Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I Was Born In 1981 And I Am So Glad The Music Was Fab My Cd Collection Now Is Just Dedicated To The Era.i Remember Loving The Soundtrack For Never Ending Story. God It Was The Best.do The Girls Remember Jem And The Misfits I Never Missed That Show.i Remember Getting Up Early On Weekends To See Wacka Days.god,and The Fizzy Pop You Made Yourself,the Big Earings The Perms The First Crushes.wow,i Love The 80's.catch Ya L8r Luv Kirst.
From: Kirsty

I was born in 1982 and I remember quite a few things about the 80's. I remember when jump rope and hide and go seek in the dark was hours of fun for me and Cherry koolaid was the drink of choice, when I would rent Rainbow Brite movies 10x over, owned tons of My Little Ponies, a few Care Bears, and Cabbage Patch Kid's. I never had an obsession with NKOTB, hmm wonder why? I was into Brian Adams, hey, the guy still makes some good songs *grins*.
From: Susan

My teenage years were during the early 80s, so I distinctly remember the decade, as I reflect on it, I realize that many aspects of it seemed to parallel the 50s, a decade in which I was not even born, Some would probably guess it's adecade which I never left, why should I? Yes, I know change in inevitable, but let's face it, the music was better, and overall it was just a plain fun decade. The only regret is that American automobiles were not manufactured to the highest quality, I mean, who can forget those lemons from Chrysler corp, why do you think they just bout went bankrupt? Yes, the K-Car did save the company, but those Horrible Dodge Omni/Plymouth Horizons, just about everyone I knew who owned one had nothing but trouble with them, some folks more than others. The fashions were outlandish, but lot of that varied from location to location. Rubiks Cube and Pac-Man will always be tied in with the decde. I guess I love the decade so much because I was there, nad i feel I got to experience one of the greatest decades in the 20th century
From: David Packham

I was born on March 10, 1983. No, i'm not officially a child of the eighties, but as far as i am concerned all of my childhood memories are that of the eighties. My brother and i would spend hours on end watching eighties movies (those are our favorite movies). We talk about nothing but eighties movies and music. The music was the best and the movies were in a genre all their own. So, yes i do consider myself a child of the eighties. No, i don't remember the Challenger, i was three. But, i do remember Rainbow Brite, the Care Bears, Garbage Pail Kids, Transformers, Smurfs, Snorks, Inspector Gadjet, Fraggle Rock, Muppet Babies, and Thunder Cats. I remember The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Better Off Dead, The Goonies, The Karate Kid, Back to the Future, Wierd Science, Real Genius, and Dirty Dancing. Maybe i watched some of these movies a couple of years after they came out in theaters but they are still the only things i remember from my childhood. I do remember when Micheal Jackson wasn't white and my favorite Madonna song has always and will always be "Borderline", and i do know all the lyrics to "Come on Eileen" and "Take on Me"; i can practically recite the lyrics to just about any eighties song you can name. I can say i've seen just about every eighties teen movie. The 90's were never a part of my life they are a gap in my lifetime, all of the 90's i spent in the 80's and am still having trouble with the transition into 2002. Whether or not my birthday coincides with the official time of birth for eighties children still does not change the facts. Maybe technically i am not a child of the eighties but as far as my childhood is concerned, i am. I AM A CHILD OF THE 80'S!!!!!!!!
From: Legnnie Nicole Galvan

I loved the 80's. I was born in the mid seventies so i was the perfect age. I remember when Mtv actually played videos! Headbangers ball was the best show ever. I went through 2 can's of aqua net a week. I was voted the girl with the biggest hair in my high school. The music the TV shows. It was the perfect time to be a kid. It was really the last age of innocence.
From: Slayergrrl

In the 80"s i was a rock musician playing big shows up and down the valley after high school i somehow was able to get my hands on concert tickets to all the greatest shows you know theres alot of us but how many were to f*?k up to enjoy it im glad i was never wasted I remember everything even the faces Eddie Vanhalen did at the cow palace when he sat at the edge of the stage with his stienberger 5150 custom guitar or when fastway played with ac/dc ill never forget when the lead singer for fastway sang thier slow song and he sings this part that sounds so beatiful it was zeplinesh every one who was in love that nite became one at that moment we are one today still the times of our lives drive me wild the most beautiful girl in blue jeans ive ever seen was a girl named karen esquivel and she loved the band journey and she always had open arms for me.Airraid,me.
From: Aaron CuriocaJr.from sacramento ca.

I was born in 1986. I vaguely remembered the care bears and rainbow brite, so when I turned 14 I wet searching for my childhood memories. Now I'm a total 80's freak ! The movies were fun and cliche' (with great soundtracks), the men were all either british or irish (Sting, Bono ... ) and the music .. KICKED ASS !
From: Heather Joy

Born in 76, so I was an 80's kid. But a kid really. I wasn't really "square Pegs" generation - but I lived vicariously through my sister - we're talking Xanadu - backward roller scating - ... Naturally I had the parachute pants, the purple CONVERSE ALLSTARS - all the digs of the era. The first cassette I ever bought with my own money was "til Tuesday" -- Ammie Mann made a recent comeback on "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"! Post punk new wave came out of the economically and morally repressive 80's - Repression breeds creativity. Interesting if nothing else.
From: Kevin

Hey, being that I was born in 1983, I dont remember TOO much,but I remember when I was only 10 years old and I used to sit in front of the TV glued there until Cheers was over. No one could budge me!! Also the hairstyles of the 80's are probably the best ones to have ever of come around!! Boy, I would love to go back.
From: Lauren

I love the 80's I was born feb-5-1981. i love all the tv shows such as, punky bruster, small wounders. the great music, sweet sensation, MC Hammer, ect. I also wish i could go back and relive those years. I grew up in Long Beach CA. It would be so great to do a tribute to the 80's every year.
From: Barbar castro

What can I say about the 80's? That era was the best. I was a teenager of the 80's and I remember hanging out with my friends at the roller rink listening to songs like super freak and Double Dutch Bus. The mall was the place to be and Spencer's was the hot hangout store. Taking cruises along the "strip" to see who was there that you knew before they outlawed that. We could stay out as late as we wanted on weekends playing games with the neighbors without the thought of being kidnapped. Shows were not of a sexual nature and free of slang and cuss words. I remember loving MTV when it was something to enjoy.The music was awesome. i rememmber flipped up polo collars, spiked heels that you wore with your jeans and gone with the wind type prom dresses. I liked growing up in those days because drugs were not the popular thing to do...hanging out with your friends was. Cartoons then wre awesome like flintstones, jetsons, smurfs, etc. Not like Dragonball Z and pokemon which in my opinion are of a more violent nature. i remember collecting endless amounts of smurf figurines. I remember being on romper room and having a blast when I was 4 (early 70's). ut nothing compares to the endless amounts of memories that I have of the 80's. I hope the 80's era never had too die.
From: Patti B.

The 80's is the best decade and always will be. I luv the old Madonna w/songs like Holiday, Like a Virgin, Get into the Groove, etc. Bands like Oingo Boingo, Human League, The Eurythmics, Devo, Berlin, Missing Persons, Siouxsie & the Banshees... I could go on forever! Somehow anything doesn't compare to what the 80's had to offer. The music was great, the movies were great, the TV shows were great what more could you ask for!
From: Cheryl

I was born in 1972. I have vivid memories of the 70's, particularly the late 70's (I remember seeing Star Wars and Saturday Night Fever in the theatres.) However, the 80's was truly the decade of my formative years. Who can forget roller skating parties? In elementary school, Saturday mornings were much anticipated, especially to watch the Smurfs. Thursday night kept me at home for the classic NBC lineup: Cosby, Family Ties, Cheers, Night Court. In junior high I had a pair of parachute pants in different colors for every day of the week. In high school I was a "burnout," i.e. long hair (feathered early on, teased later), tight jeans, rock shirts: Kiss, Motley Crue, and the Union Jack "muscle T" like Joe Elliot from Def Leppard wore. I tucked my jeans into my high top Reeboks, and left the laces untied and hanging out the top hole. I wore jams in the summer, and a denim jacket in the fall. Most of all, I remember the carefree feeling of being a kid, having no worries, getting to bed early, collecting Wacky Packages when I was a kid, and hanging out at Friendly's (for you East Coasters) in high school. I get pretty nostalgaic thinking of those years. They were fun.
From: Mark

I love the 80's for alot of reasons, life was much more worry free I mean the worst thing kids or teenages had to worry about was cigarretts, I was born in 76, so I grew up in the 80's. I also loved the 80's because of the music, my favorite band to this day is Def Leppard, the are so hot, and Joe Elliott in those ripped up jeans:) I loved the movies, my favorite movie is Dirty Dancing, and I miss the skating being the pastiem, now days its gangs, and sex and who know what else, I wish the 80's could have lived on forever. Lucretia
From: Lucretia

Well I loved the 80's as well. I was born in 75. I loved fragle rock. Me and my friends at work have been trying to get a copy of the words to the theme song or a site online to listen to it. Can anyone help me +/or us? Please e-mail me at jennifer_shafer2002@yahoo.com if you can or have any ideas. Thanks. Oh I love the smurfs too! I was smurfette for holloween this year! Everyone loved it!!! Thanks again...
From: Jennifer Shafer

Ahhh, i just happened to stumble upon this page... I was born in 1973, the 80s-- what can i say, so many great memories, like-- the Atari 2600 which i played with for many an hour, other systems like Intelivision, Colecovision. I can remember when pac-man first came out for the atari 2600!-- my cousin bought it from Montgomery Wards lol How bout playing that cartoon game Dragons Lair in the arcade for the first time?? ...remember?? Girls wore those short miniskirts and permed out hair-- LOVED THAT!! i wish it would come back lol!!! Girls also wore those those neon clothes with those plastic arm bracelets.. Guys used to wear jean jackets, levi jeans were in-- dont forget that comb in the back pocket! guys also used to wear the alligator shirts, some with the collars turned up...white regular high top shoes-- which are hard to find these days without all that junk they put in them-- remember those spring jackets with the loop on either shoulder?? lol Now a-days--- girls have the ratty look to their hair--looks like they are too lazy to get it styled lol--like that flat look, or they chop it off wayyyyy too short-- i dont like it-- give me the long, luxurious poofy hair of the 80s please! lol I never really liked the 90s and today that much--all a bunch of "wearing my hat backwards droopy pants tattooed pierced weirdos that look like they belong in prison"(by the way, they will be sorry they got those tattoos when they are 80 years old lol) If I walked out of the house looking like these kids, I WOULD HAVE BEEN SHOT by my parents!! no originality in music from what i can see--these guys all sound alike or are ripping things off, please give me the 70s-80s music of Quiet Riot, Rush, the Cars anyday! Remember the synthesizers?? The Yamamha DX7, yamaha's breakthrough synth of the 80s, everyone had to have one!!-- yes i have one of these!!!! And please, does anyone know where you can find a normal pair of high tops these days??
From: Eric

The 80's Rocked. I had so much fun with my friends Kristin, Allison, and Nicole and I even still talk to Kristin and Nicole:) lotsa good times!
From: Karen Brown

The '80s were a great time to be alive, and it was an even better time for growing up. I couldn't have asked for a better decade to grow up in. Having been born in '71, this was when I became of age- learning how to drive, starting college, wearing makeup, dating- the whole 9 yards. It was terrific...
From: Kelli N.

The best years of my life were spent in the 80's, from 10 years old to 19 years!! I love the music, it is the most unique era of music. Just the nostalgia and all my favorite songs!!! I love 80's music!! Life seemed much simpler back then for me....
From: cheryl

i wish i could have lived in the 80s
From: ray

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.