great Muppets Christmas special from '86. My best friend mentioned a few Christmas cartoons, and we talked about Yogi and Snagglepuss (1960s cartoons that attracted 1980s children),and a few other things. I mentioned Heathcliff, but my brother said he never really liked Heathcliff. He also said Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters, and I laughed because I used to watch all of his cartoons, none of the girly stuff (Except for Rainbow Brite and Care Bears). LOL, I love 80s conversations!
From: Allison

In short Mr T. He was the man and played a very imporatant role in my life and my brother's life. We used to watch The A-Team every Tuesday night, of course I would miss it because at that particular time I was a Brownie and at that time we didn't have a VCR, and we just thought that it was wonderful. We'd watch Mr T's cartoon every Saturday morning and every Saturday afternoon. Wow what a great time to be young. :)
From: Celeste

I was born in 1965 in Oakland california. Raised in the San Francisco bay area as a kid on 70s Rock bands like RUSH and Styx. But all my siblings were several years older then I was. I didnt become a real teen till the 1980s begin. When Hugh Dow and Barbara Walters hosted a show called 20/20 I remember hearing about "New Wave" in the year 1980. I always heard of bands like the ramones and all the velvit underground type groups from CBGBs NYC, but I wasnt really into that underground scene until Blondie and Talking Heads came out into mainstream in the 80s. I was sort of into the punk scene before the 80s and thought at first New Wave was kind of a hibrid Disco/Punk mixture. So i didnt like it at first. Not until my girlfreind from Berkeley turned me onto the Chameleons UK and Talk Talk and Romeo Void and beat farmers around 93-94. I stopped listening to the big hair bands around the age of 18 and began going to the SoMa (South of Market San Francisco) nightclubs. Great clubs like DNA Lounge, DV8, Firehouse 7, The Oasis and alot of other great clubs in that area. SoMa is still a hangout in SF but its changed alot and they have 80s nights now and then at the Holy cow but it doesnt have the same feel as it used to. I think the 1980s was the last "Real Decade" because it was the last decade were people had to go out and actually meet people before there were cyber chat rooms. No wonder the youth of America is so fat today. They all own new cars and hang out at home on their computers and did have to take the bus like us city dwellers or walk for miles like us 80s kids did during the reagan years. Long live the 80s and down with Corperate sh** music like NSYNC and Britney spears.
From: Thomas the Trogster

I LOVE the 80's b/c my mom died of cancer in 1990 when I was six. The 80's reminds me of the times I spent with my mom and all the stuff we would do! Like play super mario bros. all night even when she was sick. And she was the classic 80's woman so she wore a lot of makeup and had big hair. She could spend hours putting on her makeup and I loved watching her. THE 80'S ROCKED!
From: Candace

My wife and I were married on July 7th, 1979. I love the 80's because the 80's were our first ten years as a married couple and all three of our children were born during those years. I was born in 1953, grew up with black and white TV and tube radios. When Pong came out in the late 70's, I thought, "how did they do that". Today I sit next the computer with cable internet. I am virtually one click away from anything and every where in the world. I wish life would just slow down and I wish for the 80's again. My wife is just as pretty today as back then. Thanks for the memories Rose Ann!
From: Ted S. Covert

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.