Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I love the 80s most and foremost for the incredible dark and sexy UK inspired new wave music - Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, The Cult, Bauhaus, Sex Pistols, Siouxie and the Banshees, etc. Although my taste is vast and all the kitshiness that came with it. Today I stand alone after traveling all over the world and still, when I want to hear something to bring my mood alive, I still listen to my 80s. Even now, having returned from China after 2 years there, I put on the TV to the Retroactive channel and just sing along with the irresistable songs! I was born in 1977, so I remember being a little girl dancing along with the music my parents were playing, which went from Thompson Twins to the Waitresses to Madonna and I remember the first time I went into NYC at around 3 years old and saw the super funky, weird creature man with a gigantic mohawk and feeling so happy! At 4 years old, I was given my first vinyl: Cindy Lauper "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and what a noisemaker I was!! I still rock legwarmers and my plastic bangles! And I loved all the 80s movies: "Pretty in Pink" and "Fast Times at Ridgemount High" - these movies expressed all the self consciousness and wildness of growing up as a teenager! Basically, I miss those crazy, super creative, hyper expressive times when to be a costume character was normal and spurred on! Thank God for 80s online radio stations!! Hail to the 80s fans and all who miss those times!!
From: Devon Delon

I was born in 1966, so I graduated high school in 1984. I still own legwarmers, neon shoestrings, and entire (almost) album collections of Prince, Pat Benatar, Bon Jovi, The Scorpions, Madonna and "The Breakin' Soundtrack" - complete with breakdancing instructions! :^} I still have a couple of really over-shoulder-padded dresses that I drag out every now & then for theme parties. I drank 3 bottles of Boones Farm Strawberry Hill til I puked one night(1982?) after getting home and sneaking in after curfew. I used "Sun In" on my hair to lighten it and it ended up this orangey-copper, not really blonde color which I thought looked GREAT! However, the pictures I have from that time period convey a quite different reality. EEK! I started smoking Virginia Slims 'cause they were cool and so was I - Ha! My friends and I would go every Sunday night to "Gandalf's Disco 94"... we were all only 13 or 14 but Sundays it was "Teen Night". My god, I forget how many of my girlfriends lost their virginity in the parking lot after making out to "Open Arms" by Journey. Like, gnarly memories, ya know? But, I feel lucky to have been a teen in the 80s - .our parents would buy liquor for us if we promised to stay in, we were not yet afraid of sex because of AIDS, nobody really cared if we smoked pot or loitered in Burger King till midnight. There was still a "looseness" and innocence and sense of random "no one is watching us to closely" back then. That doesn't seem to exist now. Parents today are paranoid and overprotective and hover over their kids a little too much. Glad I don't have any (kids, that is!). I still occasionally go out and dance till dawn; just now it's not with the help of any white powdery substance and I'm doing it for the exercise - this has been fun to share!
From: SuperNan

I was born in 1989 and I don't remember anything from the 80s but when I see a movie, a TV series, or I listen to 80s music, I want to go back in time and go to those wonderful years! I love the rock n' roll style of the time and actually I have an 80s hairstyle and most of my clothes are older too! That's me! And I actually own a t-shirt from 1987!
From: Edgar Van Der Ghast

This is very cool! I was born in 1979,so the 80s were my childhood! The 80' was the best decade ever! I watched everything: 227,Alf,Just The Ten Of Us,Family Matters,Family Ties,Growing Pains,Cheers,Solid Gold,Puttin' On The Hits,Buck Rogers,Soul Train,Star Search,Gimme A break!,Happy Days,It's A Living,Golden Girls,Hill Street Blues,Cagney And Lacey,The Hitchiker,Amazing Stories,Small Wonder,Double Trouble,Knight Rider,Manimal,Airwolf,Silver Spoons,The Hogan Family,WWF Wresting,G.L.O.W.,Three's Company,It's A Living,The Jeffersons,Full House,Perfect Strangers,Facts Of Life,Different Strokes,Punky brewster,Jem,Thundercats,Heathcliff,Garfield,Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show,Silverhawks, He-Man,G.I. Joe,Dallas,T.J. Hooker,Dynasty,etc. Saturday Mornings were an event! Kidd Video,Smurfs,Mr. T, Punky Brewster (animated),Galaxy High,Muppet Babies, Saturday Supercade,The Wuzzles, Foofur,Kissyfur,Snorks,American Bandstand,Pound Puppies,Monchichis,Pac-Man,Rubik,The Littles,Bugs bunny,Get Along Gang,etc. The toys were awesome: She-Ra,Jem,Barbie,Maxie,Rainbow Brite,Smurfs,Voltron,Easy Bake Oven,marbles,Rubik's Cube,Atari,Colecovision,etc. The music was amazing! Prince,Michael Jackson,Madonna,Janet Jackson,Van Halen,Cyndi Lauper,New Kids(ha!), New Edition,Pointer Sisters,Hall and Oates,Debbie Gibson,Tiffany,Martika,Expose,The Jets,Mary Jane Girls,Rick James (RIP),etc. I wish I could go back!
From: Kendra

August 2nd 1984, 4:09 pm, in a discount retail store, I walked up to a shelf my little hands picked up a box that sparked my imagination. It appeared to be a toy truck, yet at the same time a robot. I'd never seen the like of it before. The front of the box featured a name. That name was Optimus Prime. From that day my life changed and apparently so did the world as far as animation and science fiction were concerned. It was an era that I will never forget, never. The sites and sounds live on in my memories of a time unique to all.
From: JP

I was born in 1972 and have to say the three greatest things that happened to me in that era were: 1) Telephone poles- we could play in the streets between a set of telephone poles any sport we wanted to and the people driving their cars would actually wait until the play was over and asked us if we could move; and of course the moment the lights came on it was time to go inside. 2) Older cousins- they provided me with all the pornography and hints on what women like, the correct way to use curse words & derogatory phrases. 3) Entertainment- Movies, music, television, & Nintendo (I could write a 5 page paragraph about this subject)!
From: Avory in Seattle

I love the 80s so so much, because it had such great, more suspenseful movies, had better looking people, especially the rock singers, and the music was so powerful and made me want to dance forever with more powerful beats and vocals than today's music and the boring 90s music. Only the 80s matter to me. I think about it all the time, because I feel so sad that I wasn't born then, instead I was born in 1991, so i missed out. Sometimes I cry, but I live like I'm in the 80s by always buying 80s music from the Scorpions, Motley Crue, Madonna, Whitesnake, Poison, Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Skid Row, Quiet Riot, Night Ranger, Winger and much more. I know that the 80s were a much more fun time to live in, because people had a more sense of freedom to suit themselves without anybody else caring. People felt united as a family and enjoyed themselves. Life was more interesting then because people were different in their thoughts. Even though I can't go back to the 80s, which I never go to enjoy, the 80s will always remain in my heart and I will always be a fan. THE BEST DECADE THIS WORLD HAS EVER SEEN, THE GOLDEN AGE, DECADE OF DECADENCE!
From: Ranarock

Why do I love the Eighties? Where to begin! I was born in November 1994, and I'm an enormous drama queen. I never got to experience my beloved time period - oh, the misery - but I still get to enjoy the wonderful feeling it gives me whenever I listen to Boy George, Kate Bush, Def Leppard, or watch the A Team (on which MURDOCK is the cutest). I'm not even completely sure why I love it so much - perhaps I experienced it in a past life? - but the Eighties, colourful, fun, and larger than life, gives me the greatest feeling. I pity the fool who doesn't love the Eighties!
From: Charlotte

I was born in Dec. 1981 and I find that decade to be the best of my life. Childhood memories related to cartoons, music, movies, way of living, friendships and family ties are something I'll never forget. I'm in my twenties now and I'd give everything to go back in time and feel again the glorious eighties. I love the eighties and I'll never forget them.
From: Marcos Israel

Ahhh, the 80s...I was born in 1974, and although I like the 70s, I was growing up in the 80s...my jellies, swatch watches, parachute pants, Nighttracks on TBS BEFORE MTV, but back when MTV was awesome, it's horrible to watch now. Get back to music and cancel the reality crap already. Nothing will ever compare to the 80s...but as my mom says..nothing will ever compare to the 50s...everyone thinks their era was the best and for them, it probably was. But for me, it was the 80s.
From: Amy

Where do I start? I was born in '71 and I am a true 80s girl. I am loving that all of the 80s styles are coming back from leggings to rolled jeans...it's too cool. The 80's had the best era of music. Great White Once Bitten Twice Shy...I turn on the radio now and I can barely stand it. Imagination... we all used it and had one then. Now kid sit on their butts and play video games, computer games, chatting, texting.. what's the adventure in that? We used to make up radio stations on my red panosonic tape recorder and we played detectives and my brothers and I played that we had super powers given to us by a light pole (street light) and we called him our "commander". My kids find it amusing that the microwave was invented while I was young and we didnt have cell phones. We were thinner in the 80's and maintained our weight because we actually had to go outside and do things. America's obesity comes from all of the new technology of making it easier for people to not have to go out and do things. Shopping? Nope you can do it online. Walk to a friend's house? Nope you can text or go on MSN. Rotary dial phones, ours was bright orange and hung on the wall. Remember the cat clocks with the eyes that moved back and forth along with the tail? Electa Woman and Dina Girl? Dr. Shrinker? OH YEAH... COREY HART! He was my teenage crush. I really miss the eighties and would definitely go back.
From: Jorgie

I was Born in 1976 I am 32 years old. I loved the 80s because you got to wake up on a Saturday morning and watch TMT or even Transformers or go to the USA channel and watch Cartoon Express featuring the Hair Bear bunch - and didn't have to worry about work.
From: Greg Minholz

I was born in 1981. I had a sister who was 7 years older and one that was 4 years older. I loved watching Facts of Life, Growing Pains, Who's the Boss etc with them. I love 80s music. I have some 80s CDs that I have made in my car. I hardly ever listen to anything else. My husband makes fun of me. I was the hugest New Kids on the Block Fan. I thought that since my sister was only like 2 years younger then Joey that they should date. To this day if there is an 80s sitcom on TV, I will choose to watch it. My husband says that if someone looked at our DVR they would think that it was from the 80s. My all time favorite movie is Adventures in Babysitting. I went to middle school in the 90s and I used to make my best friend watch it at least every other Friday night. I know people say that Grease 2 is a bad movie, but I don't agree at all. I LOVE that movie. My sisters and I had the tape of the songs. We'd sing and dance to them. I remember making up a dance to Cool Rider with my sister. WE would point at my dad so I guess he was the cool rider. When my dad got his new Jeep Cherokee my sister and I said he was a cool rider.I love the old 80's toys too. I had Baby Alive in the 80's. Now my neice has a creepy looking new version. A 4 year old at church had on a My Melody shirt the other day. I told her I used to like My Melody about 20 years ago. She looked at me like I was crazy. I can't describe it there is just a feeling I get when I watch an old 80's tv show or movie. I could entertain myself all day watching You Tube videos of 80s things. I can't really get into the leggings crazz or the ballet flats. I wore them almost everyday in kindergarten and first grade.
From: Brooke Wilson

i was born in 1971, and was a a preteen and teen during the 80s. The 80s represent a time in my life where I was very happy. I lived in NYC at the time and loved the fashion. From shell top Adidas with the fat laces to the two tone pants and sheepskin coats. I also had Adidas suits and polo shirts. I loved Saturday morning cartoon and then Kung-Fu Theater in the afternoon. In the 80s, I had no grown up problems and responsibilities and my parents did a good job providing for my brothers and I. In school my friends and I would recite word for word songs by Run-DMC, slick rick, Grandmaster Flash, UTFO, among others. I was part of a small little wanna be break dancing crew, we were not as good as we thought, but we tried. Transformers and GI Joe were my toys of choice that I would store in my burgundy colored windbreaker. The 80s were the best!!!
From: Rich

I was born in 1966 in Puerto Rico. My High School years where in the 80s, then came the Army and with that many memories all the way to 1990. The music is my favorite thing of the 80s along with my 1988 Trand Am GTA which I purchased in 2000 and still own. My first computer was a Commodore Vic 10 with ten whopping Kb of memory. Had to load everything from tapes or program manually using Basic language. I did owner an Atari game console and everyone in school loved playing Pac Man. The 90s where a disappointment and the new century isn't doing any better. Back then Ronald Reagan was The Man and nobody messed with the US, even the USSR. But most of all, I miss my friends which I will probably never see again. Cherish those memories while we can. I go visit the old places I used to live just to be disappointed. I think it's best to keep the memories where they are safe, close to your heart. If anyone makes fun of you for being stuck in the eighties, don't worry. They just don't know because they where never there, even if they lived through it. Cheers.
From: Ozzy in Florida

OMG...the 80s were so "awesome!" I was born in 1968, so I was 12 in 1980 - what a perfect time to enjoy that decade! K-Ttel records are where my memories begin! Blondie, The Bee Gees, Gloria Gaynor (remember her?), listening to the top 100 countdown with Dick Clark on New Years Eve! " Rap" became popular with the Sugar Hill Gang - Jam On It, Double Dutch Bus! Adam Ant, Madonna and Cyndi Lauper came along and brought us new music! Songs totally define things I did in the 80s. I remember rollerskating to Lovin' Touchin' Sqeezin' with a plastic comb in my back pocket of my Lovin' It jeans and Unicorn decal t-shirt, boy was I a Fox! Haha. We rode our bikes for hours and miles and didn't have to be home until the street lights came on. Our parents didn't even worry about us if they didn't see us for hours! We walked without chaperones, swam without supervision, and climbed trees at school and we are still alive to talk about it! When my friends and I talk about the 80's, our kids sit there entranced with their jaws gaping open and wide eyed! "Wow mom, it sounds like you had so much fun, I wish I could have been there with you!" And as a Mom in this world today you wish they could have been there with you, in a time where you were not robbed of being young and you could have the freedom that we did!
From: Lori

I was born in 1984, so I have a different perspective in the 80s. There are the people who were teens or young adults in the 80s, who loved the Michael Jackson and punk trends. I loved it from a children's perspective. The food, the cereal, the toys! Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Police Academy - I had all of these toys. I love the 80s "feel" of my childhood. It is distinctly different I am sure from someone who was a teen or adult in the 80s. I love being 6 or 7 and enjoying all of this stuff. As any decade, the 80s didn't really go away until at least 3 years into the 90's as it kind of merged. I miss childhood and all of the wonderful weekend cartoons and joyful things. I still have the Batman bank from our Batman cereal on this site somewhere.
From: MrTroy

I turned 15 in 1980 and that set off a decade of what can I say freedom,smiles and laughter. Even the tough times where good. People didn't whine as much as today. We lived hard and worked hard and it was a great time and then it went away for good.
From: Ray

I was born in 1969 so the 80s were my pre-teen and teen years. I lived in a very small town, yet we still tried to keep up with the big cities by watching Mtv, ordering punk/new wave stuff from my Commander Salamander catalog, reading 17 magazine - especially the prom issue!! For me the '80's means glam metal, staying up all night to be first in line for Bon Jovi tickets, ripping and bleaching my jeans, permed hair, and making out in the backseat of my car while Whitesnake's "Slide It In" played on my double-cassette boombox. Great years...miss those times.
From: Tricia

The eighties were exceptional. It was the last time in western history when common values ruled Anglo-American society, before everything became naff and subcultural ("postmodern" they call it - what a joke). Politics was clear and defined, with strong libertarian leaders like Thatcher in the UK and Reagan in the US who reasserted the value of hard work and enterprise. Reagan won the Cold War and it was the most important decade of change in Britain in the Twentieth Century - the Unions fell apart, industries were privatized, the old collectivism faded and Britain became a new, more Americanized nation for good or ill. There were no McDonald's in the UK prior to the eighties, now they are everywhere! The eighties were a million times more important than the vaunted sixties, at least in Britain, because the sixties were just a hedonistic rehash of the old collectivism that prevailed after the Second World War, when everyone was supposed to know their place and not aspire to anything. Although eighties music is probably it's chief cultural glory, we should remember that advertising rose to preeminence in that decade with the Saatchi Brothers ('I'm blind - and it's spring'), and some great sci-fi movies were made (Aliens, Predator, Terminator and the great later Star Wars films). From a British perspective, the eighties were THE decade of socio-cultural change that saw the decline of paternalism and deference, and the rise of enterprise and aspiration. From a wider cultural perspective, the Eighties represents the last unified cultural experience across the Anglo-American world. In an international sense, the Eighties saw the collapse of Communism and the end of the Cold War. In an existential, practical sense, gay culture began to assert its influence in the eighties, something still present today. Whatever, the eighties was VAST and the sixties were insignificant by comparison. I hope I haven't bored anyone.
From: JFK

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