Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I also had quite a number of toys from my childhood. Eleroo from the Wuzzles, Quints, Puuter the Popple, Oodles, Sweet Secrets, care Bears stuffies, Muppet Babies, Barbie Ice Cream Shop, Magic Nursery Babies, Kid Sister and Pound Puppies, along with others. We moved around some, so we couldn't keep everything or some got broken probably or lost. My brother was 4 years older than me so he had the He-man toys, which he still has TMNT toys, M.U.S.C.L.E. guys, G.I. Joe, and others. He also has the first Nintendo. We used to have the Colecovision but it broke and we also have the Sega Master System. Anyone remember Children's Palace? Today's music does stink nowadays and I don't care about it really, except basically for Matchbox 20 and Nickelback. Pound Puppies is on a station now called Boomerang, along with Smurfs and Snorks! There had been a return of the Popples and the Care Bears and other 80s toys. Most are cute, but some aren't. Especially Sweet Secrets. Long live the 80s!!!!!!!!!
From: Hannah Morgan

I'm very sorry. I know I've written too much about the 80s, but it's my very favorite decade and this is the last entry I'll write about. The movies were awesome and my favorite one has got to be Ghostbusters. Bill Murray was my favorite! Kevin Costner was very cute in the 80s also! Everything about the 80s was awesome except for a few things, like monster trucks, clips on the sides of the shirts and hair dipped in Kool-Aid! Okay, that will be all for now!
From: Hannah Morgan

When I look back, I love the SNES so much better than the NES, even though the original has cool graphics also. I just moved from Michigan to North Carolina and they have na all year flea market where you can buy both NES and SNES equipment! Anyway Madonna was the best in the eighties, even though she did act trashy. Sorry, but she did. My mom even agrees. I did like her in Desperately Seeking Susan and Aidan Quinn was jusat so cute. I also loved Beetlejuice Ia whole bunch and my brother had those Madball toys. He had a freddy Krueger one and Jason from Friday the 13th. I remember I used to want to watch the Freddy movie, but my mom wouldn't let me, so I would peek around the corner to watch it! Iwas only 8! Then I would have nightmares. Years later, jsut recently we saw the first one and thought it was funny, the one with Johnny Depp. Wow!We used to go to Toys R Us a lot and buy toys. My parents liked to go also and play the toys with us also. I really do miss the legos made for girls. Anyone remember Kiddy Land! My favorite band is the Beatles even though eighties music is awesome also. Keep the 80s alive everybody!!!!!!!!
From: Hannah Morgan

I'm 38, so I was right in the middle of the whole thing!! We used to pull our sweats up below the knee and wear anklets or fold our socks down, with our t-shirts tied at the side. We thought we were being sexy, LOL. It looks so funny now to see the girls of today with their sweatpants or jeans rolled up the same way.
From: Jennifer

Well I am sitting here at home on a dismal day in cold January. I have my TV tuned to DejaView which broadcasts a bunch of old shows I used to watch in the 80's. Right now Three's Company just started as The Cosby Show just ended. I was born in 1975 so the mid 80's was the biggest time of my life. 10 years old is when you observe but also act like a little renegade and be cool for your friends. I remember all the good things, The A-Team, Knight Rider, Transformers toys that were original and oh so cool to change, I remember He-Man and getting the original Light Brite game for Christmas. Trivial Pursuit, Rebound, and sitting watching Saturday morning cartoons with my bowl of Rice Krispies (with white sugar sprinkled on top) is a big memory for me. When the cartoons were over The Price Is Right would be next and i would usually watch that too. I can go on and on with my obsession back then for Atari, Intellivision, ColecoVision, Commodore 64 etc.. I have had all these systems over the years for I collect them and my kids also are hooked on them. Playing Atari bowling and E.T and Galaxian remember those?? :-) I even sport a large Atari logo tattoo on my lower ankle. I am 32 years old now and I wish I could go back. It was a better time and I constantly feel that I didn't get enough of it. There was so much more to get and experience from the 80's. Perhaps in the later 2010's and up a time machine will be made. I would be the first in line to travel back to Weird Science. ;-) I had nicknames and was always called Simon LeBon or Simon and Simon. <- all eighties my friends :-)
From: Simon Lebon L'Heureux

Who could ever forget the big hair, blue eye shadow, hair bands, and Aqua-Net? Ah yes, Aqua-Net - a girl's best friend back then. That decade will live on forever through all the music and power ballads.
From: NE RN

I love the eighties because I remember all the things I did when I was a kid. I had the Mattel Intellivision, Sega Genesis, etc. The Sega Genesis was, in that time, the most popular video game console. I also had the Atari, too. I had so much fun with all these. I used to go to a barber shop too when I was a kid. I'm his favorite costumer! I used to go to a video game store buying Genesis games. I was born in 1986. I really miss the eighties!
From: Abdulla Sulaimani

The Great Space Coaster, G-Force, Ms. Pac-Man, lacey gloves, fifteen colours of eye makeup all at once and cherry lip-gloss, Hungry Hungry Hippo, Prince and the Revolution, and silly rock bands that I mimic on Guitar Hero and Rock Band, Atari paving the way for my Wii... little things that I remember are always popping up!... heee heee... mesh socks!
From: oh-so-qt

The 80s were my teenage years and even though they didn't seem like it at the time, they indeed were the best years of my life. We had cool fashions, big hair, our stars acted like normal people and weren't the talk of the rag mags...well other than Michael and Madonna...people still liked each other and trusted each other. Even though racism exsisted, it wasn't as big of an issue as it is now. Oh... MTV and then VH1 actually showed VIDEOS! :)
From: Polly

Oh gosh, what can I say about the 80's except that I miss it dearly!!!! Take a journey with me, let's go through all the things that made the 80s a great decade! Let's start with fashion: shoulder pads, big glasses, big hair/big bangs and so much more! Music: MTV was born and played non stop music video's, singers became big shots after having a music video on MTV! Prime-time TV shows like: Alf, Golden Girls, Punky Brewster, Amen, 227, Designing Women, Smurfs, He-Man, Dougy Houser MD, Facts Of Life, Taxi, My So Called Life and too many brilliant shows to name! The 80s had it's bad times, AIDS, violence, war but all in all it was a great decade. If I could sum up the 80s decade in one word, it would be "original" because that's when everything and everyone was - original! R.I.P 80's, I miss you so!
From: Oscar

Why WOULDN'T any one that was a true 80s child or teen not love the 80s? To me it was the most colorful and animated decade. Maybe because I wasn't around in the 50s or 60s or the 70s. I have to stick to my 80s!! That time period was so fun. At that time everybody loved just about every kind of music and I have to give that award to the one and only Michael Jackson of course. To me he broke the barrier of just liking a certain kind of music to everyone pretty much rocking to the same beat. No matter if it was pop. rock, or rap (which RUN DMC and Aerosmith gets that award for) the point is everybody was keen to everything. The movies were fun and AWESOME (one of my favorites is "Who's That Girl" and Earth Girls Are Easy") even the horror movies were fun and spooky at the same time. I honestly wish we could do a rewind and just go back to those times. I may have been a child but to me that decade just was a little peaceful to me and not to mention again FUN!!!!
From: Nora

I turned 13 in 1980 and back then didn't know how lucky I was. Many of my friends and I envied the previous generation that grew up in the 60s -- they got to experience Woodstock, got to watch man land on the moon -- all the flower-power and free-love of the 60s seemed more fun than the disco, glitter-glam, and bell-bottoms of the 70s that had just passed. Nostalgia, though, always makes the past sweeter and now, when I think back to the 80s -- and read all these posts -- I DO smile. The good: people actually COOKED back then (microwaves were unknown to most households); live, responsive, interactive people answered telephone calls; and 411 calls were FREE. Video-arcades were affordable, accessible, and safe fun (before there was Pac-Man, Rally-X was my favorite game). We saw the birth of the Rubik's Cube, Trivial Pursuit, the VHS, and cable TV. Back then, a scientific calculator was the height of 'computing'. We had no copier machines and no word processors (White-Out hadn't even been invented yet) -- we used carbon paper, manual typewriters, and hand-cranked inking/rolling/printing machines for duplicating text. The Commodore 64 computer was 'cutting edge' technology when it came out -- there was no Windows, no Mac, and IBM was just starting to make copy machines. If you wanted music on-the-go, the 1st Sony Walkman had only an FM tuner and weighed about 8 pounds (add another pound for the 4 or 6? doule AA batteries required!). But, back then, the music was worth it -- we saw the birth of music icons like Madonna, Bon Jovi, Michael/Janet Jackson, Prince, and U2 -- just to name a few. Movies were one of a kind (cult?) classics: the Breakfast Club; Alien; Tron; Fast Times at Ridgemont High; Ghostbusters. And, back then, if someone wanted to know if you'd heard a new song, they asked if you 'heard it', not if you've 'seen the video.' (In the early 80s, record companies thought $50,000 was a lot to spend making a video!) And, if you saw a knockout figure or face on a girl, you didn't wonder if it was real or manufactured. The bad: we saw a boycott of the 1980 Olympics because of Cold War tensions; we witnessed the identification and the proliferation of AIDS; prescriptioin Ecstasy (MDMA) was a still a 'medicinal' drug; we witnessed astronaut death in Space; we endured the volcanic explosion of Mt. St. Helens; we saw an attempted assassination of our president and the successful assassiation of John Lennon. The funny: Although I chuckle at people calling the fashion of the day "elegant" (?!?), we were definitely avant-garde. We made fishnets respectable; we dared to wear leather AND lace; and we DELIBERATELY cut-up perfectly good clothes in the name of fashion (we fingertips off gloves a-la Madonna, and collars off sweatshirts a-la Flashdance). On TV SNL had stars like Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Dan Akroyd, John Belushi, and Gilda Radner. We watched Bill Cosby on 'Fat Albert' and Morgan Freeman on 'The Electric Company.' (Most households only had 7-11 channels, but the shows were GREAT! We saw fledgeling stars like Billy Crystal in "Soap" and Danny Devito in "Taxi".) Outdoor rock concerts (with General Admission seating and affordable prices) were the entertainment of the day -- I have fond memories of seeing bands like Huey Lewis & the News, Don Henley, Katrina & the Waves -- for less than $20 (and being able to smoke during the shows and hold up lighters to call for encores!). What amazes (and redeems?) me the most is that so many people who were too young to remember the 80s love that era as well. It's nice to know that not everyone thinks like the kids in the song "1985" (Bowling for Soup/SR-71)... 'her 2 kids in high school tell her that she's uncool -- cause she's still pre-occupied with 1985.' :D
From: eureka

I love reading everyone's entries! I was born in 1968 so I remember the 80s well!! I loved hypercolor Gennerra Tees, Guess jeans with the zippers (I was on the waiting list for the paisley ones but they never came), the assymetric hairstyles, safety pins everywhere, little band buttons on my jacket, jazz shoes, boxer shorts and long underwear...on and on. Some of my favorite shows were Square Pegs, that one show with the two twin sisters (not Sister Sister, they were white but I don't remember their names). I loved the breakdancing movies like Breakin' 1&2, and Beat Street!! I went rollerskating every weekend. It was huge in MN!! By the way, does anyone remember the canvas nikes that had the multi-colored plastic side panels? I had a pair and saved them for years but I think I finally through them out. I LOVED them and have looked online but can't find them. I was HUGE into Prince and wore tons of eyeliner!! Ahhh, the 80s! I thought I was so cool! Now my 15 year old daughter loves it too so I can tell her all the fun stories!
From: Kim

I'll just do a music review because there is so much to say about that 80s deca-cade. It was a great time to be alive! It started out dark and lonely since it was at the tailend of the dreaded 70's disco era. Songs like INXS - The One Thing or U2's - I Will Follow predominates the scene. Then the New Wave music hit hard like Culture Club, Go-Go's, Flock of Seagulls even Madonna exploded the music scene. The music was new, innovative and great to drive and possible to dance with. Then the mid 80s came and it died down again only to explode again in the late 80s with awesome Electronic/Pop/Pre-Techno music with Depeche Mode, Erasure, Book of Love, Front 242, Cure, New Order, Bananarama,..etc where you can listen,dance or drive with. I was also into the alternative music like Public Image Limted, Sugarcubes, Cabaret Voltaire as well as the Hair-Bands like Ratt, Poison, Guns'n Roses..etc. It was just too much. I partied like crazy during the last few years of the Decade -(helps when you have friends with their own DJ equipment) or even just going clubbing was fun. It was like this until the early and mid 90's came and then everything decided to revert back to pre-70's depressing music and Rap. The styles reverted back to the 70s. Grunge was in and the neon wacky colors of the 80s was out. With the 90s gone there is a small reemergence to the 80s music scene but with the lack of anything new or different it is nothing more but remaking the same music that made the 80s great to listen to.
From: JB

I was actually born in the 90s, so I'm 15 now. But I Totally LOVE 80s music. I actually prefer listening to it then the music nowadays. I listen to everything fromt the 80s, my parents blast it in the car all the time during the summer!!! haha... It's awesome!
From: student

I was born in 93 .. So I'm gonna be 15 here pretty soon. But I totally love 80s music. I listen to it all the time. My family got me started on it... it's sooo awesome. I wish that I could have lived in the 80s, I love the style of clothing and everything about the 80s!!! <3.
From: ash

I love the 80s because of the hairbands, slapbracelets, cobra, Rambo, and all Sly Stallone flics, striped socks, New Kids on the Block, LL cool J, Joe Montana, Christie Brinkley, Vanna White, Madonna and MJ, "push a push pop" commercials, and everything else about the 80s. I think everyone was happier then any other decade. Therefore, Doc from Back to the Future should make a time machine for us and we should all re-live the 80s!!!
From: jUsTiN TePlItZ OF faRgO, nOrTh dAkOtA

I was a baby of the 60s (born in 67) a child of the 70s and a teen in the 80s. The 80s were some of the best times of my life. A lot of firsts happened in the 80s. First real kiss, first real boyfriend, first car, first concert, first LEGAL BOOZE! Living about 45 minutes from WI back then the drinking age was 18 and lucky for me shortly after turning 18 they raised the drinking age to 21 but grandfathered in all the people who were 18 at the time. So, yes I would drive an hour to legally drink in a bar..( I think you get the idea with all the firsts. I admit I have a huge 80s music collection (both on cassette and CD). I still refer to them as records. I get nostalgic when I hear 80s music and remember where and what I was doing when I hear certain songs. The 80s were the gateway to my adulthood and I wouldn't change any of it except for maybe the pair of parachute pants (that I still have hanging in my basement for reasons I am still unsure of). I think if my kids could have seen me back then they might be shocked and amazed at some of the things I did. For the motto was "Live hard & fast and in the moment." Looking back, I was cool and didn't know it. I wore torn jeans (they didn't start out that way - it just came from wear and tear). I got tattooed not becasue it was the "in" thing. Just expressing my artistic side (even though my mom didn't approve, especially since I was 15 when I got my first one). I wore black t-shirts not because I was punk (and goth wasn't in back or perhaps not even thought of then). It just so happened that a lot of my concert T's were black... and to this day I still own and wear my Colorado Hiking boots (they made great scuff marks on the walls and floors at school!). If I could go back and visit I would (to see old friends that are no longer alive or that I have lost touch with) but to relive it. I think I will pass.
From: Donna

I miss the eighties - things were somewhat simpler. Where did the years go? The 80s music was wonderful!!
From: Rachel

I'm a big 80s fan. I miss the 80s we took the 80s for granted. I didn't realize that how lucky we were to have good music. I listened to everything from heavy metal, house, rock, pop, and hip hop and we had artists that could really sing and had talent. I remember hanging out at the mall with my friends or hanging out at the record store buying new albums with my allowance. I wish I could go back. The 80s were great!
From: Byron Benguche

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