Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I was a young kid in the 80's but I love that decade!! In fact I even co-host a radio show now at my college called Parcial to the 80's! The music was the bomb and the movies were the best! I remember popples and poochie, they were the funnest toys! Duran duran was awsome!
From: Angie

I love the 80's soooo much all i listen to is 80's music and i never listen to the 90's SH*T. my favorite movies are in the 80's and i can qutote ever word of them. Just so you know i am only 13 and i listen ti simple minds ac/dc culture club tears for fears duran duran and others
From: Benjamin Jurken

i am 15 years old.i have grown up listening to 80s music through my brother who is 19 now and my dad. i love 80s music more than anything.seems weird cuz of my age but rock on 80s music
From: meg

I am a "child of the eighties!" I was born in 1970. So I came of age in the 80's just turning into my teen years. My most memorable thing of the eighties the AWESOME music! When I first discovered Madonna...listened to artists like Boy George, Billy Idol, Tears for Fears..and the Eurythmics really cool. I remember being a HUGE fan of Miami Vice..and having a Massive crush on Don Johnson. To me the 8o's represented the video age. Everything that was totally cool, funky, and techno!
From: Natalie

Because of personal milestones, I consider the 80's my decade. For example, on July 1, 1980, I was finally living on my own smack in the middle of the action at San Juan's most lively tourist strip, the Condado, at the ripe old age of 27. I was beginning at my first "real" full-time job and 80 and 81 (those two initial years at work) were magical, almost like going back to high school. Indeed, I'm talking about a dream come true. In general terms, the 80's (as most others have written) was the greatest decade ever for pop music. Gyms, dance clubs (disco remnants from the 70's)... these were part of the 80's also. My main goal at that time was to enjoy myself as much as possible (too hedonistic and somewhat inmature I know acknowledge), but I did, thankfully evading making major mistakes in the search for pleasure. Alas, the 80's also recall the upsurge of the AIDS catastrophe and unbridled greed, which led many in the finance professions to unlawful behavior and forever shattered lives and reputations. All in all, I look back on those years fondly. I not only have to listen to a song from the era to revive mainly wonderful memories, without losing perspective that today and tomorrow is what really count.
From: Andy Sanchez

I am deeply devastated that I could not experience the 80's. I was born in 87.. yeah, I was left out! I wore an "80's look", so to speak, to school and basiclly got laughed out. I figure I'll take it slowly. I LOVE BON JOVI!!!! I love Metallica, and scorpions, and bangles, and all those good bands back then. The first game I ever played on the computer (other than Ernie :)) was Pacman. I LOVED My Little Pony all the way.. hey, I still love it now! I despise today's music and clashy fashions. I only buy 80's cds (unless 80's bands who made a 2000-90's come back or something). My Mom even brought up some legwarmers for me! Being only an infant, I only remember my parents' large large glasses and my mom's permed, frizzy-like hair!! Things did seem much MUCHMUCH simpler! I look at infants now and I think "Woah! Wehere did all these electronic toys come from?" Not that the 80's were THAT long ago, but the electronics didn't go THAT far! AND MTV... MUSIC TELEVISON. OK, that's nice... where's the MUSIC!?!? Yeah, we need an 80's channel despritly!!
From: Nyssa

I really loved the late 80's because of the New Kids on the Block!!!!!!! I've always loved them and always will they were the best. they stayed together for so long and it was so sad when they broke up. I had everything from dolls to videos any kind of merchandise they would come out with i'd get it even if it was just a little button or a pen. I loved them even before they made it big because my cousin had a pen pal that seen one of their shows that they did before they came out and sent us stuff on them and I've liked them ever since.My favorite on has always been Jon Knight. I love him so much!!!!!!! Although the New Kids on the Block are broken up now they will always be together in my heart.
From: Priscilla

I am almost 32 Years old and one of My favorite show was the Dukes Of Hazzard when it started airing on television I was 9 Years old and I still love watching the re-runs on Tnn I watch them every day my favorite of the Duke Boys was Bo and still is even though sometimes everybody made fun of him and said that he wasn't too bright I always took up for him over the others because I didn't like the way that they made fun of him and when I watch the re-runs I still get upset because of how they treated him even though it was just acting. Kim Salyers
From: Kimberly Salyers

I was born back in '86, so granted I don't recall much of what went on. In my opinion, tho, when you are a toddler, what you see and hear and experience shapes who you will be later on. So, the '80's influenced me during my young impressionable years. The TV and toys are what shaped me, I beleive. Shows like the Care Bears, Fraggle Rock, Rainbow Brite -- that stuff is GOLD. Kids are so unfortunate now, I wish some of those shows were still on now. The Rubik's Cube and games like Trouble and the Viewmaster made my world go 'round. There was an essence about the '80's, something pure and innocent. I wish we could go back to that.
From: Dani

I am a child of the '80s. I was born in 1979 and I loved every minute of the '80s. The music was great, the movies were good, TV was great, and the toys were cool. Saturday Morning Cartoons, Atari, MTV, and the music...It was a great time to be a kid. I wish the '80s had never ended. I hated the '90s. The whole decade seemed to get off to a bad start. Everything changed. We had a recession, the Gulf War, rap music...I hated it. Music seemed to become all the same...rock, pop, alternative, and country all sounded alike. There were some good bands out the '90s, but nothing like the '80s. The only good thing in the '90s was the economy and the Internet. I love the Internet because of message boards like this one and because of programs like Napster...I love Napster because I was able to download all those '80s songs that had gotten lost or thrown out over the years, plus more that I had forgotten about. I think another great thing about the Children of the Eighties is that we had an appreciation for old music...I know a lot of people my age that like bands like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the Doors, and such. I'm not sure the generation growing up in the '90s will have this appreciation...kids today don't seem to have an appreciation for anything other than Britney Spears and Nsync. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm not sure. I will always have fond memories of the '80s. I hope I never forget that decade.
From: Jason McDaniel

I love the music, the movies, and the shoes. Especially kung-fu shoes and slip-on checkered vans.
From: Jay Alhadeff

My list of EIGHTIES GREATS- heavy metal and hair bands, return of true muscle cars:Mustang:Camaro:Trans Am:Capri,WWf was born and Roddy Piper kicked ass,Girls dressed in tight jeans ,short skirts, and actually took the time to make their hair look nice,fights were handled man to man without the use of guns, you could say words like black,indian,negro etc.MTV actually played music from bands who played instruments,70's styles were considered down right laughable, kids could ride bikes,skateboards and roller skates without the use of body armor(helmets,kneepads,etc),NASCAR was becoming popular.In short the eighties ruled ninties sucked,but I have managed to survive the most boring decade and hopefully in the years to come some of the things we loved so much will return, we seem to be in the seventies now,the eighties cant be far away.LATER.
From: Kevin Searles

I was born in'65,so I'm a bit older than most of u out there. The 80's ROCKED!! I was the first one in my school to have a Panasonic platinum boombox. Every lunch hour, I'd "cruise" around W/my friends, blasting it as loud as I could. Night Ranger,Iron Maiden, Judas Priest,and Ratt,were some of my faves. I plastered pics of RATT and STEPHEN PEARCY all over the walls of my bedroom. Other bands like Mamma's Boys, Slade, and Twisted Sister also rocked my world. I love the commercial"WHERE'S THE BEEF?" ,and also Billy Crystal's "Daarling, you look MAAAARVELOUS!!" I wore my hair long, with HUGE,SPIKED bangs. THOSE WERE THE DAYS!! LONG LIVE THE 80's!!I ALSO LOVED ALL the "brat-pack" Kmovies:16 candles, The breakfast club, and St.Elmo's fire,to name a few. Keep the faith/long live metal!!Long live the 1980's!!
From: marie

i was born in 85...so i dont remember either but they had THE BEST MUSIC
From: Alison

80's rule!!!! Graduated in 1986 and the 80's were the best years of my life. I found about heavy metal music, being myself and having FUN! I was a diehard Motley Crue fan and my friends and I dressed like them when we attended a concert!! Iron Maiden, Dokken, Dio, Wasp, Twisted Sister to name a few,80's music was and still is the best. I am truly stuck in the 80's!
From: Mrs. Oak

well the eighties were so cool! the way the world was then, just diefferent you could watch VIDEOs on MTV not now.the eighties just rocked..it seemed as if life was just that much easier.
From: Barry

Well I was born in 85 and I just love the music!!! ANd I think madonna is the greatest.
From: Daniel.W

I liked the eighties for several reasons. First I am 21 and went to elementary school in the eighties and went to middle school in the early ninties. I liked the striped tube socks guys, including me wore. In our school we would wear them with shorts and we would turn down the tops just far enough so the strips were shown inside out. I also liked wearing the thick wigwam style slouch socks. The girls would wear them with different colors of keds oxford sneakers. I liked when they would wear them with leggins and either a sweatshirt or a turtle neck with a sweat shirt or a sweater overtop. Our cheerleaders also wore the socks with their skirts. The girls usually wore the following every week not always in the same order. Monday leggings with wigwam socks, tuesday purple, black, nude, red, or cream colored stockings with a skirt 1-2 in above the knee, wenseday semi-tightjeans, thursday leggings again, friday skirts with knee socks in many colors. As the years went on they didn't wear knee socks as much. They mostly wore stockings and skirts in the winter and leggings, shorts, and occasionally a skirt with wigwam socks. Guys wore shorts with the striped knee socks or wigwam sock and occasionally jeans in warmer weather. Usually when they wore shorts they would wear the striped knee socks three times a week and wigwams twice a week. In winter it would be jeans or dockers pants and sometimes sweatpants. I really loved those styles back then. I wish they were still around as much as they were back then.
From: kerry

I was born in '86.. and of course I don't remember a thing about then.. but.. I wish I did.. I always watch the old tv shows from those years such as "Full House" and "Fresh Prince"... they're the greatest shows.. and the music.. oh the music was just incredible... the artists sure had their best music in those years... Billy Idol, Billy Joel, Milli Vanilli, Asia, Def Leppard, Fleetwood Mac, Irene Cara.. and the list goes on.. Drugs werent huge then thank god... Alcohol had a little more of an edge than drugs... but it was better than now... people seemed more happy.. they did their own free will... Also.. I was REALLY young.. and I was taken care of.. I miss that.. I miss having people tuck me in... and having my parents kiss me goodnight and tell me they love me.. It was more careing then.. Amen.
From: Diane

What we love about the eighties.. Teenwolf, back to the future (one, two and three), The Breakfast Club, karate Kid, The Goonies, Short Circuit, Wierd Science, Rocky... Need we say more?!?
From: Dave & Sharon

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.