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Both my husband and I are children of the 80s. Although he is 7 years older than me, we still find that we can reminisce about things that we used to do... We both watched the Thundercats and most of the other saturday morning cartoons...... Saturdays are just never the same anymore.... I still love to watch the smurfs and the snorks whenever they are in syndication... I remember all of the Porky's movies (although I should have been too young to watch them). I remember listening to Metallica through the door of my brothers room because I had no radio of my own until late '87. My favorite song? "One" of course.... I even stole his Look What the Cat Dragged In by Poison tape from him.... I was very much a child of the 80s and I wouldn't have changed it for anything.... even the NKOTB phase.... I still have to say that Joey McIntyre was the hottest... I loved the 80s things were so much more innocent back then, no one I knew was a "gang banger", there were no drive by shootings in my town and you could walk around with out being solicited for some illegal substance or another. Here's to all of the children of the 80s.... we'll always have our memories!
From: Roberta

the 80's.. there's not a better time to have grown up. :) with REAL cartoons.. woody wood pecker.. tom and jerry.. scoobie doo.. non of this cheap crap they call cartoons today. :) i'm here 'cause i need a Rainbow Bright desktop theme. :) if you have one or know the location of one, would you please send it to me via email, (if it's not too large), send me the URL or just reply with information. THANK YOU! Daniel, born: 09/08/80
From: Daniel

*sniff, sniff* wow reading all this brings everything back so vividly! I was in my late teens/20's in the 80's and did it ever rock!. I had two children (83/85) and i remember buying them all the rainbow bright/heman things. Taking my son to see the "live" heman/shera show. How my daughter loved her baby-brite doll I bought her when she was very sick. I remember partying my a** off too. My g/f & I could not remember how we stayed slim until we realized that everynite we went dancing to cyndi/duran/twisted/madonna/prince for hours and hours at a time! Wed. was ladies nite so that was always good too!....Everyone worked out after work, went to the local pub and then just danced. *S* and now my daughter listens to the "oldies" - madonna, u2, prince, my 80's compilations and thinks they are pretty kewel. Her guy friends think its funny that I can tell them about when MTV first started and watching the headbangers ball (wow a MOM who was a headbanger?)...thankfully there are no pix of me with my hair spiked and sprayed a million colours! or of the black or purple leather outfits, with lace gloves and lace socks (remember legs from zz?) thanks for this site...it sure made me have a warm fuzzy! d.
From: D.

Being born in 1968 I was a child of the eighties. I remember the Challenger disaster, Reaganomics, and the stock market crash of 1987. Mostly I remember going to school without the fear of someone opening fire with a gun or physically assaulting a teacher. I never thought of the Eighties generation as being sheltered and naive, but looking back on it we were. Gangs were yet to come, music was about fun and games not killing cops and raping women and it never occurred to any of us that our lives and personal history would be open to all via the internet. We had no idea what an HMO was. When we went to the doctor the insurance paid for it. Our clothes didn't reveal our butt cracks like plumbers and we didn't fall and break our necks because our platform shoes were impossible to walk on. It had never occurred to anyone to pierce anything other than an ear and tatoos were for sailors and motorcycle games. We did worry about nuclear war and the "Evil empire" of the Soviet Union, but somehow those were things a long way away and beyond our control. I miss the Eighties and the things that went along with them. I hope my 10month old son will have a period in his life that he identifies with a generation as I do. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Eighties we remember the good times and I thank all of you out there for participating in them.
From: Ted

i was born in 82, but i remeber all the wicked cool things about the 80's. i remeber wearing neon paint spalashed black ahmmer pants, neon slap bracelets, collecting my little ponies, and i dressed up as punky brester for hallowen a ton of times. i totally remeber mathnet and 3-2-1 contact!!!! i also remeber being interupted during the golden girls with the news about baby jessica. i remeber wakin up realy early on saturday morning to watch the muppet babies. and kinds inc!!! the best show ever!! ryan lambert from that show was my first crush! and the mmc?? remember damon and the group the party they had?? and dont even get me started on the new kids! i live across the street from danny wood!! well, his parents only live there now, but back in the day it was soo cool. on halloween there were hundreds of girls in his driveway look for some danny candy! but the group was on tour. my uncle even knew donnies bro jimbo! he was the coolest! i remeber seeing a couple of characters from zooblie zoo in person. and mcdonalds happy mean prizes! the little mcnuggets!! i so wish i could go back to the 80's. but this time i would be a teen. i totally had an esprit bag for school and my jean jacked weas covered in new kids pathces. jem jem is her name ooo jem!!! i had a jem doll and her earring lit up! i had such a huge crush on scott baio when he was on charles in charge. wow i wish i could relive all that...thoes were the good old days!
From: Julie

I was born in 1980. These things mentioned have brought back so many memories. I had an Atari computer, and a commodore 64. Everyone would come over to my house to play so great games it had to offer. I can remember when I had Gizmo. I though that was the coolest toy on the world! We even named our cat Gizmo. The eighties music is so great, Cyndi Lauper, the Bangles, there are just too many to count and also what great movies there were during this decade. I got a "my Child" doll and even remeber having a coloring book. Does anyone else remember this doll? Also who can forgert the pound puppies, having a pink convertible for my many barbies tpo ride around in. Also I was a tomboy during the eighties so I rember transformers and also voltron. Who could forgetr about Rainbow brite? I learned how tto skate with her. i could go on for ever about my childhood. Thanks for all the reminicing.
From: Katie

It's been great reading all these memories. I was born in 1979, so lucky me I remember all those classic kids TV programmes. It's my 21st soon, and as I'm having a joint party with my uni housemate we've decided to theme it "80's revival" It's been excellent hunting down all those lace gloves, neon scarves for our hair, ear-muffs and sweat bands. I'm dressing up as Carol Decker from T'Pau and my housemate is striving to revive a classic lace outfit.(Possibly a Madonna thing) We've managed to buy some cassettes from charity shops with compilations on: Black Box, Jesus and the Mary Chain, Mel & Kim, Mads, Gloria Estefan, Pet Shop Boys, London Boys, Curiosity Killed the Cat, and Martika(""I feel the earth move under my feet,I feel the world tum-b-ling down,"tum-b-ling down"") to name but a few. I don't think that a serious 80's revival is too far away !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hurrah! Let's hope they forget the crappy cut off sweat and tee-shirts though(Fame has been and gone)
From: Clare

Oh the 80's.... what a fun time to be a kid and a teenager!! Being born in '72 I am a definite child of the time.. being both child and teen within the same decade! All of the stuff listed has brought back some great memories back to a time when life was just fun and carefree.. what a wonderful time to be a child. Does anyone remember the "Slip and Slide" it was out in the late 70's...you used a hose to keep this long flat piece of plastic wet, you ran up to it and slid on it..while getting all wet. In todays standards it would never get off the design room floor--too dangerous! Well I remember some really great times sliding in the hot summer sun. Also any one remember the "Water Wiggle"? It was this weird head looking thing where you attached the hose to another small hose like tube and the water pressure made this thing wiggle around about 5 feet off the ground while water sprayed from its head.. another dangerous toy to todays world but hours of fun in our time. When the 80's hit I was 8 years old and pretty coherent to the world around me. I remember my sticker collection.. we used photo albums and traded with friends.. I still have my collection which I made so proudly grow to two full albums. Around the mid 80's entered the world of Strawberry Shortcake and friends.. those sweet smelling little dolls. I had them all and the world they lived in. Never cared much for the Cabbage Patch Dolls. Another cool trend for us girls was friendship pins.. to make and trade with friends.. every color had a meaning. My shoes were loaded with these pins.. had to be careful though or the pins would come undone spilling pins and beads all over the floor! In 5th and 6th grade I remember the Kangaroo sneakers being very popular. I had a white with red pair.. in each pocket I had a dollar bill neatly folded for those "emergencies" and a dime in each to call home if I needed a ride from someplace. During the summer of 84 we all wanted to look like Madonna so we wore all those colored jelly bracelets up our arms, plus we collected charms and attached them to the plastic chains.. yes I do still have mine and am very proud of how many I was able to collect. By Junior High the fashion trends were in full swing.. we started experimenting more with the makeup and our hair. Oh the horrid make up jobs we did.. but back then more was good. Bright blue, green!!! The hairstlyes were the ones that were short on one side and longer on the other. Name brands were in.. Guess.. Jordache..Nike.. Camp Beverly Hills, Banana Republic..Reebok. By High School the music of the time was getting popular.. the Hair Bands and their power ballads were hitting the big time.. I collected every single of all my favorite songs and the whole tape if they were really a favorite of mine. YES I still have all my music too... and do play them when I feel like going back to a more peaceful time in my life. By the end of High School for me in 1989-1990 it was getting closer to the end of one of the greatest decades in history. By this time I had mastered the new hairstyles.. permed with puffy bangs..we all kept the Aqua Net (purple or pink can) company in business! Never get caught in the rain with that stuff in your hair.. them smell was just awful!! The hair was still big, great big dreams.. music was fun. The world although with it's problems was like one big party. Everyone in our generation was having the time of their lives and it felt like the fun would never stop.......and then one day it did. The 90's crept in, by this time most of us were now graduated from High School and going into college and things changed. Our sense of being had been lost. Everything that was us had changed almost over night. It is now the end of the year 2000, I am almost 29 years old. I dont know if the rest of my generation feels the same but I feel that something is missing and lost now from my life.. could it be that we somehow lost our innocence once the 90's came in and the world left us behind?? I just want to say to my fellow 80's children may all of our dreams and great memories keep us going through our lives and do know that not so long ago we lived in a world and time where it was fun to be a child and a teen. It took one special generation of kids to make it happen and it was us.. the forever young CHILDREN OF THE 80'S!! I do believe we will have a our time in the sun again very soon and once we do..we will be the ones who will be shining the brightest!!! So let your hair grow out of these latest hair cuts.. bring out the music and and the clothes ,and your Aqua Net, and let's learn to live again!! And show the world the meaning of having innocent FUN!!!! Long live the Children of the 80's.... WE are totally AWESOME!!!!
From: Cheryl

It was 20 years ago when that wonderful 10's years known as the 80's started. Born in 1972.... I can be considered a child of both the 70's and 80's. Young enough in the 70's to have pictures taken of me in those horrid bell bottoms but not old enough to be permanently scarred from those years. In the late 70's I saw the Original Star Wars.. my first movie theater experience. By the 80's I was 8 years old and in second grade. I could list all that I remember but I believe that the previous entries have included all that I cherish about my surroundings. Being 13 years old in 1985 I also got to spend the last 5 years of the greatest decade as teenager experiencing both Junior High and High School.. (I graduated in 1990 due to a glitch in the system when I lived in Florida as a young child.. had to wait a whole year because my birthday was two weeks after the cut off for the Class of 89... go figure!) This was the year all the changes took place.. I was introduced to the music of the time.. heavy metal and the hair bands. All the new fads were in full swing and I participated in most of them.... preferring ones that suited my personality the best. Those years were the best and worst years of my life.. at the time ofcourse. By the late 80's I was in High School.. 1986 as a freshman. Another 4 years of change and new and exciting things going on in my life. Getting my first job..learning to drive.. falling in love. The music was at it's best.. the hair bands were in and the music was fun and care free. There was a song that went along with whatever was going on in your life at the time and you knew where you were when you heard it.. first kiss... breakup.. Prom.. dates.. Important times like that. I went to see my favorite bands play and could sing every word of every song right along with them perfectly. I rated bands on how well they could do a love ballad.... most all of them could and they were high on my list. I had a single of all my songs of those years and the tapes if I really like them well enough. I still have them all in a box.. just waiting for a time to bring them out again and play them loud, bang my head and just feel young and care free again. By the end of the 80's it was still going strong.. but then.... 1990 was creeping around the corner.. we were heading into a whole new world. When 1990 came around it was the year that started the decade of the most tumultuous experiences for me. I graduated from High School that year.. that was a high point but also a closing of the door called innocence. A few short months later my father passed away...that was a major adjustment in my life. I was 18 and 1990 was the year my life changed forever. By the early 90's.. 91.. 92.. the music we knew was all but gone..enter grunge. Our generation had become almost a joke. I was in college those first years of the 90's... feeling lost in a world I no longer knew. I was trying my best to fit in but was constantly looking for something I was missing.. never knowing what it was. By the mid 90's my long time boyfriend and I had split up causing me to enter a deep state of sadness and depression.... I was hiding in my cave... to this day I am not quite over it. I then met up with a guy who did nothing but try to mentally abuse me and harm me physically.. I successfully got out of that relationship but not with out some lasting effects. By the late 90's I got my self back together again and figured I better start carrying on with my life because - it waits for no one. I even decided to try one of those new hair styles.. really short. I cut off all my 80's permed damaged hair....I will never do that again!!!! So fast forward to Sunday, November 5th at 2:25 am... my hair is half way down my back again.. I still look about 19 and waiting for those 80's to come back again. My life is no better than it was 5 years ago. I work in a dead end job, low paycheck... still have my big 80's dreams but going nowhere very fast. Still feel so out of place. I have a computer now.. still remember using the first Apple being so proud I drew a square using Turtle Graphics!! I am also seeing a new guy...We met on-line.. how 2000ish!! We just finished chatting.. that is how we spend our evenings when we don't see each other. He is a great guitar player.. lead guitarist for his band. He bases all his playing style on the great 80's bands..he even has the long hair!!!! My life is still tumultuous.. don't see an end in sight.. still dealing with a very sad personal matter from a few weeks back.. will not go into details due to the nature of it. Am hoping I will be unaffected from it as the years go by. Still don't know what it is that I am searching for. I am 28, almost 29 in a few more weeks. Almost 30!!!! Can't believe it.. but I feel stuck in a time warp.. I look no older than I did at the end of the 80's. My hair looks the same again and people don't take me seriously when I talk too them..they think I am still a kid. Well, I feel both flattered and uncomfortable with that. BUT there is an upside to all that.. they say what goes around comes around.. the 80's will come around by then end of the 2000's.. I will be ready with my long hair, music and carefree spirit that kept me going back then. They keep calling us "Generation X" - "X" meaning "X"ed out of existence.. kind of like we were.. lost and forgotten. That is how I feel... just plain lost in a world that forgot us. That is what I am searching for.. my place in the world. After the turmoil of the 60's and 70's we Children of the 80's were the breath of fresh air the country needed. Carefree and full of dreams...now we are being taken over by the children of the 90's who so happen to be the children from the Children of the 60's.. go figure that one out..So where do we fit in????????????? In closing I just want to say my safe haven is back in the 80's and I am proud to be part of that time in the world. We all may have looked strange at times.. but there was never a time when FUN was not the operative word!!!! Well to all my fellow 80's children let's not feel forgotten any more or lost.. we are still out there and as young as we used to be.. lets all dream our big dreams and wait patiently for our turn to have our glory days again!! Until then keep on rockin to the songs of yesterday!!!!
From: Sherri

I was born in 1976, I AM a child of the 80s! That was the best decade of my life. The summers were the best. We'd wake up in the morning and go play outside with our toys. My favorite Barbie was Crystal Barbie and I had the whole collection of the Jem and the Hollograms dolls. When I got sick of them, I'd go play Transformers and Voltron with the guys. The boys would pull out the He-Man action figure and we'd bring out our She-Ra and we'd argue about which one was better and why. All the girls would talk about how we'd have twins when we were older and name them Adam and Adora. We would hold up our fake swords and declare that we "had the power". We'd play outside until it got dark and no one worried much about anything happening to us. Our older siblings went to high school and we never heard of school shooting there. On the weekends, we watched all the saturday morning cartoon. We wondered how it was that Scooby could talk. We wondered why Smurfette was the only girl smurf. We wanted to live underwater lke the Snorks. We watched the Wuzzles and wanted to bounce like the Gummi Bears. We loved the Care Bears and wanted to be in Rainbow Brite's land. On the weekdays we watch Nikolodeon after school and in the summer. We loved Today's Special and we'd yell "Hocus Pocus Allma Gocus" to the TV set everytime Jeff lost his hat. We watched Maya the Bee and the Koala show. Pinwheel ruled and so did You Can't Do that on Television. The girls all love Jem and wanted to be a Hologram or at least have blinking red earrings. We listened to Michael Jack, Madonna, and Wham! The "girls just wanted to have fun" and guys all wanted to be rock stars like Jon Bon Jovi. We'd go skating on the weekends for fun and listen to music that is now classified as "big hair bands" but we thought we were the coolest. We wore shirst with little alligators on them and went around saying "see you later alligator" and after a while crocodile". I got excited at the thought of a female vice president when Geraldine Ferraro was running, even before i understoon anything about politics. We learned that comunism was bad and that America was going to be the first country to send a teacher to space. We watched the Challenger explode in front of out eyes in class and were thankfull that our teacher wasn't on board. We all love Kirk Cameron and watched Growing Pain religiously. We all wanted to be like Samantha on Who's the Boss and wanted a cool house like Ricky Schroder's on Silver Spoons. We watched Punky Brewster and wanted to dress like her. Bill Cosby made us laugh and we all like the cute guy in Head of the Class. I don't know if time has changed or if I've just grown up. But I'd give anything to just go back to those time for just one day. Back before when we were young and innocent and knew nothing of what the world was really about. The 80s were the greatest decade ever!
From: Lopa

I was born in early 1969 so i was a eighties teen.I remember devo,lcd wristwatches that play space invaders,bell bottom pants went out of style in 81,winged hair,greatest american hero on t.v.I just loved the early eighties even though it was a transition period to lay the 70's to rest.I loved the music in the likes of rush,David bowie,duran duran etc.also the short lived parachute pants fad around the time of van halen's 1984 album of which eddie sported on the album sleeve.I remember breakdancing going on and the michael jackson jacket from thriller in the school hallways.The hair metal bands were a favorite,and there was jolt cola,skateboarders of the late 80's had their thing.The pet shop boys,preps that had penny loafers and cuff their jeans at the bottom,Batman at the movies,the end of the decade,hair metal on it's last leg given way for nirvana.I'll always have a soft spot for the 80's.
From: Jessie

I was born in 1982! I can remember most of it. I remember NKOTB, I had the Joey barbie doll, I also had the bed spread and sheets, I had everyone of those huge pins, and all of their posters. I was in love with them! I remember Punky Brewster I loved that show especially her dog Brandon. I remember watching The Mickey Mouse Club and Kids Incorporated. When Jennifer Love Hewitt was just "Love Hewitt". And when Britney Spears, Christina Aguelara, Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez?, and Keri Russel weren't celebrities. I remember Barbies especially. I had so many Barbies! I loved Jem and the Rockers, I had the Jem doll(even though she looked like a drag queen barbie)she was so much bigger than the others. I also had My Little Pony's and Rainbow Brite. My mom said I would bug everyone in the family to play with my Rainbow Brite doll with me. Well just recently they came out with those shirts for girls with My Little Pony's and stuff on them. I went out and got the Care Bear one, Rainbow Brite one, and the My Little Pony one. I remember GI Joe, and Matchbox cars, also remote control cars. I have a younger brother. I remember when Mariah Carey wore mainly all black in her videos and she made the running man cool to do. I can go on and on about memories of the 80's. I consider myself definelty an 80's child.
From: Andrea

the 1980s were the best for me. i was born in 1974, and i grew up watching captain bob, smurfs, snorks, herculoids, superfriends, gi joe, voltron, force five, and star blazers. i was kind of a geeky kid, and iplayed my atari, intellivision, and my beloved commodore 64 for countless hours. i watched happy days, good times, taxi, and three's company in syndication. i listened to a wide variety of music, from frankie goes to hollywood to twisted sister. if it was music, i listened to it. i grew up with larry bird and the celtics, ray bourque and the bruins, the red sox, and th epatriots - i love sports! i got drunk for the first time at the age of 14 at my brother's college graduation party. i sometimes wish i could hop in a time machine and zip back to 1984 when i would play nerf hoop in my hallway for hours. as my friends and i played, we would listen to van halen's 1984. i have an unbelievable knowledge of the decade because of my own attentiveness and because i hung out with my older brother who was 8 years ahead of me, but that was only when he wasn't beating on me! ilove the 8s! someof my favorite movies are fast times at ridgemont high (one of my first views of naked boobs), revenge of the nerds, police academy, airplave, and so on. long live the 80s!
From: Phil

I'll never forget Trapperkeepers, Spud Mechenzee (the beer dog), "Where's the Beef??", Voltron, The Letter people, Slim Good Body, musclemen, legos. There's so much...
From: Sean

Since I was born in 1979, I am really a CHILD of the 80's. Not that being a TEEN in the 80's is any less cool, but still. I remember having rainbow colored leg warmers. I remember being introduced to MTV with the song "Black Velvet". I excercized with Strawberry Shortcake's record (a large, black version of a CD.) by doing "bicycles in the air". I watched a cartoon Mr. T fighting crime with his little gymnastic friends on Saturdays, and vaguely remember "The A Team". Also "Air Wolf" which I remember was about helicopters. I always got SO freaked out at a certain point in the Pee Wee Herman movie, the part where "big Bertha" turns out to be dead. My favorite movies were "Labyrinth", "Monster Squad" and "Goonies". I didn't know that David Bowie was known for anything but being the Goblin King. The biggest influences on my life were the Care Bears and the Smurfs. From them I learned that caring and friendship goes a long way toward getting you out of trouble, and that even if you think you're too clumsy or jokey to fit in, we all have our places in a functioning society of small, blue men. And one woman. And later on a small girl (but where did she come from?)
From: Mandie

As a child that lived in the eighties I really didn't realize how cool it was until now that i think back. I spent all my younger years seeing how I was born in 79 in the 80's. From watching great cartoons such as, voltron, transformers, thundercats, Heman and the all so classic GI Joe's. I proclaimed myself the lost 5th Ghostbuster. Ready to seek and destroy all those nasty gremilins that were always after gizmo. I was also in search of my friend ET who I never found. The 80's were grand filled I remember "We built this city" it never dies. I guess.. I believe the 90's have offered a lot also tho
From: Nick B

As a child that lived in the eighties I really didn't realize how cool it was until now that i think back. I spent all my younger years seeing how I was born in 79 in the 80's. From watching great cartoons such as, voltron, transformers, thundercats, Heman and the all so classic GI Joe's. I proclaimed myself the lost 5th Ghostbuster. Ready to seek and destroy all those nasty gremilins that were always after gizmo. I was also in search of my friend ET who I never found. The 80's were grand filled I remember "We built this city" it never dies. I guess.. I believe the 90's have offered a lot also tho
From: Nick B

*Like, this site is totally awesome!* The best movies ever made had to be The Breakfast Club(the scene where Ally Sheedy is using her dandruff to make snow) and Sixteen Candles(Long Duck Dong saying "married"). Classics! Oh, and lets not forget the cartoons. Thundercats was the ultimate best. I shall forever want to be Cheetara. Scooby Doo, minus of course Scrappy Doo. Did anyone really like Scrappy? The Smurfs, Care Bears, Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake. Another big hit with me was the Get Along Gang. I always wanted to collect Garbage Pail Kids but my mom thought they were too disgusting. I used to love to watch 321 Contact(The Bloodhound Gang) and Fraggle Rock. And I loved MTV when they actually played videos. 80"s music was great. Men At Work, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Flock of Seagulls, The Thompson Twins. I can just see the video to A-Ha's "Take On Me". I loved that video. I have so many great memories of the 80's. I wish those times would come back. Thanks for all the memories. I leave you with this picture... Chunk, doing the truffle shuffle.
From: Gloria

*Remember when you went to purchase a CD and could only pick it up through the holes in the plexi-glass display. *It was a big deal when your parents rented the VCR and the videos from the video store. *You could shop somewhere other than Walmart!
From: bill

I already left a post back at the top, but just wanted to say that I was cleaning through my closet today, and found my old Cabbage Patch Kid, and Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth album. I couldn't believe it, cause I thought my mom had sold that album to the Salvation Army, so I popped it in and just sit back and let all my memories of the 80's, or at least what memories I had if it, all come rushing back. I also bought that Teen Riot! CD that they have been advertising on TV. OMG I could not believe how long it had been. I was just sitting there singing along with just about every song and dancing my feet off. Thank god no one was home, or I would have been very embarassed! I also found a bunch of pins of Debbie Gibson (who you can guess is my #1 80's artist) and put them up all over my curtains. I miss the 80's. If I had a time machine I would be in that thing and just relive that whole decade, and see what i missed in the first 5 years. PS. I asked this in the first message, but if you remember Martika, the artist who did that song Toy Soldiers, leave a post on this site, I come here regularly seeing what's up.
From: Nick

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