Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I love the 1980s because of The CREATURES! A ton of creature features were released in the 1980s! ET,Gremlins,Labyrinth,Batteries Not Included,The Dark Crystal.And let`s not forget the EWOKS!!.On TV there was ALF.there were a TON of Creature Toys too.There were Toys based on ET,ALF and Gremlins.My Pet Monster,Boglins,Care Bears,Popples,Battle Beasts,Pound Puppies...and many of these also had cartoons based on them.
From: AnimalKin

I was born in 72 so I had the honor of living my teenage years in the 80's,this was truely the best time to be young.I remember so many good times that will never again be repeated.It was a time of innocence where all we wanted to do was have a good time.I remember jumping into my best friends 71 chevelle and poping Metallica's RIDE THE LIGHTNING into the tape deck and just cruising around looking for chicks,if we found some or not we still had one hell of a time.Every night was another adventure. We had a freedom back then that you truely can't appreciate unless you were there.Sometimes I'll turn on one of those 80's shows on the radio and hear Poison's EVERY ROSE HAS ITS THORN,and remember that girl who dumped me in the 10th grade,and how the music got me through what at the time seemed like the end of the world,everyone I knew had a power ballad that had some deep meaning for them. The end of the 80's was like a funeral for my youth,I wasn't a teenager anymore and the world began to change to something darker and more dangerous,music became more about pain than pleasure,and a whole new attitude had began to take hold.I didn't realize it right away but the party was definitly over,I guess the Cinderella song was right,you don't know what you got till it's gone! I hear alot of people say that the 80's are comming back into style but it can never be the same. I still wear my old beat up leather jacket and my hair is still long and some may say I'm stuck in the past,but I don't care,anyone who lived through the 80's can understand where I'm comming from and why I don't want to leave.
From: dave kaye

why i love the 80's:THE NEVER ENDING STORY, Legend, smurfs, ripped jeans, jam pants, panama jack, surf shirts, banana skateboards, vision skateboards, ewoks, E.T., the toys, the damn good music..depeche mode,tears for fears, skinny puppy, cocteau twins, tangerine dream, and all those great one hit wonder pop songs!
From: david_luckdragon

Why were the 80's cool, you ask? Real simple, most of us were kids & we just didn't give a damn!
From: David Vohs

I am a student in York, NE and I love the Eighties! In fact, I still tight roll my jeans!! All my clothes are stone washed and I rock and roll. RAD!
From: Joel Osborne

I was born in 1983, and although i was a little kid through much of the '80's, i still remember it like it was yesterday. My fondest memories of the '80's were the cartoons. Unlike today's cartoons, there was more thought put into them and they were really entertaining. I used to love getting up early in the morning just to watch Jem and the Holograms. That was my all time favorite cartoon. I couldn't get enough of it. My brother and I use to also watch He-Man and Thundercats. I used to always love Punky Brewster, with her outrageous attire. And it seems just like yesterday when my aunt would take my brother and I for rides in her car and we would listen to Def Leppard sing "Pour Some Sugar On Me." I loved all the '80's music, it was great!! As for the hairdo's and clothes of the '80s, i look back at pictures of family and can't believe some of the stuff that they wore. I have pictures of me when my mom would put a pony tail on the side of my hair...torn jeans...take a long shirt, collect the sides, and knot it. Those are all great memories that will always remind me of that great decade!
From: Darlene Marasco

I want my MTV! Band-Aid ( Do They Know It's Christmas is still my favorite christmas song...) Live-Aid,Def Leppard, Parachute Pants, Pin Striped Jeans, Slouch Socks, High-Top Sneakers, BIG HAIR!!!! ( remember stiff stuff hair spray?????) Dark Blue Eyeliner, "the madonna look", and who could forget Miami Vice? The 80's were AWESOME! and I was so lucky to be born in 1969 and experience the 80's while I was in High School...simply put...WE HAD A BLAST!!!!!!
From: Michelle

We, the 80s generation, grew-up in what can be regarded as the last decade of a special time internationally. A time when collectively everything calculated into something as the Earth began a profound era of radical change in almost every area of society. Everything from the music to the political scene had a direct impact on who we were. I doubt a time will come again when East vs. West arrives. The birth of a new world order as the West fell, barriers broke and man could feel a sense of freedom and future.
From: David Zelden

I am senior at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. If you have heard of it, you are from the midwest somewhere. Anyway, I have been a student of the 80s now for about two years. I was born hideously late in 1977 and missed out of most '80 and '81. My father, however, who worked as a junior high teacher was in charge of the junior high dances. He bought the newest music and we listened to it in the car as well as (gasp) taking songs off of the radio. I grew up on it and, in 1987, I decided I was too cool for popular music and took my "Weird Al" tapes into a corner where I remained for four and a half years.

In 1991, I met my best friend John Sams. He and I are still together attending college. During our freshman year, we were watching one of those "Mightily Good '80s" collection commercials. Well as we watched the list of songs scroll up the screen, we decided that we should make our own tapes that would be the definition of 80s music. We did it. It took a lot of collection time and at least a week looking at old Billboard charts, but we did it. As I listened to these collections, I fell in love with the music all over again and soon I was stuck. I spent hours a day simply researching the decade. It was amazing!

Anyway, here I am now. I have my own 80s radio/TV show on the campus television station. I am the unrivaled champion at 80s music trivia. (as in: within ten seconds of hearing part of a song I can seven times out of ten say the name, artist, year and peak position). I am a freak (a super freak). While I may not have been very attentive to the 80s at the time, I have made them my hobby and will do EVERY thing in my power to keep them alive.

It is my sincere hope that people have a place to grow through learning. Well, at least about the 80s. I am not here to say what's right or wrong. I am just trying to educate so people can know some stuff about the 80s. "So stick around, because we might miss you if we get tired of all these visions."

From: JonMichael Rasmus

I love the eighties! I'm 14 which means i love the music. i listen to songs like ''shout'' and ''head over heels'' by my fave band tears for fears and i run out and buy the cd. i watch this show pop up video and they show a lot of these old bands that i love. ask me 5 years ago i wouldn't know one band from the other from 1980. now i love it. like i said my favorite bands are tears for fears, steve miller band, greg khin, bananarama,wall of voodoo,and plenty of others . solo artist that i love are howard jones, taco,and another band i like is til tuesday okay back to solo artists the singer falco i have his cd the remix hit collection its great even though people said it was poor but in my opinion it was fantastic to me i like the songs ''jeanny'' ''coming home'' ''rock me amadeaus''and ''der kommissaar'' . i could go on and on and i dont want to fill this whole page up . ha ha.
From: Rose Smith

I was born in 1982, and I wasn't really aware of what was going on. When we first started using the internet or web or what-have-you, I started going onto 80s websites. I love the music, the movies, the TV shows...I love the 80s! I recently (just today, actually) sent away a form to get Time-Life's Sounds Of The 80s CDs. I love the 80s! If they ever invent time travel in my lifetime, expect to see me in the 80s, breakdancing, watching "Back To The Future" on the big screen, wanting my MTV and trying out New Coke! See you when it happens! (Cross your fingers and hope for it!)
From: John Kilduff

Well -- I was born in 1972, and remember the 80's well. I consider the 80's to be the best decade to grow up in. Why? Because the 80's was the decade of the Teen, that's why. The entire culture surrounded what it meant to be a teenager. The music, the movies and the television shows all surrounded kids and teens. We were the number one consumer in the 80's, and Hollywood knew it. It was a time when computers were still little more than toys, music was fun and "feel good" movies were the best. Hell -- I used to get up early on Saturdays just to watch cartoons - At the time, they played from around 7am to 3pm!! Woohoo!! What's the big deal anymore, the Cartoon Network has taken all the fun out of Saturday mornings! Anyway, the 80's rocked, and for those of you who really grew up during that time, you know what I mean :-)
From: Don

I was born in 1975. Therefore, I started my schooling in the eighties. Being influenced by John Huges movies that related to teens like me and my friends helped us through the tough teens. I am still an eighties freak because the music was inspirational and you could dance to it. Anyone who grew up in the eighties now gets very nostalgic about a pop song from the eighties. For example, dancing with their first love to a slow song. The eighties represent freedom and rebelling against the older generation. Long live the 1980's!
From: Claire

I was born in 76 so I remember a good part of the 80s. I remember watching Friday Night Videos on NBC. IT was great!! We taped those videos on our big ol bulky Beta VCR. :) I still have those tapes in my closet & hope to find another BETA player someday so I can watch those sweet memories. Everything about the 80s was great! 80s RULE!!!!
From: Chris

To me the 80's represent an era gone by.So what you say? Every decade is looked back on with nostalgia. But the end of the 80's was truly the end of the innocence. My parents told me not to talk to strangers,accept candy or let anyone touch me you know where. Now I tell my children they can't go outside unless I'm with them. Even in our own front yard. So many things about the 80's are still with me today. My favorite songs are no longer on 45's but CD's. I watch many of my favorite shows in syndication. The John Hughes movies are classics that will last because they are simple-boy/girl wants girl/boy but can't have girl/boy because they aren't in the same clique. Raybans,Nikes,Espirit,Leg warmers,Parachute pants,and Pony tails on the side. Cosby,Different Strokes,Moonlighting,Love Boat and Family Ties. Huey Lewis,Cyndi Lauper,Pat Benatar,Blondie and The Cars. Luke married Laura,JR was shot,Joannie loved Chachi and We were the World. Reagan,well..... Michael Jackson still had his nose. Madonna was a Boy Toy. Where's the beef? OHMIGOD Ah yes! I remember it well.
From: C. Oman

i was born in 1982, and that means that the earlier part of the 80's was a complete blur to me. but it doesn't mean that it wasn't my absolute favorite decade. i still have my whole collection of cabbage patch kids! i have my garbage pail kids cards in my closet. i have ALL of my new kids on the block tapes. i have all of my weird al yankovic tapes. i used to spend countless hours in front of the atari system playing it with my brother. I remember wearing spandex pants and bright neon colors. i remember the slap bracelets, and i remember dancing and singing to 'blame it on the rain' by milli vanilli. i once did the lip sync to the elephant show song. i remeber singing the necer-ending song of lambchop. i remember wearing slouch socks, and layering my socks too. i baked PLENTY of things in my micro bake oven, and i ALWAYS played with She-Ra and her castle i loved watching the smurfs. i loved rainbow brite. i loved my glow-worm. i LOVED E.T. i remember playing on the living room floor with my 'My Little Ponies'. Puff the Magic Dragon was my favorite video, and you can't forget Strawberry Shortcake!! i remember running home to my Magic 8 Ball to see if my crush liked me. aah, the memories. i wish the 80's could return. but i have faith that it'll all show up again.
From: Melanie See

two words: twisted sister
From: Mark B.

mmm...i love the 80s because i was a child back then. because when i look back at that time i only remember it from the eyes of a child. everything looked magic to me then. I love the 80s because there were so many gr8 bands and movies. I love the 80s because it was so...silly! I play my 45 in April! I wear my sunglasses at night! I believe the sun always shines on tv. Goonies, Footloose, Dirty dancing, Teenwolf, Back to future, who can forget these movies. And i love the eighties because the girls were so innocent and lovely back then. With their pony tails on their side and colourful clothes, and hair bands, and crazy make up.Men also had gr8 hairdos. WHy the 80s lasted so little? why my childhood lasted so little? Wanting to go back to 80s to me is like wanting to be a child again!! Is it silly if you are a man and go at the disco on monday night (coz it's the only night in town that is 80s night) and dance to...Cindy Lauper? ha ha. I feel silly but i love the songs so much i can't resist!
From: Thomas B. (from Greece)

I was born in 79, so i guess i can say i grew up in the 80's. although i was young. i remember everything about them. I remember being about 5 when desperatley Seaking susan came out and i knew every word. I would tape friday night videos and watch them the next day. I pretended i was a bangle or a go-go and owned the michael jackson beat it jacket. I also remeber the clothes that i wore, and when i think about them till this day i want to kill my mother for making me walk out of the house like that!howeer i loved the 80's and think that it contained the best music of our time. and i like to relive them every friday night at The Culture Club in Manhattan.
From: Genene Pontecorvo

I was born in 1977, and I think the 80s were much more fun than the 90s. It's weird -- sometimes I feel like the decade of the 1980s was some loud, abstract dream with blinking neon lights all over it. Nothing was wrong, nothing was dangerous. When the alarm clock of New Year's Day 1990 went off, I felt I woke up to a new decade where everything is serious and to be feared in a sense. What happened to us? Yeah, it was bound to happen -- fine. At least I can still remember the dream. Alas -- thanks for the memories... (snipets of something I wrote) John Hughes showed the pangs of adolescence with his films. We helped those in need with USA For Africa, Farm Aid, and Band Aid. Nutrasweet became a household name. Compact discs, Walkmans, and home computers were the objects everyone wanted. Girls dreamt of Wham!, Huey Lewis, and Ricky Schroder. Boys dreamt of Molly Ringwald and Madonna. Boy George and Cyndi Lauper played dress up. The typical wardrobe consisted of Keds, International News sweatshirts, black Ray-Bans, parachute pants, gummi bracelets, floppy hair scarves. E.T. taught us to love. Ryan White touched our hearts. Tom Cruise lip-synched to Bob Seger, while nothing came between Brooke and her Calvins. We dreamt of taking a cruise on the Love Boat and vacationing on Fantasy Island. Alexis and Krystle duked it out on "Dynasty." Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker confessed. Sure, we may look back and laugh and cringe. However, that was who we were, and still are today. Like the others have said, we are the children of the eighties. It was a good time had by all. Go ahead, make fun of your Baby Boomer parents. Just watch out, though, because your kids will probably do the same thing to you. Hang on tight to the memories, no matter how absurd they may appear to be. This is your brain on the 80s -- any questions? :)
From: K

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.