Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I forgot to mention more 80s movies like Pretty in Pink,Teen Wolf,Valley Girl, Earth Girls are Easy,Night of the Comet,Fright Night,Blues Brothers,Bill&Ted's Excellent Adventure,Caddyshack,Dreamscape,Tron,Last Starfighter,War Games,and Risky Business.
From: Billy Duncan AKA 80s Freak

We were all younger, brighter, more interested. Voltron, G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K., Transformers, and yes, even the second-rate Go-Bots were all in style. Garbage Pail Kids were the hot thing, not Yu-Gi-Oh! Atari was leaps and bounds ahead of Intellivision, and then came Nintendo with R.O.B. the Robot. Super Mario Brothers music was hard-coded into our brains, and Arcades were EVERYWHERE, and WE LOVED THEM! We didn't care if we spent $10 to $20 dollars on an arcade game when we could own a video game for a little more. Kids' mail order catalogues were about the coolest things ever and we dreamed of the day we turned 18 so we could buy those magician sets, or disappearing ink, or whoopie cushions, or snapping gum, etc. etc. Even us boys (we were ashamed to admit it sometimes) tuned in to She-Ra to find that annoying little creature on the screen. I had velcro Snorks shoes, a transforming watch, and Return of the Jedi Underoos. Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors was fast becoming my favorite show, and I loved Land of the Lost. My brother and I could just about build a house with Legos, and TV shows were top notch. Saturday Night Live was actually funny. We couldn't understand why Short Circuit and the Goonies were not nominated for best picture. We played electronic football on a handheld game. Tiger elecronic games (or Nintendo Handhelds) were portable and fun! We loved to count to thirteen while we sang about Sesame Street. Mr. Rogers (rest his sould) was like a father to many of us. Most importantly, everything was original. You didn't have generations looking back, trying to revive the past (like we wish we could do). God bless the 80's!!
From: Daniel

i was born in 1988 and unfortunly i missed out. but when i was 11 i hate the new music and i need soming different and somthing that was me... and the 80's thrash,shred and lets not forget the glam stuff. i see how it was then and now and i realize if we continue at this rate that music will be shit and alredy is. Musicand the 80s is my life. i have the image of Jan from Vixen...yes i have the poofy blond hair the leather pants and the leather biker jacket to go with. ill admit that im a loser and i have no life but sit a listen to music and play guitar and drink. Thats fine with me tho...as long as i have my 80s
From: an 80s girl at heart

I can't say I remember much about the 80s cause I was born in '86 but I still remember my dad taking me to Silo and buying me my first Nintendo and playing the original Mario and Duck Hunt. I also remember my mother having a can of Aqua Net hairspray in the bathroom. I remember how my sister and cousins used to dress and I remember watching Growing Pains, Who's the Boss?, and the Cosby show. Even though I have only mere memories of the 80s, I still like the clothes that were worn in the 80s and I think the music of the 80s is much better than today's music. I wish I had been older in the 80s! The 80s rocked!
From: Jessy

I was born in 1980. I can remember in 83 at age 3 listening to Pet Shop Boys sing West End Girls on the radio. I had Mr. T shirts and He-Man figures, and of course I remember MacGyver, He-Man, Airwolf, The A-Team and tons of others. I had tube socks with the 3 stripes on top and neon colored sunglasses and a BMX bike and all that. I mainly remember the music and TV shows though.
From: Lee

Like oh my god! The 80s were like so bitchin! I remember I used to love like going to the Galleria with my friends and like buying all the neatest clothes, shoes, and jewelry and we would like hang out and eat at the Orange Julius! It was like so bitchin! We would like go back to my house and like listen to the Go-Gos, the Bangles, Madonna, Poison, Motley Crue. It was like so totally rad back then lol! I wish I could like go back and do it all over again! I'm not very fluent in my valspeak these days and I apologize. I was a former valley girl and ever since I became an adult, I decided to abandon my valley girl image all together. I looked through my old wardrobe recently and decided that I miss being a valley girl and I miss the 80s. They were a magical time when you could just be yourself and you never had to worry about diseases or viruses. It was a fun time and probably the best decade ever. I visited the Galleria a few years ago but it still wasn't the same as it was when I used to hang out there with my friends. I will always miss being a valley girl and hanging out at the Galleria. Things are alright now but they would be so much better if I could relive the 80s again! I wish the 80s would make a comeback!
From: Becky From The Valley

`When the 80s started I was 16 and the 80s had some of the biggest moments of my life I remember the day my house got cable we were 1 of the few people to get it when it first came out I remember I want my MTV and seeing the biggest 80s stars like Pat Benatar say the famous line the vjs were the greatest but I always had a little bit of jelousy against them. My favorite vjs were M.Quinn, D. Zappa,and A. Hunter they were my favs. I
From: Gene

I love the 80s let me just say ok should I state my age? I donno but lets put it like this I was 16 in 1980. I remember when cable came out my family was one of the few houses to get it when it first came out. I loved MTV and I remember the commercial with stars like Pat Benatar saying ''I want my MTV'' I loved the vjs even though I was always a little jelous of them. My favorite vjs were M.Quinn,D.Zappa, and A. Hunter I loved when they hosted the vmas and Zappa did his tribute hair '' where would music videos be without hair? You either have it or ya dont.'' I remember having a big crush on Duran Duran but I would always mix them up becuase of the 4 Tylers promblem. I hated my hair in the 80s but back then it was cool but I dont see whats cool about puffy hair up to the sky and I remember I dyed my hair alot so it was a mess. Those are just some of my 80s memories bye.
From: Gene

Born in the mid-1960's, the 80's saw my transition to early adulthood. The originality of the music of the early 1980's seemed unstoppable: I remember in 1980 and 1981 you could practically turn on the radio every morning to hear music that was to become and still remain classics (Passions, German Film Star; Talking Heads, Once In A lifetime). In fact that persisted well into the mid-late 1980's: Then Jericho, The Motive. It was also possible to be more creative with clothes too; now everybody wears virtually the same things - as attractive as it might sometimes look. I have never since sensed such liberty, optimism or such a possibility of unlimited success again - one recession has followed another and career chances seem to get harder and harder to find. True, there is more crafted and perhaps even more soulful music around now than ever before but it takes a lot of detective work to find and the mainstream music is just brainless and representing nothing but pure imagery itself. You need the quality and interesting soulful tunes just to survive the daily nonsense that the 1990's and the 21st brought/bring in their wake!
From: Dave G.

I was born in 1985, but I still remember the 80's quite vividly. My sisters and brother were teenagers in the 80's and I remember my sister always have teased hair as high as she could get it, and wearing alot of white lace. She'd babysit me on Saturdays and dance w/ me to Madonna. I remember shows like "Mr.Belvedere" "My 3 Dads"...I watched every single episode of "I love the 80's" on VH1 and could relate to pretty much all of it. If you go to "Wet Seal" the clothes there are 80's like. It's awesome. The 80's were an awesome decade, I'm still infatuated with it, and wish I could go back. Those were the days.
From: Lindsey

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 1980's were so great. I get depressed cos I wish I could go back t that time. I was born in 1977 and i remember so much. I loved Ronald Reagan and I remmeber the cold war with Russia and how he stood up to Gorbechev and wouldnt back down from the communists. I remember when cable television first started and my teenage brother trying to inscramble the dirty stations to get a glimpse. hahahahahahhaahah. My favorite thing in the world was strawberry shortcake and the care bears. oh barbie too! the boys had the transformers and G I Joe and He Man. My first tape I had was Michael jackson's thriller and I loved madonna, duran duran, quiet riot, cyndi lauper,pat benatar, journey, gosh i love 80's music!!!!!!!!!!!I remember when I got an atari for christmas and my favorite game was dig dug lol my brother had an intelevision and my favorite game was hamburger time. The 80's were not perfect but you didnt have to worry about your kids getting kidknapped the way you have to today. And kids today are the same in alot of ways but they just dont have what us kids from the 80's had. There is something missing with them. I think kids today are so lazy. They are always on a computer or playstation and there is a big problem with kids being overweight. We had technology in the 80's of course cos that is when the eloborate things really started to come out. But we didnt have enough to take us away from playing outside with the whole neighborhood. I remember when everyone was patriotic and proud to be american and people had a better attitude towards some issues. I just miss it and I wish I could go back. I am very glad I was born when I was cos I wouldnt change it for anything :)
From: shannon keeney

The 80's, wow what a wonderful decade. I was born in 1971, so yeah I was teenager in those years, and I have to say I couldn't have a better teenage life than in those days. My gosh, our music was just totally awesome as we used to say. Our complete going out, we never got in into any serious trouble, all we wanted to do was go sit out on the parking lot in our small little town. My friends and I would use a whole bottle of Rave number 4 hairspray, remember that girls? now a few used Aqua Net of course. But I tell you what the bigger the hair the better. I asked my friend the other day how the heck we used to have the window's rolled down, with our hair, and she said well it never went anywhere it just stayed in one place. Yeah sometime's I wish I could go back just for a week and relive it all. The Music was awesome!!!!!!! Yeah I definetly will not ever forget the 80's that's for sure.
From: Chana

We had awesome TV shows and cartoons in the 80's!! My 14 year old niece (whom I remember being a beautiful little baby just yesterday) has no idea who He-Man was.....that is really sad!! The Transformers,Fraggle Rock, Duck Tales, she has no clue. No wonder kids are turning out the way they are now days, (OH NO!! I sound just like my Dad did when I was 10 or 12.....HELP!!!) you can't even watch the Bugs and Tweety Show on Saturday mornings any more!!
From: Denny

Even though i was born in 1988 i feel that the 80s were the most wonderful and fantastic decade ever.Bands like madness, duran duran,mel and kim and many others from the 80s made the best pop the world has ever known.Looking back at the 80s,everything was alive,anything they did was lively,electric and colourful.This is unlike today.Today's world is boring and pathetic.no company can do anything properly today and all they think of is money a washing machine company can't even make a washing machine to last longer than 5 years without repair.This attitude the world has today is destroying every thing.The so-called music industry is a disaster today and the music is too boring and sad.the 80s were a different story.Things were built to last back then and everything was live and wonderful.I think the world ended on the 31st dec 1989 and i regret the fact that i couldn't properly enjoy the magical decade that is the 80s.In this decade we have really messed up the music scene and Because of this the 'music'companies of today's world they are selling poorly and todays 'bands' are the reasons why.Their music is a dreadful drone and now anybody can enter the music charts with a snore.As for fashion its just baggy nike gear,there is no style.electric appliances are made rubbish and only last a short period of time.I have a blender which was first used in 1986 and since then has been dropped by accident from quite a height and is used regularly and also has never been repaired and is still working perfectly now in 2003.That just shows you the high standards made in the 80s.The 80s will always be my favourite decade and really should be everybodys.
From: William

I was born in 1973 and the eigthies were really a great time.Remember guys we had no CD, only tapes and vinyls disks and when the CD's came out it just turned us mad.We had no mobile phone or internet, i remember hours spent on my Commodore 64, playing with games far lighter than 1 Mo, swapping hundreds of games with friends.The music was so much cooler than now, no gangstar rap or hardcore speed metal.80's sadly started with the cold war but ended with the fall ot the Berlin wall. People started to understand how important environement is , do u remember all these ads on MTV ( man we had to wait till 87 to get MTV!!!) about the rainforest, acid rains...Sting, Bono, Johnny Clegg ... all these guys talking about ecology, fight against racism... What about the TV series, do u remember Miami Vice, 21 Jumpstreet, Twin Peaks, V,...
From: Pascal

What I remember the most about the 80's is the times that I spent with my friends and the good times we had while we had our favorite tunes playing. I also remember can't waiting until TBS's Night Tracks and Friday Night Videos on NBC to come one because, at the time, where I lived, we didn't have MTV and that was our only way to see our favorite videos. The video games were better back then, even thought the graphics are so much better these days, back then.. we didn't have all of the violence that seems to be in so many video games these days. To me.. The 80's was the best decade in American history and I wish there was such a thing as a time machine because I would travel back to that time in a heartbeat!
From: Michael

i was born in 1975, so i remember it all. toys like he-man, g.i. joe, star wars, wwf wrestlers, transformers, voltron, go-bots, rubix cube, simon says, lite-brite, battleship, lincoln logs, classic football, marbles, atari, intelivision, coleco vision, the pac-man & donkey kong portable arkades. games like pac-man, donkey kong, pong, gallaga, astroids, dig-dug, centipede, and so on. my favorite cereal were pac-man, donkey kong, count chocula, frankinberry, mr.t, captain crunch, and so on. my favorite cartoons were smurfs, g.i.joe, superfriends, captain caveman, underdog, yogi and booboo, heathcliff, thundercats, felix the cat, he-man, and so on. t.v. shows like the cosby show, whats happening now, gimme a break, amen, 227, diff'rent strokes, silver spoons, and so on... michael jackson was the man. i used to wear michael jackson t shirts in 84. aw man speaking of 84, BREAKDANCING was hittin hard. i won 2 breakdance contests in 1984, and 1 in 1985. well folks im done. but keep the 80's alive. peace
From: tony

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From: Natalie

I was born ın 1976 and lıved every year in 80's.I Love TİFFANY,Debby gıbson ,Martıka,Macgaygver(ıs the best I HAVE 12 parts of ıt )and Frıday the 13'th ıf you enjoy 80's I thınk Marty -BTTF- ıs your bıggest love.I wısh Ican speak englısh better .I don't know Englısh very well but I know 80' ıs my favorıte,best and wonderfull years
From: BERK

You know and you lıke :(((((( radıo romance,Bıff'chevy ;de lorean,commodore 64,Amstrad,Tarzan boy,CCcatch,wonderful lıfe(black),samanta fox(touch me),macgyver,jason and hıs knıfe, Evıl death,ghostbusters,Bettlejuıce,teen wolf(mıchael j. fox ıs my favorıte actors))))))))because you are the fun of 80's lıke me ıf you want to thalk about the best years you can wrıte my maıl adress
From: BERK

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