Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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It was the time where I began dancing. I like the new wave and strut moves. I was a fan of Michael Jackson then and liked all his hits. It was also the time that I began to follow fashion. At that time, we wore rubber shoes with different pastel colors. Blouses then were bigger than your body and also the baggy jeans. Hair tinted with bright colors, though I didn't follow that one. My favorite music were those from Debbie Gibson, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Menudo, The Go-Gos, Flock of Seagulls and many more. It is surprising that here in my country, 80s music is being played in supermarkets and used in TV shows still. And I do too here in my computer shop.
From: Jennifer

Born perfectly in 1970, my prime years were in the 80s! I love everything about the decade, but I tell my kids now that cartoons only came on Saturday mornings and went off @ noon. You watched wrestling after that and nothing else came on! You went outside to play with your friends! You didn't have three choices of shows either - ABC, CBS, or NBC!!

I was born in 1961, so in 1980 the start of the fantastic 80s years, I was a young 19. Life was so simple then, no internet, no mobile phones, no Sky TV, no Sunday shopping, and pubs opened at certain times. Not all day, so people was all out together and did more things together. The music was so diverse, something for every one, the fashion was equally as great, not like now where "one size fits all". Drugs had hardly reared their ugly head. It was safe to go out without fear of being beaten up and the best thing about pubs was the juke box. TV was fantastic! Remember Hill Street Blues, The Sweeney, The Professionals, St. Elswhere, Taxi, and Cheers? The list goes on and on. Well, there's so much I could talk about, but I gotta get going. Thanks!
From: pete

I missed it by a year. HA HA! I know I belonged in that decade since my whole life is centered around everything 80s! I would've loved to have been around then since everything was AMAZING!
From: MiMi

Ok, born in the early 70s, so the 80s were really the best years for me to experience. I remember how changing from the 70s to the 80s was a big deal for most people. I used to wake up in the morning (during summer, or the weekends) and play outside all day. We would hit the corner store with a dollar. You got a large glass bottle of soda, and 30 penny candies, and a box of Lemonheads, and still had change. We would shove the penny candies in our cheeks and go on to play several Wiffle ball games until lunch when it was time to go home and eat. Then back out to drop off your empty bottle and get your refund of 10 cents and get more "chew" for the afternoon games. We played until dinner. During that whole time, not one person bothered us. Our cousins checked in on us. We played John Cougar music while we ran around like lunatics in our plastic batting helmets with teams we had never seen play. ESPN wasn't showing live baseball or any sport really at that point. So we heard about in the paper or when we went to a game. We played outside until the street lights came on, and then one by one we heard out parents start to call for us. No one had any fear then of anything bad. The Adam Walsh movie on TV changed some things but not a lot in my area. High school rocked. The music was insane. It was the best mix with hair bands, Depeche Mode, and even rap! I pegged my pants, wore neon colored shoe lases. I tried to breakdance every weekend when we had "battles" at the local church dance hall. I had the best tape collection ever, and listened to music every day. I loved my MTV. I thought the cars were the coolest, and the Iroc was my favorite. Every car that was cool had 5.0 or turbo on it. I loved the TV shows. Full House, Silver Spoons, China Beach, A-team, and Magnum PI. When we sat down to watch TV we all watched together. No violence, no swearing, and every once in a while you got some hint of someone doing something sexual, but nothing that was out of line. Movies ruled. Raiders of the Lost Ark, Ghostbusters, Breakfast Club. I can't even go on about them. I have a huge DVD collection of tons of 80s movies, and an mp3 and CD collection of 80s stuff that rocks.
From: Dave-Eastern US

I was definitely not born in the eighties but almost. I was born in 1991. But, I love all the music from the eighties and movies! Man I wish movies today are as good as when they were in the 80s. I just think the eighties were the time to be a teenager! It would have rocked! Our senior class is doing a project on the 80s and I was so thrilled! I got MTV from the 80s, which is cool but it was so hard to pick from! I am an eighties groupie!!
From: Hillarie

To borrow a phrase from the great Neil Peart,the richness or fullness of a time always seems to lie in looking back at it. For me this is so true of the 80s. I turned 15 in 1980 so the best years of my youth were spent in that decade. The summer of '81 was the greatest of my life! It seemed like every day we would all pile into my best friend's '69 Chevy and head to the beach. It was also the first year for MTV and all those great old videos. Then there was my first real love. Fast forward to the present and we and our spouses are all friends. We like talking about the old times and old memories. Sometimes when we talk the memories come flooding back and I think to myself what might have been.... If I could go back I'd make sure to squeeze every drop out of that magical time.
From: R7U1S3H

I wasn't yet born in the 80s, but all that is from the 80s, whether it is movies and music, or even Rubik's Cubes and mousse. It all comes to you whenever you see or use these items and you just get caught up and say to yourself: "Why don't people now-a-days dance like George Michael or Michael Jackson?" It's all so breathtaking and overwhelming. I just love it.
From: Colleen D.

Born in 1978, my childhood revolved around the cartoons that were created during that time (Transformers, GI Joe, He-Man, etc.). I remember being outside playing kick-the-can, hide-n-go seek, neighborhood football within the safety of the town. Front doors were never locked nor did they ever need to be. Riding on my Huffy Bike endlessly during the summer months. Yes, I did see the Challenger Explode and probably felt a little hurt inside (just did not understand at the time why). I think I may have the entire collection of California Raisins. I had an Atari 2600 and could picture the day I upgraded to a Nintendo (wish I still had both). Innocence, which I believe kids still have today, was something I would love to have now. I think children of today have to grow up too quickly and are unable to have the childhood that I had (feel sorry for them). I wish it was still the 1980s so I could be sitting at my grandma's eating a bowl of Kix Cereal watching Looney Toons.
From: Justin

I was born in 1977, and literally grew up in the 80s. Everything from the movies, to the music, to the fashion, just rocked! My family was quite into music, and Billy Joel, Elton John, The Bangles, Air Supply, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, and Tina Turner's music was only the beginning. I loved Nintendo, Atari, and Ms Pac Man at the arcade. Life seemed so much easier and fun then. Maybe it's because I was a kid then ;). Today's kids, even with all the technology, really don't know how to have fun. There was nothing like blowing those Nintendo games to get them to work again! Log live the 80s.
From: Reynelle

I was born in 1971 and I totally loved the 80s. I loved the original MTV and all the great music and videos. I was a big Prince fan and loved watching that 1999 video. The best music came out of the 80s. Better then that sorry music they play nowadays. I loved the likes of Rick James, Lisa Lisa, Joan Jett, Hall & Oates, Stray Cats, Van Halen and so forth. That was real music. I also think that the ladies dressed real sexy back then with the Lisa Lisa and Madonna looks. I'm still stuck in the 80s and always will be.
From: Luis

I love the 80s because the music, fashion, and television shows were ALL better than today! There was the big hair, and more unique and stylish clothing, unlike the plain undistinct fashion styles of today. It was a decade were everyone had fun and actually LIVED! Best of all, there was no rap music or "political correctness"!
From: Dennis

It takes me back to the best times of my life. The music, the clothes, TV shows, movies, it was the best. At times I just want to cry knowing that as time has slipped by I can never capture the feeling of what the 80s had on me. I was a 13 yr. old growing into manhood and the experiences I had then, now, 37 this year and missing life so young, wild, and free. Captured!
From: George Davis

I was born in 1971 and the biggest thing about the 80s was the music. I was the rock chick. I just loved Motley Crue (Vince and Nikki were so hot), Guns n' Roses (Slash and Duff so cute). I will say that I liked Bon Jovi and ask any one Jon Bon Jovi is to die for!!!!!!
From: Angela

I wasn't even born in the 80s, but I just love it because times were carefree and we had crazy hairstyles and flashy and loud clothing. Especially because there were artists back then like Michael Jackson,Madonna,and many more. Ugh, I wish I could go back in time!
From: Ashley G.

I was born in 1969, so I lived every facet of the 80s. Times were far better, music was real, the close friendships and relationships lasted because we didn't have the non-personal mechanisms (the Web,e-mail,etc.). Everyone was actually there. The women were actually beautiful. They dressed originally, wore jeans that fit. Their hair and makeup,and appearance mattered. MTV was great,and you felt real emotions in the music - it was so much deeper. Everything today pales in comparison. The 80s were the best period of my life: My friends, girls, beach, clubbing, and everything else. I do miss those times,and sadly looking back, makes you feel great. But is heartbreaking, at the same time, as the reality is the world will never be that blessed again. Everyone, born later, I feel sorry for because you missed an incredible time! I wish I could go back as well.
From: GENE-O

I was born in 1974, so I was a true child of the 80s and I loved it! We had the best movies (The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Christine, etc.). We had some awesome music and clothes. Who can ever forget the parachute pants and Michael Jackson jackets?? My fiance, who is another 80s child, still enjoys the music and movies to this day! The 80s was kind of an age of innocence too. I remember playing little league baseball every weekend. We lived out in the country so I would ride my bike to school and to my games. I never once had to worry about pedophiles and kidnappers, like you do today. My friends and I would dress up in camo pants and shirts and play "Army" in the backyard for hours on end. Those were the days!
From: Jerry

Born in 71 . This meant i was a teenager during those years. At that age everything has an effect on you and moulds you. To this day the idea of getting off with Tiffany, Molly Ringwald or any of the big haired beauties of that era still keeps me happy. Okay some of the fashions were O.T.T. but at least they were stylish and not brown and orange nylon like the seventies. I wish I could go back. The weird thing is, people say that you don't appreciate your youth until it's too late. But I did! I wanted to remain a 15 year old forever! No hassles and school was a breeze. Why do we have to grow up?
From: John from Bolton UK

I like the clothes, the music, the hair, the movies, and all that other stuff. Hey, the music sure beats today's crap. Yeah, I wish I could remember anything that happened.
From: Samara

I was a teenager in the 80s, (Olympic High School, Silverdale, WA Class of 1986), and I first started really listening to rock music during that time period. There were some really great rock musicians back then. INXS, who was my favorite band, Huey Lewis & The News, Def Leppard, Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, Duran Duran, and many others. My all time favorite movie was Back To The Future, the first movie, not the other two. I have also come to appreciate music and books from other eras, but I think the 80s were the best.
From: Donna W

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.