Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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Well the 80's were f---ing awesome for so many reasons. Like seeing Sarah Jessica Parker as a nerd, a crazy alien named alf, that robot girl(forgot her name) madonna, mesh, and the number one reason of all would have to be the music. Oh and i think side pony tails are awesome, anyone, who was some one had a side pony tail. #2 reason why the 80's were f---ing awesome is atari and reg. nintendo. I still like regular nintendo better than the new shit. Well just to sum it up the 80's were awesome due to styles,tv(mtv),and music -Marj
From: Marj

it's me again, i know i already have a comment up, but i would just like to say i am so glad i found this site, nobody understands the 80's like you all. everyone knows how to appreciate the old skool.
From: Marj

I was born in 1969, and of course I love the 80s. I wouldn't call the 80s trouble-free, however; there were Ivan Boskey and Ronald Reagan's "Can we win a nuclear war?" question. Looking back, Enron and the War with Iran make these two issues seem harmless. The 80s was a time of hope-everyone was looking to their futures. People felt they had the chance to make something big out of their lives no matter what economic class they started in. Also, there was much more sensitivity towards powerless people. It felt like there would always be enough to go around. I loved the 60s revival. The movie "Hairspray" came out in '87. I loved the fashions. Oversized clothing billowed gracefully over the figure while being fitted around the waist, cuffs, and ankles. It was romantic. Black was the color of choice. Bands like Bauhaus and The Cure were hot. Alternative was actually alternative; it hadn't yet been made mainstream by corporate America. In the 80s people were starting to lose their idealism, but there were still plenty of dreams to go around, not like now.
From: Lucy

I was Born 1/2 way thru the 80's '85! I burden my parents with me telling them they are a disgrace for having unprotected sex 5 years too late! I Am a child from the eighties and also a child of the eighties. Now I'm an 18 yr old (adult) regressing to the eighties when stuff was way more fun. I only ever listen to 80's, watch 80's so much all my friends are into it too. We constantly have nostalgia nights, and go to 80's bars (yeah UK 18 to drink!) I really wish i couldv't lived this through the 80's the 90's were bland. 80's was definitely the most creative era in sense of fashion, hair, t.v, music.. i can go on forever. I love the fact 80's revival is closer than anticipated, a new era are listening to dance tracks full of 80's eager to hear the originals. Cartoons are being re-made and re released. No one can take away wat it was tho. 80's rule. I've since seen 5 STAR, BELINDA CARLISLE, DEF LEPPARD, GO WEST, LIMAHL.. and others at plenty of 80's holiday weekends. I wanna stay in the 80's forever, as far as i'm concerned I always am and will be IN THE EIGHTIES!
From: Daz

The 80's were the best,Heavy Metal Hairbands (I HATE NARVANA),the clothes the women wore,the TV shows,the BEST movies,Ronald Reagan,THE PARTIES,it was a simplier time,Trivia Pursuit,the drinking games(to all your favorite TV shows or games),Madonna fashion,mini skirts,spandex,cartoons,toys,I think I'm fixing to start crying!!!!!
From: DJakiel

the 1980's was top music deacde with stuff like Madness, Queen and Ub40. but apart from the great acts it was a load of shit. duran duran and culture club done it. but the birds like cyndi lauper, kim wilde and Bannanarama how minging were they. todays pop stars are people like Blazin squad, Justin Timberlake and Eminem. And look at the women as well J Lo, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Shakira i mean the music of the 1980's was great but the women were so ugly and badly dressed. So that mkaes the 90's and the 00's much better.
From: Edward Oliver

the 1980 music era UB40, Madness and Queen. these three were the bands i was mostly into with songs like baggy trousers,Red red wine and for queen no one bites the dust. but the 80's was dominated by not these greats all the pop batties like Culture club, Duran duran and Spandau ballet the poofy new romantic era. instead of rebel pop, rock and reggae my favourite the music i was more into during th era. Also the women were badly dressed and very ugly. The music today is people like Justin Timberlake, Blazin squad, Gareth Gates and Eminem. In the 1980's i nearly remember all the best but i did not like new romantic or the women like Kim Wilde, Cyndi Lauper and Bannanrama. today the women are the so fit like Britney, Christina and J Lo.
From: Edward Oliver senior

does ANYONE remember the tv show on Nickelodeon called "you cant do that on televsion" i remember watching it when i was younger and im only 17. pleaaaase write back. it was my favorite show and no one seems to remember it. thanks -ellen
From: ellen

I wish i could have lived in the 80's... I was born in '88 sadly and i missed out on all the good sh*t. but oh man... It's was just so f***ing cool back then!!!! They got those awesome rock bands like meatloaf and sh*t... i almost got to go to his concert... but then he got intestional surgery and canceled... i was so sad! They had the awesome poofy hair too! Now THAT was cool. and the awesome shows back then..... My little pony, Urika's castle, NINJA TURTLES!(man i love that show ima buy some of the videos on the internet, LIKE WUT!), the simpsons... all that cool stuff! it was great. and the clothes were even cooler! man i wish they still made stuff like that... i'd were it all the time. people were so cool back then. The more i think about it the more i wish i could have lived that sh*t. :(
From: Sacha

Well I was born in 1970. In 1982 I was in 6th grade ,oh middle school was the best. I had my first boyfriend, kissing was as for as you went, when you were a good girl. I went to the mall with my friends. Saw THE OUTSIDERS for the first time with TOM CRUSE, ROB LOWE, EMILO ESTEVEZ it was a cool movie.Listening to MADDONNA,CYNDI LAUPER,LOVERBOY,MOTLEY CRUE.Dressing up like MADDONNA,CYNDI LAUPER. Watched PURPLE RAIN with PRINCE!!!! I watched THE COSBYS.My parents did not let me or my sisters and brothers see the made for t.v. THE DAY AFTER.If I could go back to the 80s, I would!!!!
From: alice tello

I was born in 1965. Truth is I barely remember much before the 80's! But in 1983 I became a statistic. I was a "baby having a baby" . SO as a young teenage mother I didnt get to focus on the 80's as much as most did. Still I do remember that in the 80's every station on my car radio (the one with actual knobs) played cool music. And I could take my daughter to the park without having to worry about her crawling thru used syringes or bullet casings. I didn't have to worry that every admiring stranger was actually a kidnapper or worse. I used to hold her bottle in one hand and Teen magazine in the other while watching MTV (Who is Cyndi Lauper? She's so UNUSUAL!). I hoped she'd grow up to be as pretty as Brooke Shields and as cool as Jo (Facts of Life). She had a Glo-Worm she took to bed every night. The eighties was both a wonderful life affirming time for me (I loved to dance and was good at it!) and a period of struggle for me too. My daughter is 20 now and has a daughter of her own. Now she listens to Eminem and rap and I wonder where I went wrong! LOL! TIME WARP ME BACK TO THE 80'S PLEASE! Thanks!
From: Brenda Rose

OMG... thats all i have to say lol i love the fuken 80s so much they kick ass me and my friend are #1 fans its bad ass and wham and A Flock Of Seagulls billy idol duran duran EVERYTHING!!! its all kick @ss hell yeah well rock on everyone!!! I lOvE ThE 80S!!!!
From: 80s fan

i was born in 1983 and my sister was born in 1979 so she was more of an 80's child i guess. i remember idolising her, she had the big hair with a fringe perm and wore knee pads all the time. i remember her making me rate her dancing to madonna on a 1-10 scale. sleepovers were so huge back then. photos of the parties she had go to show how innocent everything was in the 80's. the thing i loved the most about the 80s was the cartoons! i loved care bears, my little pony, fraggle rock, punky brewster, dr snuggles, wuzzles!! all the cutesy cartoons. the 80's is like a dream now :(
From: katie

I was born in 88, but as far as I can see as far as music, the pop was better (Madonna,Cyndi Lauper, Micheal Jackson), the metal was better (Judas Priest, Metallica, Megadeth, guns n roses, Slayer, Twisted Sister) the punk was better (Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains, Black Flag, Original Misfits, and many other bands),the rap was better and meant something (Run DMC, LL Cool J, NWA,Public Enemy, Africa Baambata), and the r&b was better (Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, and of course there was the Talking Heads and Prince (My 2 favorite 80's stars). Movies were better (Star Wars, Back to future, Brat Pack movies, any molly ringwald movie)
From: Jason

i was born in '88, so i really don't remember the 80s very much. However, i still like things from the 80s. I have Transformers: The Movie on video tape. My favorite bands are Scorpions and Dokken. I have a video tape of WrestleMania I that I love. It's amazing all the changes the WWF has made. There were no entrance themes, and a elbow off the middle rope was considered high-risk. I still have my super nintendo, which I think was made in the 80s, but I'm not sure. The picture on the TV wasn't as bright, so whenever I can, I adjust the picture on my TV so it looks like something from the 80s. If only I had been born ten years earlier...
From: dan

Need i say more? The 80"s were great!! I was born in 1971 and i experinced all of the 80s being a teenager in those days were wonderful!! yep 1984 i had turned 13 What a great time loved the music loved the clothes and loved the hair Infact i still wear the hair lol love it curl and featherd and highlighted it was good times I remember wearing the tight rolled jeans and the jacket with all the pins and their sayings and all my favorite groups such as Duran Duran I was crazy about them obsessed more like it I mean kids have everything at thier finger tips today movies music videos games its a tottaly diffrent world today i mean didnt it seem harder to access stuff then? It was i remember watching Night Trax it was a music video tv show Anyone Remember that? Man i would wait up all night to see one video of duran duran!! Remember Atari pong lol and asteroids we thought we had it made but you know what we did!! for the simple fact that we didnt have britney spears lol i loved so many groups ac/dc deflepard reo speedwagon Prince oh that prince went to the movies saw purple rain Oh and that Rick Springfeild He sang human touch and affairs of the heart I went to the movies and saw his movie too oh the summer of 1984 Van Halens Jump Yeah Those were the days I didnt watch cartoons that much then well ok the flinstones we had great Tv. sitcoms like growing pains Facts of life Family ties the list goes on I remember around 1987 i believe Rossane came out and that was Like WoW here is a woman who really expreses what she thinks on national television WOW so blunt now that i look back Rossane is so mild compared to the T.V shows of today I started watching Talk shows in 1982 like Donohue cant spell that right lol Sally and oprha AND YOU NEVER HEARD A CURSE WORD NEVER then ofcourse over the years you hear nothing but cuss words!!! I mean look at Jerry Springer people take there dang clothes off now its sad i just cant relate to the new shows of today ive tried there is no plot to them there is no caring in them at all if you look back on the shows of the 80s you will see they were alot about family life issues things that teens could relate to i grew up laughing and crying to those shows they will never be forgotten todays shows reak there all about ratings and sex and exploting people. There is not one show without someone saying sex! Its sad. I have 6 children now and i am 32 years old and my oldest is 13 and she thinks the featherd hairstyle is stupid lol But kids are kids lol I try to tell her girls took more time out with there appearance then. Unlike today straight hair or in a bun in a clippie. Remember when it took hours to get your hair to feather right and your collar to stay up lol and oh those stone washed jeans Awesome Dude and yes i wore the bandana around the leg> I remember the older people saying (HEY YOU BEEN SNAKE BITTEN LOL) Of course i thought you just old lol! teen magazines were so cool then!! And so cheap Unlike today their 6 or 7 bucks for one. Its a shame because the teen magazines look more like Play Boy magazines!! And you cant let your kids watch mtv or go outside with out worring about them its sad and the internet is so dangerous too. Dont get me wrong i love the internet for usefull information but im so glad we didnt have it growing up Thank Godness!! Kids today think they cant live with out it! well I love the 80s and had a great time in the 70s but the year 1979 ended when i was 8 yrs old in 1979 but the 80s were my era singers were better had something to express t.v, magazines, and fashion nothing beats it!! I LOVE YOU 1980S!!!
From: Candy

I was born in 83' and it seems I can remember almost everything! I used to love my Teddy Ruxpin and his pal Grubby (I still have it) umm... I think everyone had a "Speak-n-Spell" Muppet Babies was the cartoon when I was younger as I grew it was ...HeMan, Shera (princess of power), Punkie bruster, Gem, G.I. Joe...and yes I loved "You can't do that on television (the kids variety show where they told jokes out of their lockers) I used to Watch Xuxa if you remember that (actually that was early 90s) What about the Cartoon/TV shows like Heathcliff! My brother used to have Garbage Pale Kids stickers stuck in every place in our house. OOOOOh... can't forget Fraggle Rock!
From: Nadiyah

Parachute pants!! Can't wait until this 70's crap goes away & I can start wearing them again with the bandana wrapped around the wrist!
From: Sherry Oliver

Allow me to start by syaing that,the 80's were the pinicle point in my teen years. Although I was a teen in the late 70's. I remeber the 80's the most. If ever there were a sound track to ones part of ones life. That was it, no doubt about it!I loved the 80's, every moment of every day! With every year, it has it's uniqe sound. There is no question, the 80's has it's own. Although it's now concidered classical,yikes! Am I that old? Any way, thank you for allowing me to share with you and for those who read this. The 80's rule! And Ronald Reagan was the best president of all time!Oh I was born in 1964, January 19th to be exact! Thank you Mix 107.5..An avid listener Chris Evans of Salem.
From: Chris Evans

I was born in 1966. I graduated Coppell High School, TX in 1984. Those were the best of times. The funky hair, parachute pants, leg warmers, the feathers on roach clips that were clipped under your hair or on cowboy hats, the little thin headbands, punk rock, Madonna, David Bowie's White Wedding, Gloria Vanderbuilt perfume and pants, The Breakfast Club. I could go on for hours. I really wish the 80's would hurry and come back in my lifetime.
From: Lori Ponder

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.