Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I was born in the last four months of the 80s (september 1989. But, I'm a huge 80s fan. Sadly, I never got to enjoy of it though :\ But I love the music, the fashion, the movies, the TV shows, the cars, and of course the hair (how could you not?)! I was recently in a fashion show that was dedicated to the 80s and had my hair teased into two huge pigtails.
From: Andrea

Does anyone remember the suede blue Pepsi shoes from the 80s? They had the Pepsi logo on each side with this huge thick navy blue/white striped rubber platform sole on them. Pretty stylin! I think they came in other pop brands too.
From: Susan

Wow! These pages do bring back some memories. I was born in the beginning of 1970, so my school years where all in the 80s. Does anyone else remember "New Kids Got Run Over By A Reindeer"? The first time I heard it was on the bus on the way to school in about 10th grade. It is still one of the funniest songs I've heard. I recall(with quite a bit of embarrasment) dressing like Don Johnson in Miami Vice. I was in the locker room getting ready for gym class when the Challenger exploded. I believe I was either a junior or senior when they finally launched another shuttle. We were sitting in the lunch room, watching the launch and some wisea** said "boom" as they launched. Suffice to say the rest of the lunch room came down on him pretty hard. Probably one of the best memories of the 80s was when the Berlin Wall was brought down in 1989! Anyways, thanks for reading. If anyone wanted to say howdy, my e-mail address is Eyore83012@yahoo.com Blessings, Herb
From: Herb

I am not an American. I was born in India in 1982. Guys, I don't really remember the eighties--I was too young then. In the 90s, cable TV came to India...and, finally, I saw the eighties through the TV screen. I saw cartoons like Robotech, Thunder Sub(Blue Noah),Transformers, Voltron. I realy liked the Ninja Turtles. I also played games like Contra. I saw The Karate Kid, Robocop, Back to the Future, The Ghostbusters, and many others. I absolutely love Street Hawk. The soul of the eighties lies in its music. There is nothing like it, and I mean it! Can anything today match "Walk like an Egyptian" by the Bangles. Just listen to Eddie Money's "Take Me Home Tonight", or listen to "Take on me", or the songs of Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams, Scorpions, Def Leppard...the list can go on. I think that the carefree spirit of the eighties rubbed onto the early nineties. But more pain crept into the music as time went by...until it turned to hate. And hate and disgust have become the norm and you can hear it in the music today. Now the internet has come,as has the cellphone. I actually welcome these things, yet I think going out on picnics, or to the beach is cooler. When I was young there was an old ruin near my house and I used to look around that place hoping to find treasure. The point is that in the eighties all things came into perfect balance. We thought that the future would make the eighties party more fun, we liked looking for treasure(The Goonies), we danced. Some say that the movies were shallow. In some ways they were but they had good points too. Movies like the Goonies inspired children, gave flight to their imagination, and provided us all with adventure. What is life but a quest for treasure and adventure? There is a lot of sh** that people need to contend with, but life isn't about roiling in sh**. It's about getting out of it. Miraculously, the Eighties brought all good things together. When you listen to the music of a certain decade, you know the mood of the people back then. When I listen to music from the 80s I just start dancing: It is meant to make you happy. People, the years after 2000 were not bad for movies though. We had The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Sin City, and a few others. But the music doesn't--how shall I put it--hit the right spot. And the stars today, including that strange creature that the world knows as Paris Hilton, are trying very hard to just drain our brains and their own brains. I like hard rock, the kind that is full of aggression, but I also wish that sometimes I may be able to dance and feel really happy. THAT was the power of 80s music. But I think this is all a phase. Newer things will come( and Paris Hilton will be jailed:)). But it still makes me wonder why, with such great modern technology, the world is not moving to a more happy state. Back when I was a young kid watching Thundersub and Robotech(in 1992) I thought that the future would be a cooler version of my childhood, and in some ways it is that. But it seems that young teens of today are doing a great job of drowning themselves in their own insecurities. And the artists are doing the same. I have compared the 80s, 90s and this decade, and I see a downward trend as far as music is concerned. For some reason everyone in the music community and the film community are clueless about how to produce the new generation of great stuff. I feel like King Theoden(from the Lord of the Rings), standing in the Halls of Minas Tirith and asking myself the way he did: "How did it come to this?"
From: Eddie's Fan

There will never, EVER, be anything like the 80s...the very best years of my life were during 1981 and 1989! I cry very often when those remembrances come to my mind, which is very often, and I was a crazy fan of Miami Vice, and the fashions of the 80s, and YES, young people's attitudes were absolutely different than today's, super incredible, but that's the way it is, how people change! I adore anything 80s and I would give ANYTHING to find a time capsule and return to those unforgettable years and stay there forever ! Viva Vice!!!!!
From: Crockett-Tubbs

I was born in 1966 in Taylor, Michigan. I was in high school during the 80s and it can't get any better than that! I am talking Valley Girl, Madonna, Walkmans, Compact Disc, Reagan, MTV, big hair, big combs in your back pocket, and if you were really cool you had a Chain Wallet and boomboxes. No other decade had as much to offer!!!!
From: Chris Valencia

Hi. My name is Michelle. I love the Eighties!!!! I just turned 14! Yeah, weird! Everybody says that. I don't think that it is weird. 80s music is a heck of a lot better than todays rap! I loved the big hair and the awesome clothes! I think that people should keep this decade alive. People might say that I can't be a true fan because I didn't live in that decade (I wish that I did), but I love everything about the 80s! LOVE IT! Plus my mom is a living legend of the 80s. Big hair and the music. My favorite band is Def Leppard, they rock!!
From: Michelle

I was born in the summer of 1981, the day The Specials went to number one with "Ghost Town," a tune I still love to play. Being a child of the 80s, I hold many happy memories and speak on them often. I love the music, the kids tv was at its best and most importantly, people hung out with friends, not in gangs. After reading so many of the other comments, it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who left the 80s with something special!
From: ste

Hello! IĀ'm from Chile and was born in 1977. Did the American media start a campaign against the 80s? When American teenagers come to Chile they are surprised at our weird devotion to eighties music. What do I answer? Music from those years is far better!!! I love heavy metal and glam bands. They are full of great guitarists, drummers, etc. Current pop music is a joke, really. Where are the ballads, the adventurous lyrics, and all the fun from those years? Unfortunately, teenagers everywhere are snobs. I canĀ't believe that in the States, young people hate wearing fanny bags. ItĀ's the most absurd thing IĀ've ever heard! Well, I donĀ't know what to say. ItĀ's very strange the fact that you Americans create new fashions, new ideological trends, etc., and you are the first to send your creations to the trash can while the rest of the world has already set a culture around your own exportations. OK, I donĀ't wanna go too deep. Long live rock from the eighties!!!!

why I love the 80s
From: name

My favorite Band of all time is MORRISSEY and my favorite show of all time is The GOLDEN GIRLS. They were both HUGE in the 80s.
From: Gary

I was born in '74. Here's what I remember: I remember the boy in our building with a mean Green Machine (I wanted one!), Mr. Machine, Strawberry Shortcake, Sea Wees, Matchbox cars, BMX bikes and banana seat bikes (I had an orange fade into white banana seater...called Sunshine or something similar..of course, wanted a BMX), Roos velcro tennis shoes with the little pockets (I saw some in T.J. Maxx a couple of months ago!!!), Vision Street Wear (I recently scored a pair of Vision hi tops similar to Chuck Taylors in near mint condition!), Weebles, Smurfs, of course big hair and Aqua Net, Rave scented hair spray, boomboxes, cassette tapes, jelly shoes and bracelets, plastic charms, my best friend LOVED Boy George, and living in Germany. We lived in Germany (Air Force brat) from about 1982-85. I remember seeing and touching the Wall and Checkpoint Charlie. I was secretly afraid of the German soldiers. Oh yeah! There were also the Polizei on our base occasionally, driving around in their white and green cop cars. SOMEONE, my mom, I believe, told my friends and I it was illegal (German law) to climb trees and if they caught us, the German cops would arrest us. So, whenever we were climbing trees and the Polizei drove by, my friends and I either froze in our places in the trees or would jump out and run and hide...If I had only been a little older, I would've been into the punk scene, I believe....I loved FAME, Punky Brewster, My 2 Dads, Growing Pains, and my Commodore 64. My favorite C64 game was Zork, Miner 2049-er, and the Castle Wolfenstein series. There's so much more!!!
From: cassandra

Well, we were no angels, but we still had some sense of shame and decency. If you were smoking or making out with your boyfriend, you didn't advertise it like now. Pregnant in high school when I went in the early 80s? Shame! The common goal for most in my day was to act preppy, dress smart and clean, get into a decent college, and have a big house and car and good job in the growing computer world. Now it's sleaze-city in music and videos. No one back then walked around with their nasty bellies hanging out from cropped shirts, or wore flip-flops to school or shopping. We weren't prissy, just more fussy with how we looked and acted. Videos were better, TV shows were better.
From: Shatzi

I agree the 80s were better. I had a great time; it was friendlier and more of a laugh. I need your 80s UK New Romantic stories at www.daveches.co.uk/80s
From: geekpie

I was born in 1974, hence the name Jennifer. I went to school with about 10 others. The 80's were a carefree and easy time to be a kid; because you actually got to be a kid. Granted we all wanted to be older and act older, but our parents put us in check quickly and reminded us just how old we were. The cartoons were actually cartoons and not some action/soap opera animation. Looney Tunes/Capt. Caveman/Jabber Jaw, etc. were and still are the absolute best. MTV was actually enjoyable to watch and played music videos instead a bunch of pathetic reality shows. My friends and I stayed up several Dec. 31st just to see if our fav. video would hit number one. We did not have electronics to "babysit" us. We actually had to rely on creativity! You were never allowed to just sit inside and do nothing at my house. (and I thank my mom for that). You also had to go through school WITHOUT a calculator. Strawberry Shortcake, The A-Team, "V", Secret of Nimh, Star Wars etc. ( I could go on forever) were some of the best toys,shows,movies. Being grounded to your room was a death sentence as far as you were concerned. Now the kids would rather be there with their computers. I could go on and on. I am a very proud 80's child and have very fond memories. Thank you for the site!! It is "totally awesome"
From: Jennifer

I love the 80s because it was the era that I grew up in. It was an exciting time to be a kid and an even more exciting time when you had everything you could possibly want, if your parents could afford it, that came your way in the way of toys, clothes, and accessories.
From: Celeste

Not only were Madonna fingerless gloves, and legwarmers very cool...but it wasn't going to be long before the "future" would be here, and we would all get our flying cars!!
From: Kitty

Two words, "MIAMI VICE"!
From: Areth Kara

I ws born in 1990, but the eighties dancing fascinates me, especially Michael Jackson's dance moves!
From: Margaret

Those where the days when the music was clean not to sexy and parents did not screen it all. The New Kids, Debbie Gibson and Tiffany were a few of the most popular. I get tired of the music from today but can always sit back listen to the 80's and remember the good old days. Some of the best styles came from then. I'm not one that only wears the cloths from then or still has the exact same hair style from then but a lot is copied. We had much better bands back then yeah sure there were a lot of one hit wonders. How many times do you turn on the radio and on the station that plays todays music always throws in a lot of big 80's hits. That my be the past but it is still here today in the present. A whole ten years of great memories and not enough words to describe it.
From: danielle

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.