Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I was born in 1978. I remember all the great things about being a child of the 80s. I mostly remember the cartoons, you know the Smurfs, He-Man, She-Ra, C.O.P.S., and my all-time favorite Jem and the Holograms. I also remember the movies, E.T., The Last Dragon, Flight of the Navigator, Ghostbusters, Superman, etc. I love the 80s.
From: Kristie

The 80s to me were the best years of my life. Music today can't even compare. It is so crappy compared to the 80s decade. I hope it comes back! Nobody can compare today to bands such as Def Leppard, Billy Idol, ACDC, Quiet Riot, etc. What more can I say? Those of us who lived it were lucky. I was born in 73 and was very lucky to be a teen in that era. I am reminded all the time how much better life was back then...
From: chad hall

I was born in 1989, so now I am like 15 yrs old. I love the 80s and I always feel like I was born in the wrong decade. Instead of listening to Britney or Nsync(which I do though), I actually have albums of Blondie, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, Abba, etc. I love the music back then. Everything seemed so carefree unlike now. As much as I like those mini iPods, I still would have rather been a child in the 80s. I always wonder what it would have been like back then. I've literally watched all those real deal teen movies of the day. I own Pretty in Pink and when I ask my friends about it they are like what? Sometimes I get told I am living in the past...but everything is coming back! Musicians these days are using all these cover songs like when the techno band United Nations released the cover of Hall & Oates "Out of Touch" I was so annoyed. I love the original version. My friends were like that's a cover song?! I love REO Speedwagon's "Keep On Loving You." That's like one of the ultimate #1 love songs.... the 80s Rock!
From: Talica.T

I'm from Poland. I was born in 1989 but I would have liked to have lived in USA in 70s or 80s. I like everything from these years. I live in 2005 but I'm wearing sneaker shoes (NIKE AIR FORCE) and old school wearing.
From: Alexander

I wasn't born in the 80s but it's my favorite decade!!! I don't know why but I'm obsessed. Everyone knows it - for example, in my yearbook everyone started out their comment by "Hey 80s girl, or hey 80s freak!" Plus the music and movies were bitchen!!! THE 80s KICK BUTT!!
From: Summer

I was born in '91, and now that I have finally realized what music I am into, I wish that I was born a generation earlier so that I could have experienced the crazy thangs that real 80s people did! I hate it today because nobody apreciates the past, all they care about is rap and new sucky what they call "rock bands" and all that crap. Nobody understands that the music today SUCKS compared to what they had back then. It was true rock, and even if it wasn't rock, it was better then anything. I love 80s hair metal bands, and Metallica. There will never be bands like them again. People need to realize that they are totaly missing out on that stuff, I know I am!! We can never bring it back, that can be a good and bad thing. Good because it will stay a classic decade, and bad because we are missing out!! There is one thing that we can always do, and that is to keep it alive!! Don't ever forget what an awesome decade the 80s was. Rock on dude!!
From: Lindsay

The 80s really rocked. I have been researching the 80s for a school project. I think some of the fashion back then was really cool. I have got lots of info from this website!
From: Theresa

Well, the eighties were OK, I guess. I never lived in the decade so I wouldn't know. But I would have liked to and just enjoyed life instead of now - I hate my life now!!! I hate how I can't go anywhere without looking out for kidnappers!! I hate this decade!!! I wish it was the eighties!!!
From: Kylie Smith

I just love the 80s!!! I wish I could live there permanently forever!!! Turning into a hippie was the greatest moment of my life!!
From: stacie steve

I was born in 1987. However, I can't really remember much about it. But I love the 80s and make it a part of my life everyday, from the music to using it's technology for various things and watching movies that were filmed in that decade. I feel that there should be an 80s resurection in the pop world since the 80s were what brought along the techno, rap, and progressive rock. We benefitted alot from the 80s and I wish I got to experience it like other people did.
From: Roger Spencer

I truly lived the 80s decade. I was born in 1964 and when it comes to music, the 80s were absolutely the best times in my life! A lot to choose from regarding music, clothing, and above all it was a very stress free time. I also lived the 70s, 90s, and the 00s, and I agree with the previous comments about the 80s. My final words are"LONG LIVE THE 80s"!
From: Steve E.

I love the song, "Video Killed The Radio Star" by The Buggles!
From: Dylan

I was born in 1969, and yes I can say I am truly an eighties fan. I grew up in that time and I enjoyed music the most in the eighties. It was fun and it seemed like everyone was trying to find their fame and freedom, unlike today where everyone is in competition and envy. There is so much hate and hurt in alot of today's music. I would rather listen to anything from the eighties. I would go back and do that decade over in a New York minute! I had so much fun back then that my family says I'm stuck in the eighties. I say , Yep... I am!"
From: Lechia

I love the 80s! I was born in 1991, and my mom and I always say I was born in the wrong decade. The music is my favorite thing. U2, Duran Duran, Billy Idol, Huey Lewis & The News, Adam Ant, practically everything! I wish I'd been given the chance to live in the 80s, because everything totally sucks now. My friend and I are obsessed with 80s movies, as well. Ferris Bueller's Day Off rocks! There should be a sort of 80s reincarnation or something.
From: Kaleen

Actually I came of age in the 'boom boom eighties'. We were the REAL baby boomers. Products of love-ins, sit-ins, Woodstock, and peace pipes. Our parents smoked 'grass' so weren't too worried that we did too. Reaganomics promised a glorious financial future for anybody with a brain and something (?) would even trickle down to those without one. Every corporation had 20 VPs and 45 executive VPs. Go to college, get your BA and two months later (gotta go to Hawaii before buckling down!), you start at $45,000 a year! WE were the first young adults to develop the 'microwave mentality'... WE WANT OUR MTV...RIGHT NOW!!!! Actually, we wanted everything 5 MINUTES AGO. HURRY UP!!!!!! What a brave new world. Cosby made being black cool and interracial friendships became the norm. Prejudice would end with my generation! AND...OMG... mobile phones - they were in a suitcase but they were MOBILE! AND computers!! And that brand new thing that only the college kids really knew about..THE WORLD WIDE WEB - an information superhighway! THEN...ahhh..sigh....the bottom fell out of our world. By 1989 ALL those jobs were gone! My BA was worth the paper it was printed on only if somebody bought it to snort coke with and the 90s came in with a CLANG! So why do I love the 80s? It was big fun, big hopes and dreams, big fun and more. It was a time when everything seemed ready to happen-we really thought that we'd be getting those Jetsons cars any day! Now the future's not so bright that you need shades, the 'net turned into the highway to hell-(now it's 78.5% porn). And my peeps are entering middle age with teenagers of our own, who are smoking chronic, watching MTV, and wanting everything 5 DAYS AGO!!! I LOVED THE 80s!!!!
From: Ms. Mechee

I love the 80s, largely because of the music, mostly 'new wave' and all its resonance, romance and early synth complexity/simplicity. For some reason, I associate it with a time of dreaming, innocence, alternative utopia and incredible possibility. One of my best friends at the time was heavily into English and American New Wave and Ska and partially through his older brother and this heavily influenced me. I was also living and growing up in Canada at the time and very late night alternative Canadian radio (Brave New Waves!, Peel Sessions) heavily influenced me! Now that I"m a bit older, I still very much love this music (early Police, Talking Heads, Cars, INXS, Blondie, Billy Idol, Thompson Twins, Psychedelic Furs, early Eurythmics, Yaz, OMD, Specials, Fine Young Cannibals, Buggles, Cure, New Order, Book of Love etc., etc. etc.).
From: Ray Uzwyshyn

Who doesn't love the 80s? I do, even though I was born in 1991. My favorite 80s actor is Corey Feldman! With classics like The Goonies, Lost Boys, Stand By ME, The Burbs, etc. I love you Corey!!
From: Keara Franklin

What can I say about the 80s? I was born in 1970 so I was a teen throughout most of the 80s and it was a great time to be young and carefree. I can remember the first microwave we ever had, and the first CD player--my dad was rocking out on Dire Straits and me and my sis were blown away. We had an Intellivision and at one point, my dad owned an arcade so naturally that made me quite popular in Jr. High, lol! We didn't have a remote TV for a long time--dad would set us beside the TV and we'd flip the dial for him (yes, all you youngsters out there--the TV actually had a dial on it cause those were the only channels ya got!) Me and my sis used to turn the little tuner ring on channel 7 and get MTV when it first hit. I went on a date to the drive-in movie when I was 16 and saw "Pretty in Pink". I was in love with all the guys in the movie "The Outsiders" and had them plastered all over my walls (and some are still around--Tom Cruise, Matt Dillon, Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze). Me and my friends used to cash in 16-oz glass pop bottles for gas money so we could cruise all night. We watched MTV for the videos and I knew when MTV started doing game shows like Remote Control that it was doomed. It was still okay to be a Michael Jackson fan (c'mon all you 80's people--you know you had the Thriller album!) LOL! We all did, and we were amazed when he did the moonwalk for the first time on the Motown special. Van Halen was another favorite--1984 is still one of the best rock albums ever, IMO. Movies like "Nightmare on Elm Street" scared the bejeebers out of us--"Poltergeist" gave me bad dreams for months! Kids today just laugh at those movies. I guess they are pretty tame compared to what's on the big screen now. To me, there wasn't a better time to be alive...the 90s were dark and dreary and don't compare to the 80s lightness and sense of fun. We may have looked funny with our big hair and bright neon clothes, but it was a lot better than grunge. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, it's been fun. CLASS OF 88!!
From: Jen

I was born in 1977. I started getting into 80s music when I was 9 or 10. I had an older sister who introduced me to it. I remember being in 6th grade, on the playground trying to convince other kids about how good Guns N' Roses were. To this day they are still my favorite band. I LOVE 80's metal or glam rock or whatever the heck it's called. It is all I still listen to. I can't even think of a band right now in the year 2005 that I have liked since the 80s into very early 90s. I am lucky that those 80s bands are starting to tour again because I was way too young to see them in concert back then. It makes me very sad to think about those guys getting older and maybe not being around too much longer. Then all we will have is (c)rap and hip-hop idiots. I wish I was in my 20s in the 80s. Those years will never die as long as I'm alive.
From: Kelly

I wasn't around in the 80s, but I love the music from then, especially New Wave and old school rap. I don't feel totally robbed of the 80s though: I remember back to 1993 and before 1997 there was still a bit of a "retro vibe". Mario and the Ninja Turtles were still somewhat popular and even though the Internet was around it was optional. My parents even had a dial TV! MTV had shows in the 90s but they didn't suck and not all the music was mainstream rap like it's been since 2001 or so. The fashion was wack but it's funny to look back on. The 90s and Zero Decade just aren't quite as interesting, although since late last year keyboards are coming back for real!
From: Dr. Evil

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.