Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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Since almost everything about the 80s has already been mentioned a hundred times, here are few more personal memories. We were born in 73 and 74 in northwest England and we remember the long, hot, sunny summers. They seemed to be longer and warmer than they are now. Smash adverts. "Charlie says..." (UK). Staying awake in my bedroom to watch 'spitting image' on a horrible black and white TV. The Equalizer. Bucks Fizz!!!. The phantom flan flinger!!!!!. LOUD MAKEUP. BIG HAIR. Choppers. Ra ra skirts. My Dad seeing Boy George on Top of the Pops then saying 'She is a lovely young girl!'. Ted Rogers on 321. Bullseye. Painting cassettes with Tippex or nail polish. Vinyl LP's. He-Man. Baby dolls. Wooden crutches. The smell of my sisters hair bleach. The Muppet Show. Sapphire and steel (UK).VHS vs Betamax. Music? Depeche Mode, Madness, Madonna, Duran Duran, Wham, OMD, Marillion, Tears for fears. Movies? Breakfast club, St Elmos Fire, The Outsiders, Bladerunner. It is such a shame that the end of the 80s meant the start of the 90s. Something was lost that we will never have again. All that we have are sweet memories of a very special time. Maybe it was just because it was 'our time' and maybe it is just our youth that we miss. Oh well... Paul and Linda.
From: Paul And Linda

It's really sad to remember the 80s, but at the same time it gives me great joy to remember those cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Scooby Doo, Thunder Sub, Joe 90, Terrahawks, Sesame Street, etc. Entertaining my uncle with the latest breakdance moves... There was so much meaning to life then. When I sit back to listen to my old records, I just can't help but wonder how fast the world has changed. Kids nowadays want to see guns and explosions in there catoons and you sit and wonder were we failed as a society....?
From: Moses Mshelia

I was born in the year 1991. Even though I'm 13, I love the 80s, the music (which is all I listen to), everything. My goal is to bring back the 80s trends and the slang too. One day, I know I will achieve my goal. :) ;-)
From: Karlita

I remember going to my first "Retro Disco" party in 1988. After the party a small group of us went out to Denny's (the only late night food option in OC) dressed in our full polyester platform looks. I was wearing a one shouldered polyester dress with platforms and blue eyeshadow and when I was in the restroom stall I heard some girls making fun of me. The people in the restauant were shocked to see such an offensive fashion faux paux. I think they thought we were a bunch of nerds. We would have only been slightly more shocking had we been naked. It's amazing how many people in the 80s denied having worn polyester or listening to disco music. It wasn't until the early nineties that admitting you listened to Disco music became acceptable. Disco was a taboo subject.
From: Tommye

****THOSE MUST HAVE BEEN SOME GOOD TIMES**** For the first part, I was born in 1989, so I didn't get to experience the 80s very much. But I grew up hearing the music when I was 4 yrs old. I never listened to Britney Spears or N'Sync crap, I always tuned into eighties music because it was the type of music that you could really dance to. I love the 80s because they have the greatest one-of-a-kind music ever made, unmatched by any other era. I just love Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, Rick Springfield, The Cars, Rick James, Phil Collins, A-ha, etc. the list could go on. I always spend so much money buying 80s music CDs, my collection is worth more than a couple of hundred dollars. And besides the music itself being original, the music videos were awesome as well!!! I also loved the movies made during that era, especially the horror movies, now those could scare the crap out of you (Nightmare on Elm St., Friday the 13th, Critters, etc.). They are nothing like the current new "horror" movies that recently come out in theathers, those couldn't even scare a baby (Boogeyman, Hide and Seek, etc.) The last and final thing I love about the 80s is the fashion. The bright colors, big hair styles, parachute pants, etc. everything that was worn was great. They were all bold fashion statements. ****GOD THOSE MUST HAVE BEEN SOME GOOD TIMES.**** For great 80s music, listen to 1069thepoint.com
From: Juruby Moreno

All the old romantic movies are in the 80s and they're just really romantic and beautiful to see.
From: Samantha Beaton

I know I wasn't even born in the 80s, but my parents lived them. I am obssesed with the 80s. When I was younger, I remember my mom putting on the music videos she would always record early in the morning. Now those songs are so familiar to me. I love everything that was in in the 80s. I have so much 80s music inside my Ipod. I mean I just love it! It will always be the best generation, and I was born in the very early 90s. What can I say? The 80s ROCK!!!!!!!!!
From: Victoria*

I was born in 1988 and it was the "Year of the Dragon" in China! I like the cartoons in my childhood. And there were many snacks which you can't find now! My parents were younger then and my mother told stories to me every night! It was a happy time without homework and exams!
From: Andiguo

I am only thirteen, but the 80s (in my opinon was awesome). I love Eddie Van Halen ,Warrant(Cherry Pie),Sex Pistols,(Anarchy in the U.K.), AC/DC, etc. I listen to Queen , AC/CD, Van Halen, and Black Sabbath. So far, the 00s suck.
From: pat

Holy Smokes. I am really excited to talk about the 1980s. They were definitely superior to the 1990s, anyhow. Dude, remember how the stock market crashed in 1987? Oh man, I totally dig having grown up in a decade where we managed to solidify our position as a debtor nation (yeah, Reagan, Japan wants to sell the TVs cheap, that's all... no big deal, you can have the military bases then!!!!). Nothing like a litle supply side economics to kick off the future of outsourcing. Oh, oh, but the Wall fell then, didn't it? Man, electronics were really rad in the 1980s. I remember that IBM 8088 machine with a 600kb hard drive. God, that sucker was loud!!! You could hear it spooling up from aross the house. Well, at least it was better than the Heathkit we had to BUILD OURSELVES and just use 5 1/4 inch floppies to run. Being uptight was a cool thing in the 80s as well, aided by the fact that AIDs decided to make its debut then. Well, I guess I'll look on the bright side, there were some cool cars made then. It was the first era of practical mass-produced turbocharged gas engines for passenger cars. Hell, I own two cars from the 80s right now! 1987 Porsche 944 Turbo and a 1987 Saab 9000 Turbo. Let me tell you, Americans made great cars in the 80s. I vividly remember my mom's 1984 Dodge Omni. I think the 2 barrel carburetor was an option. Not to mention that the gear syncros decided they had had enough by 70,000 miles. If you were born after, we'll give you a break and say 1988, well, don't talk about how you remember the 80s. Because you don't...at all.
From: Evan

I love the 80s! The fashion, muletts, music, and remember the toys called the Monchhichis? They were cool!
From: Rach

What do I remember most about the 80s? What don't I remember!? I loved Miami Vice, Eddie Murphy:Delirous, breakdancing, Vans, parachute pants, Back to the Future, Big Hair Bands, some of the BEST Love Ballads EVER, The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Dance competitions in clubs instead of fights, women wearing lace ,leather skirts, and enough eye make-up that they all looked like hookers. Cool...Boomboxes, parents watching M.A.S.H. everyday after school, Happy Days, Mork & Mindy, mullets, rayon shirts, and when MTV actually played music videos, and the news by Kurt Loder. That was a great way to get kids watching the news. And the most totally awesome music ever!! Oh yeah, I know these came out in the really late 80s and early 90s but the M.C. Hammer pants were sooo cool.
From: Lee

I'm 14 right now so I didn't get to experience the 80s but I think that it should totally make a comeback. Me and a bunch of my friends and their friends are going to school dressed from the 80s and we're gonna try to see if we can get it to catch on. I hope it does. The 80s are awesome!
From: Caitlin

The 80s were the greatest time ever and I remember..... I played with G.I. Joe, and knew "Knowing was half the battle". Jams and OP shirts were radical, we would slap on our bracelets and pump up our shoes, then if we had to dress up we wore suits with our sleeves pushed up and skinny ties would be around forever. The Goonies was the best movie ever made, and we started our own "Goonies Club". To us Dire Straits, Billy Idol and Frankie Goes To Hollywood were the greats and only could be topped by Weird Al. The Blockheads could just never beat Gumby and Pokey. There wasn't a Hardy Boys book that we didn't read. High fives and air guitar, weren't uncool. Magnum P.I. was our hero and we would talk about going to Hawaii to be private investigators. Our sisters just fell head over heels in love with at least one member of NKOTB, and you know, that was just so, like, gag me with a spoon. Garbage Pail Kids were the greatest thing since sliced bread. We all had a picture of the bodacious Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders pinned to our bedroom walls. Atari, then Nintendo were miracles of science, and Challenger was the worst thing to ever happen to America since Nam. Terminator was going to really happen, we just knew it. The party of 1999 was going to be in space, and we swore we would go to war with the USSR "any day now". I am a child of the 80s and would give anything to go back. Hey, you never know, someday maybe we can drive a DMC there.
From: Shain

Being a kid in the 80s was great. There were super heroes for guys and girls. It was a great time! Just the music of that time gave hope! Every song and cartoon was about beating the odds and acheiving your goals. If it wasn't for Voltron or He-Man or the Thundercats, I would've never survived! We need more shows like those cartoons to inspire us and our children.
From: Chris Lo

I'm 17 this year and I really love the 80s because the fashion is SO funky and out of this world... I dig the music too! They're just so awesome to dance and sing to. I wish that I could go backto the 80s now!
From: Malvina

I wa born is 1971 and remembered growing in the late 70s and the 80s. I remember by dad listening to 8 track tapes and when there were no remotes for the TV. And I remember in the eighth grade when our school got it's first PC for the whole school to share. I love Pacman to this day and won't play much else. I loved the movies like Back to the Future, The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo's Fire, Weird Science, etc and the music like Bryan Adams, The Boss, Journey, Boston, Phil Collins, Def Leppard, and of course Bon Jovi. Then we can't forget Dallas, who shot J.R was a biggy for TV. Does anybody remember watching Hee Haw or watching cartoons on Saturday mornings? We can't forget The Dukes of Hazard or Miami Vice. And can't forget Hands Across America in 85 - I miss the eighties. They were just about the simplicity of being a teen then. There were drugs and sex going on but somehow it was more incocent than today. For those of you that missed it, I'm sorry for you. I listen to 80s music most of the time because I do like a variety, and I love watching 80s movies, which I forgot another Biggy, Raiders. My daughter sings some of this new hip-hop that I'm not too crazy about, but what gets me is these groups are starting to do mixes with the 80s as inspiration, which is cool but it's not the original. Those of us that are in our 30s seem to have been in the thick of it and now that we're adults, we are now shaping things and I noticed that commercials are going back to songs of the 80s, that's cool. Viva le 80s.
From: Amanda Stidham

I am 17 this year and I am totally into the 80s. I just recently bought a 1982 mustang that I am restoring. I LOVE the rock music and the 80s fashion. All my friends tell me to go back to the 80s. I WAS ONLY THERE FOR 2 YEARS!
From: Whitney Halland

I love the eighties. I am only 12, but my mom has educated me about the 80s. I love the fashion and music of that time period. I am very happy that some of the fashion ideas are coming into my decade, so I can enjoy them as much as they did!!
From: Hannah

I was born in 1985 and I remember bits fo the eighties. Reminiscing these old times really do make you feel old. I'm nearing 20 now and I'm reflecting on my childhood. Everyone who was brought up in the eighties will remember the perms (gosh, my dad had one too...) and the cartoons. Naturally being under the age of 6 when the nineties hit, what else could I remember apart from the cartoons? Everyone remembers that show with the bears and the totem pole which was made up of an eagle, a bear and a turtle, which came to life when it was called on and it kicked butt! But no one remembers the name. Well I did a bit of google and it's called 'The Paw Paw's'! Amazing!!! He-Man, Thundercats, Huxley Pig! Haha! All great accomplishments of the 80s and will forever live in my heart. I can still remember coming home from prep school to watch Sesame Street in time for lunch. I love the 80s!
From: wing

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.