Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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Born in 1973, I saw most of the early 80's quite young. Having my sisters record me cuts from The Wall (Pink Floyd) yet not knowing the stories but enjoying the music. Also the 80's were a time of electronic advancement not unnoticed by musicians as a chance to explore new horizons in music using synths and computers for music "generation". The sounds of the 80's would not have been anything to cheer about was it not for the Roland TB303,505 and TR808&909. YES!! The ultimate sounds of the 80's came from these vintage analog synths. Got Keyboard? -Jeff
From: Jeff

You forgot the DX7... used by EVERY pop act in the 80s. The TR808 is a classic. Just listen to Paul Hardcastles "19" and you'll know what I mean.. (btw, the same machine is used by 2pac in Changes) And another thing: the TB303 wasnt big in the nineties. It was loathed for its bad sound(Originally meant to sound like a bass guitar)
From: Jens

OHMIGOSH!! Reading about the 80's bring tears to my eyes!! I remember half of the 80's. Music was original, clothing didn't mean u'd have to wear brand names (the brighter the better was the only thing that counted), and a bottle of hairspray a day was a must!!!! Bring me back to the 80's!!!!
From: don

Duran Duran, Roller Skating, Movies, and just music in general were what my life was all about in the 80's. It was truly a fun time to be a teenager and young adult. I was born in 1969, so I was 16 in 1985--the peak of the whole experience! Kids today will never know what it is like to live in fear of being blown to kingdom come by nuclear weapons, but in contrast to that, we did not have to worry about some fool bringing in a gun and shooting us at school. I am truly glad to see that my husband and I are not the only ones out there who are stuck in the 80's--we just had to have the entire Time/Life 80's collection; it's like too totally tripendicular you know! Can't wait for some of the clothes to come back--the ones that someone my age could wear without being laughed out of existence! I hated the 70's look in the 70's, so these past few years have been a nightmare for me. My hair wants to do this 80's thing all the time, I can't wait til I can let it! Thanks to all the above people for taking me down memory lane, and I have to agree with Christine regarding John Taylor -- AWESOME!
From: Evie

I went through the 80's as a teen. In fact, I graduated in '89 as one of the last "Ladies of the Eighties". People say I'm still stuck in the 80's since I don't wear all the "fashionable" things of today. I prefer tight-ass jeans to having pants that are practically around my knees. The music rocked in the 80's. You could actually tell when one song ended and another began!! Not like this dance crap... I have my Galaxie 80's music on everyday. It always makes me want to dance! I have a hard time finding some of the music I want to buy nowadays. Thank goodness for Napster, eh? My boys even have 80's haircuts (drives my sister nuts!). You know... spikey on top and long at the back. It makes me laugh when I read about the slang from the 80's... I *still* talk that way!! And movies... that's when 2 of the best movies came out.. Empire and Return Of the Jedi!!! I looooooove all those fun 80's movies like Pretty In Pink, Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller, Labyrinth, Lethal Weapon, Terminator (lots of Arnie movies!), etc. I think that we should "just say no" to the 70's look now and get back to the party days of the 80's, man! Rock on, Dudes!!!
From: Dryad

I was born in 85' so really i didn't exactly get to experience the 80's. But my parents refer to me as a "throwback" I love the music...it was the best. "Rock Me Amadeous!" How could you not love that song? What about Anthony Micheal Hall? Wonderful actor in my opinion. In the 80's clothes were a big deal...but they weren't. You didn't have to have the name brands...just as long as you looked good. Tear a whole in your jeans...oh well...just put some hot pink leggings under them. Your shirt too big? Well then grab your scrunchie and make a knot at your hip. High heels and jeans were cool. Your crimping iron was always hot. Rap was fun and something to bounce to. Not all vulgur and corrupt now-a-days. MTV actually played videos. How could you not love the 80's?
From: Heather

well i was pretty young in the 80s... but i still love them... even more so now... i love the music... i love the spandex and movies... hell i still wear velcro shoes. They're coming back in style. yeah i had some good times
From: Matt

I was only born in '82 but I still remember tons about the 80s. According to my mam I appreciated good music from the start, belting out Karma Chameleon from my cot :-) And things went from bad to worse... If you think about it, a night out would be pretty quiet without the 80s stuff, cos that's what everyone gets up and dances to. Where would we be without Dexy's or Cyndi Lauper? Perhaps the best thing about 80s music is it makes you realise how crap the stuff they're churning out today is. Bananarama vs. Steps : no comparison, is there? I've only one rant about it: thanks to the amount of great TV my brain is probably fried beyond all recognition :-) Lets just hope the recent comeback continues (even if it doesn't I'm keeping my Limahl hair :-)
From: Paul Nolan

It touches me so deeply to know that so many people, from different age groups and different parts of the world, share my deep love and affection for that magical time known as the 80s. It truly warms my heart to read the entries from young people, who were mere children during this time, speak of their appreciation for this spectacular decade and what it means to them. For this reason, I am certain that the 80s will live on, forever, not to be forgotten. Keep the torch burning, my friends....
From: MD

Compare todays music with 80's music and you will find out something rather interesting. 90's music sounds crap NOW and much of it has long ago been dumped by the radio stations but 80's music lives on. In the 80's musicians actually played INSTRUMENTS, even synth pop was a product of humans working with the electronics which made the sound. Now it is just copy after copy after copy of endless and talentless techno beats with a handfull of lame "singers", all of the same gender, muttering a few words. 90's music lacks energy. Whoever heard of "unplugged" rock?! The bottom line is that even those artists which are now totally unfashionable have a lot more energy than modern "dance" music. At least Samantha Fox, Pat Benetar, Kylie Minogue and the like produced music which does have energy, doesn't sound like the singer is falling asleap, IT HAS WORDS and one can dance with the music rather than just dancing with a noise in the background as is the case today. And, of course, there was always Def Leppard, Bon Jovi and AC/DC "For Those About To Rock". Thankfully, those 3 bands are still alive and rocking. The whole music scene has shifted down a gear or 5. In the 80's Samantha Fox, Kylie and the rest were considered to be "soft" music compared to the likes of AC/DC. Relative to todays girl and boy bands and lifeless techno it has to be said that Samantha Fox Rocks! Likewise the rest of 80's synth pop, even "I Should Be So Lucky" Kylie Minogue is "heavy" sounding compared to todays rubbish. 80's live forever!
From: Shaun

I was born in December 1971, in Norway. I lived all my teenage years in the eighties, and I still feel the vibe of that decade. One of my favourite groups as the decade begun was Swedish duo called "Bobbysocks"! Me and my friend used to dress up with hairbands and the lot, and using a hairbrush for microphone, we sang with her casette player in the background. Later I remember sitting in front of the stereo recording songs like Stevie Wonder's "I Just Called To Say I Love You", Bette Midler's "Beast Of Burden", Nick Kershaw's (love that hair!) "Neverending Story". I still have that cassette (I'm eternally grateful I didn't record some 90's crap over it...). I remember loving that theme from "Revenge of the Nerds" so much, I was dying to record it. Somehow me and my friends managed to connect the stereo to the TV so we could record the music onto a casette (from that unforgettable last sceen with the consert...). We loved it! What a great decade!!!
From: Hilde

The good the bad and the ugly... The good- 80's we could dress like we wanted/loud colors spiked hair, bicycle shorts-wore them to school whenever it was hot, until 7th grade when we couldn't no more (1990 go figure)(had about twenty pair, many colors), ripped jeans, parachute pants-love those things wore 'em to school all winter-and nobody cared, the movies (Top Gun -have it on DVD -i'm getting my hair cut like Tom Cruise in that movie), Lethal weapon, all of the Cheech and Chong movies...)TV shows Facts of Life, ALF, Tonight show with Jonny Carson..etc...MTV- it rocked. The bad(terrible)the 90's-have to dress nice(whatever that means)they try to have cool hair by coppying style from these sorry movies. The fact we're not in THE 80's. that decade the loudest color of Clothes you could finds were royal blue shorts-MTV it sucks The ugly- the thought that the new mellineum may be like the 90's and not like the 80's I was born in march of '76 so I got to enjoy all of the 80's and had to Indure the desaster which was 1990-99 High points-the 80's all of it outside of January of '83 when one of my Grandmothers died and December of '84 when my other Grandmother died and of course the low point for the USofA,January 28,1986 when the Challenger blew up and 11:59 pm on December 31, 1989 when the decade ended. THE 90's-just the end of the decade.
From: jl

The 80s were so much fun. I was a kid in the 80s (born in 81) and unfortunately, like a lot of kids, I was always looking forward to being big and grown up. I wish I could go back. Me and my friends never had to worry about anything in the 80s, and now we constantly mention old stuff like He-man and Transformers. If I had to pick the 80s or the 90s to go back to, it would be hands-down the 80s.
From: Jonas

I was born in 1982 which makes me 18 now. I got the privledge to grow up and watch many great cartoons like Jem, Rainbow Bright, Strawberry Shortcake, Smurfs, Heathcliff, The Popples, My Little Pony, Carebears, Fraggle Rock, Wuzzles, Pound Puppies, He Man, and my all time favorite cartoon She Ra. She was a great role model for young girls showing bravery, integrity, and heroism. My all time favorite thing about the 80's was the music. My favorite band in the whole wide world is Guns N Roses. I also like the hair bands like Warrent, Poison, Cinderella, Skid Row, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Lita Ford, Joan Jett and Faith No More. All I listen to is bands like that. I don't fit in to the music of the 90's and 00. I have two words for you Rap Sucks. Why can't people smile and sing anymore? And I absolutely loved the big hair! All the coolest toys were from the 80's too. I have Cabbage Patch Kids, Rainbow Bright, Popples, Jem, She Ra and the Wuzzles. Also who can forget Teddy Ruxpin. I wish I could re live the 80's all over again because life was so much better then.
From: mindy

I was born in 1986 so I only experienced a little bit of the 80s. But it was the best time of my life and I wish I could go back in time and live there again. I remember playing GI Joes and He Man toys. I just loved watching my brother play his Nintendo games. I would watch the shows like Duck Tales, Care Bears, and many other great shows. My favorite movies were ET, Masters of the Universe, and the Return of the Jedi. The 80s had great Movies, Video Games, Music, and TV Shows.
From: chris

I was born in 1963, so I well remember the '80's, as well as the late '70's... 8 track tapes, alot of good time fun, you see we were all such friends. Weapons?? Haha Never did we have a need for one.... TV shows were corny but fun, shoot Bosom Buddies was out then, and now look at Tom Hanks... ;-) those were the days! Class of '81 Patty
From: Patty

Born in 1977, The Eighties are for me a time of innocence and fun... I remember people, still obsessed with their jobs (less than today...)... but finding time to play racketball and wear FOX polo shirt !!! I remember my grand mother buying me, in a subway station in Montreal, those large shoe laces bright fluoresent green striped with some yellow... yark !!!! During the summer, we did'nt waste our time around a pool or a cool air-conditionning... we would go inside abandonned plant or workshop.... find cool things... today, it doesn't take a week and those building are blown down or transformed into condos ! In Quebec, we had a 80's pretty much like everywhere else... local popular singers where Martine St-Clair, Marie-Philippe, Daniel Lavoie and other low life artists !!! In sports, the Expos were doing poorly but people came to games.... Hubie Brooks, Tim Raines, Andre Dawson, Bob Zebra, Vance Law.... does it ring a bell ? In hockey, the HABS took the cup in 1986... CLaude Lemieux, Patrick Roy, Mike Lawlor, Lucien Deblois, Rick Green, Ryan Walter, Gaston Gingras, Bob Gainey..... But life was good ! Every kid's life is good but it seems that I'm happy to have grown in that time... rather than today.
From: Jean-Francois Seguin

I love the 80s! I was born in 1984. I remember a few things from the 80s which were mainly to do with my happy sunny innocent childhood. I lived in a town which wasn't too big, littered, destroyed (as it is now). I remember playing in my garden. My brothers had a Rubix Cube, Star Wars and He-Man toys. whenever we got a film out it would be something like Gremlins or The Goonies. We watched cartoons: Ewoks, The Racoons, Flintstones, Thundercats, Transformers every morning. and I remember my aunt was really fashionable with her permed hair and mad make-up! I think the 80s was a great decade it was a decade recovering from the madness of the 70s. I wish I could go back to it now!!
From: Andrew

Why do I love the 80's? *sigh* God, for so many reasons! I was born in 1985, so I was gyped up til 1989, which I remember so well. But, I still love them. I remember all the shows, like Punky Brewster, Jem (I LOVED that show), Facts of Life (Natalie was always my favorite, and I was sad when Mrs. Garrett left), Small Wonder - the show with the girl robot. But my all time fave 80's show is Kids Incorporated. I worshipped Stacy, thought Ryan was cool, and followed Martika when she went solo. And who could forget the toys? Transformers, G.I. Joe, I had a Popple and a Purr-Tender, and who could forget Shrinky Dinks? I still have a box of those somewhere around here. I also loved the music, thanks to MTV. Cyndi Lauper, Belinda Carlisle, Expose, The Bangles, especially Debbie Gibson. She ROCKS!!!!!!!!! I have so much stuff of hers, even a bottle of EY perfume. Ironically, I was concerned with the world even at the simple age of 4. I remember watching CNN as they tore down the Berlin Wall, wondering why tearing a wall down was so important. Sadly, I'm not a child of the 80's, but rather a child of 1989. If I had the choice, I would hop in a time machine right now and enjoy the 80's for what they were worth.
From: Nick

I think that to really have enjoyed the eighties you HAD to be a teenager: I was born in 1971, so I was nine years old in the year 1980 and a teenager almost the entire 1980's. I remember the early eighties as being about new wave music and all those synth pop bands who made songs about the nuclear bomb scare (OMD, Ultravox, etc.). I think the 'happy-go-lucky 80's' begun 1984 with Madonna, suddenly nobody was worried about the nuclear bomb anymore, we just wanted to dance and wear colourful clothes. Maybe the only way to survive the worries in the turbulent political climate of the eighties was to forget about everything and just have a good time. I sometimes miss those years, because today it's sometimes difficult to relax.. or maybe I'm just old (just turned 30!!).. But I still enjoy eighties music: Alphaville, OMD, Ultravox, Pat Benatar, A-HA, Nik Kershaw, Spandau Ballet.. and all those one-hit wonders! It certainly was a great time to be young!
From: Maria from Finland

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.