Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I was born in 1973. So my growing up years mainly were in the 80s. I started school in 1980 and finished in 1990. There was so much great stuff about the 80s. There couldn't of been a better decade to grow up! INXS are my fave band and they were BIG in the 80s. CDs came out in early 1983, and became the accepttable music-median from about 1988. The economy seemed to be healthy throughout the decade also. There were so many (particularly Aussie) bands consistently touring and releasing some ace music. i.e. Models, Icehouse, Crowded House/Split Enz, Dragon, Boom Crash Opera, Midnight Oil, Divinyls, Cold Chisel and on and on and on! Sure the fashions were fairly "out there" but the music has proven the test of time. Unlike daggy 70s or 60s music. The 90s music will no doubt not have the same impact as the 80s. They will never make a movie as classic as "The Wedding Singer" about the 1990s. When I was a kid, I remember getting a BMX for my birthday in 1982. I also had a Spectravideo MSX computer- wow! The first movie I ever saw at the movies was "E.T." I remember when my father came home after work sometime in 1980 with this bulky looking (and expensive) big machine that sat on top of the TV and you put these cassette tapes into the top of it that looked like an audio cassette on steroids! The VCR was born! In the late 80s, the last couple of years of High School were a highlight for me, particularly meeting my now wife, Suzie. Her memories about the 80s are Rah-Rah Skirts, Cabbage Patch Kids and Young Talent Time. A truly "sensational" decade with only the fondest of memories......COOL DUDE?! CHOOSE LIFE! Matt Shearer.

We love the eighties because of Morten Harket and A-Ha!!!
From: Tonje & Heidi

The 80's, for me, was a great decade I spent half as a kid and half as an adult. I was trying to nail down one item or thing about the 80's that I really like, but could not. I started with the cartoons, thank God for Cartoon Network!! My kids are watching the same cartoons as I did, that is so cool!!! Then I thought of movies, Like, Oh My God! (sorry, Valley Girl flashback), just a ton of awesome movies that came from the 80's!!!! Music, so much great music came from the 80's it's not even funny. A Flock Of Seagulls, that bird beak hair was Sweet !!!! Just the entire music scene was crazy; you still had some of the 70's bands belting out great songs and the wave of music from Europe. New Wave and Punk hit the scene and not only our music taste change, so does our fashion sense. Introduce Bondage pants and Monk Creepers in our wardrobes and let's not forget parachute pants and Vans "off the wall" checkerboard slip-ons. The 80's was just a great decade to be alive and kicking (Simple Minds) in. May all of you have been as blessed as I was with my memories. Later Stay Gold -Mike
From: Mike Austin

Okay, so I don't have to many memories of the awsome 80's. Actualy I was just being born but (1988) I still love 80's music, movies, and I even where my mom's old clothes from the 80's most people think I'm a total blast from the past I just think I was born about 25 years to late!
From: Angel Anderson

I like the 80's Because of ALF, plain and simple. I was born in 1986 and only had faint memories of ALF until Project Alf (which I have on tape). Almost every home movie we have has me Quoting the famous phrase "No problem!" Incidents include: helping dad cut out a pumpkin for Haloween and "helping" around the kitchen and in the yard.
From: Nathan T.

I "totally" loved the 80s! I was born in '78, but I have older brothers that were '80s rock fans - Poison, Heart, Def Leppard, the list goes on...I also remember the greatest shows on TV back then - everything was interesting and everyone rushed home for TGIF and other night-time/daytime shows during the week like: Growing Pains, Family Ties, My Two Dads, Cosby Show, A-Team, Hunter, Simon & Simon, Dukes of Hazzardd, 21 Jumpstreet, Alf, The Smurfs, G.I. Joe, The Wonder Years, the list can go on forever. Oh and my fav movie from the 80s - well, one of them...RAD - does anyone remember that bike movie? I had Cabbage Patch Dolls, He-Man and She-Ra toys, matchbox cars, played hopscotch and 4-square ball (does anyone remember that?)with my friends at recess. I had sticker albums since I was 5 years old - I loved the scratch and sniff kind :) I also had the whole series of garbage pail kids, almost every lego that was invented - my brothers and I built skyscrapers with them. My love for the '80s could go on forever, but basically, the '80s was a very simple time for me. I see my younger siblings who were born in the 80s and I think that they missed out on a lot, mainly just being kid and enjoying themselves - kids want to grow up so fast now-a-days!
From: A

well...i am 19 years old right now, so obviously i wasnt a teen in the 8O*s...i was born in `82 and enjoyed as much of the 8O*s as i can...i loved johnathan from new kids on the block, i had those big buttons with his face on them...i had popples, wuzzles, jem dolls, garbage pail kids cards, everything...remember those timy radios with the mini-cassette you bought from toys r us? i had manic monday and a few others...the music of the 8O*s, i still listen to today...hey, after all->*girls just wanna have fun*...i am so happy that there are places such as the Culture Club in NYC where people can listen to 8O*s tunes and just dress 8O*s-like with their hair teased...i wish the 8O*s could happen again, so many people would be happy...e*mail me if you wanna talk about the magical wonders of the 8O*s haha.. byebye :D
From: melanie anne

I love the 80S!!!!!!!!! I wasn't around in the 80s but I love the music and I like all of the movies. Flashdance, Little Darlings, Footloose, Dirty Dancing, and Despretly Seeking Susan....those are just a few that I love and I don't know I just think it was such a cool decade, the clothes and everything.
From: amber

I was born in 1980, when everything was cheaper and you got more of it. I remember Opal Fruits, Marathons, and the chewing gum that came with the Garbage Pail Kids cards. Which made it into a movie i never watched (i feel so deprived over that one). Ferris Buelers Day Off, The Breakfast Club, Ghostbusters "ray he's looking at me", Mannequin "well mumma take the coins from my eyes cause i sure dont believe what im seeing", Weird Science (Kelly LeBrock could have taught me p.e anytime), when the geeks were accepted and even cool to any body who took the time to talk to them; cartoons were really a reason to run home Bravestar, The Galaxy Rangers, He-Man, The Transformers followed by my very first experiance of the cinema Transformers the movie, parents stayed in their jobs for their entire lifetime and 50p a week could buy an enormous bag of sweets, penny sweets actually cost a penny, childrens t.v was unashamedly cheap, and the broomcupboard wasnt a good marketing idea it was the budget. The music hasnt been bettered ska, reggae, you could still shock people by swearing on t.v and famous stars actually wanted to talk to parkinson, the rumble in the jungle, legends still lived and worked and nobody dared to cover any of their songs, a new generation was finding its own way to think. You didnt need an enormous amount of money to get a song listened to and you couldnt garantee that a group would do well if you put their face in every magazine and none of them could sing. Everything closed on the sunday and dungarees were cool.
From: joe

I was born in 1981 so I have an incredible memory of all that was the eighties. I was 9 years old when the eighties ended, and I just knew that 10 years from then, the earth would be destroyed by aliens. I'm almost twenty years old now and I just can't seem to get out of my childhood. This was the most incredible decade of all time in my opinion, and I wish they had never ended. Along with end came the end of a whole lot of good things like beta, Atari(try finding one of those these days), Lady Lovely Locks, Rainbow Brite, Lite Bright, The Care Bears, Denver The Last Dinosaur - He's Our Friend And A Whole Lot More.
From: Lyndsay Brooke West

Why i loved the 80s: 1.everything went! 2.one word-Madonna! 3.you could mix flouresent clothes and no1 could laugh 4.Dont we all remember saturday morning cartoons?:-) 5.Micheal jacksons video "thriller"came out! 6.Spandex was the bomb!! 7.U could wear an izod shirt and not look like a complete idiot{Well most of us anyway:P} 8.The gremlins movie-too cute.Gizmo rocked. 9.big hoop earrings were great werent they? 10.Hey.Popples,pop pop pop popples.popples they'll make u smile.(I have potato chip and sum1 else.) 11.Tiffany!{remember "i think we're alone now.I loved it} 12.Cyndi lauper was right-girls just wanna have fun! 13.i remember playing PacMan for the first time! 14.Just because they were what they were!! *Madonna*21*
From: Madonna21

I love the 1980's because it was a time when everything that we did was in extravagant proportions: our music, our hair, fashion, music, partying, goofing off; everthing. Age was not an issue (I remember Andy Warhol and the Rolling Stones). It was a special time. I miss it.
From: SiouxsieQ

.../rko/... The 80's were so cool,i was born 1975 and the music,movies,cars,cartoons,It was all fantastic yet interesting.
From: danny

Well I dont where to begin. I was lucky to live thorough the 70s and remember that. Then it was 1980 and I was 14 years old and I started high school. I feel I was so lucky to remember both but for me the best was the early 80s. When I was in high school. The music, hair styles, clothes, and video games (home and arcade) was amazing. If I were to say what made it so special. I would have to say that it was the way people resolved problems then. We had the same problems growing up as all the teens before us and after. But it seemed we kept our head up and realized that it was just life and we had to also have fun. I personally had so much fun in arcades and at concerts. I wasnt able to see the new wave shows but I did manage to go as many Heavy metal shows I could. They were incredible. For me I still to this day spread the word about how special that time was. The amazing thing is the the teens of today are starting to realize this. They even seem a little envious of the 80s the fun we had and the very experimental vibe of it all. Especially when two of us from the 80s get together and speak about it in public. They listen and seem amazed of how it seemed like a real good time. I was always tell my girlfriend and friends if I could go back to any point in time in my life and try to stay there. It would have to be the 80s especially the early 80s. For me I have always felt that I was really lucky to live through the 80s. Reading some of the other memories I am so glad that I experienced it with you all.
From: J

All I have to say is the cereal was 1,000 times better in the eighties than it is now. whatever happned to those sphere shaped Trix they held so much more flavor than the trix now. the milk goes right through them and all you get is sog. yuck. please give me my Trix back
From: Erica

Hey Everyone! I was born in 1985 so I don't really remember the 80's but my mom was a teen when I was born so thanks to her I've really gotten into the 80's. Most of my fave movies,music,and tv shows are from the 80's. We have an 80's radio station and I listen to it all the time. I wished we had teen movies like Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club nowdays but there aren't any like there used to be. Well gotta go! Long live the 80's!!
From: Susanne

Yep, I remember the 80s.I was born in 1976, so I am a child of the 80s. There was a lot of good stuff around back then, but I have so say that I am sure I'm not the only one who remembers it as better than it actually was! I was having a debate the other day about the Fraggles from Fraggle Rock. I remember the name "Rainbow Brite" but can't actually remember anyting about it! Was I brainwashed as part of an 80s experiment into children's TV watching behaviour?! Funnily enough, I didn't think that much of most of the 80s pop music at the time, althgouh I was heavily into listening to the charts (as you do when you are 8 and obsessed with music!). It's funny that the music seems better now, when mixed with nostalgia. Isn't it funny how most Madonna fans fron the 80s don't follow her now. Hmmm, there must be a reason for that!
From: Natalie (London, UK)

Wow, this site and these comments have really made me nostalgic. I hope that one day when and if I get to heaven I will be able to relive my childhood and hear all those songs, and play with all those toys again. The eighties, for all their fun, though, were strange.I remember as a kid always being afraid that the evil Russians were about to nuke us all at any moment. Maybe there wasnt a real war, but the psychological effect of the cold war was nearly as devestating to our young minds, now that I look back.But man did we manage to have a blast anyway! The sun seemed to shine brighter back then somehow. I can't relate to music these days, the cartoons are stupid,and I suddenly feel very old at twenty six. I guess that's the way it is for all generations, though. I remember during the summer of 89 me and my chums dug through our attics and gathered up about 250 G.I. Joes and Transformers, stuck them in the ground, and had a field day with our pellet guns while jamming to Skid Row. I suppose it was some kind of symbolic goodbye to childhood or something.I miss He-Man, I miss acid wash, I miss hiding cigarettes from my parents, and I miss my friends. They're all somewhere in the eighties.
From: Michael G

i was born in 1976 and @ the end of the 80s was my teenage yrs,what i would of wore lookin back on it now would have been the flairs even though im into that sort of stuff now,so yeah maybe i did get inspired by the 80s thanx.nice site u got urself here. :-) sender-jonin-----e-mail me 2 jonin@uboot.com
From: jonin

I'm from Belgium and I'm born in 1981 ( went 20 the 14th of June). The '80's were very special indeed , cause it was the only 10 active years for cartoons , anims and manga's. Here in our country there weren't many of them shown on TV. We had series as the Thundercats , the Mysterious Cities of Gold , the Monchichis , Ren & Stimpy , Teddy Ruxpin and some others .... That's what the eighty's are , only good rememberings... but will they ever turn back on TV or will it only be our wildest dreams and be forgotten within time ? Only time will tell ! :)
From: Jürgen De Waele

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.