Why Are You A Child Of The 80s?

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I used to play with masters of the universe action figures and skeletor's castle. Not to mention thundercats and dukes of hazzard toy cars. I also used to have a garfield tent. My memory isn't that good anymore but take my word for it, the 80's was an awesome decade for children big or small!
From: Brent Holub

You can remember watching the premier of Thriller and thought "how did they do that?" and watching Micheal grabbing his crotch for the first time. You thought it would be cool if detention was anything like the "Breakfast Club" and do I have to read the "Outsiders" I just saw the movie. You remeber what Beta Max is and would have to go to a friends house to watch MTV because your neighborhood didn' have cable yet or your parents wouldn't get cable because it was to expensive when TV was free. Do you remember the first time you saw a remote control? did it have a wire attached to it? Can you believe that you really wanted to be a vally girl and talk like that? Just a few thoughts.
From: Melissa Godwin

I remember getting up in the morning before school and running to the living room to watch "Star Blazers" and eat my Super Sugar Smacks cereal! Then after school I'd skip Girl Scouts to rush home to watch "Silver Spoons" & "Different Strokes" and eat a Ding-Dong.
From: Sharyn THoma

I was born in 1975, so I am clearly a child of the '80s. I spent ages 4-14 in the '80s. And even though I graduated high school in 1993, I am totally '80s, I DESPISE the '90s and the stuff around today. Though in the '90s I was this 16, 17 and early 20 something bitching about the music and pop culture. There was something hip and ironic about that. Now I'm a 26 year old bitching about the music and pop culture, I probably just come across as an old fart now. Anyway, I always felt like I was totally ROBBED of my teen life by being damned to live most of it in the boring 1990s. When the turnover happened around '91/'92 with Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Lush, and all the hideous retro '70s fashions, I was still 16 years old! Nearly everyone I know my age hates the decade because it was so boring and the music sucked so badly!! Why do I prefer the '80s? Because the music was better, the movies were better, and the TV shows were better. So were the fashions. The '80s were an explosion of creativtiy with the New Romantic and New Wave style, also the hip hop and rap was so much better in the '80s. Hip hop artists made a lot of party raps, but in the '90s the image was more important then the quality of the music. People wanted to look hard, so they listened to gangsta rap and grunge. I HATE THE '90s!!! When the kids who were born in the '90s start emerging as teenagers later in the '00 decade, they will surely start making fun of the '90s. When that happens my friends, I will not shed one tear, NOT ONE TEAR for the '90s. I will be joining the kid born in 1992 as he laughs at the '90s. I hate the '90s and I do not care if the '90s become old school, I always hated the decade. Give me the '80s any day!!!
From: Kevin

This site is making me feel so nostalgic! I was born in '79 and so, thankfully, I remember most of the 80s (I just whish I had been a teenager). I had neon pink leg warmers and those snappy braclets and used to dream about having a complete set of My Little Ponies. Saturday morning TV was the best - "Smurfs", "Snoorks", "My Little Pony", tunder..tunder..."THUNDERCATS!", "Voltron" and "You Can't Do That on Television". The music was brilliant!(as I write this I am listening to some of my favourite 80s tracks). Degrassi rocked and I still want Spike's hair and Claude's boots. And the fashion! What can I say? I think boofy hair- especially when we're talking "The Cure" or "Duran Duran"- is absolutely fabulous. One of my fondest memories from the 80s is being utterly in love with David Bowie as the Goblin King in "Labryinth". #sigh#. Those pants were so tight and that hair and eye shadow! Whatever happened to men who could put on decent make up? I'd just like to finish by saying I wish to God that there were more clubs that play 80s music because there is nothing better.
From: Rosie

(Born October 19, 1982)I used to get up EVERY Saturday morning at 8 to watch "Garfield and Friends." I watched "Pee-Wee's Playhouse" every year until it was cancelled. Friday nites were made for TGIF, and bedtime was always 10 o'clock on those nites. I started Kindergarten in 1988, and continued to watch cartoons and Pee-Wee and "Reading Rainbow"--who didn't?? I grew up watching Dr. Seuss cartoons (ok, those were'nt from the'80s, but who cares?) My family loved "Wonder Years" and claimed that Kevin Arnold looked like my brother, and his father looked like my father. We watched cool cartoons (this was when cartoons were great). I learned to read in 1988, just before I turned 6 and started Kindergarten. My 3 favorite movies came from the 80s ("Fast Times AT Ridegemont High," "Goonies," "Summer School.") Ferris Bueller was my hero (he still is!--LOL), ad I LOVE Brat Pack movies (I've had a fondness for them since 1998). I started going to dance lessons in 1987, and graduated high school in 2001. Now, I just finished my first year of college, and many kids in my college agree that most elements (cartoons, movies, and tv shows) of the 80s were the best. If you mentioned a commercial from the 1980s that you remembered in my Communications class, EVERYONE remembered it! I played with Popples, Ninja Turtles with my twin brother, and toted around a Puffalump and Rainbow Brite. My CD collection has songs that I remember fondly from my MTV-watching pre-school days (yes, my brother and I watched MTV and VH1!) 80s cartoons and movies still make me smile, and the 1980s reminds me of simpler times, a time when I was a kid. Today, I still do stuff to make me happy, an age certainly hasn't stopped me.
From: Allison

The 80s!! If anyone who reads this from Bensonhurst you'll remember the 80's like I do! Fridays cutting classes at NUHS to get ready to strut along 86th Street--big hair and stagelight make up, jeans cut shirts with Come F___ Me Pumps!! "Guidos" and "Guidettes" in their Camaros, Vettes, Daddies Caddies and Irok-Z's along 86th Street under the L! The music was awesome--carwash mixes were the best and most sought after cassettes.
From: Liz

There was nothing that could compare to the Eighties. I graduated high school in 1987 in a small town. I loved listening to Heavy Metal (now called Glam Rock), Def Leppard, Dio, Dokken, Motley Crue and of course all the pop bands were excellent to listen to. I still have tapes and VHS videos I bought in the eighties, a little worn, but still the best. I like to remember something I did in the 80s everyday, and it still lives. The eighties still rule.
From: Dave

I am also a child of the 80s. In fact, I was born on September 6, 1980. I remember so much about the 80s, one of the most awesome decades ever! But now that it is gone, life sucks now! Life began to suck so bad once we entered the 90s! The 80s were much cooler with cooler music, movies, videos, TV shows, etc. All that good stuff faded away in the 80s.
From: Swaroop Madduri

Even thought I was young I can still remember a lot from the eighties. I am sorry to say that I wasn't born in the early eighties.What are ya gonna do? I can still remember my favorire cartoons, like My Little Pony (My Favorite!), Ninja Turtles, Care Bears, and Captain Planet. I still love the music, Bangles, Go-Go's, Michael Jackson, Cindy Lauper, Madonna, Guns n' Roses, Def Leppard, Kajagoogoo, Bananarama, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, and my personal favorite New Kids On The Block. I still listen to them! I love the style, the bright clothing, the leg warmers, the jeans, everything! The toys were incredible, nothing like the electronic crap we have now. It involved imagination. The movies were great. Goonies and Never Ending Story are my favorites. John Hughes was a genius. I love his movies. I really have a feeling that I was born at the wrong time because right now I can't stand the time I am living in. I dislike the music, the style, everything. I wish there was just some major trend setter to bring the eighties all back. Somebody brave enough to majorly tease their hair, wear paint splattered clothing and leg warmers. They say that everything comes around again. I'll be waiting until that time comes when I can feel confident enough to step outside in a side pony tail with ripped jeans, high tops, and a shirt that says Relax. When will this time come? I guess when that one trend setter also feels confident enough to do what they feel needs to be done.
From: Jesse

My memories were: I would come home from school every day and watch Brady Bunch and The Monkees. I loved Davey Jones more than Marcia Brady! I bought my first '45 at the store for a dollar. It was Van Halen's, "Dance the Night Away". I liked how David Lee Roth would do the splits and wondered why he wasn't on the Olympic Team like Mitch Gaylord. I loved Journey but Air Supply was cool. I used to want to dress up like Boy George or Madonna but never could get out of the house that way unless I spent the night over at a friends house. I remember wearing green eyeliner and dying my hair purple. Music and t.v. were my life. Teachers and coaches could give you "licks" if you were acting up or doing something wrong in school. The worse days were when you would forget your key or miss the bus. I would either go over to my neighbor's house or sneek in through a window. My Saturday morning cartoon favorites were The Land of Lost and any of the other Hanna Barbera cartoon. Does anyone remember The Bugaloos? I remember my first MTV video. It was The Rolling Stones, "Start Me Up". I remember how they didn't let any of the black artists on there until Michael Jackson came out with a video. I think his videos were so good because he tried hard to prove himself. I loved his Thriller video. Do any of you feel bad that he could sing a song that said...it doesn't matter if you are Black or White...but then, well, he changed. I rember also that little boy named Ryan who died of AIDS. No one really knew that much about AIDS. I remember Eddie Murphy's standup "Delirious" and could practically recite it by heart. I loved how you used to go eat at Burger King or Long John Silver's and get the paper hats. Life was good!
From: shelli

The 80's rocked! I was born in '83, and contrary to the beliefs of some, I remember plenty about the decade in which I spent my young childhood. 80's cartoons ruled, especially when compared to today's souless, computer generated crap or Pokemon nonesense. Heck, I rememer that even the WWF was cool in the 80's. I feel real bad for the younger members of the Millennial Generation who will never know the joys of "She-Ra" or "The Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles." And howabout sitcoms that were actually funny, like "Roseanne?" Really now, can anyone not miss a time when neon green was considered a cool color for a shirt? My bad fashion sense fit right in. *sigh*
From: Jedi Knight

Born in 1977, I am proud to be raised in the 1980's! I remember playing with my GI-Joe figures and watching He-Man and the Masters of the Universe on our primitive cable TV. I was a proud soul to own a Nintendo and watched my school work suffer because of it (palyed Super Mario just a little much!) I loved wearing parachute pants to grade school and sported a rattail for a few years. I was driven on field trips in a Plymouth Voyager (we had a 1984 model, people stared at my family b/c of the strange contraption we rode around in). I had my Garbage Pail Kids cards put into storage b/c my ma thought they were a bad influence. I recently looked at my memory book from grade school and remember putting in as my favorite band "KISS" while everyone else put down some rap groups that barely lasted 6 months. I wish I could relive the 80's again. They were rad!
From: Sean

I just want to say that I am sick and tired of all these kids born in the '80s saying they are "Children of the '80s". BULL! I was especially fumed by that one kid Dave (who was clearly born in the '80s) that said the only chilren of the '80s are the people born from 1976 to 1986, and that anyone born before 1976 was "too old". HELLO!?? Is that guy serious? Hey listen here, I was born in 1975, and I am a Child of the '80s. I was ages 4 to 14 in the 1980s and that was my childhood and pre-teen/young teen life. Anyone that grew up back then is a child of the '80s. I can understand someone born in 1980 or 1981 saying they are a child of the '80s, they did grow up back then, but the people born after 1981? NO WAY!! You are not children of the '80s. You guys are '90s kids so go play with your Power Rangers or Pokemon and let us have our '80s.
From: Alex

You know you belong to the 80s when, upon mention of Aaron Spelling, you don't think "Cool, Beverly Hills 90210," but rather "Ah, yes! T.J. Hooker!"
From: Liz

wow this is such a great site im a 80s child for sure. I just calabrated my 25th birth day a week ago i was born sep 16 77 and loved the 80s. I was lucky enough to grow up in the town of sebastion fl. i still miss those sat. mornings wayking up way to soon just to watch G.I Joe,go-bots,transformers,he-man and of course galtar and the golden lance. now those were cartoons not this pokeymon crap the kids r forced to watch. i kinda feel sorry for the littel puncks.I never was into music then, of cours i now have 3 10inch J.Ls stufed behind the backseat of my truck with nothing better 2 listen 2 than kid rock.I had a fine collection of transformers and G.I JOE toys.Mom and Dad were togather and my back didnt go into spasems just from playing tony hawk on the play station lol.specking of video games im still playing them and have noticed with the exeption of a very few thay have all but lost that something that the older ones had ..seems like everything has.the only thing in my view thats gotton beater with age is P.Cs but who needs them when you had a fat box o legos.O yea and by the Im still wayting on a hoverboard.
From: blake

My name is Don, and what i miss from the 80's are those sci-fi shows; Automan, and V. And as toys go, well HE-MAN ruled! and Thundercats rocked! I'm also a Barbie lover, so my ALL TIME FAVS were,(and still are)Barbie and Ken "Day-To-Night",(84)The TROPICAL gang,(85)and of course BARBIE AND THE ROCKERS!(85)(not to undermine JEM and The HOLOGRAMS which were great too). By the way, I'd like to invite you all my fellow 80's children, to feast your eyes on some of my Works Of Art, check'em out at www.donnieman.com 'cause i know you'll enjoy it. Bye now
From: Donnie Dulanto

well i was born in 77 so i was a 80's kid i remember alot of stuff from the 80's.I remember the good and the bad.I remember the cartoons,The fashions,The bad hairdo's,Tv shows.The 80's was good for me i wish i can turn back time and live them again.The 90's was very bad for me I lost alot of people i Loved (mother,grandmother,uncle,and also alot of friends)so I dont like the 90's i loved the 80's.I had the time of my life in the 80's.I was always with my mom always her tail u never see me without her.So i can say the 80's was good for me to me they r precious memories i have with my family.
From: summer

3 words: Michael J. Fox. Whether he's alex, marty, brantly or scott i'll always love him...
From: Courtney

Unfortunately, I can't call myself a child of the Eighties without qualification. If one defines "Generation X" as someone who was born between January 1, 1964 and December 31, 1982, then I just barely make the cut (September 15, 1980). And since I was 10 years old when the decade ended, my memories of that time are fuzzy; looking back on the Reagan/Bush era is, for me, like gazing into a crystal pool that's become murky over time and only shows me ghosts of memories. Another reason why I don't remember the Eighties too well is because my parents were children of the Fifties and early Sixties and so my sister and I grew up listening to Ricky Nelson and the Everly Brothers and watching reruns of "Leave It to Beaver," "The Mickey Mouse Club," etc. We knew, of course, that there was a lot of contemporary pop culture stuff out there; for a long time, though, we pretty much ignored it. (We also grew up in a Catholic household, so my initial understanding of the term "Madonna" was a lot different from what it was for many people during those years.) I was just a kid at that time, so I never had the chance to laugh at the antics of the Brat Pack or to thrill to the sonic exhiliration of groups like Quiet Riot or Oingo Boingo. (Naturally, I'm making up for those shortcomings now by exposing myself to the cream of '80s pop culture - nearly 20 years after the fact.) No, most of my memories revolve around frivolous cartoons ("The Care Bears," "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe," "Rainbow Brite") and cheesy kiddie TV shows ("Kids Incorporated," "Double Dare"). I still think fondly of these childhood indulgences, even as I realize how stupid they were at the jaded age of 22. It's become a cliché to say so, but I think the years 1981-1990 were truly a more innocent time - and not just because I was a child myself. Those years marked a high tide of energy, enthusiasm and good feeling within American culture, just as the years 1955-1964 had for my parents. My family is more or less diehard Republican, and to this day I consider Ronald Reagan a great man. After all, he told us to keep our chins up and not to feel guilty about killing Commies in Vietnam. He gave us an enemy to stand fast against by targeting the Soviets; we would not have another foe quite so hateful until Osama Bin Laden. He made us proud to be citizens of a bountiful, eclectic, democratic republic - the greatest on the face of the earth. The Nineties were a joke; it was like the 1960s, Part Two. No sooner had the decade begun than a crop of college-educated crackpots came down the pike and told me and millions of others like me to hate ourselves for having been born white males - and so Political Correctness was born. To hell with traditional values, they said, let's have vegetarianism, girl power and racially charged hip-hop where only blacks (oops, sorry, AFRICAN-AMERICANS) can get away with preaching violence and spouting the N-word. Oh yes, and you have to kowtow and lick these peoples' boots; otherwise you're a vicious arrogant racist redneck pig. The Nineties was such a hypocritical decade. We had a Chief Executive who claimed he only wanted to feel our pain, but in the end all he ended up feeling were underaged girls hoo-hahs. Speaking of which, ever notice the irony in that dialogue about sexual harrassment (thank you, Anita Hill) became more strident during the Nineties, even as the pornography industry - the supreme disseminator of sexism - mushroomed under Clinton's aegis? Sorry for the bitterness, but I'm just an old-timer remembering a Golden Age of Americana. I only wish that I could harness the power of Greyskull and slay the stupid politically correct, post-Nineties culture from atop my Big Wheel as I screamed out the lyrics to "Beat It."
From: Jay

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