Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I was born in 1981!!! And I definetly consider myself to be an 80's child! I grew up watching saturday morning cartoons and other shows such as: Smurfs, Gummie Bears, Ewok, Saved By The Bell, Punky Brewster, Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, Scooby Doo, Growing Pains, Family Ties, Full House, Kissyfur, Who's The Boss, 3's Company, Little House On The Prarie, Mr. Belvedere, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I really liked how 80's TV had so few commercials in between the shows- you know??? It was REALLY NICE that way! I think that the 80's were great to live in, and I really miss that era. We had a lot of good things going on then, and I wish they still held true today. But, oh well!! Live goes on- ******************Let the good times roll!******************
From: Heather J.

My time spent in the wondrous decade known as "Eighies" did not last long (I was born in the fall of '86), but my sparse memories of that decade are some of the most wonderful I have. Spinning around on the "Spit n' Sin" (as I call it now)at the local recreation center...watching "Pee Wee's Playhouse" and "Muppet Babies" in my feetie pajamas every Saturday...playing "Inigo Gets Out" on my Macintosh Plus...ah, memories. And although I never was able to experience the fashions of the decade firsthand (it's hard when you're 2), I did have two cousins who were very into the "California look" that was popular at the end of that wondrous decade. Huzzah for the Eighties! Huzzah!
From: Jane

Does anyone remember The Electric Company??? I use to watch Bill Cosby, Irene Cara and Morgan Freedman on it. That's before Elmo took over Sesame Street. I was born in '78. I still have movies on BetaMax....so you know I'm a child of the eighties. I grew up in Hollis, Queens home of RunDMC and LL Cool J. Me and my friends use to hang outside hoping to catch a glimpse of them. But then we'd go to the skating rink (all four wheels) where we'd hear tears for fears, micheal jackson, debarge, madonna, new edition, musical youth (pass the dutchie), prince, hall and oates, pointer sisters etc. That's when entertainers weren't afraid to have fun. Now-a-days everyone wants to look pissed off! What's up with that??? Is it me or was some of those tv sitcom house settings in the 80's like a second home to us??? I'm not even going to get into fashions, cereals, cartoons, movies, and fads. Aren't you proud to have lived in the 80's???
From: Tone

The 80's were totally rad dude. I was boarn in 82 and I love the 80's. Am I the only one that rembers M.A.S.K (mobil armored strike kommand) behind transformers of course, they are the most awsome toys ever. You know how a camaro changed into a plane and T-BOB (R2-D2 with wheels) Does any one rember those mini tapes that could play only one or two songs ( M C Hammer, New Kids on the Block)? The player was white and the cassetts were clear and about 1in by 1.5in? And how about Bill and teds most excelent adventures, most excelent. And the music, there is no way you can get tired of all those songs. Im allready getting tired of that slim shady song. All the 90's and new songs are good for about 4 or 5 times then they get old. Dont even get me started on Nintendo. NES is the best sestem of all time. There like 8 bucks now per game! Mega Man, Super Mario, Micro Machines, Rad Racer to name a few. You could actually build diferent things with lego's (dare I say back then). Hot pink and Black were my favorite colors. And it was ok to jump out of a swing (to see how far you could go). I think i had the best possible childhood ever, and I wouldn't change it for anything. Hears a little song I wrote, might as well sing it note for note... BE HAPPY (i forget who sang it). No matter how bad or dificult life can get some times you can always look to music to help boost your spirits up and make you feel better about who you are. And to know that life is to short to be stuck in first gear, and that means you have to be in neutral and even in reverse sometimes. I guess thats all I wanted to say. :)
From: Blair Nisley

I was born in 1976, yup for those of you who are good at guessing that makes me 23, and some of my fondest memories are that of the 80's. Well, I had some good experiences in the 80's as well as some bad experiences but they all lead me to the same conclusion......I was an 80's child and I always will be an 80's child. I was too young to understand some of the events that went on during that era but I do know that Twisted Sister, Skid Row and Rush as well as Stan Bush and Bon Jovi will forever stand out in my mind as the "IN" bands of that era. Even New Kids On The Block will stand out in my mind for a very long time, even though I wish they wouldn't, but it was one of the only good things that's come out of my head. In fact I still have some of my NKOTB stuff that I will get rid of when and if I feel like getting rid of it. For now LONG LIVE THE 80'S!
From: Celeste

Okay, I was born in 1983 and I grew up with singing ppl like Maddona, Chicago and sooo many more, my aunt LOVED 80's music and I've walked in her footsteps. I listen to 80's music I watch 80's movies I absolutly loved the essay cause it's soooo very true!! Keep on with this site!
From: Laura

I was born in '85, but I wish I could have been born in 1970 or something, so I could have been a teen in the 80s. I DIG the clothes, the FUNKY music, the breakdancing and all the b-boy and rap stuff. Rap was only born in 1979, and I would have loved to be round to see the birth of it, because rap is one of my favorite things. I love all that old-skool like Grandmaster Flash and the furious five and melle mel and sugarhill gang and doug e fresh and the getfresh crew and kid creole and the coconuts and slick rick and roger troutman and parliament and whodini and george clinton and all the other groovy rap/funk artists. DAMN IT, 80S were definitely the funkiest......
From: zenecia

Actually I was only born in 88 and the coolest year ever was gone. I didn't get to see that decade for myself but since I'm devoted to the tv program 80's night(on TBS), I feel as if I were there myself. I always listen to my mom's old tapes I really love: Whitesnake, Madonna (only back then),Chicago, and some of Phil Collins songs. I love their music more than some of the music today when I hum them to myself people ask me what song was that? I'd tell them and they'd be thinking I'm weird! Talk about vise versa! Some of the movies I can never get enough of are: Valley Girl, 16 Candles, Can't Buy Me Love and much more. I love the 80's and if I was alive during those wonderful 10 years I'd love the music and movies. I just wish it would come back but it has a little by style, but still...
From: Caressa McCoy

reading through these just reminds us that there are others out there who remember the good times.we agree with a lot of you that the 80's were a much better time. kids were allowed to be kids, tv was great and the music and toys, what more could we ask for. some of our favorite memories: smurfs, today's special, care bears, new zoo revue, shirt tales, strawberry shortcake, underdog, the muppet show, scooby doo(without scrappy, weeble wobbles, dolly pops, lite brite, hungry hungry hippo, sit and spin, snoopy snow cone machine, atari(donkey kong, pacman, frogger) songs like mickey, anything from tears for fears, i wanna have some fun(samantha fox) tv shows like silver spoons, webster, it's a living, facts of life, benson, growing pains, falcon crest, hart to hart, alf, threes company, mr. belvedere, scarecrow and mrs. king, different strokes, gimmie a break, too close for comfort, kids incorporated, you can't do that on television, kate and allie, and fashions like lock and roll curlers, plastic charm bracelets,crimpers, leg warmers, jean jackets, and bongo, outback red, forenza, jams, jelly bracelets, ahh what fond memories. if only life were so easy and the hardest thing to decide was what cartoon you were gonna watch. or what you should eat for breakfast, smurfberry crunch, or boo berry. friday night videos or nighttracks on tbs. there needs to be an 80's convention with all the old toys, fashions and all of the things that represented the best of times. we need more care bears around to show us what really matters in life, imagination, freedom and growing up with little fear, a situation unlike the current one. oh and dont' forget, captian caveman, weekly reader, sweet valley high books, slumber parties, fruit wrinkles, kachoos tissues, the great spacecoasters, uno, twister, connect four, payday, sorry, caboodles makeup boxes and so on and so on.
From: melkel

Well... how could you down-play a decade where the phase-the bigger the hair, the closer to god- was gospel! Come on... this era gave us such fashion gems. Remember leg warmers, jelly braceletts, princess puff shoulders, acid wash, pin ripped jeans, pastel colors, frosted pink everything, yuppies, zippered jackets & shirts, Tiffany, Pat benitar look-alikes(no,it was not only in the movies that this happened), the solo carrier of such greats as Belinda Carlisle, Paul Westerberg & Lionel Ritchie -and those aren t even the good memories! Every one was in love with Allan Frew(Oh-don t forget me...),no-one who was any one turned the collar down on their coats & the words stirrups & desert boots were often heard accompaning hot pink(or fuscha), cable knit & like oh-my-god, slouch socks! How can The era where the valley girl ruled while riding my little pony be topped...well it can t! People love to hate this time where the music was fun & the people were flaky
From: ELFS-C

i love the 80's because of: Back to the Future, the goonies, the karate kid , teenwolf, ghostbusters, mullets, mexico 86, eddie murphy, the A-team, Airwolf, etc etc need i say more?
From: james preston

The 80's were the best decade ever. The culture was care-free, wild and fun. I was born in January of 1980 and am truly a child of the 1980's. I loved Saturday Morning cartoons during the 1980's. I remember watching the Smurfs, Alvin & The Chipmunks, Muppet Babies, Gummi Bears, and Pee-Wees Playhouse along with many other cartoons. Another reason the 80's were the best decade ever was the music. In my opinion the music of the 80's blows away the music of today. I am going to now share with you music memories of the 80's: Tina Turner's comeback at age 44 with her #1 smash hit "What's Love Got To Do With It"?; Prince had numerous hits such as "Purple Rain" and "When Doves Cry". Michael Jackson's incredible video for thiller; and hits such as "Bad" and "Beat It". He infected our culture and had us all moonwalking. Cyndi Lauper; Boy was she unusual or what? and I loved it! She should us that Girls Just want to Have Fun in 1984. I love that song! She also touched us with the song "Time After Time". Also, late in the decade she told us to show our "True Colors". Her dressing style, hair and makeup were so unique and wild. In my book she defined the decade to a tee. Then there was Bruce Springsteen who made us proud to be "Born in the U.S.A.". John Mellencamp who talked about "Jack and Diane". We also had artists like the legendary Billy Joel singing about an "Uptown Girl" and The Pointer Sisters had hits with "Jump" and I'm So Excited. We were introduced to Madonna, Whitney Houston, and Gloria Estefan during the middle of the decade. Madonna had numerous hits including "Like A Virgin", "Lucky Star", "Cherish" and "Like A Prayer" at the end of the decade. Who can forget Whitney Houston's "I wanna Dance with Somebody" and the "Greatest Love of All". And what about Gloria teaching us the "Conga" talking about a "Bad Boy" and wanting "Doctor Beat". Remember these stars of the 80's and their hits: The Bangles: They were teaching us how to "Walk Like An Egyptian". Also they brought us two other classics that were "Manic Monday" and "Eternal Flame". How bout Men at Work? Do remember "Land Down Under" and "Who Can it Be Now"? You can't forget the Go-Go's who made us yurn for "Vacation". What about Chaka Khan's hit "I feel For You"? You gotta remember Toto's "Africa", The group "Yes" and "Owner of a Lonely Heart". Billy Idol's "Eyes withouth A Face". Belinda Carlise's great song in 1987:"Heaven is A Place on Earth". I still got more for you. How about Denice William's one hit "Let's Hear it for the boy". How bout "Cruel Summer" by Bananarama. Lionel ritchie had us dancing "All Night Long". How about Toni Basil's song about "Mickey" and Wang Chung's "Everybody Have Fun Tonight". What about Kool and the Gang's "Celebration song in 1980 which is a timeless classic. How about Olivia Newton John telling us to get "Physical". Remember Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross singing about "Endless Love". How about Starship's song "We Built This City". What about when Katrina & The Waves were "Walkin on Sunshine". Remember Wham's hit "Wake Me Up (Before You go go)". Remember the group Culture Club & hits like "Karma Kameleon". How bout Tiffany's "I think Were Alone Now". Pat Benetar's "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" and "Shadows of the Night". The B52's "Love Shack". The song "Every Breath You Take" by the Police. How bout "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell. Who cam forget Kim Wilde's "Keep me hangin on". Paula Abdul's "Straight Up".Don't forget Huey Lewis and the News "I want a New Drug" or the classic song from the Breakfast Club; "Don't you forget about Me" by Simple Minds. How bout "Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker Jr. What about Duran Duran's "Hugary Like The Wolfe" or Nena's "99 Luftballoons" or how bout Quarterflashes "Harden My Heart", Wilson Phillips were telling us to "hold on" at the end of the decade. Remember "Video Killed the Radio Star"? How bout Lita Ford's "Kiss Me Deadly". Billy Ocean's "Carribean Queen". How bout Cher's hit in 89'"If I could Turn Back Time. How bout Cutting Crews "Died in Your Arms". Devo's Whip it! Dexy's Midnight Runners "Come on Eileen". Tom Petty's "Free Fallin". Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart". Rick Springfield's song Jessie's Girl. Alice Cooper's "Poison" and "School's Out for Summer". Thompson Twins "Hold Me Now". A Flock of Seagulls "I Ran". Well there are many more. These are just some songs that bring back great memories. Now let me tell you that I was a fan of the hair bands as well as the artists I've mentioned. I love their wild, crazy, songs and their ballads as well. My favorite metal groups included Bon Jovi, Poison, Def Leopard, Motley Crue, Whitesnake, Twisted Sister, White Lion, and Quiet Riot. They were great to and I played em loud and proud. 80's TV was also great. I loved shows like Family Ties, Different Strokes, Facts of Life, Growing Pains, The Cosby Show, Punky Brewster and many more. I also love 80's movies like Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Licence To Drive, Back to School, Uncle Buck, Adventures in Babysitting, The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, WildCats, Top Gun and many more. I miss the eighties so much! P.S. Bring back the gameshow "Press Your Luck"! Now!!!
From: Matt Coskren

i love the eighties and no matter what decade we are in i will always be an eighties guy. the eighties were all about fun. they were a happy time and i wish i was older and hadve been lucky enough to have lived my teenage years through the eighties. how i wish i could still walk around with my mullett hair cut, stone washed jeans and leather jacket and hope i could be the lucky bloke to marry sharlene off neighbours.good times good times. the chicks were innocent and nice and guys didnt have to pretend to be macho. an example of this is the boys from wham who paraded around in white tight shorts and still picked up chicks.what is with that? either way, i dont care its stuff like that which should be fondly looked back on. good times. long live mental as anything, cold chisel, inxs, billy idol, hunters and collectors and hoodoo gurus. oh and if there is a girl like julia gulia out there, contact me at shannonleahy@hotmail.com
From: Shannon Leahy

I was born in 1982, that's enough for me to think it was the best decade so far....but there are other things too. Like Thunder cats, and He-man. There was also the songs, the radio was the best, you could just change it to any station(as long as it wasn't country) and never change it...ever. Unless the antenna sucked, then you had to find a station that worked. Still it was a kick-ass decade.
From: Robert

Well, I was born in 1980, when it all began. I can't remember everything, but that is because my memory is pathetic. I was the person all throughout school who was CONSTANTLY rehashing memories from the 80s. And what's wrong with that? The "others", let's call them, were always like huh? I wish I could remember every minute from the eighties, anything you grow up with will be your favorite by default, I just got lucky enough to get the 80s. You know what? Why are all the things from the 80s so hard to access? It's not like this was 100 years ago!! I love to drive down Main st. an a friday night with all the 90s rap playing and blare Africa over all of it. Some people give you the look, but a few have that sparkle of recognition in their eye, uh-huh, you remember.
From: jeff

I loved the 80s because of the fantastic hair cuts. All my mates think that the mullet was a tragedy but I think that Pat Sharp showed the world how good you could look with one. I sport a different 80s stars haircut every dayincluding Les Dennis Bryan Adams Luke Skywalker Keith Chegwin Rod Hull Rod Stewart and of course Pat Sharp. If you are female and you to appreciate the sexiness of the 80s and the mullet call me on 811370!!!
From: Gordon dick dundee orr

I was and am still in love with the skating style of the mid and late 80's. I really miss the Powell-Perelta Bones Brigade and Vision Streetwear and Skateboards!
From: Justin Truluck

The 80's RULE, I wish they never ended. I was born in'79 so I was a kid then. Everything was so cool, I like to buy my clothes at thrift shops & I've found so many cool things- acid wash jeans, spandex, neon stuff, big earrings, hi tops, rock shirts, mini skirts, oversize tops, & even the white sparkly & ruffled dress I want to get married in. I love all the cool music, POISON & WARRANT the best! The toys were pretty cool too, Barbie & the Rockers! We were all so innocent then, the 80's were about having a good time, not like the depressing 90's which totally sucked. I still tease my hair up real big, wear alot of bright colors, & roll my jeans, everyone looks at me like I have problems. But I'll be the one laughing when all the cool stuff comes back in style, I hope soon! This site is awesome, I wish I found it sooner. It's so cool to know there are others like me!
From: Brandi

im an 80s fan cuz the 80s are filled with so many memories and started most of the stuff we have today(rap,breakdancing,baggy pant,adidas with fat laces,etc,) the music is great too.my favorite song from the 80s is mickey by toni basil.
From: johnny

The running man, and the golden age of hip hop. I'm all about the b-girlin tradition, and even though they always sucked you had to love the new kids. Anyone who's still brave enough to wear that eighties dance wear in public is good in my book.
From: RacheL Rock, South Ferry to some

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