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What I loved about the 80's? Gosh, the thing I remember the most is when we got our Nintendo in 88 or 89...can't remember exactly. Playing Mario Brothers was the most important thing in my life. I remember Rainbow Bright, she was my hero. Girls all had Big poofy hair, tons of hair spray. I remember Back to the Future with Micheal J. Fox. And the clothes! All the neon and the L.A. Gears and British Knights...haha. I miss Woody Wood Pecker!!! 80's saw the beginning of New Kids On the Block...and if you were a young girl, you adored them... Oh yeah, The Terminator!! Star Trek: The Next Generation...the list goes on...
From: Leslie

I was born in 82 so I was basically just shy away from puberty by the time the 80s was almost over but whenever I see somehting of the 80s it sparks my memory.. I love the 80s so much.. the music freestyle and pop and dance ...... SINGERS: Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Mr. Mister, Paul Young, Animotion, Mike Reno, ABC Bonnie, Corey Hart, Eurythmics, Go Gos, Bangles, Naked Eyes, Pat Benatar, Janet Jackson, Hall & Oats, Roxette, Belinda Carlisle, Blondie, Falco, TKA, Tears For Fears, Rick Astley, Culture Club, Glenn Medeiros, Prince, Kylie Minogue, A-Ha, Vanilla Ice, Madonna, M.C. Hammer, Tiffany, TLC, Debbie Gibson, Whitesnake, Bananarama, Cutting Crew, Jody Watley, Expose, etc. etc.... MOVIES:The Goonies, Labyrinth, The Monster Squad, Swamp Thing, Making Mr. Right, The Exorcist, Howard The Duck, Amytiville Horror, He's My Girl, Madman Marz, Breakin, Nightmare On Elm Street series, Breakin 2, Halloween series, The Breakfast Club, Friday The 13th, 16 Candles, Willow, Better Off Dead, Stand By Me, etc., etc.... there was so much to the 80s.. I wish I was my age then .. I'd love to be 19 then or maybe 16 or 17 in the middle of high school where the action was happening... buying records going to clubs creating my own style ....... the farthest i've gotten was watching "my buddy" commercials and jumping on my sister's bed with her madonna record on with a fake blue ink pen mark on my upper lip my "madonnabeauty mark"... I remember dungeons and dragons but not that much .. oh twister as well.... I live for the 80s!!! I remember the mr. t. cerial... also the cereal that came out with the smurfs. they had these little stickers inside or somethign you had to rub in the back with a pencil to take out the image? you rub it on notebooks or something... :) :) why can't they make a darn time machine already! lol
From: Erika

Being born in 1968, the 80's were my teenage years. Who could forget the clothes- pants that were just above the ankle with a double wrap belt that ended on your hip or thigh. I still have mine. The punk style shirts, thin ties, and oxford shirts worn by the girls and guys. Not to mention the music! My first concert was Duran Duran at 15- the "Seven and the Ragged Tiger" tour. When "Is There Something I Should Know" started to play, and that curtain dropped- I was so overcome by it all, I cried. I remember it like it was yesterday... The music was so great and diverse- Def Leppard, Ozzy, The Scorpions, Flock of Seagulls, Van Halen, Huey Lewis and the News, The Outfield "Josie's on a vacation far away......." I am stuck in time! Today's music is such a far cry from the 80's, when rock and roll really kicked it! MTV was a thing to behold in those days! Anyway, I guess that's what I liked most about the 80's. Now I'm going to turn on my radio to check out the "80's Cafe" a local radio show that plays one full hour of 80's music. "Long Live The 80s!"
From: Nicker

The 80's will always be the best! I was born in 1977 and here are just a few of the many wonderful things I remember about the 80's. Jellies shoes-the original ones (I still have dreams about jellies at night!) pastels, neon, glow in the dark, hair crimpers and curling irons, claws and bannana clips, plastic charm neckleces and bracelets, sticker books, glitter bracelets, twisty bracelets, huge dangle earings, bright pink nail polish and matching lipstick, blue eye shadow, feathered hair, high ponytails, acid washed jeans with splatter paint, pegged pants, pointed toe shoes, swatch watches with face guards, leggings and biker shorts, leg warmers, colorful shoes (red, mint green, navy, lemon yellow, torquoise, violet), pop rocks, barbies (krystal, peaches and cream, rocker barbie, skipper, the heart family), my little ponies (firefly, medly, applejack, cottoncandy, bowtie), strawberry shortcake, rainbowbrite, carebears, legos, transfomers, punky bruster, alvin and the chipmunks, the get along gang, ewowks, weebles, threes company, pogo balls, hula hoops, glitter batons, clapping hands while chanting rhymes like "down down rollercoaster", legos, babysitters club books, sweet valley twin books, sleepover friends books, stick on stones, pop bracelets, fudge covered oreos, o'boises potato chips, laura scutters, gunny sack dresses, cassettes, cabagepatch kids, popples, keepers, alf, velcro shoes, socks with lace on the ends, socks worn with dress shoes and dress shoes worn with jeans, tie dye, tank tops, tree houses and club houses, playing outside, using lots of imagination, birthday parties that didn't have themes but were still fun, coloring books, paperdolls, invisible ink, sidewalk chalk, hi bounce balls, sit and spin, hotcycles, skateboards, hi top tennis shoes (red, black, white, silver) converse hi tops (lavendar, white, black, red, blue, teal), digital watches, punch icecream cones, extra big shirts that were belted or tied in knots or had knot holders, opentoed dress shoes, scarves (both kinds), long tweed coats with bright blue scarves, mini skirts, denim jackets with reinstones, badge-a-mint, do it yourself rhinestone, tie dye and iron on transfer kits, puff paints, real live and local djs on the radio, american bandstand, animal crackups, win lose or draw, scooters (i'm talkin the fat plastic and metal kind that came in neon colors), smurfs, gummi bears (the tv show), michael jackson, madona, lee press on nails, wet and wild makeup, aquanet hair spray, tinkerbell brush on peel off nail polish, dr. peper flavored chapstick, "hello taco bell" commercials, plastic glitter jumpropes, hawian shirts worn open over tank tops and tied in nots, colorful shorts, suspenders, overalls with just one of the straps fascined, large round earings, onepeice short and pant outfits, puffy satin dresses with huge bows, boomboxes, fruit rollups, hi c box drinks and capri bag drinks, new york seltzers, frozen yogert, buble gum icecream, little dark brown honda civics, station wagons, great country music (girls next door, oakridge boys, ronnie milsap, earl thomas conley, eddy raven etc.), bluegrey and mauve home decor, black and white furniture, pound puppies and pound purries, anything with hearts, little twin star, my melody and hello kitty, lisa frank, fancy pens, pencils, erasers and sharpeners, trapper keeper binders, mead cool shades binders, pastel colored binder paper, shoes and purses with bows, plastic book bags (with blue, pink and purple hears of course), fullhouse, just the ten of us, i married dora, miranda, my two dads, dolly, ohara, dukes of hazzard, little house on the parie, garfield and friends, precious moments figureines and bibles, slip and slides, pixie dolls, captain crunch, lucky charms, smores, bottle juice, hubba bubba, bubble yum, bubba tape, coach, highway to heaven, the abc afterschool special, who's the boss, mr. belvedere, round table "one of the last honest pizzas", "well be back after these messages", toy typewriters and toy teliphones that had those squigly cords that are always getting tangled, bycles with streamers and banana seats and woven baskets, "no duh", "narly dude", "cool", "rad", "no de", "holy cow", "who cares", "awsome", "don't have a cow" (my parrents loved thes frazes...not!) serriously, i could go on about the 80's forever!!!
From: katie

I was born in 1983. I remember bits of Pink Floyd's The Wall, like the scene where the cartoon hammers are walking and that monster with the little guy in the middle of the circular wall. I remember Fraggle Rock and Kids Incorporated and Nightmare on Elm Street 3 and Child's Play being the very first films to ever give me nightmares. I quickly became hooked on those films and now it takes a lot more to scare me. :p I remember courdoroy pants in kindergarten, 3-2-1 Contact and Zardip on School TV, and side ponytails with flourescent or polka dotted hair scrunchies. I remember seeing the video for "Stand" by REM on MTV in 1989, but I don't remember the Berlin Wall. I watched the Huxtable Family get bigger, and I watched Zach being the class clown on Saved By the Bell. I had a crush on Joey of NKOTB, and I remember repeating lyrics from "Ice, Ice, Baby" by Vanilla Ice in the bus on the way to kindergarten. I remember The Breakfast Club, Mama's Family, and Family Ties. Chrissy was my age. I remember the Goonies, and I named my first doll after the baby in Labyrinth. I remember owning a BigWheels and running away from home, pedaling down the middle of the street on it. My most prominent memory was the song "Jump". To this day, I thing classic rock is better than any of the crap out now.
From: Torey

My memories of the 80's are pretty much the same as all the other posts but a bit different being a black kid growing up in Brooklyn New York. I remember all the cartoons and slang but our styles were a bit different. We wore Lee jeans with shell-toe addidas, Le Tigre Shirts and Sweatshirts with our horoscope airbrushed on the front. Our music was more hip hop directed although the toughest cat knows the lyrics to Bonnie Tyler's total eclipse of the heart. Not many of us could afford an Atari so we played games that required interaction like freeze tag, chinese handball, skelly and the dozens. To this day there are certain songs that cause time to stop like the Jets you got it all. You just knew that special person you were dating was the one you would marry and be with forever (yeah right!) In Brooklyn and other urban areas we all invaded 42nd st and Coney Island on Easter Sunday and wore our best clothes which contrary to what you are thinking were not suits and ties but Osh Kosh jumpers and leather pants with silk shirts. We'd take picture in the big wicker chairs and go see movies like Manequin, Batman and anything with Eddie Murphy in it (including the horrible flick he did with Dudley Moore. I can't remember the name) While you guys read Dynamite magazine we flipped through the pages of Fresh and Word-Up magazine and tore out posters of our favorite celebs and pasted them to our walls. Some of my best memories growing up were just sitting on the bench out front of my building and laughing with my friends. I wish there was a way to go back into time because I would definitely push McFly out of the way and set the Delorian for 1982. Peace!
From: Derrick

THE 80's to me were the best time of my life. I was born in 1971 in Brooklyn, so the 80's were when my life really began. I remember United Skates in Brooklyn and going "out for lunch" on Friday's. We thought that we were soooooooo cool. The neon sweatshirts with the matching nylon socks. The Adidas shell tops with the wide laces paired with the Lee jeans (in fashion colors) and matching LeTigre shirts.
From: Alison

Why I AM a Child of the Eighties! I was born in 1982. I have a Cabbage Patch Kid that took my parents forever to get. I remember Penny racers. I had a Big Wheel. I remember when Nintendo was new. I have Teddy Ruxpin (but he eats tapes). I was in love with Joey (from NKOTB) when I was in third grade. I wore strech pants under a multi-layered polka-dot skirt and it was radical. I know that Transformers are "more than meets the eye." I have Alvin and the Chipmunks Walkie-talkies. I had a Punky Brewster Outfit - including sunshine barrettes. I had penny loafers for school and jelly shoes for summer. I voluntarly wore leg warmers. I puffy painted and bedazzled my sweatshirts. I watched Rainbow Brite and I have the doll and a Sprite. I remember watching "The Challenger" blow up with my mom - yes I was only in preschool but I remember watching it and then turning to my mom and saying "That wasn't s'posed to happen was it?" I remember going to Chuckie-Cheese and playing Pac-man with my dad. I believed "Sara" by Jefferson Starship and "Sarah Smile" by Hall and Oates were "my" songs. "By the Power of Grayskull. . .I am He-Man!" and "For the Honor of GreySkull!. . .I am She-ra!" I used to think Mr.T was cool. I wished I could Break Dance. I wished I could be on either The Mickey Mouse Club, KIDS Inc., Star Search or Sesame Street. I remember when only the really rich kid's parents had video cameras and you always waved when you walked by. Whenever Alf came on I locked our cat in my room so he couldn't come through the TV and eat her (ok so I was a dilisional kid - I also wanted to marry Big Bird!) I remember Sesame Street pre-Elmo - the better way and when Mr. Hooper and Jim Henson were still alive. I watched Fraggle Rock. I loved Mr. Moose on Captain Kangaroo! "Wax on, Wax off" has meaning to me. I got my slap bracelet taken away from me at school. I tied a knot on the side of my t-shirt that hung off one shoulder. I watched original episodes of Saved by the Bell. I remember Circus of the Stars. I peeled the stickers off my Rubik's cube to "fix" it. I had Alphie. I played Candy Land for endless hours. 3 words: Lite Brite Pegs. I watched Care Bears (and hoped they would visit me). My mom hates Creepy Crawlers and Shrinky-dinks. My sister hit me on the head with her Etch-a-Sketch. My Fisher-Price people are now called "a choking hazard." I pinched my fingers with the Hug-a-Bunch toys from Taco Bell. My first 2-wheeler was a Huffy. My second had a banana seat and pink&white streamers. I watched Jem and had the doll - the one with the light-up earrings and came with a cassette tape. I gave my Koosh ball a "haircut." I still have lots of Legos (and a few Duplos are floating around our house too). My best friend had Ping Pong. And I played Pong on my dad's computer. I have a Popple. Sweet Pickles Books were fun to read. I got a Snoopy Sno Cone maker for my 6th birthday. In third grade my friend Raphael was really popular because everyone thought he knew the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Viewmasters were THE 3-D toy. Wuzzles were cool because they came with a book. Talking toys just had a cassette player in they're backs or sounded "robotic" and had a pull string. My See'n'Say had a string not a lever. I remember Hello Kitty from the first time it was cool. Plah-doh only came on a few colors - it you wanted something else -you smushed it together. My babysitter watched MTV but I wasn't allowed to. I know what Michael Jackson looked like pre-surgery. My mom crimped my hair. M&M's were green, brown, tan, orange, and yellow - I think there was a red controversy in my early childhood. I remember when Peeps (the sugar marshmallow things) only came in yellow chicks. I watched The Monkees ride a bed. My green army men melted all together and to the bucket because I left it in the sun. I watched these cartoons: The Shirt Tales, Wuzzles, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Scooby-doo, GI Joe, Jem, Smurfs, Snorks, Heathcliff, Garfield and Friends, California Raisins, Inspector Gadget, Might Mouse, Danger Mouse, Underdog, Rainbow Brite, Teddy Ruxpin, Muppet Babies, Pound Puppies, Lady Lovely Locks, Josie and the Pussy Cats, Flinstones, Jetsons, Transformers, Gummy Bears, My Little Ponies, Care Bears, Yogi Bear, Kissyfur, Speed Racer, Mr Magoo, The Pink Panther, and the Littles. I had a pair of Velcro Rainbow Brite shoes. E.T. instilled a love for Reese's Pieces in me. Everyone had birthday parties at Pizza Hut. My favorite part of Square One was Mathnet. I thought David Lascher was hot on Hey Dude. I swear my parents got ideas from the Cosby Show. And Last of All I don't Want to Grow Up I'm a Toys'R'Us Kid!
From: Sarah J.M.

I was born 07/23/80 about the time it all got started. I spent most of my time reading others comments. All were wonderful, accurate and true. It really took me back to memory lane. Unfortunately I was 9 1/2 when it all came to an end. I do remember all those cartoons mentioned above. but when I really look back all that stuff really did suck. I mean, we were all lied to....mislead.... setup for disappointment when we really joined the real world. Valley girls were so stupid. Rockers and skaters were dirty. Breakdancers are all hurting with aches and pain now. Look at the RAT PACK now all lossers! If the 80's were so awsome cool out of sight (enough) then why did it die. The 80's music were kinda fruitie, because of the Culture club, Wham, where are they now. Aids hello, uncurable 80's. Also Micheal Jackson a product of the 80's. He was doing ok until the 80's. No one knew how to get their hair cut or how to match close. Every one thought they were an individual but actually a casualty of the producted market. Every one in the 80's were ginnie pigs. Movies that glorified party's and cars were giving a misconception of the real world. Talking about movies. The 80's have the most worst horror movies Jason, Freddy Kruger, Chucky just to name a few all dumb and boring. If you need to watch a movie were the killer never dies and comes back a billion times then that means the children of the 80's had no creativitie. If you have read this far you are probably upset right know. I appalogize (not. see how stupid that was not. what the hell is not. any ways peace out
From: chano

Yeah, you bet ! Thoses eighties eh ?! Born in 1978, and already filled with melancholy ... My first thoughts of the eighties are situated in the summer of 1983. It was a great summer, my brother had bought a big mixing table. That thing soon gave me all it's secrets. It was mine !! Playing the music of those days, like that New Romantic movement, like Human League and Alphaville and such, even Duran Duran, ... Well, those glory days continued i think all the way up to 86 even 89. After that the emphasis came on the beat, like with Snap and such. But looking back, whow great songs, really SONGS !! wit melody in 'em like Mr Mister, Fiction Factory, Foreigner, Madonna, Kim Wilde, Tears For Fears, Pet Shop Boys, Police, Sandra, Toto, Wham, ... Real compositions if you ask me. Times were modern but not too modern ... I'll never be able to express my feelings about those days, when it was 'cool' to have your hair blown up and be like Tom Cruise in TopGun, or Kevin Bacon in Footloose. Ha, that reminds me : the A-TEAM, I suppose that is my personal icon of the eighties, even though when i look at that show nowadays, well ... I shouldn't ... I don't know if the eighties were really that great, perhaps it's just because i was brought up in 'em, listening to Pop music and watching the a-team and knightrider and magnum and he-man and thundercats. Be that as it may, I cannot help but feel a little bit lost when i think about those days, and even though I probably know that it would backfire on me, yeah just let me go back to those days, really !
From: Kris Hendrix

Well being born Jan 11 1980.....i saw it all and done it all *lol* im 21 now (ugh) and miss everything about the 80's movies, music, when Madonna said "she wanted to rule the world".... pop rocks, Fraglie Rock, strawberry shortcake....dont forget the fashions which i think i can live without now. I still say "im so sure" and "like" lol Still watch movies like Valley Girl, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, Fast Times. Still listen to New Order, The Cure, Pet Shop Boys, NKOTB LOL and yes Madonna. My friends think its all cheesy that i still do all this but hey those were some "bitchin" times and hell im proud to be a child of the 80's. :)
From: Emily

I am a big fan of the eighties just because I had a good time back then. I worked a good job with fun people and had great times with friends. I hung out in bars and saw alot of terrific live bands and heard some great new and innovative music on the radio.(This was the dawn of R.E.M.and U2.) I drove a '66 Mustang for years and traded it in for an 85' Mustang GT. Life was good................
From: Steve M.

i was born in 1980 and oddly enough, i remember soooooo much... not just the cartoons and the super fun toys and the awesome movies and the rad fashions... but little things like roller skates, the oldskool kind, red uppers with yellow laces and wheels (four of em next to each other! with the brake on the toe), and POPPLES! and goofy TV shows like 321 Contact and Square One and charm bracelets and necklaces (mine were pink plastic chain thingies with snapon charms i got for 10 cents out of the toy machines downtown) and jellies and bracelets (plastic tubing with sparkly water inside!) and Wuzzles, Fraggles, Goonies (which to this day I watch religiously), and the YMCA and taking public transportation by myself in kindergarten and reading the best books- especially Ramona books, or anything by Beverly Cleary for that matter... I wasn't too much into the music till later, but I'll be darned if I didn't have the most carefree, happy childhood :)
From: mel

To be a Child Of The Eighties you must be born in the 80's. As for me this would be 1982. I am 19 now. And we didn't have MTV, we had Much Music, a station that played Rush, Glass Tiger and Loverboy. We had Cabbage Patch Dolls by the thousands and I can remember flocking out to Toys R Us to pick out the latest ones. I remember the transition from 1989 to 1990 and how hard it was to learn it in French. I am Canadian, which doesn't mean I don't remember The Challenger incident. I just remember it not affecting me. I wasn't even 6. I remember Berlin, the original Nintendo and Duck Hunt. I remember when NKOTB were The New Kids On The Block and when Marky Mark was a member, when Milli Vanilli could sing and when Wal-Mart was called Wolco and Zellers was K-Mart. I remember Tonka truck better then Barbies and the only girl-y things I owned were Cabbage Patch Dolls and Rainbow Brite. Everything else was G.I.Joe and Big Wheels. I remember the 80's as most others do. The Age of Innocents and the only thing to blame our current actions on. Children born in the Eighties have an excuse for everything. It was the high point of the Cold War and a time for reunions and destruction. We are screwed up from the drugs our parents and other family members took in the 60's and 70's (which is our excuse for doing them now) and we only remember the good things, The Cure and The Sex Pistols. We live the 90's like they are over, and we don't look forward to the future because we spend too much time looking back into the past. We attempt to learn from our predecessors mistakes and try not to make our own. We will forever be children at heart and never take anything seriously. Why? because we're The Children Of The Eighties.
From: Lesley

I was born in 1977. I remeber things from 85 and on. The 80's were great. What i remember most was Micheal Jackson and the long hair.
From: Christos

I was born in 1969 the 80s were totaly bytchin and am still cought up in the 80s my hair's spiked and long in the back still were the clothing from the 80s trying to find spandex pants on the web glam rock kicked butt this 90s stuff like limp biskit is not rock since when does rock have rap in it i don't think so lets everybody get together and get the fads totaly back i remember headbangers ball that rocked know MTV sucks with all that rap
From: Michael Gren

I'm getting all nostalgic now! I was born in 1980 and love the Eighties, guess they remind me of when I was a kid and carefree. I love the cartoons - Count Duckula, Dangermouse, Transformers, He-man. As a teenager I loved the films - the Breakfast Club (I wanted to go to Shermer High), Pretty in Pink, The Sure Thing, Say Anything (St Elmos Fire is the only one that doesn't stand the test of time). The TV shows - Full House (was on satellite in early 90's), Neighbours, the A team, and have just started watching Miami Vice. I also love the music - Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, Shannon - have just rediscovered all these on Napster. It was also the time when everything seemed fresh and naive, even though it was supposed to the materialistic decade. The 90's + seem to be so 'been there, done that' and 'know everything'. One of my best friends is moving abroad, and I'm just trying to cope with the fact we're not kids anymore, and I'm reminiscing when we were young. If only...
From: rachel kay

This is the best website dedicated to the best decade ever. We were both born too late (in '83) to fully experience the beauty that is the tackiness, but we definitly appreciate it. Thank you, 80's for the inspiration!!!
From: April and Kim

I was born in 1967 in USA. I remember the end of the 70's reaching into the 80's. I was in my teenage years during that time. The cartoon and tv shows where great. This decade showed that the music leads toward the creative side. This explains why the 80's are still popular in danceclubs. I am now 33 years old and still like todays music but nothing compares with 80's.
From: mark romo

I was born in 83 and can still remember a lot of the cartoons and shows I watched. My faves were fraggle rock (I saw every episode) and Zoobalee Zoo. Oh and of course rainbow bright and the care bears. I have been searching the net looking for anything about Zoobalee Zoo and I can not find anything. Its like it has dissapeared without a trace. I searched the PBS site a lot but it wasn't on there. I think everyone is just forgetting the 80s, personally I think the 80s was much better the the 90s and today. More laid back, I think we need that again.
From: Rhea

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