Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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Why I love the 80's. Crimpers, shoulder pads, the DeLorean. Need I say more?
From: Kristy Sullivan

"F-you, we're Motley Crue..." That's why.
From: Knepptunes

Why, you ask? Getting up with my younger brother at 7:00am on Saturday mornings with a bowl of sugary cereal and watching cartoons. Saturday afternoons?? Kung-fu!!! with the really out-of-sync dubbing. I was born in '78, my brother in '80. True children of the generation!! I think we watched every Nickleodeon show that ever aired from '82-'90. Remember Pinwheel???? You Can't Do That on Television??? I remember arguing with a classmate that Boy George HAD to be a boy beacause of his name. My mom LOVED Prince, and she still has three of his records. OMG! RECORDS, remember those? My cousing was a huge Madonna fan. I think her favorite song was lucky star. She was born in '76. The '80s were great. We all wanted our MTV. The music was fun: I loved Heart, Klymaxx, Prince (of course), Hall & Oates, Sade, Mtume, Van Halen, Debbie Gibson, Eurythmics (Annie rocks!!), New Edition, Lisa Lisa feat Cult Jam, El DeBarge (and Chico is STILL hot), Herbie Hancock ('cause as soon as you figured out how a synthesizer worked, you were getting one!), and people actually danced to rap music. No, not that gyrating nonsenese, but danced! Don't push me.....Cause I'm close to the edge.....I'm trying not to lose my head.....a-ha-ha-ha. I love 80's toys. My mom kicked ass at Space Invaders on Atari. My first computer was an Apple and it's floppy disk were...uh...floppy. We got Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake (ok, I got her black friend Orange Blossom), Hot Wheels race track sets, more Barbie stuff than imaginable, Cabbage Patch kids, Big Foot 4x4, Micro Machines (remember the fast-talking guy in the commercials?) The 80s always remind me of how fun it was to be a kid. From roller-rink birthday parties to dancing to Salt-n-Pepa songs in neon striped biking shorts. Like, the 80's were totally awesome! P.S. Yes, I remember Kidd Video!! I watched it at my cousin's house. ".....from my video/ to my radio....". I even remember Meneudo. :) they were soooo cute
From: Nicki

why do i love the 80's? how can u not? any decade filled with flock of seagulls, squeeze, tracey chapman, pretty in pink, breakfast club, sixteen candles, messed up howard-the duck, frank zappa, valley girl, duran duran, degrassi, 21 jump street, nightmare on elm's street, wird science, talk-talk, frankie goes too hollywood, insanely big hair, member's only jakcets, a-ha, 'roos, run-dmc, the waitresses, blondie, t.j. hooker, miami vice, crimped hair, tears for fears, the eurthmics, mtv, stray cats, ma-why should i go on any further. every single living second of the 80's not only rocked my socks but was a very awesome time period that other decades frown upon.
From: alison

From: kim

Oh yeah, I love metal. Skid Row, Motley Crue, and the mighty Metallica. Gun's n Roses, nothing compares. My boyfriend says I am stuck in the 80s, but I don't care. I think it was the greatest time ever!
From: janean

My generation is way far away from the 80s, I was born in 1990 therefore I have no recollection of the 80s or 90s even...but I love talking to my mom and dad about what is was like..about every detail of clothing and all the songs. I have come to realize that the saying " History repeats itself" is sooo true! All of us kids wear the Rolling Stones t-shirts and have everything 80s..rubber bracelets...Madonna-looking shirts that hang off the shoulder...the whole shabang! I really, really deeply wish that I could have been alive in the 80s at the age i am now..and not in this generation because we are not original at all...we are mindless idiots trying to follow what inkling of a detail we think is cool...and I really wish I could have expierienced the real thing..but I can't, so I study about it through my parents and I do support bringing it back because that is what we do..try to bring back old times...anyways...you can ask anyone of my family memebers or friends what generation and they would all tell you the same...80s! Well...there's my speech...that is why I love the 80s...because of EVERYTHING!! You were so original and careless and fun...now..it is not so fun..but I can't change that.
From: Silly Girl

I wasn't sure where to add this but i wanted to...my mom and dad told me about Chinese Firedrills....i had NO idea at all what the heck they were talking about so they explained that it is where at a redlight you jump out of a car and all rotate around it in a circle and get back in before it turns green. when i heard this i was like "what is the point of it all?" and then afterwards...like the next day I decided I was gonna do that with my friends when I drive...just to be stupid..so thank you children of the 80s..for being crazy and paving the way!
From: Girlie Girl

I was born in October 1969 and I'm very proud cos I could live all my teen years in the 80s. The 80s was the last GREAT decade in music, cinema, art, sports. Most people weren't wondering if the 80s were gonna be like the sensational HOT POT of the 70s and VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR (actually Oct. 79, a gift for my first 10 years birthday...) came out like an atom bomb!!! Michael Jackson was in plain vains, DURAN DURAN seduced even the Royals... It was when the Western World lived mindlessly, the girls were so beutiful and sex was made every day. But we have SH** STUFF like MARILYN MANSON, BRITNEY SPEARS, PUFFY DEAD... Oh, those 80s...
From: Pasktemp

The thing I love about the 80s is the music! I was born in 79 and grew up listening to music like Madonna, Bangles, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, Def Leppard, and Bon Jovi, just to name a few. I can remember kids in my school that was k-12, rocking to Bon Jovi's living on a prayer! And who could forget the clothes I wore RELIGIOUSLY? My 3 colored Chucks with my tight rolled jeans, jean jacket with all kids of pins and bandanas tied around my leg aahhh... those were the days! MTV was actually Music Television!!!! And cartoons like He-Man, who I loved and still love. And games like Zelda and Super Mario Bros. Now I still listen to 80s music in my car on my AWESOME system and CRANK IT UP!!!!! Boy the looks I get from these youngersters especially when I play Billie Jean! LOL!!! And sometimes I will tight roll my acid washed jeans and wear a bandanna tied around my knee. D*** i miss the 80s, but believe me they are comming back! I have seen some of the accessories like jelly bracelets and leg warmers - it wont be long!!!! And i can't wait!!!
From: Alex Jenkins

The thing i loved about the 80s was the MUSIC!!!! It rocked! I was born in 79 and I loved watching my mother cleaning house to her favorite singer, Billy Ocean who I still love today. And the fashion in the 80s like in 87-90 I would wear my acid washed jeans tight rolled and my 3 colored Chucks, along with my jeans jacked with pins and a bandana tied around my knee. Ahhh... those were the days! Today I still listen to nothing but 80s music on our all 80s-all the time radio staion. And I listen to my 80s CDs in my car on my awesome system and get all kinds of looks, and sometimes I will relive the fashion from the 80s... I see some things coming back, so it wont be long!!!!
From: Alex Jenkins

AHH the 80's where to start..Best days of my life.The music was the best bands like Aha, Psuedo Echo, Oingo Boingo, Tears For Fears, Cockroaches and many many more. Had my biggest hair in the 80s, bottles upon bottles of spray and when that failed the old sugar mixed with water always worked LOL..Denim jackets and bubble skirts, layers of socks and ripped jeans, Transformers, Magic Merrygoround, everyone loved the wear their school uniform and dolly shoes.Me and my girlfriend had matching BMX bikes (actually we had matching clothes too and used to call each other every morning to see what the other was wearing ) we loved our bikes they took us everywhere. Them awful 3 quarter length collote trousers were the worst thing I think..anyway I could go all day the 80's rocked...
From: psuedoecholove

I was born in 78 and spent my pre-teen/early teen years in that awsome decade. I rode a BMX bike, watched movies like RAD and Goonies. TV shows like ALF, Family Ties, Golden Girls (yes I did like it), Hunter, Head of the Class and shows like Pinwheel. Mike Tyson's Punchout was my game (Super Macho Man sucked but I beat him). I remember riding my bike with my friends, and playing Release when the street lights were on. One thing I think kids are missing out on today is Trick Or Treating. It seems to be not a big deal anymore (at least in Pittsburgh, PA) but when I was a kid, the whole neighborhood was dressed up and the houses all competed to have the best decor. God Bless the 80s and da** Nirvana for bringing in the feel bad for yourself decade of the 90s.
From: Vince

Okay first of all I was not born in the 80s I was born in the 90s which is pretty sad because I WANTED TO BE BORN IN THE 80S!! But that cannot be helped or changed but I am still obsessed about the 80s, especially the music. There is a ton of diffrent images and some of them are pretty weird but I still love it!! I first was interested in the 80s at Christmas time when my class had to do the song "Do They Know It's Christmastime" for our concert every year. We had to watch the video of how it was made and I saw many people like Bono(from U2),Sting(from The Police)and many more and I think about it non-stop. I don't even like today's music anymore I only listen to 80's music!!!!!!! I LOVE THE 80'S!!!
From: Bridgit

Man, this site is great! Brings back mad memories. I grew up during the mid eighties in Queens NY. It was the most fantastic childhood I could imagine. We had the most eclectic array of current events, clothing fads and music of any era. My biggest fear though was nuclear war. I'd read about it in the paper before I'd leave to get my ass kicked at public school and just freak out. There were days when I was convinced it was gonna happen. I'd skip school or not do homework because I was so nervous. The movie "The Day After" didn't help either. But Friday nights is what it was all about. Knight Rider, Friday Night Videos and Dukes of Hazzard made everything better. I remember watching TV with my first remote control that had about five buttons that clicked like a cap gun when you pushed them. Rembember Daisy Duke? Mm, Mm, Mm...better than Donkey Kong Cereal or any Pudding Pop Bill Cosby could sell me. I know I wasn't the only kid in Queens that wanted to be a farmer when he grew up. I still remember the crews that came about with their bombers and Kangols and shelltop Adidas with fat laces...I got my ass kicked for a suede pair once. I live in West Virginia now and started seeing kids wearing those again...didn't realize they were back in, I just figured they finally made it here. The 80s were great, things are no doubt different now, a little more complicated. My wife says "let go, grow up" and I say "make me." I've written a screenplay about growing up in the 80s and fallen asleep thinking about those days long gone...okay, and Daisy Duke. --Soup
From: Soup

The 80s for me were a time when things such as cloth diapers and rubber pants were still very much being used.
From: Lorraine jorgenson

Hey, I'm 17 years old and my school is going back to the 80s - for homecoming that is. I don't really remember that much about the 80s so I'm asking you out there to give me some ideas. I'm not sure what to wear or what to do to my hair but I want to look different than the others. If you know any websites, movies or things i can do to stand out at the party, e-mail me please.
From: betsy b

From: Melissa

I love the 80's! I was born in 1970, so I spent my formative youth in the 80's. Everything was so cool back then. You could play Ghosts in the Graveyard out in the streets with your friends after dark without worrying about being robbed, murdered, etc. The music was awesome. Duran Duran, Rick Springfield, the Boss, Twisted Sister, oh man, the memories! MTV was the best! The toys were so cool too. Remember Monchichi's? How about Lite Brite, and Pac-Man, and Care Bears, I could go on and on and on! The TV shows were so cool. Remember Knight Rider with Kit the talking car? And Dukes of Hazzard? Roscoe P. Coletrain! How about Dallas? Who did shoot J.R. anyway? Oh man, if I could only go back to those innocent times. Well, if I knew what I know now anyway.
From: Serena

I miss the 80s so much! The movies, the music, and it was such a great style. It seemed like everything was fun and carefree. I love the music, especially the British pop and punk bands! My life seemed OK, then everything was an adventure. I was born in 1979. I feel like I am still 17, but in reality I am "25!" Wow! And time went by slow in the 80s. Now it's like OMG, were did the years go? Anyway, I am a dork and I love the 80s!

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