Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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My memories of the 198's are vivid. It was an amazing period in time, and it was even more amazing if you were young. It was a time when we were all very excited to know that we were going to live to see the turn of the century , and experience the things to come in the 21st century. With the impending 90s and then 2000s, many imagined a future of flying cars, super highways, holographic video games, super robots a strong economy and peace on earth. With the fall of the Soviet Union and seemingly unstoppable economic growth here at home, we here in the western world had no idea how great we had it. Little did any of us know that at that exact moment, when we were playing Nintendo and watching The Karate Kid, that we were there, we were in the place that dreams are made of. We were in the 1980's. The music, the movies, the hair, were all bigger and more creative than anything that had preceeded them. It was the decade of deccadence. It was as if America had rippened ,and become an absolutely delicious place to be. The 1980's is the type of decade that only comes once every 2000 years. It was like a second mini Renaissance that only lasted for 10 years. Much of the great aspects of society during the 80's are directly linked to a lack of modern day political correctness. It was a conservative era, a time when you could do what you wanted, and did'nt have to worry about being 'incensitive'. It was a time when minds were encoured to develop and design the newest next biggest thing! It was capitolism all around for the ones making the decisions. For instance, TV shows and commercials were made all the time in the 80's that did not include racial minorities. This today is considered 'racist' ,and all commercials and TV shows ,by law it seems, must have them. This type of 'progressive ethic', was not in place. This made things much simpler, and allowed creative minds to create whatever they wanted and did not have to worry about being 'incensitive'. I could write a book about it, the 80's were the best thing ever.
From: William Baker

I was born in 71, and glad for the most part that I was. My memory starts from about 1975 when I was just a young child. The music was good then and only got better. 1980-1990 ROCKED in all aspects of the word. I grew up mainly in Southern Ontario Canada in a city west of Toronto. The girls, the cars and motorcycles and fads were INSANE!! I was pretty much a die-hard Head Banger, though I did like U2, Honeymoon Suite and any other band like that. I was lucky enough to have a VERY good paying part time job that consumed almost 40 hours a week. This job allowed me to drive a nice 81 camaro as well as a mean cruiser of the two wheel nature. I had the John Stamos look, and was quite modest about that. The girls just ate that up!!! I liked girls of all trends from rockers to mods to preppies, most of them all looked hot! God bless ZZ Top and what they did for the mini skirt and hose! TV and movies were just incredible, and hell...we didn't need the internet or cell phones. All we needed was a quarter in our pockets and a phone booth, which at that time could be found on every corner. Record stores were actually where you went and bought Motley Crues albums on Vynal, and then recorded them onto a cassette to play on your SONY Walkman. If had the chance, I would go back and do it all over again, the good the bad and the ugly...NO REGRETS!!!
From: Dave

80s? Madonna, Michael Jackson, 24 hours of videos on tv. I can't remember how many times I stood in front of the tv doing the "time warp" dance to the video. The Brady Cartoon, Love Boat on Saturdays, Dukes of Hazzard on Fridays. We hung out in the mall or at the park dancing on cardboards and listening to ghetto blasters. We caught lightening bugs, played tag, does anybody play tag anymore? My teenagers play xbox and stay on my space I'm glad I know where they are but does anybody go outside anymore?! Kickball? Chinese jumprope? I still listen to Wham, Pat Benitar, Thompson Twins. When Alexis and Crystal fought on Dynasty and said the B-word my mom sent me upstairs! They say a lot worse then that on FX and it's not even a cable channel!
From: Frances

An amazing decade for me personally and for America in general. Nationally we had Ronald Reagan in the White House. Whether one was liberal or conservative, the one thing we all seemed to agree on was Reagan made us proud to be Americans. Travel was cheap. In the mid 80's gasoline was still around a dollar a gallon, and cars were far more fuel efficient than the guzzlers of the 70s. Japanese cars hit the American market, forcing American carmakers to improve their own products and lower their prices. The competition meant everyone could own a well build, fuel efficient car for 6 months salary. The national absurdity called political correctness hadn't taken hold yet. If a kid got cut from the football team, he went home and practiced harder for next year. Today the kid gets a lawyer. There were a few idiots like the KKK and Jesse Jackson trying to stir up racial trouble, but most people just ignored them. It seems like we all got along better during the 80s. But the best part of the 80s had to be the music. Radio stations switched from AM to FM in the 80s, and the chest-pounding, ground-shaking, bass-thumping car stereo systems sounded far better in FM than they ever could in AM. Rock bands like Def Leppard and Journey took the best sounds of the 60s and added power chords to create some really fantastic music. New Wave bands like Duran Duran and The Fixx took the synthesized sounds of disco, added some power chords of their own, and took it over the top. Pink Floyd and Genesis and a few other progressive rock bands introduced us to sounds that we'd never heard before. Personally, the 80's were the years I came of age. 1980 was my last year of grade school and my first year of junior high. 1989 was the year I got married. In between I learned to drive, had my first kiss, learned to dance, got my first car, graduated high school, fell in love, saw Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Styx, Journey, Ozzy, and Motley Crue in concert (back when they were all at the peak of their careers), learned to ski... it was a time of optimism, making it a great time to come of age. Would I go back? Nah, I don't think so. I've got great memories and all the music, and that's enough for me. The optimism and freedom of the 80's helped make me into who I am today, and I'll always be grateful for that. Part of that optimism and freedom means looking forward, not back. So I'm looking forward, hoping to find another decade as classy as the 80s were.
From: Layne Johnson

I miss the 80s hair (mine was long and so were the girls' hairstyles but theirs was poofy and fun). I miss the music. I was one of those metalhead guys who hated the new waver music. Now I can listen to all of it and smile. I miss the days when gas was affordable, Reagan was the president, and partying wasn't fatal. Most of all, I guess I miss concerts. Really good loud guitar-solo fueled rock concerts where girls exposed their breasts while climbing up on some guy's shoulders and you couldn't hear a thing for days afterwards. Ahh, to live those days again.
From: Jim Nuchols

I wasn't around in the 80s, but it doesn't stop me from loving that era more than the one I'm stuck in. It all started with Guns n' Roses. I heard Appetite and I was hooked. From that point on I've become an 80s groupie/metalhead. I dress 80s, listen to 80s music, any yes, I do use words like "rad", "bitchin" and "gnarly" to rediculous extent. I used to think I was born in the wrong generation, but I think I'm here to resurrect the past. Go to my school and find off-the-shoulder shirts, leggings, and acid wash, courtesy of moi. I feel like I'm inspiring something new. Everyone knows I just want to change the world, and I think I'm getting there...
From: Jen Lyons

God I miss the 80s!! There's so much I loved about it, there isn't enough space to mention everything. If there's one aspect of the 80s that I reminisce about, it's that it was the *ME* decade! There was no big war on. There was no single big disaster. Times, for the most part, were good. You could be selfish!! It was the era of the YUPPIE!! Miami Vice best exemplifies the 80s and it's extravagance! It was about being grandiose but cool about it. Music was innovative, yet fun. You could do something entirely for yourself and not feel guilty about it! What else can I say?!
From: Liam McNeil

Well what a fab website I must admit!! I was brought into this world in 1981 and I still dont remember all that much about the 80s. I mean by the time I started school it was 1986 and I remember the last few years of it though. one memory that stands out always has to be the teenage mutant turtles for the boys and those annoying rainbow brite dolls that everygirl at school seemed to carry about! my older sister born in 1974 has pictures of her teenage years at school in the 80s and the hair styles of the girls are out of this world! I wish id been born in the 70s though because the 70s babies saw more of the 80s than we did but being born in the 80s makes it seem more real and special because Im an 80s baby!!!!!!!
From: Michael Richman

I was born in '89, but my dad got me cultured to the 80s when I was younger. Since then, the first concert I went to was ZZ Top and will ALWAYS love the old tunes!
From: Amber

Im a fan of the 80s.. it's kinda wierd cus I wasn't even born then. I was borned in 1990. Why do I love the 80s so much? Well, my interest started a year ago (I was 15) when Billy Idol caught my attention. My mother introduced me to his music. And since then, I only listen to 80s music. I love the clothes and everything associated with the 80s. If I could have one wish, it would be to live through the 80s as a teenager. I can't imagine how much fun you guys must have had! Ronja from Sweden
From: Ronja

Well, I was born in 1980 but I think I started listening to music at about the age of 4. The sounds of Eddie Van Halen's guitar and Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and the scratching sounds from the turntable, rap music like Run DMC and Beastie Boys would forever stay in my mind. I was hooked early on music and video games and I was badly dressed by my parents (LOL) with all that bright and mismatched cltohing as well. The 80s were great! I just wish I could have been a teenager in them more so than just a little guy. But music was more creative and about having a good time. Sorry to say, but those times are long gone and well music ain't all that great anymore and video game controllers have way many buttons - LOL!
From: Neil

I'll never forget the good times I had in the 80's. I was born at the right time(1973)and I sure wish we good get the 80's back. I can remember those awesome hair metal bands and what hunks they were!!!! I was a head bangin' chick then, couldn't stand preps. Had nothing but rock pics and posters hung all over my room. Since the mid 80's, I always loved to video tape music videos. Now, I'm just downloading ones I've never seen or have missed in the past. I'm from Southern Ontario, Canada, roughly and hour from Toronto and always thought MTV was better than Much Music. TV shows and movies were great too. At least back then I was able to afford to see a "new" movie, no remakes, with real actors! Another thing I miss are the video games mostly from Coleco Vision. I also loved Pacman too. Had a lot of fun hanging out at the Video Arcades in the mall looking for cute guys (: I also loved to shop for clothes. At least back then I didn't have a hard time trying to find my size no matter how big or how small I was. Life was so much easier and more fun than it is today. It took me forever until I got out of the 80's look, but I know one thing that will never change like listening to 80's music, watching the movies and TV shows like Growing Pains or Who's the Boss or the Cosby Show. Don't need nothin' but a good time and just thinking about the 80's is the way to do it!
From: Sue

I was born in 69 graduated in 88 so I *lived* all the cult films of that genre. Pretty in Pink, Breakfast club (our school started one.. calling it "Saturday School"), 16 candles (the one that started it all). People really were kinda like they were in those movies. Everything was great. But yet socially we were more inept than ever. There seemed to be SUCH a focus on materialistic things back them, brand names. Now it doesn't seem quite so bad. Perhaps its because now the parents (those who back then had to have the latest jeans) now have to have the latest BMW's therefore the kids just wear what comes from Wal-Mart???!!?? I'm sure there are still pressures to wear stuff from like A&F and such, but then you were just a total social outcast if you didn't fit in somewhere with your fashion... be it punk, rocker (we called them Hetians -pronounced heh-shuns- back then..dunno why), preppy etc. But you needed to fit in somehow. I was lucky in that i managed to chameleon myself enough to have friends from every group and even some real popular friends even tho my parents were what some would have at the time considered pretty poor. Had to be real creative with clothes. Buy what looked real close to the real thing... hope that maybe i could find something on sale.. or beg for a decent christmas present! I lived in the Pacific Northwest (port orchard to be exact) and the HUGE HUGE thing all through jr high and a little into high school was CHARLY B. sweatshirts! I cannot find **any** reference to these anywhere on the net. In my late high school years and after it was generra hypercolors. High school and until I was 21 was SO freakin awesome! Things were GREAT!!! I finally had a job and could afford to go to Nordstrom and buy some nice stuff, but by that time the wilder your jeans were, the better so people were really going for all kinds of jeans not just the top 3 names. I had a pair of earl jeans longgg ago. And I loved adored and coveted a pair of GELATI jeans (very early 80's they came in very light pastel colors and often as soft lightweight cotton tie top pants and even cuter were the adorable little coveralls). I had a pair of sticky fingers too. But GUESS was where it was AT in the late 80s. Then there was KXRX tees (from seattle area you KNOW what I am talking about!) and the front of them would say ROY KNOWS and the back just a big X. Roy refers to Roy Otis of ROBIN AND MAYNARD who i understand are still breathing here and there and even saw a website for good old Roy Otis and officer Groiman. COOL :-) PARTIES/KEGGERS were always a hit. They were practically benchmarks on peoples high school careers back then. Everyone had *something* significant happen to them at the bigger ones. There were only a good handful of places we had them for the SKHS area. Of course there was CRUISING in Bremerton but towards the "end" of the 80s, it got harder and harder because they cracked down on it so so much! DANG what the heck happened to CALIFORNIA COOLERS!!?? those HUGE 1 to 2 liter bottles of wine stuff you could get? You could snag a buyer to get you one for like a few bucks and be SET for the night! Hungover?? You betcha.... count on it! But for us girlies there was nothing better! Not only that.. they were pretty colors teehee ;-) TV was great! MTV of course was a staple. I remember we actually had cable early on, and I will never forget the day they started up the MTV. We sat there in amazement while they played the first videos. We were like YES YES YES!! We no longer had to stick around to watch FRIDAY NITE VIDEOS!!! Fridays were too too too important once you hit 15/16 to simply sit around and watch tv! You had to be out! Heaven forbid you ever got DOGGED (or dogged out). That meant you got left behind, sometimes on accident, but usually on purpose, and usually because there was a guy/girl involved and your presence might hinder the hook up. I remember the sometimes catty-ness between "friends" (or at least groups of friends) where someone was always mad at someone, on the verge of arse-kickin (came to fruition maybe 1 out of 10 times). They would start some rumor, even your "best friends" would be in on it. That usually meant you would soon be kicked out of that group entirely. I had several groups but thats hard too because sometimes they didnt care for each other and being peacemaker tween them was hard, or if they saw me with the other group they would give me the 3rd degree! UGH! I was a bit of a clownish gal so I think thats why people liked me in their crowd. Once i got to know someone who had a certain reputation (of being prissy or skanky or whatever) i soon found out thats all it was.. a rep... but not true at all. It was just all so dumb the whole clique thing. We were all much closer than we thought we were. Come to think of it there was only a small handful of what I would consider TRUE social outcasts. Completely socially retarded (and I mean that literally... and not as a mean moniker, I mean they were delayed socially). I remember a girl named dawn who was so obese and smelled just like cat pee. I felt so sorry for her because I knew she had a rough family life. She had such a kind nature but had to turn tuffie wierdo in HS just to survive. Final straw for her i think was when she fell at school and was hurt to where she couldnt move and people put a sign on her like a harpoon and called her a beached whale and she just laid and cried. tsk... yep.. kids could be cruel. I remember a few others that were in *that* type of category. The kids who never ever had clean clothes (forget name brand stuff.. just something CLEAN would have been amazing for them) and smelled so aweful and hair was terrible and they were literally looking just a step above (and thats a stretch) homeless. well. later figured out that they were barely living in poverty. Their parents were usually whacked out in some way, drunks or the like. There was a gal whos parents lived in the JUNKIEST house I had ever scene, yet she was a popular cheerleader. She came from one town over so no one really knew of her background.... yet if they did they would have treated her rotten. SO she forged on at a different school. I remember her asking me not to tell anyone after she had asked me over. Of course I didnt. I felt the same way but I couldnt hide my parents/house/background like she could... wish I could! I was thankful in the end to leave the 80's behind, and the town too. As much as I loved both of them, there were memories that also drug me down. My brothers were druggies (cocaine was VERY popular in my highschool... my senior year my older bro had me dropping it off at school for him... EEK!) and many of my friends were starting to experiment with something called crystal.. yeah... you got it... METH! Seattle area was rampant with it by mid 90's. Even tho the 90's brought us into the first Gulf War.. it also was a time for us to try to unite and be a little kinder to *everyone* and start thinking about stuff that really mattered. There was a lot of hope in the end of the 80's and very early 90's. By mid 90's it seemed that all was lost and everyone went off the deep end and became UBER SELFISH and it was all about me me me me me and what entitlement did I deserve from my government. Nobody wanted to work, everyone had a hand out. Nobody cared about anything but what THEIR bottom line was. I missed the old 80's days by that time. That time of hope was short and sweet and gone. I would have rather have had my 80's back than live the way the mid to late 90's were. I was ashamed of so much of the excesses going on. I was ashamed of the scandals our own president brought about. It was just such a bad time. I think our lives are kind of like a pendulum and were swinging back towards how things were in the 80s a bit... hopefully leaving behind the bad parts, and taking with us the good parts that we picked up along the way. How to be a little more selfless. Not to be so clique-ish like the 80s were. More tolerant. At least I hope we learn from our mistakes.
From: trish

I love the 80s because they had the songs "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper, "Every Breath You Take" by The Police, rock bands like The Go-Gos, Devo, The Romantics, and the arcade games like Pac-Man, Gradius, and Dig Dug. The 80s were an awesome time.
From: Laura M.

The Eighties were a great time to grow up as a kid. We didn't have to worry about being attacked here in the United States. The music was awesome and the clothes were great. I mean, you could buy Vans Slip Ons for under $20.00, and now they're like $40.00. We also had awesome movies like Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Footloose, Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Rocky III and IV (I don't acknowledgte V). We also had break dancing and those interesting looking karate slippers, which even though they weren't the most comfortable, they were pretty cool. For girls, there were the jelly shoes. We also had jelly bracelets, skateboards, and an actor for President. Some would say some things haven't changed.
From: Jay Alhadeff

I love the 80s because the fashion was uber cool and everyone did what they wanted and wore what they wanted. It was the era of bright colors and happening music! Plus, "Saved By The Bell" and "Alvin & The Chipmunks". What more could you want???
From: sinead

I love the 80s because the fashion was uber cool and everyone did what they wanted and wore what they wanted. It was the era of bright colours and happening music! Plus, "Saved By The Bell" and "Alvin & The Chipmunks". What more could you want???
From: sinead

I was born in 79 and I LOVED the 80s... LA Gears with the 2 colored shoe strings and the peg legs...you weren't cool unless you could "peg" your jeans. And Strawberry Shortcake was just the best smelling doll in the world!!! I was Jem everytime we played anything, and my friend was always He-Man...or Superman. Star Search was never missed in my house, and I always wanted to be on that show!!! There was always something to do even if you had to "brew" it in your back yard. Things were so much simpler then!!! Can we go back there???
From: Melody

I was born in 69. I remember Village People "Ready for the 80s" I was 10 when the decade bagan. I was in Jr. high and High school - graduated in 1987. I love the 80s music more than anything. It takes me back to a better time.
From: Laura Sisson

Hello! I would like to comment on the eighties. I was born in 1970 and lived my teen years listening to Platinum Blonde, The Spoons, Flock of Seagulls, Nik Kershaw. Thought guys with British accents were H-O-T!! I wore the Jordache, Visa (skin tight) jeans. I remember lying on my bed and zipping up my jeans with a coat hanger because they were so tight. Big hair and Aqua Net. Pom pom socks. Friendship pins on my shoes. Banana clips, Peter Pan getaway boots and cougar boots that you DID NOT tie up. It was a great time. Video dances were the hottest craze, and meeting Honeymoon Suite will always be a fond memory. Long live the Eighties. For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)!
From: Hannah

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