Why Are You A Child Of The 80s?

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Born in 1973. I loved growing up in the 80's. He-Man and Transformers. Def Leppard and Ratt. Atari 2600 and Commodore Vic 20. The Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider. Mall Rats and bad hairdos. The Brat Pack and the two Corey's. That was my life and will always cherish the memories.
From: Stacy

I was born in 1972, so I did the majority of my growing up in the 80's. The 80's rocked. That was back when rap was not all about drugs, guns, and killing. It was about fun stuff, and it wasn't full of lyrics that made it have the parental advisory sticker on it. Hair bands were the best, and the songs were all about partying and sex. Cartoons were still funny, and it didn't matter how old you were, they were still funny. It was still safe to play outside, after dark, and just about everyone did. It saw the rebirth of skateboarding, and the birth of BMX freestyle. Those were some good times, and really good memories. The toys were the best, and toy guns still looked like guns, only smaller. Also, the 80's saw the death of the disco era, one of the worst era's ever. Thank God for the 80's.
From: Scott

I was fortunately to have been born in 1975. Which is kinda funny, since I've actually had a total fetish for the 50's since I was a kid...But then that's what happens when your Dad was a member of the Beat generation. But I digress... My 1980's odysse started with handcuffing my Grandma with the cuffs that came in a C*HPs set that I got for my birthday. We had a heck of a time finding the key. :) During the 80's I watches way more TV than was recommended by C. Everett Coop and his "bucket handle" beard. My brother and I would get up at 6:00 am just was watch cartoons. We'd watch various incarnations of Bugs Bunny and Woody Woodpecker, along with Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, Voltron, Inspector Gadget, G.I. Joe, G-Force, Dungeons and Dragons, Kidd Video, various incarnations of Hanna Barbarra cartoons, Transformers, Snorks, Smurfs, Galaxy High, the various sitcom spun off cartoon like Laverne and Shirley, Popeye, and He-Man. A specialy note about He-Man. During the opening credits we would launch ourselves from our seats in time with the fist-punches. Our evenings were filled with the A-Team, McGyver, Hart to Hart, The Fall Guy, Simon and Simon, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Automan, The Whiz Kids (who didn't want an Armatron that put the 5 1/4" floppies in the drive for you?), Star Trek/Battelstar Galactica/Buck Rogers reruns, Gimme a Break, One Day at a Time, Alice, Small Wonder, The Undersea World of Jacque Coustea, Wild Kingdom, The Electric Company, Sesame Street (You are truely an 80's child if you remember Mr. Hooper), The Voyagers, The Greatest American Hero, The Incredible Hulk (Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry), The Dukes of Hazzard, Dallas , Falcon Crest, and prolly a few more I've forgot.... I watched a lot of movies. But being from a poor broken home (weren't most of us) I didn't get to see many in the theaters....E.T., Return of the Jedi, Bugsy Malone (?) with the "splurge guns" and pedal cars were notable entries...But they used to show movies on TV. Ones that had been in the theater at one point were on broadcast TV...(!) So I kept up for the most part. I didn't really pander to style until much much later. Although I did enjoy watching the girls go around with the side pony tails, ratty middriff shirts, and leg warmers. I had the Bugle Boy pants, and the shirts with all the little labels on the pocket. Not to mention the Traxx "mini cleated" tennisshoes. Did anyone else have a pain of the Airwalks that were a tall version of the old "Chuck Connors", but they were bright blue on the outside and yellow on the inside? They were meant to be folded down. Ah, it's crazy. During the 80's I always was looking forward to 2000. I didn't miss any of it until a few years after highschool. I'm not going to say that it was some kind of Golden Age, it was hard. The thing that makes me long for those days again was maybe the almost manic happiness that was more prevalent. Has anyone else notice how whiney Metal is now? Eh, maybe I'll just have to write a list....and make my own prose...And as far as feeling old....Wait 'til you have to explain an 8 track to one of these modern teenies like I had to a few years ago...
From: P Skalla

From: ChuckyG

I remember the 80s and my kids tell me Im stuck in the 80s ... which I can understand , the music was one of the best things of the 80s , its when rap was still real , and we were taught it was ok to express yourself , and ok to be differentIn dress and style , it was ok to make your bra part of your clothes and let it show , time where it was ok to ask a boy out instead of waiting to be asked , tv was more simple and had lessons to it instead of all the violence , saturday morning cartoons didnt stink ,it was a great time to grow up
From: judie

I was born in 1974, so school was the eighties, kindergarten in '79, high school grad '92. It seems like we got the best of the decade, the best or our parents and the best of the world then. Moms still baked fresh cookies, but they understood the supreme need for store bought for the class party. Cartoons rocked, does anyone else remember the Munchichies, little tree dwelling monkeys. And how about the crushes of the 80's, ladies we all know that the we fell in love with Rob Lowe, and didn't care when he royally f___ed up (does anyone remember what he did wrong?) we also "waxed on" Ralph Machio and dreamed of being taken for one hot ride in the General LEE, with either Bo or Luke, I might add, not those cousins that came along later. Maybe for me, the best part of the eighties is still at my parents house back in Indiana, a box full of memories or jellie shoes and bracelets, banana clips and big hair, the day that MTV premiered 1st grade, and I watched it every day, Pages that I tore out of Cosmo and Teen Magazine to hang on my walls of hotties like Ralph and Kirk, singing along to "Rock me Amadeus", the Challenger, the day the wall came down, (I had a classmate in German class who was there when it happened, she brought back a piece of the wall), the era of obvious consumption and simplicity all roled into one. Well I might as well say it, wouldn't it be nice to go "Back to the Future."
From: Carrie

I love the 80's. I was more of a teen in the 80's, but it was the best time of my life. I loved watching Fame, Family Ties, Facts of Life, Cosby's, Whos the Boss, Square Pegs, and Growing Pains. Life was good. The music was awesome, we will never have that again. I have actually been trying to get a collection of 80's music that I used to listen to. A slow process, but when you hear that rare song, or find that rare tape that just brings all those memories back.... its definatelly worth it.
From: Trina Aragon

Aaagh, yes....the 80's. Indeed, I am a child of the 80's. Born in March of 1974, I have the unfortunate displeasure of remembering the latter years of the 70's, and how terribly frightening they were. I didn't like living in the 70's IN the 70's! Pea green & gold decor...ucky, ucky, ucky! Those terrible Kmart elephant bells my mother made me wear; too tight on top & far too long & wide at the bottom...not to mention the "swish, swish, swish" that followed you ("What was that you said? I couldn't hear you; I was walking."). Those unusual & scary hippies hanging out in the trees that you were told not to talk to, because they might give you stickers laced with drugs. Then, at last, came the 80's. Drugs were out, and designers went to rehab. Suddenly, the world was a better, less fashion-challenged world. Oh sure, the flourescent colors & ENORMOUS shoulder pads WERE a bit over-the-top, but times, they were-a-changin'. One must admit, it WAS an improvement from those itty-bitty, too tight jogging shorts on men, the platform shoes with the dead fish in them & those dreadful printed polyester shirts with butterfly collars down to the knees. People had had enough of thinking they were being followed everytime they walked. Enter the Material Girl/ BoyToy and her great sense of style. She told us that we were living in a material world, and we believed her. Was this REALLY true? All we wanted was our MTV! Well, We HAD to do something about that...Band-Aide and Hands across America, here we come! Hair was a fashion statement, and many stated that they were out of their minds. Aaaah, the joy, bliss & fun of freedom ringing loudly! President Reagan lead the way-a man of his word, a man sympathetic & kind, yet firm. This man, from a great generation of men & women that WERE the essence of freedom, understood the meaning & great cost of freedom. A great man, with a First Lady doing her part to get the message out that children of the 80's could & should "say NO to drugs", and she was right! NEVER, EVER again do we want to live through another time like the 70's! Children of today, listen to these words of wisdom; Say NO to drugs! The 80's, what a carefree time; children were children, and innocence was NOT lost. Television was cheesy, but oh so-much-fun! Who could forget The Facts Of Life, Who's The Boss, Family Matters, Full House, Saved By The Bell, Miami Vice(Every guy I knew thought that they were either Crocket or Tubbs), Magnum P.I. with that "hunky Tom Selleck", Happy Days, Charles In Charge, Benson, Silver Spoons(oooh, we girls loved that Ricky Shroeder, back when he was Ricky, as opposed to Rick),or Dallas? Car phones had cords, and everything was like, totally awesome! Music was original, unique...everyone had his or her own sound. Don't Worry, Be Happy was the anthem of our daily lives, and everyone whistled along. Then came New Kids on the Block a.k.a. NKOTB...aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.....at long last, I'd found the men of my dreams... straight off the streets of Boston. Could life POSSIBLY get any sweeter? And that, my friends, was the question that ended it all....enter the 90's and the grunge movement...ugh...REHAB, anyone?
From: Lori

In the 80s, I didn't remember much, I was born in '85. I've missed the early days of MTV but even though I was several months old I remember watching Fraggle Rock on HBO with my father. On CBS, I remember watching Pee-Wee Herman and an James Bond movie called 'A View To Kill' In '87 was the year FOX came out with Married...With Children , 21 Jump Street, and The Tracey Ullman Show and 2 years later the Simpsons. I had no choice but to watch them shows, the cable was cut off and my father left my mother. When the 1990s came along, I was lost and had a dysfunctional life. But I'll always remember the 1980s.
From: Randy Smith

oh boy!!! i was born in 1973, so i have a remember the 80's well. i have very fond memories of that decade. however, we were subjected to yo mtv raps and parachute pants. the cartoons were just horrible, and it wasn't an age of innocense. people were screwing everything around and doing coke!!! on top of that, i'm reading posts and, ah...well.............did we forget how to spell or capitalize?!?!? i have my memories of the 80's, good music (at least by today's standards,) people dressed well (excluding the $90 price tag for a pair of ripped jeans, or the ferrari glasses.) i'll stop my ranting... i'm sorry to all but i can't stand reading something without an "i" capitalized, or lack thereof. to everyone i'm glad this site exists that we can all enjoy what was a different time.
From: Frank

till this day i still love everything about the 80s.music toys little ponys,jem dolls,cabbage patch dolls,and my favorit strawberry shortcake dolls.to me these were the best toys ever made. i also love the 80s movies to me there will never be anything like them again. i remember 16 candles and loved jake ryan and wished he could be my boyfriend. weird science,anthony michael hall he ruled.the goonies now that is a classic of the 80s. lucas,pretty in pink,molly ringwald i wanted to be like her. i also loved ferris buller and license to drive,and much much more. i also loved punky brewster, the smurfs, garbage pail kids cards,and jem dolls. i was born in 77 so i remember alot about the 80s.i wish we could still have movies, music and toys like these. but we all no that the 80s are gone. to me i will always love the 80's......
From: Joanne

I was born in 88 so I was more a child of the 90s really and a baby of the 80s but my two older brothers who are ten and eight years older than me passed down their toys to me so I had great fun with all the ninger turtles and stuff. I remember they had matching turtle jumpers which they would wear everywhere! I loved the 80s toys and the days even when I was younger the computer games were actually moslty educational ones and I think my brothers first game was a maths one!! 80s toys and clothes were madness
From: Lydia Andrews

I was born in 1987 and even though I cant remembe anything of the 80s myself apart from the cartoons which were great and carried on into the early 90s I am proud to say I was a baby of the 80s and can write that down for my date of birth haha!! because the 80s was a great decade to be born in!! my older sister was born in 1982 and Im jealous because she has vague memories of that decade and of school.
From: Bethan ROllings

I was born in late December 1983 and it goes without saying that the 80s really was the most "tasteless" decade of the 20th century(sort of. There were controversial drinks such as The New Coke in 1985, Jolt Cola in 1986 and Diet Mountain Dew in '88. I don't really remember the "new" Coke, but my dad told me that the Pepsi Challenge was the reason for Coke's changing the formula to something that tasted more like Pepsi. I only remember Jolt Cola because I'd get hyper after drinking it while watching the Met game. It had more caffeine than Dew. Then Diet Mountain Dew came along with Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, and every other horrible-tasting diet soda. And what exactly was so healthy about NutraSweet? Just like Sweet&Low. I hope diet soda is one thing that gets better with time.
From: Midori Matsui

wouldn't we all like to go back to the eighties?? i get warm and fuzzy feelings inside remembering when... remember when: we stayed outside until dark; after dark, we played hide-n-go seek without our parents having to worry about us; we rode our bikes around the neighborhood thinking we were so far away from home; roller skating!!!; leg warmers; anything flourescent; duran duran; ronald reagan; the challenger exploding (i was in band rehearsal and it came over the loudspeaker) we dedicated our next concert to the challenger astronauts; 2xl's!! (ok, it came out in the 70's but i still think of it as 80's) oh, i wish i still had mine....; friendship pins (i had my own business!); did i mention duran duran? going to the bowling alley (not to bowl, of course! who actually bowled??) thriller; ferris beuller's day off (i remember going to the theater to watch that one!) a view to a kill (i went to the theater to see it only to be able to hear duran duran in the theater!!) going to the theater just to play in the arcade. galaga! pole position! anything atari or commodore 64 or coleco! garfield! brat pack! any john hughes movie! teen beat magazine! scratch n' sniff stickers! wow....so much to remember. i can only hope that my daughters childhood memories are as wonderful as mine. :) long live the 80's!!
From: Janna

I remember so much about the 80s and the early 90s, memories i hold dear to my heart. I was born in 1978 in Australia. So many things...Theres the ra-ra skirts, with polka dots, the plastic bands we wore around our wrists in a million colours, the snap bands, those trak pants that boys wore with fluoro piping, parachute pants, hi-top sneakers with velcro and laces, banana clips, hair crimpers, those other conical clips that made you look like i dream of jeannie, push-down-socks, bicycle shorts, scrunchies (the puffier the better). Remember Fido Dido from 7UP? Remember Super Sippers? Remember those iced milk drinks you could nuke in the microwave? Besides all those great cartoons mentioned, remember Degrassi Junior High? Mysterious Cities of Gold? Press Gang? The Curiosity Show, C'mon Kids, Astro Boy, Kimba? I remember rollerskating, playing barbies on the footpath with the neighbourhood kids, listening to my little pink boombox play bananarama, madonna, transvision vamp and michael jackson... i remember those funky GoGo balls that looked like a planet and you stood on them and bounced around....i remember playing handball, Red Rover, hop scotch, and skipping rope with a funky fluoro rope. I remember having smelly pens and those 10-pens with 10 colours, i remember going to the beach and riding the waves in a massive truck tire with friends and family, i remember playing Commodore 64 games like Bubble Bobble and Grannys Garden and Baulderdash. I remember those little games you would play on notepaper with yours and your crushes name to work out if you would be together or not....i remember how cool it was to have a walkman, i remember how much i wanted a glitter tinsel wig and those cool fake nails. Remember silly string and glitter hair spray for school discos and sports days? Marbles and Bitty Bins were all the rage at school, and we read those Choose-your-own-adventure books !I remember that caravan that came to schools and was all decked our really cool and we learned about the human body and stuff and we got an orange after we sat in there watching videos! I remember going to the corner shop to get a handful of those straws filled with sherbert, and Magic Candy that popped in your mouth. TV Hits and Smash Hits were the magazines to be reading, and the best times at school was end of the term when we all brought cakes, chocolate crackles and biscuits to share for one day. In our lunch box we had Le-Snack, Snack Pack, Tiny Teddies, Rice Cakes with Nutella, Cheese sticks, salami sticks, Tetra Paks of juice, lamingtons and Twisties. Every kid wanted Pizza Hut All-You Can Eat and Sizzler. Popular toys included Trampolines, Slip N Slide, Magic Sand, Barbie & The Rockers, Jem, PJ Sparkles, Rigadoons, My Child, Teddy Ruxpin, Glo-Worm, Tonka, Play-Dough, Transformers, Sylvanian Families, and Micromachines. I remember dressing up and dancing around to music clips on Video Hits (like MTV). We watched all those cool movies like Adventures in Babysitting, Bill & Ted, Xanadu, Mannequin, Pretty in Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Karate Kid, Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, TRON & Never Ending Story. Cats and Starlight Express were the cool performances to see. Many of us had a Superman cape and ran around thinking maybe one day we could be like him, we felt happy being in our own little worlds....and such a simple thing kept us amused for hours. Everything was bright, colourful, out there and laid-back and we all wanted to get the "Physical" Olivia Newton John Look ! There will never be a time quite like the 80s ! Glad i was a part of it...
From: Natasha

I really wish I was around in the 80s. I was born in 1991 but I should have been born in 1971. I love movies from the 80s like Ferris Buellers Day Off, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink and many others. I don't watch any movie past 1989. I only listen to 80s music. I love Duran Duran, Cndyi Lauper, The Cure, Pat Benatar, Madonna (Her music from the 90s was horrible) and Billy Idol. I hated growing up in the 90s and I hate growing up now. I can't talk to my friends without them saying "What's the Brat Pack?" or " Billy who?" I really wish I could meet someone who loves the 80s as much as I do. I hate all the music from now. New Wave is rad. I love the clothes from then and the hair. People make fun of me for having teased hair and 80s clothes but I don't care. If someone asks me anything from the 80s, I can answer without hesitation. I love reading what you guys have to say. LONG LIVE THE 80S!!!!
From: Kara

I was born in 1986 so I was a baby of the 80s, so a child split down the middle. I remember lots of things (especially cartoons) from the 80s,but also the early to mid 90s! My boyfriend was born in 80 so he remembers much of the same things as my two older brothers born (78 and 82) I think the worst thing was the fashion, the tight leggins my mother made me wear with great big flowers, and bit hair scrunchies and perms. I remember cartoons like the care bears and rainbow bright on my lunch box and the crazy teenage mutant action figures all the boys had, I think if your an 80s baby you rock because you can say you were born in the 80s!!! lol
From: Louisa Britton

You're a child of the 80's if you know the next 2 words that come after: "Wonder Twin powers, activate...." I think that's one you either know without a second thought, or you've never heard of in your life. (Of course, it's, "Form of...") I think one always took the form of an animal, and the other was something made of water, right? So, a complete scene would be the Wonder Twins (of the Superfriends cartoon) putting their fists together and taking the shape of something in order to save the world from some impending doom. They'd say, "Wonder Twin powers, ACTIVATE!" Then one would say, "Form of... an iceburg!" and the other would say, "Form of... a hawk!" Then somehow they'd find a way to use the combination their new forms to brilliantly help save the world.
From: Megan

ok i am not a child of the 80's i was born in 1990. but i came across this page because im looking for ideas for a costume party. me and all my friends are having an 80's party we're getting all dressed up and stuff. we have some music too like led zeppelin and van halen. and i do remember some of the stuff you mentioned. i used to watch fragle rock when i was really little. me and my friends always talk about going old fasioned rollerskating some time (theres one down town) but i have to say that the 80's style was a little weird. my costume for the party. i green tights jean mini skirt purple spndex body suit humongous line green off the shoulder t-shirt with a huge white belt. and a big silver nexlace and sweat band. and my hair is frizzy (which i hate) and its pulled into a side ponytail. its a very fun outfit, but i cant imagine wearing it everywhere. this time era isnt as bad as some of you talked about. sure we have the crappiest president ever and raegen was probably much better. and your right when you said that its not safe for kids to walk around by themsleves in stores. but i think my generation has a great future in store. lots of job opputunities most of us have been connected with people acorss the world through the internet since child hood. we are well aware of how to use a computer and our fashions are mroe subtle!! the 80's must have been cool for its time but looking back its a little weird. i like being a child of the 90's and 00's
From: Erin

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