Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I was a teenager in the 80's. I graduated in '83 and it seems like another world away. I was born in '65 so I remeber the '70's like some of you remember the 80's. It's cool 'cause I got to expeience my childhood in the 60's, 70's, 80's. I grew up in L.A. and the music scene was cool. I remember going to see the Go-Go's at The Roxy on Sunset when they were still a underground band in '81. Punk was real, it was music from the underground, nothing commercial about it. KROQ was the station to listen to. I especially loved Rodney on the Rock. He played cool music. I remember going to Florintine Gardens on Hollywood Blvd. because Richard Blade use to dj there. I remeber when MTV came out, and I remeber the beginging of HBO. Technology was a trip, Microwave ovens, VCR's, Cable TV, CD's. I remeber being in Berkeley visiting my friend and he showed me his REM cd, I was wo impressed, this was 84. REM was a college known band and it started getting more play on the radio and soon everybody knew REM. I was "preppy/New Wave". I use to wear penny loafers, Ralph Lauren, LaCrose, YSL, or used clothing from Advarks on Melrose. I use to have real short buzzed hair in the back and long bangs with my hair combed to the side covering one eye cause I was new wave. I loved it! I wouldn't be caught dead in a memebers only jacket. I hated them. I remeber when Melrose was a cool strip that was where you could get used clothing, punk clothing and accessories such as chains from England. I remeber wearing bobby pins, you were cool if you wore a boby pin. I don't remember TV in the 80's much. The 80's were so different from begging to end. Oh god, remember when guys use to wear bicycle shorts? Neon color clothing for women, that was scarry part of the 80's. The late 80's were very kitchy especially the fashion. I could go on and on. I miss the 80's but I love the 2000's too.
From: ja

i was born in 1984. i SO love the 80s. i loved listening to paula abdul and watching the smurfs, jem, out of this world, and charles in charge. sadly, nowadays, there is really nothing good to listen or watch anymore.
From: alyssa

The 80's they were the best days of my life, I graduated from High School in 88, so i spent the best ages of my life in the 80s, my friends were great, the best and we all had a ball, I would do everything i ever did in the 80s all over again if i had the chance too.
From: Ali-Cat

I was madly in love with Rick Springfield, Van Halen, Motley Crue - You name it in the music field (big hair bands rocked!) and I loved it! I loved the freedom of being a Valley Girl one minute and Madonna the next..... There has never been an era in my opinion that promoted so much fun in dressing up/down and dancing with the music cranked beyond imagination. Now I am a mother of two with responsibilities....How I wish for a few moments that I could go back and dance to Shannon's "Let the Music Play"!
From: Kim

I loved the 80's because, unlike the 70's, 90's, and so far the 00's, THE 80's DIDN'T SUCK!
From: Madd Matt

OH my gosh! What about Parachute pants and the sitcom "My Two Dads" and valley girls. I was born in 73' so I remember all of the 80's. People still talked about being married before engaging in sex. The 80's rocked. For the most part people who were together, stayed together. Movie stars and music stars still had a little privacy. It was a great decade. Kids still respected their parents, their teachers and each other. I raise my children to still be that way, peer presure sometimes gets to them and they fall now and then but I am always there to pick them up and give them a hand. My mother was the same and still is today. My mom was a single parent who raised me all by herself and she gets and Mother's Day AND a Father's Day card from me EVERY YEAR! Now days parents are too rapped up in their own little worlds to be parents to their own children. THE 80'S ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: America

THE 80s rock! Especially the RAMONES! They rock my world!
From: Spunky Spaniel

I loved the 80's because of the music made then,and becuse of the fashions.I was A punk but I stll liked some of the softer bands and singers like Duran Duran,the Bangels and Billy Idol.I think that I coud'nt have lived at A better time.
From: Cheyene Silva

Hi. I was born in 1972 and spent years 8-17 in the 80's. The 80s were so great because things back then were still simple and undiscovered. Its probably really liked that time because at that time I was still young enough not to have much responsibility. I remember the leg warmers, the Molly Ringwald movies, MTv videos, and just all the antics of being young and having fun. Now at 30, everything seems so serious and nothing seems to catch on like it did in the 80s....seems like all the fads are gone and there's no Brat Pack in the film industry..... Oh well...C'est La Vie :-) Lisamari
From: Lisa Marie

amo los 80 los 80 fueron la mejor epoca de mi vida , naci en el ano 73 y creci con la musica de los 70 y 80.mi hermana mayor era bien ochentosa,se ponia una ropa bien brutal...que anos akellos.en los 80 fui new wave , la musica era lo mejor man to man,off,chris,depeche mode,new order,dead or alive,nitzer ebb...tengo un amigo ke nacio en el 80,nos pasamos la vida hablando de lo ochentosos que somos,en verdad si pudiera darle para atras al tiempo volveria a los 80 y guardaria toda esa ropa que usaba.AMO LOS OCHENTA!!!!!!!!!!!! JUN PUERTO RICO
From: jun

I loved the 80's!!! I was born in 64 and graduated in 83. I was a great time for music, fashion and entertainment. I love seeing people my age still on the scene like Keiffer Sutherland, Rob Lowe, Brad Pitt, Kevin Bacon and Demi Moore. Most of the people in music, like Bono/U2 who are now in their 40's, are still going strong. Bring back the 80's when time was innocent and punk was adventurous!
From: Rebecca Flynn

The eighties were are are the best decade ever. The best and most diverse music and fashion and what more can one ask for than an amazibg Billy Joel and a hott Billy Idol?
From: samantha

I was born in 1985, in Australia, and the five years i spent living in the 80's was probably my most nostalgic memories. For myself growing up in a european family in the 80's was a time for little kid gangs, family BBQ's and weddings, the footy, pop-music, The Karate Kid, and playing with my blue heeler. The fashion of the middle-class was so funky but a little Un-co, with frilly skirts, ball-crushing jeans and teased fringes. Blue eye-shadow was a favourite amongst my mum and her female cousins whenever we had parties. I took for granted how good the music of the 80's was back then. These days, listening to the music of the 80's sends chills of happiness down my spine. Madonna brought alot of energy and confidence to young girls, every young girl had about 20 bracelets up her arm and a big scrunchy around her wrist. I remember going to my uncle's X-mas Parties, chocka-a-block with activities and families. I raced in the under 5's 60m race and i came first, i was wearing my red frilly dress, and i couldn't see anything because i was running that fast. lol. I think the mullet's were a classic, the more famous you were the bigger your mullet was. I used to have a strawberry shortcake dona i used to take on summer holidays, it was my favourite :) I just remember the 80's as one big laugh; the dancing, the family parties, the fashion pftftf lol, the music and the cars.
From: Amanda

How does one forget the 80's :O) I was born in 1985 in Australia. I was only 5 when it all sadly ended, but from what i remember it goes like this. It started off with the super hero cartoons like Superman, Batman, AstroBoy and The Incredible Hulk, then there was the robot cartoon called Transformers, Gummi Bears, Hey Hey it's Saturday with Darrel Summer's on Saturday nights, a game show called Sale of the Century, weekly soapie called Neighbours which still exists today 5 days a week, and the halarious Comedy Company, and i used to love the rubber figurines cartoon GUMBI :)))) i had all Gumbi figurines, i also had a lego house, monopoly board game, hungry hippo's game, and Barbies with the pink Mercedes LOLL. CountDown was a music show at night, which is better known as VideoHits these days broadcasting on Saturday/Sunday mornings. We had a Commodore 64, a SEGA and an ATARI. Kylie Minogue was very popular in the pop music sector, along with Madonna, Paula Abdul, George Michael, New Kids On The Block, Run DMC, Michael Jackson, Kim Wild, Cindy Lauper, UB40, U2, Midnight Oil, INXS, Baby Animals, RICHARD MARX :))) I remember all the tuppawear parties my mum and auntie's held at their houses, my uncle's X-mas parties, dirt bikes, teased fringes, perms, mullets, tight stubby shorts, parachute tracksuits, flannelette shirts, Floral dresses, Reebok Pump runners, Speed's Shoes, scrunchies, plastic jewelry sets,stilletto's, gold evening bags, colourful make-up, McDonald's birthday partie's, Hip Hop music and break dancing. My favourite movies were DIRTY DANCING baby that movie is every girl's favourite, Swayze looks edible lol. The Karate Kid was on repeat on my VCR from the morning until dinner time, The Never Ending Story, The Class of Nuken High, Ghost Busters, Beverly Hills Cop, Back to the Future, Gremlins, Revenge of the Nerds, and ET. When ever i remember the 80's i almost feel like crying... For me it was such a happy decade, not much bad was going on in the world to affect civilians, so much fun was happening; rock concerts, love music,Tom Cruise LOLL, pop music, footy on the weekends, and just enjoying the simple things in life from the dirt mountain in your back yard, to a Gelati from the Whippy Man, Kids were allowed to be free kids. I don't think the 80's could ever be replaced for the kids who grew up in that time. The 80's was so good, that Fashion of the 80's has made an absolute market these days. But that's a way for us to re-live a time that brought much fun into the world. GOD BLESS THE 80's.
From: Manj

i was born in1984 but i stilll remember going to my grandmas and watching zoobalee zoo. It was my favorite show.I have tapes of fraggle rock. I still watch these great shows. Thats for all the memories you brough back with this site!!!
From: Christina

everthing from television to music was and still is better than the ninties and today. long live the 80's.
From: dave

I love the 80s because MTV showed videos, and they were Lily white!
From: John

Hey I was born in 1988,and oh my i loved the show zoobaly zoo. I used to watch that show alot. I took my dad out the TV just to watch that. And another show i loved was Urika's Castle. I loved that show alot. I'm hoping that they bring back those shows because I'm sure the kisd now a days would love it.
From: Jenny $

I was born in 1982 and I only spent a few years in this great decade, and I could only appreciate it so much because I was young and didn't realize how great it is to live in the 80s. I just remember wanting to turn on channel 7 on Saturday mornings and watch "Pee-Wee's Playhouse", followed by "Teen Wolf" the animated series. The movies were great, and still are as was and is the music. I wish I could have spent more years in the 80s so I wouldn't be made fun of and teased by my friends for listening to 80s music all the time. This website is great because I love looking up 80s nostalgia, keep it up guys!
From: Bad Mother Krucker

The 80's were glamorous for guys and girls. It was like the 40's but modern... and it was still so simple - boy meets girl, fall in love, etc.... not like now... kids are too mature at an early age.. no thrill of the chase or imagination left.
From: Maggie

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.