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hey i was born 1986 when the 80's had only 4 more years or so it seemed. i remember disney shows like kids incorporated, and the care bears and shows on cbc like, under the umbrella tree, and the muppets!!! oh i loved to watch the muppets and Fraggle Rock.i remember when tiffany used to come on tv. i remember when golden girls was on and my mother used to watch it with me, singer muscian patty loveless had just broken on to the country music scene and scooby -doo was tops i loved daphne oh such a cute girl.i remember when grape or purpel kool-aid meant you were in style. The 80's were a great decade to be born in !!! I hope it lives on in peoples hearts forever.
From: javin greene

Ah! Reading this page made me feel warm and tingly inside! For the longest time, my late 70's-born friends laughed at me for being an 80's freak. When I turned 18, I insisted on going to the ONLY bar in the city that had an 80's night. I dug up all the funky clothes - neon, neon, neon and ripped up jeans - and occasionally did my hair and make-up 80's-style. Then I danced away to "White Wedding", "Take On Me," and "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go", then ended with a slow turn around the floor with my best friend, to "Heaven," Warrant. I was in love with Jonathan Knight of the New Kids On The Block, and my rabbit was named "Jizz" after his nickname (at the time, I wasn't aware of the fact that it was a sexual term!). Saturday mornings were the most amazing time of the week for me. I remember getting up early every weekend, sitting in front of the TV with my Strawberry Shortcake comforter, and watching The GetAlong Gang and Jem. After school, I would come home to eat Zoodles (animal noodles) and watch "ancient" reruns of Threes Company and Happy Days. Dirty Dancing was the *ULTIMATE* movie! I insist on carrying around a Bonne Bell Lipsmacker with me everywhere I go, and have numerous mixed tapes filled with my favourite 80's songs in my car. My sister rides shotgun as I drive along the streets in the summer, singing along to the CLASSICS! Even now, I have a boy who was born in 1972, and he tells me how much fun it was to be a teenybopper in the 80's.. I was only 10 when they ended, but I am ALWAYS a CHILD of the 80's.. well.. 70's, too. ;) ;) ;) Sorry, I had to share. Thank you! ROCK ON!
From: Michikins

The 80s- what a decade. A great time for television- sorry, but "VIP" and "Xena" don't stack up to "Knight Rider", "The A-Team", and "MacGuyver". I remember when we'd argue who were the more kickass inventors between those last two. I remember when Bill Cosby and Saturday Night Live were funny. I remember when I wanted to grow up to be like Alex P. Keaton, and Charles was still in Charge. I remember when anything neon was cool, Michael Jackson was still black, and when the beginning of "Thriller" scared the crap out of me (hey,I was five...). I remember when MJ sounded like a girl, while Boy George looked like one. I _still_ remember all the lyrics to "We are the World", the "Ghostbusters" theme, "Eye of the Tiger", "Oh Sherry" by Steve Perry, and that "Every Breath You Take" song from the Police. I remember everything that Wierd Al made. And of course, the music video and synthesized opening instrumental to Aha's "Take on me". I remember the lost art of breakdancing. I still would _love_ to figure out how to do the moonwalk, the Helicopter spin, and that one where you hold your knees and apin on your back. I remember the movies. Without a doubt, most of the decent films involved either John Hughes, Steven Spielberg, or Kenny Loggins, and I loved it. Of course, there were other great films like Beverly Hills Cop, Ghostbusters, Star Wars episodes V and VI, and the extremely underrated Transformers movie. Toys- I remember when Cabbage Patch Kids made dolls _cool_ for boys. I remember Atari 2600 vs. Colecovision, and still have fond memories of Pitfall and the Smurfs game. And not only do I remember the robot "ROB" that came with the NES, I actually _have_ the robot, and remember why it was thrown in there in the first place. And of course, Transformers, GI Joe, Voltron, He-Man, and Thundercats toys, and the shows that came with them (for you ladies, feel free to replace these with Jem, Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, and My Little Pony...). And of course, the commercials. The Micro Machines guy. Where's the Beef. The Heinz ketchup one where the guy (Matt LeBlanc, by the way)sets an open bottle of ketchup on top of a building, walks down the stairs, buys a hot dog, and has the ketchup drop right on it. And how it's a shame that they no longer use the slogan, "It's a good time for the great taste of McDonald's." The 80s. Wow, what a decade. Loved everything about it.
From: Arnold

I am a child from the 80's,born in 78' I feel it was a great privelege 'even living in australia it was still the best time that the human species will ever experience(well definetely for me anyhow). But I remember things like teenage mutant ninja turtles,smarty bear,teddy ruxpin,inspector gadget and astro boy that was todays version of pokemon and just a better time for people not only in mt country but the rest of the world.80'S LOVER ALWAYS .STEVE,AUS.
From: stephen p

I feel like I've finally found home. I want to steal back the 80's and never look forward. I was born in 1970 and had the privilege of living my most impressionable years in the Awesome 80's. What a time it was. I remember the most important thing on Friday afternoons in school was orchestrating our trips to rollerskating that evening. Whose mom was dropping us off, whose mom was picking us up. Who was going to sleep over who's house afterward. We all had to have the white rollerskates with the orange wheels. And weren't you the coolest if you had pom-poms or stuffed animals hanging from them. The snack bar was all important. That's where the pac-man game was. Crowds of teenagers hoarding around it, waiting to get a turn. Wouldn't you just know that your turn was right after the kid who knew the secret routine by heart and could play for hours. Then, the music!! Love Stinks (sucks), REO Speedwagon (great song for the couple skate). All of the cool kids hung out in the middle of the rink, performing cool tricks. I remember my first MTV video experience. Start Me Up by the Rolling Stones. I was hooked. Martha Quinn announcing at the top of the hour 3 bands which would be playing within the next hour. Eyes glued to the screen waiting for them. That's when MTV actually meant "Music Television". What's up with the whiney, load of bull they call "The Real World" these days? Whatever happened to the days when you knew every word to every song by heart? And, you could name the video before the little words in the bottom left hand corner of the screen told you which group it was. Teenagers could be teenagers and the only mention of sex was when you read Judy Bloom books. Are you there God, it's me Margaret? We would read the really dirty words like "period" (ooohh, gross) and giggle. The clothing and the hair are something to definately be mentioned! My jet engine style blowdryer, and Aqua-Net were my best friends. "The bigger the better" is an understatement. Loved the courdoroys! Does anyone else remember the plastic combs of every color that we just had to have in our back pocket at all times? And the metal barrettes that you would intertwine ribbons back and forth and then leave about a foot to hang down into your hair!! I had every smurf ever! I must have owned about 65 of those little rubber/plastic figures. I don't care what time I went to bed on those rollerskating/sleepover Friday nights, I dragged my butt out of bed every Saturday morning to watch Gargamal and Azriel terrorize those cute little creatures that lived in the mushrooms. It really is a good thing that I have a great memory. Times change, things change. I only wish that my children could grow up in times so wonderful. It frightens me to think that my kids might not grow up with innocent, fun memories. Today's children have it tough. No more roaming around K-Mart checking out the new Barbie clothes and accessories while Mom looks at the clothing. Gotta stay right by her side, so that you don't get stolen or molested in a bathroom. Can we call a meeting with the President (if we ever get a new one) and demand that someone hand over the 80's that were so brutally stolen from us. Can someone get in touch with Martha Quinn, J.J. Jackson, Mark Goodwin, and Nina Blackwood and tell them "I WANT MY MTV BACK!!!"
From: Terrence

I was born in '68, so I got to spend my entire teenage years in the 80's, plus my younger brother and sister were children of the 80's. I remember playing with lots of Hello Kitty stuff, I tried to collect as much as I could possibly find. My nickname was Hello Kitty, and my best friend was Hello Mimmy. I was also a Garfield fanatic. I had Garfield and Odie dolls, stickers, bookmarks, and comic strip books. My best friend Jenny and I loved to imitate Val-speak, and we were forever passing notes written in picture-code. We would sneak Lemonheads and mini Jawbreakers in class in the old McLouglin jr. high, where eating in class was forbidden. In the midst of the excess of the 80's, and the crush of boomer's having kids, they were forever building new schools in our city. I was able to attend 2 brand new schools during elementary and jr. high. My parent's both had great jobs in the 80's and we always had the best Christmas toys. We even had an Apple IIGS computer, signed by Woz himself! I remember learning DOS, and being told to pay close attention, because "this was going to be my future"! Of course we had an Atari, and I'm pretty sure we had all the games. My brother was a master of video games. I could only play Centipede really well. We loved Star Wars, and even filmed (8mm!) a movie of our neighborhood kids acting out some of the scenes. I have always had long hair, but in jr. high in the 80's I had the big puffy bangs, and always crimped or braided my hair to make it frizzy. I remember wanting pairs of Normandy Rose jeans, and Sara Jeans with the pink sparkles in them. We would wear jelly shoes (man they hurt my feet!) and anything that looked like Madonna's or Cyndi Lauper's clothes was way cool. I remember wearing two or three different earrings at once, none matching. I was really into vintage clothes too, especially rhinestone jewelry, and hats. I also remember when MTV first aired "Video Killed The Radio Star". My parents let me watch MTV; my mom was really interested in it, so she didn't seem to mind. We really liked the weird little self-advertising videos, and Martha Quinn's cheeriness. In the late eighties, our styles changed a bit. My girlfriends and I loved anything from Banana Republic, and anything that was sort of like "safari-meets prep". Sometimes my friends and I dressed like preppies with the Izod or Polo shirts. We were really interested in our foreign exchange student's lives and wanted to be exchange students too. We drank Raspberry New York Seltzer, and watched Max Headroom on TV. In high school, we were forever driving to McDonald's in my friend's parent's K-car to get fries or a Happy Meal. My parent's bought a Monte Carlo SS, sometime in late 1987. It was white with a burgundy interior, real plush. My friend and I were devoted Van Halen fans. We would scribe the "VH" on every surface we could, and would steal her brother's cassette tapes and listen to them on our Walkman's. My favorite movies were Pretty In Pink, Breakfast Club, and almost anything with Molly Ringwald or Andrew McCarthy or Anthony Michael Hall. I miss the genuine fun of the 80's. Now that I am married, over 30 and have children, I look back and realize how good we had it.
From: Heidi

Okay, it's me--Greg--again. I have to admit that when I saw this, I just couldn't wait to say how much I adore the Reagan years. Now I've read everyone else's comments. You guys are THE BEST. I cannot put it any other way. You would not believe how much ignorant teenagers today put down my favorite decade and make me feel like I don't fit in. Well, I don't in this wretched day and age, and I'm damn PROUD of it! Thank you all so much for allowing me to take out all my love for the '80s. Oh, and I've written my first song titled "MCMLXXXV"--1985. Tell me what you think. Not too long ago We experienced a time When everything was oh so awesome Life was sublime That was some time ago and we were younger then But still those faded glory days are calling to me again All the things we grew up with in 1985 are coming back to haunt us from 1985 There was eternal glamour in 1985 So let's go Back To The Future to 1985 We don't have a clue what life was like before This year was such a gift from God Just left us wanting more You know, for me a time like this meant everything good in the world all rolled together. Madonna getting Into The Groove, Dead Or Alive getting us Spun Round Like A Record, "Weird Al" Yankovic Daring To Be Stupid, all taking over the airwaves, movies like Desperately Seeking Susan and Back To The Future and The Breakfast Club ruling the movie world, Coca-Cola's new formula, New Wave Rock and Dynasty at their peak, and all of us in a rush or turmoil, glamour and surprise at the midpoint of the Ronald Reagan years. I wouldn't want to live in any other era than those Totally Awesome 1980s. All the things we grew up with in 1985 are coming back to haunt us from 1985 There was eternal glamour in 1985 So let's go Back To The Future to 1985 What an awesome year We want you Dead Or Alive `Cause you're the blessing giving us hope, oh 1985 That applies of course to most of the years in the decade. I tell you what, we definitely need to go back. I HATED the '90s--I DESPISED them. I was just miserable having to grow up during that period. I was born in 1983, so everyone always told me, "You're being brought up in the '90s, you should belong there". DUCKSHIT! Now if someone from there could just bring themselves over here and see the glory shining on the 1980s, I know they would change their minds. YOU ALL ARE THE GREATEST! ROCK ON! Greg
From: Greg

Reading everyone's comments and all the other pages took me back faster than anything I've known. I had to look down to make sure I wasn't wearing my old parachute pants. From my own experience: Leg warmers and slap bracelets are still cool, Madonna is still a goddess, New Wave Rock still sets my soul on fire, I still love to dance to "Old Time Rock 'N' Roll" in my underwear, I still wear my sunglasses at night, I pretend I'm walking on sunshine, I still have my IZOD shirts, I hardly know what disco is and I hate all this new "rap", I watch E.T. and The Breakfast Club, I play Dungeons and Dragons, I write songs based on the midpoint of the decade--1985--my favorite year--I watch old reruns of Saturday Night Live like there's no tomorrow, my favorite TV shows are Empty Nest and Saved By The Bell and Dynasty, my favorite movie is The Wedding Singer (okay, so it came out in 1998, but look where it's set!), I still remember Prince and Michael Jackson, I know all the words to "Come On Eileen"! And all that is just scraping the surface. Now, I'd just like to share with you all a little passage that was written in the booklet of Rhino Records' Millennium '80s New Wave Party: "Okay, it's, like, 1983. I'm at the Galleria, looking for some "alligator" shirts, when my Members Only jacket gets caught in the escalator railing, 'cause I'm not paying attention. I'm focusing on the Men Without Hats song playing on the PA--doing the Safety Dance, you know--when I spot her in front of the Haagen-Dazs ice cream place. She's wwearing her leg-warmers and looking like John Hughes should put her in his next movie. I'm looking like a fool because my jacket is being pulled up by the escalator. Meanwhile, I'm panicking because my Stray Cats tickets are falling out of the pocket and down three floors. I wake up. Thank God it was only a dream. It's 1999, and the Galleria is now office buildings, Brian Setzer has reinvented himself, and Men Without Hats have long since been Men Without Hits. I reach for a safer outlet to channel my unconscious need for '80s nostalgia--this disc. Which is perfect for the party I'm now throwing. And though I can't fit into my alligator shirt or my Jordache Jeans anymore, I've got the music--all 20 tracks of Millennium '80s New Wave party. Wang Chung actually sounds pretty good. So do a-ha and Thompson Twins. Everyone's liking it, man, singing "Come On Eileen" and "Tainted Love". I'm a hit with the crowd! Suddenly there's a knock at the door. It's her--the babe from the mall! This IS a good CD." As with the writer of the passage, with me the '80s are forever. We've had the cutsy '50s, the drugged '60s, the lame-o '70s, and afterwards the end-of-the-world (ugh) '90s. Glad everyone else here supports my opinion. No one I can find anywhere else does. But drop me a line if you want to talk. This site is TOTALLY AWESOME, DUDES!!!!!!! Greg
From: Greg

I was born in 1983, so I was 7 when the great decade of the 80's ended. 6 actually. Anyway , I had a HUGE crush on the "Ugly" New Kid on the Block, Danny. He sells real estate now or something. I never really had a crush on Corey Feldman, but I LOVED Corey Haim. I am nastolgic about EVERYTHING, so in my attic, I have ALF dolls and Gizmo, and the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow man stuffed animals, I had a crush on Tom Selleck too. So did my mom. I watched Thundercats and the Snorks, Scooby Doo, and Email me if anyone remember The Bionic 6 (TwilightZoner83@webtv.net). I never missed "You Can't Do That on Televixion" I watched MTV for the Weird Al Yankovic video "Fat" I also remember "We Didn't Start the Fire" "Love Shack" and Duran Duran (cuz my older cousin LOVED that band) I remember my older cousin and her friends with their BIG hair, and their 80's fashion. Anyone remember those buttons you put those REALLY LONG shirts into so you had the the tail on the end? How about Inspector Gadget? Anyone? I was a Tomboy and so was my sis (born 1981) so of course we had He-man and Thundercats, Ninja Turtles, action figures. She had the He-man doll and the Man At Arms doll that if you hit their chest it would flip and look like a battle scar? My friend Jonathan had Castle Grayskull. By the power of Grayskull....I am HE-MAN!!! Thunder..Thunder..Thundercats HO!!! I love the movei the Goonies. I would sing along with Tiffany, and back to NKOTB, I had puzzles and nightshirts, and games and posters all with them on it. I don't remember when the Challenger blew up, I was only 2, but I saw it on TV. I kind of missed the 80's decade because I was a kid then, I wish that I could have been a teen back then, but as we are seeing in the 90's history is repeating itself in fashion, and I can't WAIT for the 80's style to come back!! Thanks for reading, and anyone want to talk about the 80's with mw my email is in the letter.
From: Rebecca

The 80's kicked ass. I was born in 1980 so it was all good. I recall watching Voltron/or double dare/Thunder Cats/ Mask/ any show from the 80's kicked ass. The movies weren't bad either, My fav was the Three Amigos or how about Rad , or Thrashin, anyone see The Search For Animal Chin. It was the 3rd Bones Brigade Movie. Well I can't say enough about the 80's so see ya
From: Rolando

Oh how I miss the 80's. I was born in 1975, so my formative years were spent from age 5 in 1980, through 1992..i saw a lot... but i missed a lot, too. I miss so many things though... here is my list. Cartoons/shows: Battle Of The Planets, Croft Superstar show, 321-Contact, The Electric Company, The Bloodhound Gang, All those creepy educational PBS shows in the morning with that cheezy Systhesizer music. Nickelodeon Ruled... but I only remember Mr. Wizard, Turkey Television, and You Cant Do That on Television. HBO showed the movie "The Dog Who Stopped The War", and I cried so hard. "Frizzly Freakies" were the latest toy, breifly introduced to the American children... they looked like long fuzzy caterpillars made out of brush wire on an invisible fishing line...which broke about five minutes after you got it out of the package, but man were they cool! I dont miss slinky or rubiks cube, cause they always broke... Everyone played with Simon Says or some other cheezy hand held game. The neatest Atari game I ever played was "Adventure". with the castle and the dragons. Oh...and if u had the paddles for atari, then you must have spent a few hours playing KABOOM, trying to catch all the bombs that the guy was throwing down at you. Remember how cheated you felt when you plugged the Pac-Man cartridge in, expecting it to look and sound as good as it did in the arcade? Silver Spoons was my favorite show cause he had so many cool toys. How many times did you beg your parents for your own Arcade machine in your room? My favorite movies were "ET" and "The Black Stallion", and the "Goonies". Rainbow headbands and visor-bands were like sooo cool. My sister had literally a ton of keychains and pins hanging off her bed. Long indian feathers were the thing to have..either as earings or hanging from the rear view mirror of the car. Hanzel and Gretel Bread was popular here in New Jersey, and their cheezy commercial played constantly. Every Sunday, after church, we would all come home as a family, have brunch and watch Abbot and Costello at noon. The little Rascals were in constant rotation. I heard Bill Cosby bought the rites to that show...therefore you will never ever see them again. ::Sigh:: Scary things I miss: I was scared to death after watching a commercial for "mummenshanz" at the age of 5 or six. I never looked at a roll of toilet paper quite the same way again. My older sister made me watch the ABC made for tv movie "The intruder within". Again, I was 5, maybe six. I never slept alone or in the dark until I was 8 or 9. Did I mention I hate my older sister? :) I could go on forever. What I wouldnt do to relive it all again. I miss it all..even the scary stuff. Well, i am just glad that I am not alone.
From: Patrick

As I was born in 84, I missed much of the 80's. But, then again, my first memories were those of the 80's. The eighties were such a great decade: there was so much I remember and surely much I have forgotten. I remember most the cartoons and little kids stuff. I loved the Turtles! Donatello all the way! Those after-school specials were so...how can I put it... 80s! Thats a good word to describe that decade: 80s. Its like a new adjective that me and my friends use... we're bringing about the 80's revival. So, in conclusion the eighties were the best decade ever!
From: Tim

I was born in the mid 70's. I have many fond memories of the 80's that I wish I could relive. Seeing Van Halen before that blond chick ruined the band. Figuring out that it was much easier to take apart the rubix cube and then assembleing the pieces in the proper order. My Duran Duran poster. Turning construction sites into weekend playgrounds. At any moment the world could end in a nuclear blast, and you could still seak shelter from a Russian missle by hiding under your desk. Reagan was in office and ruled the world like a true American cowboy should. And why the hell was everyone jogging everywhere? Another thing I really miss was the fact that McDonalds was the only chain you could guarantee finding in everytown. I hate seeing Wal Marts and 7-11's on every corner. But the best part for me was the movies. You can't get away with the plots they hd in the 80's these days. Remember Molly Ringwald, or Micheal J. Fox films? They don't make storylines like those anymore. And Yuppies I loved yuppies almost as much as i loved making fun of yuppies. It was cool to be rich and powerfull back then.
From: Dave

I am definately a child of the 80's. I was born in 1971, graduated in 1989, and can't get enough of the 80's. I was into "Heavy Metal". Now I realize how much fun the other types of music were. I wish I could go back and really enjoy those records. MTV was really music television, not the stuff they try to pass off as music today. To this day I still say "Bueller, Bueller" when I am having a blank moment, and it helps. Is that frightening? Embarassing as it sounds, I actually crimped my hair quite often. I thought it was cool. I loved Pac Man, Ms Pac Man, Asteroids, Centipede. I had an Atari 2600. To this day Frogger is my favorite game. Nintendo seemed so cool. Computers weren't in every house. Cartoons weren't quite so violent. We had our share of the Japanese cartoons though. Remember G-Force?? I loved Scooby Doo, Jabber Jaw, Josie and the Pussycats. Remember when HBO wasn't on 24 hours a day? And yes, Pinwheel. (Pinwheel pinwheel how have you been? Hello how are you and may I come in??) Well, I just scared myself. Did anyone else want to get into the lockers on You Can't Do That on TV?
From: Dagny

I was born in 83 and even though I was young I still remember much of the 80's the great cartoons like ghost busters, Ninja Turtles. People at my school often talk about shows from the 80's because nothing can top them. I love the music from the 80's especially the song Rock Me Amadeus. The only bad thing about the 80's in my opinion was that life seemed to be getting harder with rising crime rates and higher divorce rates. I remember seeing teenagers of that time having this look on their face that was saying life sucks. And I know many people have been leaving messages saying you feel for kids in the 90's and it is true life for us is very tough but I think you'll find that many kids in the 80's did have it tough too, a teacher of mine told me that when she went to school in the 80's a teacher of hers would often comment how she had a touher time with kids in the 80's than in the 70's and 80's kids where much like the kids and teens today. But anyways despite all that I miss the 80's because of all the memories I had.
From: Ryan Kaye

I wasn't born till 85. I'm glad like most that the big hair bands are comming back. It's good to know that some people my age still respect the 80's and think they rule. P.S Poison rocks
From: Cody

Any child of the eighties believes the best Rocky movie is the one with "The Russian", and was told "don't bend the floppy disks!". I love the eighties! What the heck were the nineties about?
From: colin

Oh the 80's! Best time of my life. I may have been born in the early 80s, but I remember most of it. Back when i used to go to school, and tried to dress like Punk Bruster (however you spell her name). I constantly watched Popples, Facts of Life, Growing Pains, and my favorite show..Jem. Too bad it went of the air in '89, after 65 shows. I was obsessed with the Rat Pack...thought Andrew McCarthy was sooo cute. Him and Billy Idol. Was obsessed with "the Lost Boys." I was convinced that Simon of Duran Duran was soo cute too. They were my favorite band in 1986. Also I loved Depeche Mode, the Smiths, the Cure. I still love them. Later I got into Ozzy, and Guns N' Roses. I always walked to 7-11 to play Pack-Man. God bless the 80's!
From: Rae

Greatest era ever....Miami Vice, Samantha Foxx,Run DMC,.Variety was the thing about the eighties. I graduated in '90, so I learned a lot in the eighties. Remember when you were a "head" if you took mini- thins.Or when you were devestated to hear GnR (thats guns and roses for you non metal fans)had broke up. What about wanting in on the new automobile trend, mini trucks (with plenty of bass).Did you guys ever go with somebody (thats what people call dateing now).How about the first time you "got some tongue". Man I miss those days of innocence.Remember when Air Jordans only came in two color combinations and you wore them with... what else but PARACHUTE PANTS. Heck, I even had a parachute shirt.Later on in the decade we were blessed with Z Cavarrichis, that you could buy at any Merry-Go-Round.Ah, memories.
From: Adam

It's 11-20-00, I'm 14 and I wish it was 1985. I love 80s music. I listen to the Seattle radio station 96.5 The Point all the time. I leave that on the clock radio by my bed. I always get in trouble for leaving it on overnight. I listen to it in the shower, when I'm done I turn it up and turn on the radio in my room. Then I turn off the one in the bathroom. I always say dude, and gnarly. I like to "amaze" people with my knowledge of 80s artists. Sometimes I have no clue, but hey, I was only born in the late 80s. I am a skater, I love "old-school" skating and wish I had an "old" Tony Hawk Powell board. Peace, Ray
From: Ray

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