Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I was born in 1966, so I enjoyed part of the crazy 70's and then enjoyed my teenage and first adulthood years in the 80's. In Dominican Republic, We started to really enjoy disco, rock, rap,etc. from 1977 and on, and 1982 was the first year I travelled to the United States. There in New york, started the renewed disco movement, now as House, Electronic, music, that was a great year with Yazoo, Afrikaa Bambaataa, Human League, UK New Wave, etc. All of you have to consider that there are cicles in human life, and the 80's were a comeback to the 50's, in several ways (clothing, conservationism with Reagan, etc.), while the second half of the 60's and the whole 70's were the opposite. In this new cicle that started in the mid-90's, some people is nostalgic of the sexual freedom of the 70's. In my case I have my loving memories of those 80's years in wich musically speaking the 90's can't compare( we had lots of innovation, not the recycling of the "alternative music"), and as some of the people before me have said those were technology breakthrough years, I too remember TRS-80, the first time I touched an IBM PC, and my first romance, the house parties we had in my neiborhood, the confrontation in musical taste we had here in Dom. Rep. We were even divided in the guys like me, that liked house, new age, techno, etc. and the other guys who liked metal, hard rock and the likes The 80's were great, but my friends we now have a hypertech world we have to live on, so do as I do, remember those great years and go "Back to the Future"!!
From: Carlos Zorrilla

Was born right at the end of '79, 21 now. The 80's were fantastic! Especially growing up in Australia. I was oblivious to all the greed, to me I was having fun as a kid. Don't remember the music so much, but more the cartoons. I got an Inspector Gadget doll for Christmas! Best present ever, although I lost all the attachments :) Going home after school meant stopping at the milkbar and buying lollies for 5 cents and getting home in time to watch "The Afternoon Show" to see the Cities Of Gold, You Can't Do That On Television, Roger Ramjet, Count Duckula, not to mention getting up early on a saturday morning to watch "Six's Super Saturday Show" and the many cartoons mentioned in other people's entries. Then once that was finished, go out and play with the neighbourhood kids and go to the BMX tracks and to the river. The best part of 80's fashions is that yeah it may have been plain and sometimes ugly, but most of it didn't have the awful advertising and logos I see now on almost everything. It was much simpler then :) At the moment I'm slowly transforming my room to re-create an 80's bedroom! Got the polaroid camera, the Mac Plus and TSR-80, the music and movie posters. Can't wait to get more! Long live the 80's!
From: Luke

I was born in 1985 and allthough it seems that many people born around the same time as i was doon't seem to remeber much (at least on this site). I remeber a lot old nickeloeden (mr. wizard, you can't do that on television, the sk8 show I can't seem to remember the name of,inspector gadget, danger mouse, fun house,wild and crazy kids, double dare, the elephant show,david the nome,etc) mtv(mostly music videos and remote controll)atari (pitfall!!)nintendo (mendel's palace, mario, donkey kong, sk8 or die, 720) saturday morning cartoons when they would be all morning ( care bears, ducktales, he man, ninja turtles, voltron,thundercats,snorkles, the ewoks cartoon,pee wee herman,attack of the killer tomatoes, go bots, transformers, pac man the cartoon,the muppet babies, the muppet show,fraggle rock,etc) the toys(i never got a teddy ruxpen) music (i hated: vanillia ice, jon bon jovie, new kids on the block,i loved mc hammer, run dmc, queen, twisted sister, the ramones, the violent fems) The arcade was always the spot and resturants had the video games that doubled as tables, i wore izods, and the roller skate rink was cool, the skate boards were fat and stoppers,drive in's were awesome (i still remeber la la bamba from the drive in) high tops, stone wash, the pump shoes,old beastie boys, cereal when it all had marshmellows and cartoon characters, and they all had prizes. failed items: nintendo cereal(i still liked it), clear pepsi,new coke, the nintendo glove, etc. captain kangaroo!!!! God I could go on and on about old wrestling and rowdy rody piper hulk hogan,mr. t and wwf, i could write a lot more but my hands hurt -nick
From: Nick

Heavy Metal and Mullets is where its at. Add in the Iroc, what women would want you. I was born in 85, the heart and soul of the 80s and im still reperesenting. Ac/Dc and everything thing else Rules!!!!!!!
From: mike eustacio

Why I love the 80's. Pure and simple: The Smiths.
From: Jim

Because the 70's and the 90's sucked
From: Memphis

I was born in 1987. Though I was not able to live as a teen during that decade, My influence on music started VERY VERY early. I still have wonderful memories going down that highway many to the YMCA with my dad in 1989, while we would listen to our two favorite songs on the radio: 'Hysteria' by Def Leppard and 'Big City Nights' by the Scorpions. Apart from heavy metal, I listened to a number of pop artists like a-ha, cutting crew, rick astley, phil collins, etc. Later on I moved away to India, and I am currently living there. Though there are many people here who are into Gun's 'N Roses, Metallica, and other band that formed in the 80's, it upsets me, because they don't know or feel the music like I do. If you have listened to the 2 songs listed above, you will notice the stereotypical '80's aspects' in the song. The unique depth of the snare drum in the drumming, the touch of reverb in the lead guitar, and the not so thick bass. THe vocals also portray beauty to the music. it is generally sung in 2-3 parts, in such a way that one sings high and the other sings low (listen to big city nights or I can't fight this feeling) who could also forget the synthesizer or the wonderful saxaphone solos!!!! and one of my favourites is the natural sound of the electric guitar either played with some reverb or with a chorus pedal (listen to the chorus of 'think about you' by guns n roses) my sweetest memories are of running around in the lawn late at evening with the guy next door playing 'take me on' really loud, or sitting in a car, going down a highway in the city at listening to wonderful hits of the 1980's. My large interest in 80's metal and its memories have caused me to grow into an expert guitarist at the mere age of 13. I only play true metal classics... I refuse to play any modern rock songs on request of my friends with nothing but power chords. In my opinion, the music of the 80's had this charisma which lived on in the hearts of all the teenagers of that era, and it has lived on in mine. No other form of music has that effect. And in closing, If I had one wish, it would be to live through the 80's again.
From: Rohan

I'm older than most of the other writers - but the '80's was my second chance at freedom (I was in my '20's and divorced) Can I just say THE MUSIC - that's all. It was so great - you could like every kind and experiment with them all and experiment with your clothes and your lifestyle - and NOBODY bothered you.
From: K. LaFrance

i was born in 1969, and the 80's rocked. it was all about cruisin with your friends, rock n roll, awesome movies, and martha quinn on MTV. the 80's were sweet!
From: angie

I just happened to stumble upon this site looking for hair cut ideas...I was born in 1976, so I've got the best, widest-eyed perspective of that glorious decade, but god do I wish I could have been about 10 years older to have been really experienced it. I'm so in love with that era (maybe because I was a kid then), and I think I belong in it still. I'm especially enamored of early to mid 1980's music and fashion. We're talking supreme icons of creative/cool here: Early Cure, Siouxie Sioux, Kate Bush, Billy Idol, Duran Duran, Oingo Boingo, Talking Heads, even Prince, early B-52's, Bowie of that era,X, and other random pop, New Wave and post-punk stuff...even some of the really cheesy songs were great in their way (think Hall & Oates, Olivia Newton-John, etc.) The worst of the crap back then is a milion times better than most of the "best" popular music today. There was an edge, innovation, personal expression, sexiness that seems totally lacking in MOST music today. Same for overall style, clothing, makeup, etc. All about expression, glamour, art, individuality, sensuality. Love the extremes of eye makeup, lace, thrift store chic, jewelry (Madonna's look in Desperately Seeking Susan was probably her only great one, but boy was it great). Anyway, what I think I hold so dear about the pop culture of the 1980's is its whole quality of expression of individuality...the last hoorah of such an impulse before the oppressive style-less homogeneity of today's pop culture. Kids today don't express themselves, for the most part. They consume sameness and avoid what's different (unless it's a pre-fab form of "different" like ---whoa!---a pierced tongue or --oooh!---blue hair...). You could argue that kids have, for the most part, always been like this, even in the 1980's. But there was indeed a difference. Teenagers have dictated what's cool since the Jazz Age. But the 1980's was the last new wave of raw teen genius we've seen. I wonder if we'll ever see it again...
From: sarah s.

I was born in '84, 17 now. I loved the 80's, those were the great years for me. I loved to watch all those great shows like Go-Bots/Rock Lords, Voltron, Silverhawks, My Pet Monster, and so many of my favorite shows. And collecting the toys was fun and I just loved playing with them. Oh, and the realease of home video game systems, was the best time of my life. I still have my old collections and I still play with them(I don't care how old I am). I'd just like to add if anyone has old toys and games they would like to sell let me know! Jesse
From: Jesse

hello!im portuguese,from lisbon and im a big fan of the 80's!i just love them!i was born in '83 and have a lot of good memories from that time!but i love the 80's for a lot of reasons,the wonderful music the "disco sound",the movies,the clothes ,the hairs,the atitudes...i love 80's fashion!!i think that this was a gloden age for the world!i didn't was a teenager in the 80's to live the big age of discos ,because i was a baby,but i love the music and i usually went to a club named "whisper's",here in lisbon,that have a lot of revival sound!!.......80'S 4 Ever!!
From: filipe trindade e silva

I am a child of the 80's!! This was the time in my life when I was gowing up and had tons of fun and very little responsibilities!! Man those days sure were radical!! not sike!! Those were my two fav. words!! In school we played bouncy balls at recess! I owned every single New Kids On The Block collectors card and I had them in this neat album (screw pokeman)!! I also owned all the garbage pall kids!! I owned like ten cabbage patch dolls, played with my little pony, pund puppies, sweetie pups, barbie, jem and the rockers, strawberry shortcake, and atari!! My first concert was New Kids On The Block!! My friends and i has sleepovers, wore diapers pants, jellies and wore jelly braclets!! We used to trade snap bracelets and we actually played outside!! TGIF was actually good back then!! We rode our bikes around the neighboorhood and actually went to the penny candy store!! We used to make up dances to MC Hammer, and Debbie Gibson!! We actually could watch videos on MTV and VH1!! I used to spend 15 min every morning before school curling my bangs!! We wore neon shirts and spandex pants!! God I am suffering from major withdraw!! you can't do that on television, pillow people, war heads, tab, asteriods, pacman, pegging ur jeans!! please bring the 80's back!! Long Live The Lubbocks! e-mail me please!! EKWROCKS@aol.com!!
From: erin

I was born in Feb. of 1985 but I still remember quiet a bit of the 80's. My first memory was 1986,when I was one,watching a Pet Shop Boys video with my sister. It was a great way to start my memory off. I remember legs warmers also,I saw my older sister wear them. And I also remember alot of pastel colored clothes. I really wish I could have been able to experiance all of the 80's. They all seem so cool from the movies and Tv shows that I watch and the music I listen to from that decade. You didn't have to dress fancy. You could wear anything and get away with it. That's what I liked best. Well,besides the music. I'm a huge Tears for Fears fan, I also love A-Ha,Pat Benatar,and Paul Young. I like to collect stuff from '85 because that was the year I was born and it's special to me. I went to a flea market and found an bunch of old tapes from 1985 and even some old magazines from the month I was born in 1985. And they were really cheep so that was even better!!!
From: Heather

Born in '74, who remembers the skateboarding fashion trends from 1986-88? Recall tighrolled pants and safety pinned pants? Popular shoes for those born after 1977 were Vision Street Wear. Especially the suede ones in black, red and green. Throw on some VSW's, along w/ your Jimmy-Z shorts and Scmitt Stix shirt and you were ready to show the world what a poser you truly were! I was in SoCal 'round this time, so perhaps it caught on in place like Iowa in 1996, but this is fashion memory of the mid/late 1980's.
From: Millo

Why do I love the 80's? Well, I was born July 13, 1967 and graduated from High school in 1985. You could say that all of my intrest centered around the 80's. Let me tell you a little about some of the fun things I was able to do in the 80's. My first concert that I went to was Iron Madien and Quiet riot. This was the first time we had ever been out of middle Ga., three friends and myself, and we were heading for hot Atlanta. We were so scared, and on the way out we were pumped and yelling stuff like " crime, crime, what crime". When we reached my friends car, his tires were stolen. Isnt that crazy! The next concert was Ozzy and Motley crue's Shout at the devil. I ended up seeing the crue three times. What made me even find this site was looking for some mp3's of the crue. I justed finished reading their book "The Dirt" and it was great. You have to read it with a lover and read it out loud.
From: Jay

I was born in Winnipeg Canada in 1986. So you would think that I'm in a bad poistion to appreciate the 80's. The fact remains that I greatly respect the 1980's above any other time period. It was a time that involved the best movies such as: The Terminator(1984), Commando (1985), Predator (1987), Lock Up (1989), Tango & Cash (1989), Over the Top(1986), The Supermans(1978 - 1987), The Burb's (1988), Planes Tranes & Automobiles (1987), Armed & Dangerous (1986),The Goonies (1985), Who's Harry Crumb (1989), Adventures in Babysitting (1987),Back to the Future series (1985-1990), The Brekfast Club (1985),Ferris Buellars Day Off(1986), Beverly Hills Cop(1984), Scrooged (1988), and Mr. Destiny (1989), Evil Dead (1983), Evil Dead 2(1987), Maximum Overdrive(1986), The Wraith(1986), Silver Bullet(1985), The Lost Boys(1987), and Eddie Murphy's Delerious(1983) and Raw(1989). Plus many other excellent films that are not depicting the 80's culture, but are made in that period. Then their shows like The Cosby Show, Tour Of Duty, MacGyver, Married With Children, Three's Company, and Unsolved Mysteries. I have a great passion for 80's music. My favourite 80's Bands are: Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne, Dokken, Ratt, AC/DC, Guns 'N Roses, Skid Row, Iron Maiden, Krokus, Alice Cooper, Maddona, Cyndi Lauper, ZZ Top, Tahnee Cain & The Tryanglz, Bonnie Tyler, Blondie, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Huey Lewis & The News, Ian Hunter, Kenny Logins, Men at Work, Hall & Oates, Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul, Rod Stewart, Scorpions, Simple Minds, Whitesnake, Vince Neil, Debbie Gibson, Belinda Carlisle, Circus of Power, Debbie Harry, Megadeath, Billy Idol, Karla Devito, Accept, The Dream Academy and Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Slash, Randy Rhodes, Zakk Wylde, Adrian Smith, Dave Mustain, Warren DeMartini, George Lynch, Angus Young, Jake Lee, Mick Mars, Joe Satriani plus other wonderful guitarists. In the 80's the hair and clothes where excellent. The age of the 90's is one of distaste in most clothing and music. Alternative Rock isn't of the same quality as true 80's style rock. The guitar is merely background with no indication of any talent amongst the people who typically produce this recently popular music style. There was a great abundance of music talent to choose from in the illustrious 1980's, but now a unfortunate paucity of talent is found in today's music. It seems that many popular musicians of today gather just enough effort to make what is barely music qualifiable. The videos and concerts reflect the music itself without anywhere near the energy and excitement of 80's heavy metal. Even the female singers of today for the mostpart despite being mainstream, fail in comparison to many 80's female music talents, regardless of their obscurity. The 80's toys made it a better era for children as well. In saying this I refer to Heman, rubber wrestlers, GI Joes and others. Manliness has been on a severe decrease ever since the rudimentary stages of alternative rock. This is seen in comparing a modern day action film with a 1980's action film like Arnold Schwarzennegers Commando or Predator. It's interesting to see how the 80's have preserved themselves in today's manly activities, bodybiulding and wrestling(despite the bad 90's music) as examples. I'll comenserate this 80's discussion with a list of some of the 80's celebrities whom I appreciate. Sonny Landham, Shawnee Smith, John Candy, John Huhges, Arnold Schwarzenneger, Sylvester Stallone, Vince Neil, Axle Rose, Nikki Six, Ed O'Neil, Jesse Ventura, Eddie Van Halen, Brian Johnson, Ozzy Osbourne, Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, Wiynona Ryder, Michael J. Fox, Debbie Harry, Bill Duke, James Belushi, Cher, Madonna, Cyndi Laupier, Alice Cooper, Teri Hatcher, Richard Dean Anderson, Bruce Campbell, Carl Weathers, Eddie Murphy, Christina Applegate and Hulk Hogan. As a final note it should be said that despite the end of the 1980's in time, we can and do continuously preserve the 80's culture through listening to the music and watching the films. This very site is in itself a preservation of the 80's culture. For mainstream culture isn't an evolution from the way of the 80's. We through this realization can choose to comfortably reject the unpleasing elements of recent culture and enjoy the eternal spirit of the 80's in our daily lives.
From: James

i was born in 1983 and i remember watching 'the smurfs' and 'alf' and getting a popples and bicycle with streamers for my birthday. we used to say 'sike!' a lot and new kids on the block were just 'so awesome!' it's really neat to remember those things and see some of them again.
From: L. Bug

I have read all the above comment's on the eighties era. There is not much left for me to comment on. The dance music in the 80's has not been topped yet, and in my book it never will be. I was born in 1966 in Oct. I got to enjoy every day of it. I'll steel love to go to clubs and listen to the new rave techcno house music,but it never fails befor I leave that I don,t here a new rave mix of and old 80's favorite. The music of the eighties will all ways be on the come back for many, many years and decades to come.
From: Tony Hall

I was born in 1986, so I mostly remember all the toys etc. from then. I still have my care bears, and most of my glo-worms still glow. I remember being fascinated by the nosy bears at Child World, where you could squeeze them and watch their noses go around. From when I was 5 till about 8, I wizzed around on popples rollerskates, trying to keep up with my older brother's bike. And every video game I've seen will never add up to my late Atari and my Nintendo. Toys just arent what they used to be...
From: Heather

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.