Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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The reason why I love the 80s is simply because the music was so much better then. Fair enough, there were a few fashion disasters, but as far as I am concerned, the music will be the contribution to history that people should remember. Well that and a more peaceful place for us all.
From: David

My brother and I used to watch He-Man & She-Ra when we were little kids. We also had action figures and all kinds of good stuff. We both grew up on 80s music & other stuff. My brother and I are now adults and we both listen to Christian music (but we got 80s music). Well, bye.
From: Janet McNulty

I love the 80s because of its music and great music videos but most of all because my sweet, wonderful daughter had just turned 10 and during that era, in addition to being my daughter, she became my friend. I was born in 1943 which makes me 62 this year......so why does an old guy like me Love The 80s. The answer is simple. During the 80s I was a very busy man managing my company. I worked 24/7 and was gone in the morning before my daughter arose and came home about an hour before she went to bed. As you can imagine I never got to see her very much. However, we both liked 80s music simply because it was great music and the MTV Videos were outstanding. So, most nights as soon as I came home from work I'd give my "kid" a big hug and kiss then we would both head for the Family Room where she'd take a seat on the floor while I sat right behind her. And for the next hour or so we would watch MTV and enjoy the music and accompanying videos together. We had our favorites and each night hoped at least one of them would be played while we were watching. In addition, we would enjoy discussing the music and videos in general which frequently would lead to our talking about each of our lives.....that's when, in addition to being my loving daughter, she became my friend. My daughter is 30 now and a wonderful, happy wife and mother. Over the years she has gone from being my friend to being my best friend. On occasion we'll talk about the 80s songs and videos that we liked so much. Fortunately I taped a great deal of them so when we're on the subject I will play some of our favorites and once again we'll enjoy spending time together listening to and watching our favorite music and videos. By the way, our all time favorites are anything by Billy Idol.....his songs and videos were and, in our opinion, still are just about the best! Frequently, my young granddaughter will be in the room with us and guess what her favorite music is......... YEP,you're right! Before I sign off I'd like to offer an approach to life that most of the time worked for me. Here it is: "Life may not be the party we expected or for which we hoped....BUT....while we're here we might as well dance! The goal might just end up being not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body but rather to skid in sideways totally worn out shouting,"....WHAT A RIDE!" Good Luck! Tim
From: Tim

What is not to love about the 80s? Great music, great TV, and so many happy memories. I was born in 1976 in the UK and I look back on that era with fondness and a smile. I absolutely loved Miami Vice (still do), Dynasty, Dallas, Cagney & Lacey, Knight Rider, the A Team, and the list goes on and on - also loved watching Why Don't You, Thundercats, Superman, ET and the music of Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Five Star, Phil Collins, Queen, Madonna. Also growing up as a kid I liked the freedom of the 80s, leaving your door unlocked and going to play with the local kids, no sitting at computers just going out and playing on your skateboard, strap on skates (do you remember those???)I can remember the dodgy 80s dress jumpsuits, HUGE shoulderpads on EVERYTHING, puffball skirts, rara skirts, jelly shoes, shellsuits (how awful were they, but everyone HAD to have one). Anyway I love the 80s for all of the above and so much more.
From: Izz

I was born in 1965. The 80s were a great time to be a teen. The girls all wore clothes and fashions that would turn your head. The big hair. People just did not want to blend in. Being outrageous was great! Us guys looked cool in those padded shoulder blazers and thin ties on a Saturday night out. The music was great rock, dance, it didnâ€TMt matter. Skateboarding in swimming pools and watching the break-dancers on the street do their thing. The movies just added to all the hype, you wanted to be cool like the leading guys or meet a knock out girl just like on the silver screen. Punk was wild and fresh. I loved every minute of the 80s and could not get enough.
From: J

I loved the 1980s 'cause it was a decade of silliness taken seriously. It was a time of really bright colors & ridiculous fashions, huge hairdos and jouncy meaningless pop music. It was cool for men to look gay and I think it was cool to BE gay back then, though I was just a little pre teen and didn't know much about such things. I mean, look at Boy George, a pop music trannie with long multicolored dreadlocks! Look at George Michael and Andrew Ridgley of WHAM, these two hot men in tight jeans and leather jackets~ yow! Even the "hard rock" bands like RATT and Def Leppard had a certain amount of flamboyance about them. Motley Crue took to the stage wearing lipstick, for gosh's sake! The 1980s seemed to be kind of frivolous, I think it's 'cause the people who became adults in the easygoing 1970s had established themselves and could afford to blow their money on stupid s**t just for the hell of it. (Now, of course, those same people are all the bosses managers and owners of everything, the politicians and so forth; they're busy being jaded, hence the darkness of the late 1990s and the hellishness of this century.) But in the 1980s there seemed to be so much for free licence to be ridiculous and funny looking, to play a lot more. I like that. That's why I like the 1980s.
From: arni

We had the coolest toys ever growing up in the 80s. Better than all of the crap they sell now, and the music rocked also. It makes me sad to remember all the toys and games that I used to have and played with for hours and hours - life seemed so much simpler then. Our kids want Escalades and I-pods, PS2's and are money hungry..technology...arrghhh!!!
From: Mandy

The 80s!! What an awesome decade!!! I was born in 1969 and was in sixth grade by 1980 & was in my 3rd year of collage by 1989. Things changed quite alot in those years, but I'd give almost anything to go back to that time of prosperity, peace & partying. Some of the best music from The Cars to Nine Inch Nails, from Duran Duran to Metallica, from Def Leppard to Billy Joel was out. Movies were cheesy & fun overall. John Hughes made some of the classics of the decade. To see the 80s making a comeback in some areas is great. I feel sorry for anyone who missed out on those glory days. As an adult I wouldn't want to be a youth in this day and age. The music, movies and fashion isn't much to write home about & the unstable world conflicts don't bode well either for this generation. As long as there are those of us who keep the 80s alive in our hearts it will never truly die & with VH1 playing "I Love the 80s" to help those see what they missed out on, that 10 years of history will rank as unforgettable. I will discontinue my diatribe as I could go on for hours if not days about the 80's. To all you other 80's buffs, stay true to the years of your youth & pass it on to your kids and anyone else who missed out.
From: Dee

I loved the the 80s I was born in 1972. So I have the best memories. The fashions were the best of big mall hair, rubber braceletes, jean skirts w\ the leggings underneath. Hot pink fingernails and the BIG DANGLING EARRING were A BIG FAVORITE of mine. Bandanas in very print and color I knowned. Polkadots were so lame - I can't believe I own that print. MOVIES : Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, St. Elmo's Fire, and Pretty in Pink were the best movies of that decade. The music was great too - Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Rick Springfield, Duran Duran, Michael Jackson. Friday Night Videos and roller skating were the weekend fun times. I remember playing my Atari all weekend long sometimes. I miss the 80s!!!!! I just finished my 80s conversion from album and cassette tapes to CDs and downloads. Money was no object. Back then you got what you paid for - now you can't get anything for $5.00 at the mall anymore, except lunch!!!
From: Jennifer Sparks

I was born in 1991 so I didn't get to have all that 80s fun. I love the 80s, the fashion was so cool and the music was a blast! I dont like today's fashion - the girls show everything and the boys whear those dumb jerseys over their t-shirts, and that Axe deodorant that smells worse than garbage. My favorite singers and bands are: The Cars, Pet Shop Boys, Cyndi Lauper, The Eurythmics, Michael Jackson, The Bangles, Culture Club, Corey Hart, and many more. I like the mouies Pretty In Pink, Halloween, Teen wolf and plenty of others. I honstly would have to say that today's music compared to 80s music sounds like a bunch of noise. It would be so awesome if I would have been a teen in the 80s.
From: Material Girl

I'm a child of the 90s, and pretty much completely clueless as to the true demeanor of the 80s. However, I feel like a pop culture anomaly in comparison to all of my friends who are interested in modern bands like My Chemical Romance, The Used, Atreyu, and Bright Eyes (just to name a few) because I have a diehard, singular interest in straight-up 80s bands. Now, those new bands all represent the music trends of their time perfectly, and have respectable material, but I feel no dedication to this so-called "emo" wave. I prefer hardcore 80s punk such as Quicksand and the Sex Pistols, rock like Van Halen, Aerosmith, KISS, and Guns n'Roses, goth such as Siouxsie and the Banshees and Bauhaus, new wave such as A Flock Of Seagulls, pre-punk like Blondie, and of course, other great 80s stuff like The Police, The Go-go's, Depeche Mode, Billy Idol, Duran Duran, Styx, Journey, David Bowie, The Culture Club, Boy George, Laura Branigan, Poison, Adam Ant, Hall & Oates, Tears for Fears, The Cure, The Smiths, the Cars and so many more that I just can't think of right now. Many of my friends haven't even heard of any of my favorite bands. Often times, I feel like I was born into the wrong time period. The fashion trends, and lifestyles of the people nowadays just don't fit me. I wish I could've lived in the 80s, grown up in the music-based, big-hair, neon-nails,hoop earrings, spandex, spangles, the whole nine yards 80's! ALL THAT IS WHY I LOVE AND MISS THE 80s THAT I NEVER GOT TO LIVE!
From: Kirst

I was born in 1975, I'm so into the 80s trend it's not even funny. Today's life style, music, fashion has no meaning. I wish I could go back in time and just freeze the 80s era that I miss so much.
From: Samir Vasani

Well I was born in the late 60s ... so of course I have enjoyed the 80s to its full extension ;o) I remember watching "Back to the Future" in the big screen, having a crush on Tom Cruise at "Top Gun", dancing crazy with "Footloose" ... And the 80s music was so great there are other artists re-recording and re-aranging them - like Marilyn Manson singing "Tainted Love" or "Personal Jesus". Nothing against the artist, but the originals were always the best. Oh the thrill of knowing Duran Duran were back together last year, all of the original five ... watching Live 8 and saying "I remember Live Aid!" the first global event - way before these days where everything seems to be at the end of your finger. Several 80s albums are among the best of the XX century. And now ... we have an electronic frog jumping at the sound of Faltermeyer's "Axel F" ;o)
From: Reggie

I miss the 80s so much. It was my favorite decade.
From: Maggie Dailey

I really loved the 1980s. It is the best decade of my life and I miss it. The best thing about the 80s was the music which was really exciting time with the New Romantics and Two Tone which first arrived in the late 70s with bands like Spandau Ballet, Visage, Japan, Duran Duran and The Specials, Madness, The Beat, The Selecter, at the time it was brilliant. Best year of my life was 1984 because I had so much fun that year with my mates and girlfriends, I was a big fan of The Police who split early and also became a mod for a short while and got well into The Jam, however my favourite band of this year was Spandau Ballet. I ended the year on a high meeting UB40 when they were playing live at The Belgrade theatre in Coventry. I always think of the 80s as a time when life was unpredictable and fantastic.
From: Dave K

I was born in 71. I graduated in 89. I truly grew up in the 80s from grade school thru high school. Got to see and experience all the cool things that happened during the decade. I was 10 when MTV came out, so I got to see how that changed from playing 24hrs. a day videos to almost none now. Started out with Atari 2600, then Nintendo, now Playstation. For music at the start of the 80s, it was still record albums, then tapes, and then CDs by the end of the decade. PCs came out in the early 80s as well as most homes started buying microwaves, VCRs, CD players, etc. Technology was really taking off. Movies, music, and pop culture was awesome in the 80s. Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, and many others were huge. Lots of feel good pop music. Rap just starting out (Run DMC was AWESOME)! Heavy metal (hair bands) in the late 80s. New wave bands (synthesizers, crazy hair) in the early 80s. Awesome movies and TV shows in the 80s, too many to list. Pop culture was cool. I remember break dancing was really big for awhile about 84 or so. My friends and I would grab a big piece of cardboard and grab a boombox, play some funky street rap and try to 'break'. The movie Breakin' is a good movie representing that time and culture. So much to mention about the 80s, so little space. I think it's funny the people that were born in the 80s saying they remember so much about that decade since they were just toddlers or very young kids in the 80s. I think it's cool though. They mostly just remember some of the toys or cartoons from the 80s. I guess I remember some of the things from the 70s when I was a young child, but the 80s were definitely my growing up/coming of age years and they were fun.
From: TBoun

Oh my Gosh! I loved the 80s..Does anyone remember watching "Night Tracks"? I wish I could just watch all of the videos that use to come on just for one weekend..I also remember the Cabbage Patch Kids, Atari, Swatch Watches, Coke Cola clothing etc..And the music was off the hook..I remember listening to Bryan Adams, Eagles, Chicago etc.. Man can I just have one weekend of the 80s to come back... please someone?????
From: Mrs. Jay

I love the 80s for a variety of reasons, the first of which has to be the films, "feel good" films they just don't make nowadays. The music was great too, just sit there with an 80s greatest hits compilation and see how many tracks you find yourself singing to. And finally the life, it was safe for me and my brothers to leave the house at 8 in the morning, play all day in all manor of places and roll in at 7:30 for a bath and bed without our parents worrying about our safety.
From: Marc Gray

I was born in 1968. I was a teen back in the 80s, and I remember all of Michael Jackson's songs from Thriller. Movies like Valley Girl, etc. I sure miss those good old days!
From: lani

Man, I loved the 80s. I was born in 83, a great time to be a kid indeed. I mostly remember the toys I played with (and still do!). I remember the music also. My brother used to play RECORDS of Mötley Crüe, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, and Autograph. Meanwhile I listened to New Kids, Tiffany and the Thomspon Twins. TV was waaay better too. TV now is just crap and it sucks! I loved going places like the mall and Hardees. The malls were better back then. My brother would take me and he would pick up girls the whole time. Some of them were really hot. I miss the 80s so much. Thanks for the great site! 10 more years!
From: Chad E. Young

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.