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I grew up in the 80s and have FOND memories of that time. I enjoyed getting up early on Saturday mornings to watch "Ritchie Richie", "Punky Brewster", "The Shirt Tales" and "The Littles" to name a few of the GREAT cartoons. And lets not forget American Bandstand at 11:00 am. After school, it was Tom and Jerry cartoons with episodes of The Three Stooges in between. Before primetime at 7:00, the Muppets would play. I LOVED this time period. It was a time of innocence. I remember playing with the Ouija board, playing kickball, going to Girl Scouts, riding my bike around the neighborhood, recording music on my tape recorder, playing DJ, watching Madonna, Prince and Billy Idol videos on MTV, watching "That's Incredible" and "Hart to Hart." I loved "Webster" and "My Two Dads" and "The Hogan Family." What a WONDERFUL time! If I could just go back for a week, I would give anything!!!!
From: Melanie

Born in 1982 of March, I remember that I was 3 on August 7th, 1985, my kid sister was born that morning but my parents brought my baby sister home to see my new sister (now 21) and I had a idea for her sign name that time. I remember all the shows, toys, cartoons, etc are the best that I remember watching these shows and playing toys when I was a kid! I love the 80's that I miss these toys, shows that was so awesome! My childhood memories about watching these shows, playing these toys! Man, it refreshes my memories from my younger days!
From: Alice Hochhausler

I was born 69, then I came to germany on 81, from turkey. I like almost everything of 80s, 80s were most funniest, the songs, the video games, the movies on TV, and the people were more kind then now, I have got the feeling that today everythings begin to be more difficult. Isn't it? I was lucky during the 80s, or could it be that all the people just like their teenager time? children of 80s likes 80s, and children of 70s likes 70s ........ ?
From: Murat

I was born in 1982 but I remember a lot of stuff that went on in the eighties. The first movie that I ever went to see in a theature was The Care Bears Movie. I remember having an original Cheer Bear(I wish I knew what happened to it.) My favorite cartoons at the time were The Smurfs,The Muppet Babies,California Rasins,Care Bears,Gummi Bears,She-Ra,and He-Man I remember when ALF first aired (I still have my ALF doll)and I would never miss an episode of Small Wonder. I remember my mom watching Dallas,Knots Landing and Falcon Crest. My favorite toys were Cabbage Patch Kids,Barbie,Teddy Rupskin and Popples (Does anyone evern remember these I had two a small and large one)I used to put them in a ball and kick with them like a soccer ball (He He) Some of my first toys were a stuffed smurf(still have),a premie cabbage patch baby and a glow worm that slept with every night and a rainbow brite doll. My favorite movies were The Care Bears Movie,The Rainbrow Brite Movie,and E.T. (It still makes me cry) I remember having a Strawberry Shortcake bedroom and just having fun being a kid. I remember when Nickelodean and Disney had good shows like You Can't Do That On Television,Hey Dude,Double Dare,Kids Incorporated and The Mickey Mouse Club These pages really brought back some happy memories thanks to everyone for sharing. -Cat
From: Cat

hi its me again i love the eighties so much where do i start solid gold /puttin on the hits every saturday night 1983 -1988 until it was cancelled the nbc fall 1985 -1986 season was fun to watch those days are gone the soap operas 1983 -1989 were so juicy and so good back then general hosptial guiding light santa barbara another world as the world turns madonnas first performance on the mtv music awards sept 18. 1984 the candys i use to eat and still eat cookies and cream twix reeses peanut butter cups zero bars still eat them butterfinger /baby ruth milky way regular and dark snickers mars bars nestle alpine white caramello crunch sweettarts spree bubble tape m&ms any kinds now and laters lemon heads boston baked beans skittles starburst almond joy pb max i used to drink all kinds of of sodas but i drink good stuff now country time lemonade coca -cola classic -caffeine free and caffeine free sprite lipton iced tea the kind in a mix hanging out to the mall to cinnabon camelot music now fye waldenbooks and lots of other places i want to wear tight jeans my favorites were wrangler cowboy -cut good stuff was happen back then 2006 sucks nothing matters anymore mtv is not same i hate their shows pepole watch these days 1985 was the best decade ever we are the world facts of life 227 hunter golden girls gimme a break live aid i was truly the child of the eighties ....
From: dwight slemmons

Hello, born in 72 in the middle of my Dad's 70's rockin' band; pnwband.com/child . Having musical exposure at a young age and even running around swimming pool at 2 am while my Dad's jamming and flirtin', those were the days in Seattle, in the 80's I spent most of my days watching WTBS night track shows, they'd start at 10 and end at 12, sometimes 2am! I'd be rocking with daryl hall and john oates, the cars, funky early 80's band, lionel richie, and later on , it's bill cosby, family ties and la law, plenty of parties late into the 80's, then came grunge,,, holy moley haha
From: Kim

OMG I miss the 80â€TMs so much! I was born in â€TM71 and I was just having a good time in the 80â€TMs. High School, spiked hair and the MULLET. LOL Rings on every finger and listening the â€oecool” music on MTV… You know back when they actually played music and showed videos….Hey â€oeVideo killed the Radio Star” ya know! I remember like it was yesterday when Challenger exploded… I was home on a snow day… My brothers call me an 80â€TMs reject…..I call myself lucky! Practically living at my friends houses and the only thing you could do on a computer was play those little floppy games LOL…..Atari… I had one my first game system… hanging out in town playing pac-man at the grocery store while mom shopped…. I had the MC hammer pants, and remember having friends from ever click in the school from the stoners to the jocks….Thinking we were bullet proof and then saying goodbye to friends that passed while still in school. Not having to worry about some crazed shooter coming into school and shooting the place up…. When the worst thing some guy brought to school was his pet Boa Constrictor *lol* Hey as far as the rubikâ€TMs cube, we just took the sucker apart and put in back together the right way LOL I think I am a lucky girl I was a child in the 70â€TMs and rocking teen in the 80â€TMs!!!!!!!!!
From: Wendi Tackett

i love this site. im reading every single one of your comments and memories, and finally...im smiling again. the way you people are talking seems like you people actually care. anyways. i was born in 1975. and i remember when i was 5 years old, the first video was video killed the radio star by the buggles. remember that??? wow, you can see that video on youtube actually. and when i watched it again, i started crying. from happiness and sadness. i miss the 80's like a bit** but i remember seeing that video and i was like woah. my eyes were like this o.o and videos like def leppard - rock of ages. the videos by falco, adam ant and the ants, quiet riot videos, headbangers ball with rikki rachtman, old vj's like martha quinn mmmmmmmmmmm , micheal jackson videos, i could go on and on about all of the real mtv days. i remember watching elvira, tales from the darkside, monsters, punky brewster, the muppets, sesame street, facts of life, moonlighting, and i could go on and on about the tv that was good to watch!!! i remember when hbo was huge and when people saw cloak and dagger, everybody wanted to get the actual game for atari!!! hahahaha all of the 80's movies were awesome too!!! remember valley girl??? nicolas cage sure was young as all it can get at in that movie!!! haha! i remember when the garbage pail kids trading cards were huge.and my opinion, all the 80's music was just kick a**. i remember when you didnt have to lock your door either... or have to fing worry about getting hurt at a concert... i rememeber when the gothic/industrial people were actually sweet people and actually cared...or when people cared in general...noone does anymore...the 90's and the rap in my opinion just fing ruined everything and thats so sad...i remember playing mike tyson's punch out on nintendo and the legend of zelda!!! all of those games and the game systems just kicked majour booty. all of them. and everybody on this site is right... reagan was cool! i could go on and on and on but i feel like ill just be wsting my words...i honestly feel that people just have cared since 1990 hit...
From: Jed

I remember just being a goofy little kid. I didn't have very many friends nad the few friends that I did have were all younger than me.
From: Celeste

Of course, I'm a child of 80-s! Never thought it would come back to me as a surge of memories when I suddenly came across with a trailer of "Labyrinth" yesterday! And the news about a new full-screen version of "Fraggle Rock" as well! I started frantic searching the net on the subject of 80-s, I felt tears on my face, because the old good times have gone, tho, I'm just 25, but nostalgic mood has kept on ruling over me since yesterday. Flashbacks: David Bowie as an evil Goblins' King Jareth, Jennifer Connelly, "Star Wars", "Mappet-Show", Elton John, "Modern Talking", Christmas days, stupid pop-songs, long hair, flashy make-up, astrology, revolutionary changes in the USSR where I was born, feeling magic in the air, winter games, first gulp of "Pepsi-cola" and "Fanta", removing of the "iron curtain", hopes, fears... Gosh! This was my childhood, where has it disappeared? I miss it! Then came rational 90-s, money, flawless make-up, absence of feelings, so, I'm a proud child of 80-s, happy to share my memories with you, guys! We had a miserable life over here and I always craved for getting to new shores, foreign music, foreign culture, I always needed to escape, seems like I've almost fulfilled my dream, I've learnt English and it's all due to magical 80-s that has showed me the way. As "Nickelback" sings: "I love the town, I love the faces, you can't erase, you can't replace them, I miss it now, I can't believe it, so hard to stay, so hard to leave it. If I could relieve those days, I know some things that will never change..."
From: Julia

Wow, what can I say. The 80's was the best time of my life. I was born in 1981, and I remember all of the childhood toys and cartoons. Like Strawberry shortcake, Cabbage patch kids, Rainbow bright (which I still have) and my twin brother played with the Teenage Mutant Turtles, Gi joes etc. I also had older brothers who were born in like 75, so i listened to alot of the music they listened to. I still love Madonna and all of the other music from the 80's, that's why I did my whole myspace page dedicated to the 80's. I remember being in 3rd and 4th grade wearing the side ponytails with the L.A. Gears and all the other cute stuff from the 80's. The 80's is hot and I'm glad I was born in 81. lol
From: Sommer

I was born on November, 1980. My mom was born in 1940, so I have an older mom, but she is cool. First off...religion. In the 1960's...WAY before I was born...there was a Council that took place ...Vatican II. My mom is of the pre-Vatican II Generation, while I am not. I am a post-Vatican II Catholic. In the 1960's ,( again, long before I was born)The Second Vatican Council opened up, and it changed the Mass 360 degrees. Prior to Vatican II, there was the Traditional Latin Mass, and it is much different than the Mass I was raised in. During Vatican II, the Mass was changed from Latin to English, with the Priests facing the people, while in the Latin Mass, Priests faced the Tabernacle. The music was changed from Traditional Gregorian Chant, to folk tunes. The Catholicism that my mother grew up in, and the Catholicism that I have grown up in is different. But, that is the way it is. My mom is pre-Vatican II...I am not. I am post-Vatican II, born in 1980, on November 22nd. Toys...Ah yes, Keypers. These toys girls could open up with a special key to a compartment on the Keyper's backs. I have the Swan, and the Diamond Horse. There were also Baby Keypers, that had slits on the backs, without the aid of a key. Who could forget Keypers. I even remember the add for them..." Keypers, Keypers...what's inside those Keypers. Keypers... Keypers, what'd you hide inside?" TV shows...Full House, Family Matters, and Out of this World. Out of this World was cool, because Eva...I think that's her name...could communicate with her father via a glowing cube inside her bedroom. Her father was from a different planet. Who could forget Punky Brewster...an orphaned girl who lives with Henry Warnimont, and her dog. It was a Golden Retriever, but I cannot remember its name. There were many cool TV shows on during the 80's Disney Black Diamond Videos...these were THE ORIGINAL Animated Classics. These videos were neat, and who could ever forget them? One could tell that it was the ORIGINAL Version of the Video, was from the "peel-away" on the lower right-hand corner of the front of the video packaging. These were on the EARLY Black Diamond Releases. In, or around, 1990, these "peel-aways" were discontinued...but the Disney Black Diamond Classics were still available. They were popular until 1994, then the Black Diamond Disney Classics were discontinued, followed by the " Masterpiece Collection" versions. BEWARE: On the "Masterpiece" Version of "Lady and the Tramp", it says on the back cover : NEVER BEFORE SEEN ON VIDEO. For those of you who remember Disney Black Diamond Videos, this is not true. I remember WELL when "Lady and the Tramp" FIRST made its debut on Videocasette...in October of 1986. I was six years old, going on seven, but I still remember the ORIGINAL Disney Black Diamond Version of the Video. Disney Black Diamond Videos were neat. Sesame Street...Mr.Hooper, the famous elderly gentleman, who ran Hooper's Store from 1969, when the Show started, until 1982. I was only two years old when Mr. Hooper died, but I still remember him. My older siblings say that I don't remember him, but they take me way for granted. I remember many things, and persons that they may say that I'm too young. I remember Mr. Hooper. He made Sesame Street what it was, and the children of today ask me" who's Mr. Hooper?" I tell them that he was the owner of Hooper's Store on Sesame Street. Also, many renovations was done to his store...how disrespectful, and Mr. Hooper would not want it. The store was originally, on the outside of it, black and yellowed checkered. Now, it's bleak and somber. God bless Mr. Hooper. And who could forget Koala Yummies? These were cookies that had an edible "stamp" of a koala on the cookie. They came in strawberry and chocolate flavors, and were packaged in either an octagon, or hexagon-shape box. I would always hound my mom, or sisters, to buy some, and off to the nearest KOHL'S Foodstore we would go, and they were delicious. I loved Koala Yummies. Yep...the 1980's were a cool Generation, and I love sharing the cool things, toys, people, snacks, tv shows, et cetera, with the younger generation. Thanks- I miss my Generation.The 1980's were cool-Mary Chonowski
From: Mary Chonowski

The 80's what great memories! I was born in the early 70's and the 80's were great years to me. Disovering Bruce Springteen, and Pick floyd, Zed Zepplin and the Beatles the stones, Q107( actually it was in the late 70's) GIRLS, and Muscle cars. I know in the eighties that life was GRAND, what more should a guy ask for - well actually Jungle and Raveing, raving and Raving came in the 90's and well that was really the life. Raving all night long till the lights turn on and they have to usher you out. The afterparty crew always ready to smoke a few and chillout. The trips home in the car or Van, listening to beautiful classic rock - usually on Q107- there psycodelic Sundays - still going on till this day. Yeah its the 90's and I'm driving my 80's van. Not minivan's that everyone drives. 80's Van were real vans, and man they were a lot of fun driving. You sure could hold a lot of stuff, and a lot of party animals that really knew how to party. Enough of the 90's for now, let me get make to the 80,s. Getting drunk in the 80's for the first time was great. I looked so stupid with my jelled up hair and ridicoulous cloths I look back and I keep laughing a the cloth back then, it was terrible!! Man I's so glad for y2K's fashsion freedom, its great and I think it's hear for good. Highschool at A.Y. Jackson - those were wild times ! Learning how to drive at 14. And getting on the main streets at 16. need to get a beer.....Damn;]
From: Don

Back in the 80's it was worth it to get up at 6 am to watch Saturday morning cartoons.I would watch the smurfs,muppet babies, mighty mouse and pee wees playhouse. And, does anyone remember " In a minute, In a minute,In a minute" on USA when they played the kids shows. It was a time when holidays were still celebrated in school.Also, does anyone remember those cookies called Giggles it was like an oreo only they had smily faces on them. Also, does anyone remember the eighties metal bands such as white snake, scorpion, and quiet riot? If you were a girl, did you have my little ponies, popples and puff alumps? I also remember wearing those little one piece summer time outfits that tied at the shoulders, I had all diffrent colors. And what about those alligator tee shirts? Can anyone forget Howard the Duck? He was so funny! Those were the days when I had a care-free life.
From: Scarlet

The mysterious cities of gold was bad to the bone. I wanted that flying bird so bad I could taste it.
From: Jonah Van Tuyl

Speak for yourself! I hated the 80s. I refused to wear neon and I dressed in black because I was in mourning for the 70s that I was too young to experience. I loved the 90s. Neon was dead, no more mullets and no more hair metal. Long live Gen X. Even if it was a a band formed by that horrid 80s guy Billy Idol.
From: Rachel

what were those little music players called??? they were like the size of an answering machinetape..lol that was a long time a go!!!
From: ash

I am looking for anyone who remembers in the early 80's a coloring book that had these three little girls, cute little girls, old fashioned, they were going to grandmas farm or something like that?? Sounds silly, but I remember coloring them at my grandparents house, and would love to see a pic. of them again.
From: Gabby

I was born in 1974, so the 80's were the best time of my life. Even today I am the poster child of the glorious 80's. As a girl I played with Barbie and Cabbage Patch dolls. I jumped double dutch while my brothers played marbles, God forbid I touch his cat-eye marble. Remember cherry bumps on the see-saw? I used to peel the color stickers off of the Rubix cube and rearrange them'cuz I could never get all the colors at one time. My Simon Says machine made me think I was a child prodigy. I had a sticker collection with Scratch n Sniff. My brother had one of those clunky calculator watches. How many "Slam Books" did I write in at school? How many crazy folded notes did I pass around school, always signed LYLAS.I loved to play with my "Clackers" toy and pogo stick. There was nothing better than watching the Smurfs, Fraggle Rock, Looney Tunes, He-Man,and The Muppets. Am I the only girl that used to paint her fingernails with the "Tinkerbell" Bo-Po nail polish, just so I could bite it off ?(Let's not forget the perfume!)What about black eye liner and Kissing Slicks lip gloss? I could never get enough of The Karate Kid, Sixteen Candles(I used to freak out from the nude scene!), Pretty in Pink, Breakin', Beat Street, Gremlins,Purple Rain, The Goonies, Superman, E.T., Trading Places. I just knew I would marry Ralph Macchio, Michael Jackson, or the guy from "Breakin'". Never got tired of watching Rocky either. I felt like an adult sneaking to watch Eddie Murphy curse in Delirious. Fright Night actally scared me, even after I started watching Married with Children, Marcy still made me nervous.My mother religiously put a Capri Sonne, twinkie, a sandwich, and gummies in my Muppet lunch box. When you got to take your lunch in a plain brown paper bag, you had arrived.My mother made me wear pants under my skirts. I had a London Fog coat and moon boots. I loved my friend who based everything in her life around unicorns. I was a Barbie-Smurf chick myself. Remember Lock In's at the youth center? Was anybody else afraid of Fraggle Rock muppets other than me? I still watch "Labyrinth" and David Bowie to this day.My diet consisted of gummies, pop rocks, grilled cheese sandwiches,and pop tarts. My hair was perfectly sculpted with two small combs up the side when I had a Jheri curl for three years. Then it was straight to Dax and Royal Crown. Good thing it never messed up my headphones(not earphones) to my reversible walkman. Wasn't it fun actually buying tapes and records? Remember when our hardest decision was the best out of Michael Jackson or Prince? Did anybody else have a camera called "Le Clique" that came in two colors?(Mine was pink and gray) How many of you remember being told to shake the Polaroids to make the pic come out faster? The 80's had the real deal Eazy Bake oven. I got in trouble for using my brother's BB'S from his BB Gun as topping for my cake I made. I also got into trouble for trying to pierce his ear with a neddle and thread (the left ear only! The S-curl I put in his hair was successful.I just knew I was sexy wearing the sweater with the cross over belt and black leggings. The long silk shirts with the tail were better. I owned a pair of "Jellies" in every color, along with the jelly bracelets. I messed up half of my sweaters wearing those long, three-chain earrings with the feathers on the end that reached my shoulders. I used to wear my collar up on all my shirts like Madonna and Culture Club. I thought George Michael was sexy and Boy George's makeup was flawless. Who had fun at carnivals? How about wearing"Thickies" in your sneakers, especially the glow in the dark. There's nothing sexier than a man wearing white baggies. I had enough friends with feathered hair to take flight. I was a "Jolly,jolly Junior" in the Girl Scouts. I couldn't wait to be a sexy sexy senior. I was a cheerleader with the sassy cheers. My mother sent me to Sunday School to get me out of the house.I learned how to pop, windmill, and breakdance on cardboard(Hip hop was emerging!) My name was Smurfette and best believe it was airbrushed on my shirt. The rap anthem was LaDiDaDi. Who else wanted their mom to name the next baby in the family "Appallonia" after they saw Purple Rain? Everybody had a dirt bike or banana seat bike, then later a ten speed. My skates had 4 wheels each and little pom poms.Later in the 80's, I looked gorgeous with my door knocker earrings, gold fingernail, and Reeboks.By then, I had graduated to the asymetrical Salt n Pepa haircut, with sponge rollers of course. Who else has a complete collection of Coca Cola shirts, MGM sweatsuits, and underoos?I played "Cat's Cradle" everytime I found yarn lying around. I found a new boyfriend everytime we had a school dance(I don't slow dance four feet from the boy any more though)All the cool kids sat in the back of the bus to be near the sweet smelling girls wearing Jean Nate' splash or Charlie. I'm glad I never got in trouble for "humping" like some of my fast friends. Did anybody else's mother say "Don't let the darkness catch you", meaning be in the house before the street lights come on? I know I sound biased but the 80's were the best no matter what age. I could go on forever!
From: yorel

Born in 67. I think that was the ideal year to be born. Old enough to remember the 70's, young enough for the 80's and 90's. Ahhh, the eighties. A lot of breakdancing, eletric boogie, I spent all my money on Sonny Crocket and Ricardo Tubbs-like Italian designers clothes. Movies that defined the 80's: Terminator, Raging Bull, Aliens, the Fly, Nightmare on Elmstreet and all of those youth films like Weird Science, Weekend at Burney's, Ferris Beuller etc. The 80's was full of clichés and it was a fun decade. Music was very prolific: Punk, Funk, Reggae, Heavy Metal, Micheal Jackson, Joe Jackson etc. Crappy game consoles that could never match what they had in the arcades. Someone asked what the 90's was about: Cynicism, violence, apathy, dark humor and the emergence of great game consoles.
From: Chando

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