Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I remember dressing like Betsey Johnson cuz she was really cool!!!...ohh yeah with the cone ponytail holders...they were cool now lemme tell ya!
From: *~*~The Pink Princess~*~*


I love the 80's for the tunes. I'm a netal DJ with a show specializing in the groups of that era (and the later stuff that worth a damn!). I find it fun to go driving with my music blasting. The looks are priceless! Many of them have never even heard of most of the groups I grew up on. How many here can watch "Metal Years: Decline of Western Civilization, Pt. 2" without either cringing or cracking a wide smile? Not I. I still have my denim jacket with the Winger backpatch (first album) on it. Scary, ain't it? I was living in Little Rock then and missed much of the vibe (I visited L.A. this past summer. The Rainbow Room is a paradise. That time NEVER ended there!). Poison, Corey Hart, Samantha Fox, Iron Maiden...Music was fun. All we wanted was to have a good time, unlike now... I miss it.
From: Erik Johnson

Why do I love the 80's? My list may go on for eternity. I'm only 16 years old, and I only was around to but reprints of this great era. I don't know why the music today could ever top the 80's. The names of the bands, their ability to make you want to jump around. It was the most awesome decade! Billy Idol was hot, A-Ha had some awesome hits, I love strange love triangle by New Order, starship rocked my city and Video most certainly killed radio when MTV came out! Rock long and hard!!!!!!!!!
From: Dylan Errickson

The best year of the 80s was 1985 hands down!! The best music, movies, styles, cartoons, toys, fads all came out in and around that year! I was born in 1978, so I remember most of the 80s. Hopefully the 00s won't be a 'copy-cat decade' like the 90s, yet hopefully will bring back the 80s in terms of music, certain styles, and movie themes.
From: Kim

cool toys as i was a kid i got transformers muscle men the star wars and not forgetting boglins. also dodgy haircuts!!!!!!1
From: mart

The insane amount of hairspray I used. The more the better!!!
From: Alicia

The best thing to come out of the 80s was the film Gremlins which introduced one THE coolest movie hero ever: GIZMO THE MOGWAI
From: VirtualPetKin01

Born in 1957, I have seen the 60's, 70's,80's, & 90's... By far the 80's come out on top. During the late 60's and 70's, we were all too stoned to remember anything. The eighties showed us we can be tough and still love, and that big boys do cry. The 90's were all about "me", a very selfish decade.
From: Pam

My e mail addy says it all... Im a HUGE fan of the eighties mainly because of rock n roll... Up until the really early nineties (And I mean, really early) Rock n roll still ruled the world.... What the hell happened??? Who the hell gives a wrap about Bjork and Oasis, anyway? What happened to Skid Row, GnR, White Lion and Slaughter? Please note that out of the four bands I mentioned, only one Is still alive... WHY? The nineties were nothing but a cheap copy of the past three decades... There was absolutely NOTHING original about that decade in particular... Plus, I was an eighties little girl... My first memory of rock n roll fandom is buying the Metal Health Album by Quiet Riot when I was five... I just wish my kids would'nt have to grow up in this crummy, electronic Chemichal Brother era... Too bad I wasn't born earlier...THE EIGHTIES WERE A TIME TO REMEMBER::: THEY RULE!!!!
From: Vanessa Brand

The 80's , New Kids on the Block, nuff said.... The Bratt-Pack, still great today. Teased bangs supported by acqua-net. The Crimper, for hair... Leggings with tennis shoes. and the obsession with puff painting. And the ever so popular blue jean jackets. It was a great one...
From: ashley

Having been born in the early '60s, I'm technically not a "child" of the '80s at all. I have to say that spending the 80s as a girl of 18-27 didn't suck at all! Hell, we could still really party during the first half of the decade, and even engage in recreational sex from time to time without worrying about DYING from it. Living in Los Angeles and being a part of the glam & metal scene from '85 on gave me some of the best times to reminisce about... having backstage passes to just about every metal concert in town (because I had friends at the radio station, and knew lots of the bands); jumping in the car and following Twisted Sister from San Diego to Arizona to catch the last show of their big tour with Iron Maiden in 1985; singing in an original rock band and playing to an appreciative audience that included people who tormented me in High School. I loved wearing black --- lace, leather, denim --- with my spiked and/or studded belts in neon colors; with matching little ankle socks and patent leather pumps. And my hair! It was platinum blonde, cut in the rocker 'do that was BIG and hard as a rock. "Tease it till it screams. Then spritz it!" I still wear lots of black, and gravitate towards fetish-type clothing because it reminds me of those days. The glam metal rocker boys were simply beautiful...I miss the tight jeans or leather pants (spandex I could live without), long, gorgeous hair and a little bit of eyeliner never hurts anyone :-) From '85-87 I had a long-distance affair of sorts with a guy who was the drummer in my favorite band. Whenever he was in town we'd get together and go out, and I was sad when he stopped calling and writing after I told him I wouldn't sleep with him... but neglected to explain my reasons. 12 years later we finally got back in touch (the power of the Web!), and it turns out he misunderstood my motives and felt rejected, while I always thought he'd ditched me because he was a famous rock star and could get any girl he wanted, so why bother with a girl who wouldn't give up the goods? Seems we were both wrong... see what happens when you ASSUME? It's difficult (yet kind of fun) to imagine how things would have turned out if we'd both have been a bit more secure, with the communication skills we have now that we've "grown up." In my opinion, the only really good thing to come out of the '90s is the Internet and everyone having access to technology. The music sucks, MTV sucks, the culture is bland, and this hue and cry for a "return to family values" is a dangerous step backward toward repression as more people are lulled into giving up their freedoms in the name of "protecting the children," because they are too stupid or scared or just plain lazy to raise their kids and instead depend on the government to tell them what's acceptable for their kids to see/hear/read/know/say. Dee Snider, Frank Zappa and John Denver fought valiantly against the censorship being proposed by Tipper Gore and the PMRC. Is no one else a bit disturbed by the fact that this woman has a shot at being the First Lady? Ah well, since the '90s have become a rehash of the '70s, perhaps we'll be blessed in the first decade of the new millennium with a return to the '80s... a girl can dream...
From: Rox1SMF

I was born in 1985, but I actually remember the late 80's very well! I sometimes really wish that I had been born in the early rather than the mid 80's, but there's nothing I can do to change when I was born! I loved the 80's so much, because of the music, TV programs, and clothes! I remember sitting down at the TV with my dad watching thunder...thunder...THUNDER Cats together...and of course my mom, dad, and I never missed one episode of our favorite show, Pee-Wee's Playhouse! All of the neon green shirts labeled with "body glove" were awesome and those little plastic circle things that every girl had on the bottom of her over sized shirts were the greatest shirt accessory e-e-e-ever! I remember the mismatched noen leg warmers and the high top shoes. I remember when I was about four years old and all my friends and I at daycare would sing Tom Petty's "Free Falling"! I remember longing to become a professional skateboarder even though I could hardly stay on my board. I remember arguing that I NEVER had to learn to tie my shoes, because of my special curly shoe laces and if I wasn't wearing my curly shoe laces that never needed to be tied, I'd put my little animal head clips on my bright pink laces and they'd keep them from coming undone! The 80's were a time where it was perfectly normal to be wild and crazy, and that's why I cherish the memories I have of the 80's!
From: Tina

This is John Kilduff again, and I decided to put a condensed version of my Child Of The 80s essay here. So, here it goes: To me, the 80s is: Run-DMC, Michael Jackson, Madonna (in Material Girl form, of course), Cyndi Lauper, Wang Chung, The Beastie Boys, Poison, Ratt, Winger, Whitesnake, Warrant, Motley Crue, Lita Ford, The Scorpions, Belinda Carlisle, Rick Astley, The Go-Gos, Bruce Springsteen, "Weird" Al Yankovic, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson (None of that "Deborah" crap for me), Kurtis Blow, The Clash, Prince, Duran Duran, Men At Work, Boy George, Culture Club, Billy Ocean, Berlin, ABC, OMD, Animotion, Robert Palmer, Foreigner, Lionel Richie, Phil Collins, Genesis, Stevie Nicks, Kim Wilde, Madness, A-HA, Peter Gabriel, "The Blues Brothers", "Back To The Future", "ET", "Little Shop Of Horrors", "Ghostbusters", "Gremlins", "Short Circuit", "The Muppets Take Manhattan", "The Great Muppet Caper", "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?", "48 HRS", "Beverly Hills Cop", "The Breakfast Club", "16 Candles", "Pretty In Pink", "Spaceballs", "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", "Krush Groove", "Ruthless People", "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure", "The Naked Gun", "Airplane!", 'Tapeheads", Molly Ringwald, Justine Bateman, Alyssa Milano, "ALF", "Saturday Night Live", "Diff'rent Strokes", "Family Ties", "Muppet Babies", "G.I Joe", "Thundercats", The WWF, Aquanet, Wild Hair, Wilder Clothes, Valley Girls, Breakdancing, and many other things! I love the 80s! Having been born in 1982, I only saw the 80s (And the early 90s, which is like the 80s in terms of music, movies, TV shows, et al) from a child's point of view, later discovering more about it thanks to the Internet! The 90s suck, especially because of 70s nostalgia! My brother, my mom, even my girlfriend, they all love the 70s! I'm busy trying to get them to enjoy the 80s, but they're relenting! All 70s fanatics should be on the lookout, because in 47 days (This essay is being written on November 14, 1999), the 90s will end, and hopefully, 70s nostalgia will die out with it! The 80s, in all its hairspray-drenched, neon, multicolored, New Wave glory, is coming back! Disco Sucks! Sincerely, John Kilduff
From: John Kilduff

From: Izzy Duck

i was born in 1982 but i remember a lot beginning from 1985. plus i think i remember maybe one or two things from 1984. i like the 80's better than the 90's. because the movies, the music, the tv shows, and most defectively the cartoons were better. i can watch some movies from 1985-1989 and when i do it seems just like yesterday these movies were playing at the theatres. my favorite song when i was like 3 i remember was beat it by the then cool michael jackson. i just couldn't get enough of beat it. my favorite cartoon was HE-man. when HE-man went off my favorite cartoon became kissyfur. i doubt most people remember that cartoon, but i loved it. i loved diff'erent strokes, i liked the facts of life, punky brewster, and how could i forget ALF. there are also a lot more good shows too! in my opinion looking at the decade now i would say that the best movies and tv shows came out in 1985 and 1986. i wish i had a time machine like the one in back to the future so i could go back to the 80's! i like the 90's too, but the movies, music, tv shows, and cartoons in the decade we live in now just isn't as good in my opinion. plus the 90's don't have a whole lot of "feel good" qualities like the 80's do. but the 90's are still pretty good. i'll say one last thing THE 80'S ROCK!!!
From: steve

What can I say about the 80's? It was my teenage wasteland. The movies were awesome, the music was fantastic. And, the "hair" bands. Omigod! I listen constantly to my 80's cd's, and remember the good and bad. That is what I like about the 80's.
From: Dawn C.

I love the Eighties, because of all the wonderful movies and music. Even though I wasn't around in the Eighties, well the last two years of it, I love "Timbuk3" and actors like "Corey Feldman" and "River Phoenix" I personaly think that the nineties suck BIG time! And I don't get along with all my classmates because I'm so out of today! I'm just this quite kid who sits at the back of the class and knows all the answers. I love movies "License To Drive" "Dream A Little Dream" "Stand By Me" and there's so much more:0) You might think I'm a freaky kid right? Pretty freaky. But I'm just glad to be here too bad that it's coming to the mellenium:0( LET THE EIGHTIES ROCK!!! River:0)
From: River

ok... the 80's had the BEST cartoons.. He-Man and She-Ra, Hercules, not the stupid one with Kevin Sorbo, but the one with Pan, Jem and the HoloGrams, Ewoks, Rainbow Brite. Man, I LOVE those cartoons!!
From: jannah

What do I love about the 80s?? Oh gee whiz, where do I even begin!? I was born in 1979. I am 20 years old, and to me the 80s felt like an era of neon, glitter, fun, happy lazy days!! Of course, this is my childhood were talking about here! I remember my favorite song when I was little was "Material Girl" and my little friend who lived next door to me, his favorite song was "We Built This City" and we used to argue over which song was better! I remember the days of watching cartoons on Saturday morning, Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Small Wonder, Alf, Mr. Belvedere, Diff'rent Strokes, Full House, Out of this World being my very favorite shows! Madonna and Belinda Carlisle were my musical heroes. I remember wearing TONS of colorful, plastic jewelry when I was in 2nd grade (circa 1986), sticker albums, Giggles Cookies, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, The Neverending Story, long summers...everything seemed so bright and sunshiny! I keep hoping that in the 2000's, that whole 80s "feel" and "Style" will come back! In the 90s, the 60s and 70s groove was trippin' but now, I'm ready for an 80s rewind!
From: GoGoGirl52 (Lori Jill)

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.