Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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The 80s were definitely the best. I was an 80s teenager and we experienced the best of everything in that decade. We had the best movies (Terminator, Back to the Future, Nightmare on Elm Street, Platoon, Return of the Jedi, etc) We had the best TV series (Dukes of Hazzard, BJ & the Bear, Hill St Blues, A Team, etc etc) and we had the best music on the radio (Talking Heads, Men at Work, Wham, etc etc etc.) TV today just doesn't have the originality or quality it used to. The radio just doesn't have the variety of great performers it used to. I may be old fashioned, but I only ever buy greatest hits CD's these days. Classic Hits radio stations seem to be the most popular where I come from. As a teenager in the 80s we got to see PC's in our schools for the first time and we got to hang out at the very first video games arcades. (Our pocket money would disappear pretty fast). We were the first generation to listen to CDs and watch videos. (We got to watch all the movies our parents never took us to the movies to see when we were younger.) Yep. I have to admit it, life was pretty sweet in the 80s. (All though I do prefer to forget the fact that I was pretty depressed through most of it!)
From: Richard P

I graduated in '84 and was addicted to MTV when it first aired. The videos were all so fun and harmless then! I don't let my children watch it today. And you could turn the TV to any station without worrying about viewing sex and violence--not like today with shows like Jerry Springer etc. Seems like everything is so "graphic" today. Music was more fun in the 80's. (And John Taylor of Duran Duran is way cuter than any of those Backstreet Boys!) :)
From: Christine

I'd really like the 80's it was my favorite time thats when most of my childhood memories are from its a shame they dont have a channel for the 80's...well anyway i am a 80's child and i love it music,shows,cartoons,vidoegame,toys,and clothes its was all hip...
From: Steven

Well I was born in the eighties so I never got to experience it. I'm only 13 so i'm a teen in the nighties but i love legwarmers rubber bracelets andthe fashions. I like to dance and i have tons of legwarmers. But it would be nice to live in the past just once though.
From: Kelsie

There is one reason and one reason alone why the 80's rocked so much and that reason is simply because IRON MAIDEN IS GOD!!!
From: Kevin Smith

Hi! I was bornin 76 and I love the 80's music!! My first concert ever was The Bangles, Different Light Tour!! WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN!!! I loved to watch the Facts of Life and MacGuyver and I wanted to grow up to be a undercover cop on 21 Jumpstreet. The music rocked....it was good fun stuff...Rock Me Amadeus or how about One Night In Bangkok....The list goes on and on.....It was a fun time to grow up with cool toys, fun music and wacky trends.....
From: Rebecca Miller

I was 9 in 1980 and 18 in 1989. The early eighties new wave -Mtv-thing changed my life. The gender warping was really cool. I wore eyeliner and dyed my hair a lot. Remember Star Hits? Friday Night Videos? Night Tracks? Merry Go Round? Chess King? I miss all that stuff. I loved the whole zipper over kill on pants and shirts. Superflous snaps and buttons. Bandanas around the necks. Duran duran style mullets. The "tech" pants of today are simular to parachute pants. The eighties are coming back in a new form, clothes wise. Pale slightly chubby chicks with black or bleached bobs with bangs in their eyes and short pants with black shoes are hot!!!!! Some of the finest girls ever were the new wave girls in the eighties.
From: Kev

Born 69 the 80s was concert after concert party after party and us guys cant for get girls. fast cars with ac/dcs back in black playing on the radio.
From: eric

Wow Im so happy to find a lot of people who love the 80s. I thought I was the only one stuck back in the cave as people tell me. Most people I know are into the 90s which I cant really stand. On September 3rd Im going to the Duran Duran Concert, and I have been to Hall and Oates and Prince concerts and more 80s muscians to come. I dont know why Im stuck to the 80s, but perhaps it is because it was 'music'. I dont have to ramble on in how good it is, we all know that. Thank you guys now I know there is nothing wrong with me to still live in the 80s (music wise).
From: Aria

Hi, HOLA: In my opinion, I born in the fisrt years of the 70's, but I grow up in the 80's, with all, the music, the cartoons, the Telly Series, Movies, Clothes, etc. But the most thing i like of that Deacade, was : The Food, the Night Clubs, and of course the girls, but there no are a normal girls, who don't remember: The cousin of the Duk's of Hassrad Dukes The girl of the Night Rider The Wonder Woman The Charly Angel's The 6 million dollar Wimen The girls of the "Fantasy Island" Simon & Simon had a great chicks Silk Stalking's and Miami Vice กกก WoW, luxory wimen!!! and more..... Well, Now a days, I live in Mexico, and I miss all the CARTOON'S who make me laugh and fun sincerly KARIM
From: Karim Curioca Degollado

I was born in 1978 and I love the 80s because of alot of cool shows like "Paper Dolls"(yeah, I had the hots for John Waite)Remember the "Missing You" video when a pissed off John breaks his wrist on a pay-phone. Man, I cried like a baby when he broke his wrist I also love Corey Hart,(Canadian sex god next to Michael J.Fox) Rick Springfield, Madonna, Cheap Trick, Journey, I could go on. If anybody has John Waite video archives or "Rockline" Magazine from August 1985 e-mail ASAP:-) Peace& Luv, Rosie H. Weinstein in NYC By the way I'm wearing rubber bracelets to show my true devotion of the 80s. The 80s Rulz!
From: Rosie a.k.a. WaiteGirl78

Ahh, the 80's. A time when teens could further push the limits of their parents sanity. ;o) Of course, I was neither at that time. I was born in 83. I remember being little and wearing the black and white saddle shoes with neon pink leggings and white sweatshirts that had little fake gems and lace ribbons glued all over them. I remember watching Jem, She-Ra, He-Man, Barbie and the Rockers (for some reaon I connect it with Thanksgiving..), Thunder Cats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Woody Wood Pecker, Seasame Street, Mr Rogers, The Smurfs, Care Bears, My Little Pony, Lady Lovelylocks, Gummi Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Bright, Family Ties (I had such a crush on Michael J. Fox at that age), and the earlier viewings of Days of Our Lives with my Mum. I was a well rounded child. ;o) Those shows were really all I had then. They were my escape route until I could read, during the turbulent time of my parents divorce. I wonder if the creators of those shows ever realized how much they gave to us back then. It was a whole other world we were allowed to view through a window. To this days, the memories I hold so dear to my heart of my childhood are th days in which I could sit in between my Daddy and Mommy in my pink and white pjs with feet, have my bowl of cheerios and glass of hi-C, and watch my favorite characters come to life. They were the only times the three of us were ever together peacefully. After that my two youngest sisters were born and the tension between my parents snapped. Now those shows bring back sweet memories for me. I can still sing the whole Jem theme song without fault and I can recite the whole She-Ra opening. Maybe it was those shows that turned me into the flaming straight feminist I am today. Those were break through shows for girls at the time. It was so important to have role models at that age, including your mother. I'm glad I was lucky enough to have been born at the time I was. I'll never forget my 80s upbringing, the dressing, the shows, the food...even the music. I still remember driving home in the car with my Mum when I heard my first Madonna song. It was Material girl, and I was convinced it was my Aunt Debbie singing because she had a speaking voice similiar to Madonna's singing voice. The 80's holds my past. It is a part of me and anyone else who was touched so by what it held.
From: Kristen

My love affair with the 80's started in 1976. I turned on the Tv and fell maddly for a cartoon face i would later find out was Rick Springfield. he of course went on to be huge in the 80's. The years have been very kind to this man and he is still out there. He now has a cult like following of fans that follow him all over the country. I am one of those fans.
From: Shay

Well, I was born in 1981, and I loved the 80's! The 80's is the greatest decade ever! Well...maybe not the greatest...but one of the best! Even though I wouldn't be caught dead wearing some of the 80's fashions today, They still look "neat" and "rad" I used to love using words like that! I know that I used to (and still) love all of those 80's shows, like the Ewoks, the Droids, the Carebears, Fraggle Rock etc. One thing that I really loved was the Hug A Bunches. I had the doll with the tight curly orange hair. I wish I still had her...If anyone who reads this finds any information on the hug a bunches, please leave note of it here! It would be greatly appreciated! Hey...remember the Wuzzles and the Gummi Bears!? he he!
From: Sherry

First I have to say, what is up with these teenage kids saying they're children of the eighties? This is Gen-X time kids. Having been born in 1973 I enjoyed all the hair bands and the original boy bands, Menudo and New Kids on the Block. Though I can't blame these kids that are now calling us "sir" and "ma'am" at the grocery store, the 80's LIKE TOTALLY RULED!!!!!!! We had the best toys, the best tv shows, the best movies, the best everything!!!! I think those of us that truly were children of the eighties enjoy it so much now because it was simpler then. We weren't getting our careers on track or going back to school.......again, or worried about getting married and popping out babies, or paying off our credit cards (if I had a dollar for every time I said that......it would be paid). We were worried about what the newest Barbie was going to be (anyone remember Sea Wees and Glamour Gals?) and what color did we want our Benetton bucket bag in (mine IS red), and how many of those rubber bracelets could you fit on your arm anyway?!? Wearing two watches and hanging out with skaters. No wonder there is a hole in the ozone we children of the 80's put it there with our tons of Aqua Net (I did switch to the pump). I know, there is room for everyone at the altar of the 80's. Turn up that 80's mix Cd you bought last week (remember when CD's first came out) and pop Sixteen Candles in your DVD player (or just watch it on TBS next weekend) and harken back to a time when you had to wake up two hours before you left for school just to get your hair teased and sprayed and feathered to perfection.
From: Kate

Okay. . .I am the ultimate 80's child. I was born in 1974. So, I remember sitting at home on New Years Eve 1979, waiting for the new decade to arrive. I remember when Ronald Reagan was voted as the President of the United States. I remember when Michael Jackson was actually normal. I remember wanting my MTV. I remember wearing flourescent colored ruffle socks, acid washed jeans, parachute pants, Beat It and Thriller jackets, Members Only jackets, jelly shoes, leg warmers, flash dance type sweat shirts, jackets covered with picture buttons of M.J., Boy George, and Prince. I remember the jeri curl and the mohawk. I remember the birth of break dancing. I remember carrying a "boom box" and a piece of cardboard to lunch so that I could break dance with the other kids. I remember having a huge crush on Ozone and Turbo. I remember when "We Are the World" was the 80's anthem. I remember when the 8-track mysteriously dissapeared, followed by the vinyl album. Cory Haim, Cory Feldman, Phillip Michael Thomas, any of the DeBarge brothers, and Tom Selleck were all the bomb. I could go on and on. The 80's was an awesome decade, and no other decade could compare.
From: Nicque'

I frickin' MISS the 80's. Born in 1979, the very year the likes of My Sharona and Devo killed the excesses of disco. Sure, people lined up at phone booths to make a call during the recession, but who cared?? We could stick on Cyndi Lauper and Billy Idol and forget about it. TV was family-friendly, often teaching a lesson (Who's the Boss, Growing Pains, Full House, etc.) Yeah, the clothing styles were unique, but they left more room for outrageous experimentation, unlike the uptight 90's, when everything had to be, and still is, painfully hip. MTV had all videos, and a special or two, instead of The Real World in marathons. The 80's were fun for me, but the 90's were my years of fear, rejection, and whatnot. Remember Punky Brewster? Seen the Karate Kid? the excellent Steve Martin film Roxanne? Airplane! Dirty Dancing? My sisters used to dance and play Barbies to that movie, knowing every line, from "Look it's Cleopatra! I feel like such an asp!" to "Nobody puts Baby in the corner!" Of course the made me dance with a mop, but it was all in good fun! Decades like the 60's and 90's were days of rapid change, things the 70's and 80's didn't experience. The 60's was the Counterculture Revolution, the 90's the Digital Revolution. However, I don't know if the next one will top the "Totally rad", "excellent, dudes", "to the Max" 80's, or just be a continuation of the cynical "As If", "My bad?", "Phat", "wuzzup dawg" 90's. The memories of the Reagan/Bush (the one thing that sucked about the decade)80's will live on.
From: Jeremy

let me count the ways...wearing legwarmers to school with my catholic school uniform, my strawberry shortcake lunchbox and wonderwoman underoos, the greatest american hero, the wisdom of the trash heap and postcards from uncle travelling matt, cavity creeps ("WE...MAKE...HOLES IN TEETH"), the superfriends (diaper man, strong man, cuckoo man, tornado man and rope man, of course), book-and-records, colorforms, presto magics and shrinky dinks, jon taylor of duran duran, sit-n-spin, the hobbit movie, Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret, Mr. Yuck...
From: Jade

I think life was so much easier in the 80's. Nevermind the drugs and teen pregnancy. There was none of this politically correct bull---- like there is today. God I HATE all these policially correct people. DIE! I think some of the best toys and inventions came from the 80's. My most favorite are the old computers (I probably have nearly 10 computers in my home) with CGA/EGA and the games we had. I was every bit as happy on an old 8088 with 640K and CGA as I am today with my Pentium II, 256 RAM, and SVGA. Believe it or not. I LOVE the old games. They were simple. None of this solve the maze or puzzle, just blow things up! You are a 80's computer geek (I hate that word!) if you remember Hercules/CGA, 360K 5.25" disks, 300 baud, BBS's, 640K of RAM, FOSSIL drivers, and online games. TV shows were MUCH better. The old cartoons were kick ass. Remember ALF? Family Ties? Airwolf? The music? Ok, so we had teeny bopper back then. Well one thing I can say for sure, back in the 80's, whether it was Belinda Carlisle, Tiffany, or Debbie Gibson playing, I COULD TELL THE DIFFERENCE! And most of them wrote their own songs. Unlike this total crap N Sync and Britney Spears, just to name a few. What the hell is up with that? Most of the time I can't tell who sings it. All these teeny groups sound the same. Not only that, alternative just plain blows. All the music sounds the same. All I listen to is 80's music. There are hundreds of reasons I love the 80's. I was born in 73, so the early 80's are somewhat hazy, but from about 84 on, I have a pretty good memory. BTW, if you are looking for old 80's games, go to yahoo and search for "abandonware". You'll find literally hundreds. LONG LIVE THE 80'S!!!
From: aaron

I was born in January 1981 and I spent my childhood in the eighties. I remember playing with Strawberry Shortcake, Shera and Heman, GI Joe's,Cabbage Patch Kids, My Little Pony, Barbie of course, and remember Rainbow Brite and Popples. My television watching centered around the Smurfs, the snorks, Punky Brewster, Alvin and the Chipmunks, You Can't Do That On Television, Heathcliff, Thundercats, Transformers, Who's the Boss, The Cosby Show, Family Ties, Growing Pains, Head of the Class, Full House, Saved by the Bell, and does anyone remember Rose Petals Place and those little cartoons they used to show right around easter.My favorite movie was Clue and the Goonies. I thought Corey Haim was the cutest in all those movies. I listened to Run DMC, Slick Rick, Prince, Madonna, Cindy Lauper, the Bangles, and I was in love with Michael Jackson. The best thing about the time was we used our imaginations a lot more than kids today when we played barbie's a shoebox was the car and any open space was their house we had no dream house or sport's car.
From: Denise

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.