Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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80's rock because I had good friends, good music and cable tv, with the MTV channel, so I could watch music videos, of new singers...
From: Jackie

Being born in 85 I still got a taste of the 80s. Like all of the other people who were born that year that wrote a little message, I wish I had been born in the late 70s so I could have really experienced the decade. Jem,Ninja Turtles,Cabbage Patch dolls,Debbie Gibson,Full House,Alf,Mr. Belvedere,Count Duckula(no one ever remembers that cartoon),skating rinks,New Kids on the Block,Shrinky Dinks,Magnadoodle,snap bracelets.These are all wonderful 80s memories.You Can't Do That On Television was the best show!I watch all the 80s movies now and think about how those movies represent my version of the American dream.The 80s will live forever !!!!!
From: Caitlin

Hey guys. I was born in 1985 so I don't remember too much about when I was little. I used to listen to New Kids on the Block, come on, they're great! I remember wathcing Smurfs and Zoobaly Zoo (sp?) and some show about a koala bear outside a girls window. I used to love it! I'm just now listening to old 80s bands such as Poison, Cinderella, Slaughter, Def Leppard, Dokken, etc., and I love them! I've seen Poison 3 times, Slaughter 2, Cinderella and Dokken 2, and Warrant, Quiet Riot, and Enuff z' nuff once. I just saw Bon Jovi the other day so 80s music lives on!
From: Amanda

I was only born in 1987, but one of my favorite memories from when I was younger was deffinetly...Cabbage Patch Kids! I could remember watching that when I was only 2 and 3, and then I would watch it all the time at the babysitter's house. My friends and I collected all these New Kids on the Block tapes, and would listen to them all the time! I hardly lived in the eighties, but everyone I know says that I seem to be living in an 80's time warp, with what I say, and how I dress, and stuff like that. And oh yeah, that babysitter I went to had my favorite movie at the time- The Neverending Story. I thought (and still do think!) that was the most awesome movie ever, and she even let me take it home to watch on the weekends. And my favorite TV show by far is The Facts of Life. I loved the way Natalie dressed, and the music, and all if it is just great. I wish I had been born earlier, so I could have gotten to experience more of it, but that's okay. I love watching movies made in the eighties on TV, especially Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Heathers, E.T., The Three Amigos, and The Princess Bride. But for sure, I LOVED 16 Candles! I still watch it every chance I get! Spaceballs was a great movie too. I never really heard any 80's music growing up, it was all kind of a blur in that aspect. Eighties Live Forever!
From: Merra

I forgot to add one thing: My my most favorite memory of the eighties was to be able to go outside with my friends, and my parents would know that we would be safe. Now it's all about the school shootings, the drugs, and the hate! They need to bring back some of the "Care Bear" reruns to remind us all how great peace used to be.
From: Merra

Well, I was born in '79, so it's not like I was in the prime of my life during the '80s - you know going to real parties, enjoying high school, going to see those hip movies with my friends, listening to Simple Minds on the way...- However, as a little kid, I surely remember much of those years! And I remember that it was the greatest of times! Even as a little kid, I remember that every day of life in the '80s just could not get any better! I have some very vivid memories, a couple of which I have to share because I know that if this entry ever is shown here, whoever reading can appreciate the memory: I remember specifically one summer day sometime in '88 sitting on the couch with the babysitter - she might as well have been Tiffany because she had the red hair, the faded jean jacket, faded jeans, and white boots; she had MTV on, and a premiere video was coming up... She said, "Oh, yes! I've been waiting for this video for so long!" It was "Sweet Child O' Mine", Guns N Roses... I also remember a babysitter renting some movies one night, one of which was A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 - this would have been '86, I was no older than 7, and the movie terrified me! Especially the scene where Freddy comes out of that guy - I remember his claws poking out of the dude's fingertips! Scary stuff for a 7-year-old! Actually, most of my memories from the '80s are with babysitters... They ALL had jean jackets and either permed or otherwise wavy/curly/frizzy hair, big earrings, glittery lipstick, and they talked on the phone and watched MTV constantly! MTV back then was the ultimate. Why the '80s are so special to me and all of you guys is because, simply, life was just so fun, optimistic, carefree, exciting, and full of... just FUN! all around you. It is hard to describe what my memories feel like, but you can relate, I know, because I've read all of these pages. It seems funny, but whenever I listen to my music of all those groups, and watch the '80s movies where there is always at least one or two scenes involving parties or high school life, I totally, absolutely feel as if I experienced that - though I didn't, but it's so weird, because I totally feel like I have been there! The movies that especially still give me those feelings are Can't Buy Me Love, Nightmare on Elm Streets 1 and 2, Weird Science, Breakfast Club, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, License to Drive, and many others which I can't seem to bring up now. Thankfully, I have an older sister who was born in '74, so she was able to provide plenty of '80s culture for me - at 13 she was absolutely in love with Prince, and she played Purple Rain (the album) every day, at least four times a day, for an entire year! Funny, I hated it then, but now I am big on Prince, like major! Mainly just his '80s stuff though, which, of course, is the best... The '80s were a magical beautiful time that I wish more than anything I could relive as a teenager and in my '20s! Those of you who did, I totally envy you! But memories are forever, and I'll never escape the '80s! (Not like I want to!)When I found this website I was totally ecstatic... One last thing, one girl's page here mentioned something about parties, how "people actually dressed up for parties" and that people could be whoever they wanted, without worrying about silly prejudice and such... Both of those aspects of life in that decade show why there could not have been a better time to be alive at a young age! The '80s will live forever!
From: Erik

The 80's were great. The hair was big, the clothes were...well the clothes were just so 'Material Girl'. It was just a simpiler time. And who could forget the movies. Dirty Dancing, Back to the Future, Risky Buisness, and anything with the Brat Pack. Whatever happened to Cyndi Lauper or Downtown Julie Brown. The music was great. Nothing can really compare.
From: Lana

I was born in 1965, So the 80's was a good time for me. I very much remember my days of Disco clubs, chatting up girls, hotting up cars. Telemovies like Rich Man Poor Man, Coke T.V commerials with great songs attached to them. Oh those were the days.
From: Geoff

1980's forever!!!! The 80's rule! I was born in 1986. in a time where Strawberry shortcake and My Little Pny ruled!! The sitcoms were great! Growing pains, Who's The Boss!! (tony rules!) and Full house! There were alot of love ballads that were great to sing to. You could wake up and eat barbie cereal too, Yea man those were the days! Oh And the movies! Esp. Molly ringwald! she is the coolest! the 80's were outrageous and live on eternally! Keep the 80's alive guyz! dont let 'em die! Peace! - an extremely enthusiastic 80's child! -laura
From: Laura Swanson

Born in 79'...My big sister was a teen of the eighties, and boy was she the coolest in my eyes...if an older girl had teased bangs, a perm, tight-rolled jeans, a jean jacket, and said "like, you know", then she HAD to be popular!haha...ahhh... the 80's - jean jackets with NKOTB pins everywhere, Nick at Nite reruns, E.T., Christie Brinkley, Fuschia everything, blue eyeshadow, turtlenecks, off the shoulder sweaters, leggings, flats (the shoes - ha!), pop tarts for breakfast every morning, Have I said BIG hair yet?, beaded name necklaces, jelly bracelets, bangle bracelets, jelly sandals, blue jean mini skirts, glow in the dark clothes, tied t-shirts, bandanas of every color, sebastian bach, biker shorts, "the hammer", "the roger rabbit", "rad", "like, totally", the ponitac fiero, high-tops, wearing your shirt collar "up", it was normal to walk places, pac-man, izod, esprit, reebok, penny lofers, "Can't Buy Me Love" was the movie cause a cheerleader was a goddess...
From: Laliz

The 80's had sum of tha most kick ass punk rock around like Black Flag, Bad Religion, Fugazi, Minor Threat, and not to mention nirvana originated in tha 80's, you know none of that blink 182 bull@#!$
From: Brent Hambleton

I was born in 1984 and I can still remember the 80's kinda... Ok my brothers grew up with songs playing in the house like " Video killed the Radio star." and " Take on me." The 80's rocked to me and their better then all this rap I hear now a days. Plus if you still where the flat top girls dig it, trust me! I wish I could of spent a lot more time in the 80's if I could go back and relive it, I would, they were as I am told some of the best times in music history ever!
From: Matt

I was born in '68, meaning the 80's took me from ages 12 to 22. A lot of what happened in that decade was rotten (the nasty backlash against gay men after the advent of AIDs and the Iran-Contra affair, as examples). However, I am grateful for three things: (1) We weren't marketed to as heavily as high school/college age people are now. MTV just went on the air, and it wasn't terribly slick. We could look cool (we thought) without any money. Just rip up a pair of your mom's stockings, draw a cartoon figure on a tee shirt, and ram a safety pin through your ear. My friends and I wore car parts (some kind of gasket, I think) as bracelets. Thankfully, the alligator-on-the-shirt-argyle-sock-tennis-racket thing, as well as the Wall-Street-power-tie-BMW-Brooks-Brothers-suit thing seemed to victimize people a few years older than I was. (2) We seemed to have more free time than young adults do now. We didn't need to buy a lot to keep up with peers (very few of my high school and college friends had cars, for example), so we didn't work a lot. In addition, college tuition cost less relative to family income. I currently teach college classes off and on, and I'm amazed by the number of freshmen who are working, working, working, and trying to keep it all together so they don't come out with a $25,000 debt. I remember spending a lot of time sitting in parks and visiting donut shops. (3) It was easier for minors to buy beer and cigarettes, so that's what we ingested. If you'd have asked me to try e, crack, heroin, or OxyContin, I'd have looked at you like you were a moron. Alcohol and tobacco will kill you, make no mistake, but you have a much better chance at surviving to 33.
From: therese

Okay,here we go...I was born in '68 so I was like, totally fer sure bitchin' ok?? And if you don't believe it like,I Am So Sure!! Gag me with a spoon! (hee hee) Ok enough. My husband (never thought I'd be sayin' that) who was my boyfriend in 85 says I live in the past. But hey, the clothes were so awesome! Who wears neon now? Or a thousand plastic bracelets? I still have my big fake pearls, popular in 1982 in Illinois anyway. Nike was the shoe, Puma was also cool. Krackers was the Kenosha place to dance, until the cops came. Okay, so I was 16, I juat wanted to Dance, Dance,Dance...with my BIG mile high sprayed bangs. I had major hair spray build up. And little black ankle boots. Don't forget the bandana tied around the boot or neck or both. Izod, Flash Dance one side hanging oversized sweatshirt shoulder thing...and trying to squeeze my feet through a super tapered levi, who cared about breathing once they were on. You could at least SEE the guys butts back then!!! Major disappointment now, thanks to the grunge era! Molly Ringwald, Judd Hirsch,(way before Suddenly Susan)and the sweet, sappy movies. Valley Girl and Purple Rain, Run DMC, Camaro 280 Z's, the ever awesome ZZ top, (Afterburner) Def Leppard, Blondie...and Luke and Laura's wedding!!! 45 sized records, man I miss my pink bedroom and water bed. And the most tubular band, Berlin. The great cast of Saturday night live..."No Coke, Pepsi!! Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger," Well I guess I should stop now. Oh yeah, I must pay tribute to my old, black "The Loop" shirt, from 98 rock Chicago, where ever it may be. May it rest in peace with the 80's, Bless 'em.
From: mary

I was born in 1966 so the eighties were my teenage and early adult years. The eighties were so awesome from the bands to the movies, also the social climate was a lot better I don`t think I can recall any real racial tension at least in my circle. Basically if we liked you: you were in and nothing else mattered of course we spent most of our time smoking weed and tripping out to what is now classified as vintage MTV. Man I loved MTV back then it was on in my house 24x7. Man I wish I were back in the eighties~ 15 years old and know what I know now hmmm. Well later dudes and dudettes : )
From: Nick

I was born in 1984 and only living about half of the decade I still say that it was the best one ever. I miss getting up early on Saturday morning to watch shows like Care Bears, Duck Tales, Tenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (a little later in the decade) and my two favorate cartoons The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin and The Real Ghostbusters. I also miss the great Edmonton Eskimo dynesty (Grey Cup Champs from '78 to '83)team and the Edmonton Oiler dynesty with Gretzky, Messier, Fuhr, Coffey, and Kurri all in their prime (5 Stanley Cups in 7 Years). I consider myself luckey because my mom taped a lot of my cartoons and my dad taped the '81 Grey cup game. Also recently I have found that Teletoon plays Ghostbusters on Saturday mornings at 2 in the morning (mountain time) and I have taped 4 episodes so far. I also miss the toys like Lightbright, Zaks, etc. I feel that I learned everything that I need to so let the 80's live on.
From: Joshua

I was born July , 1976, I was the youngest of 11 kids so I had older bros and sisters that listened to songs like, harden my heart, another one bites the dust, upside down boy you turn me inside out. And then when i got into my early teenage years, then came poison, warrant, skid row, and all the hot sexy long haired guys....people look at long haired guys like they are criminals now lol. I remember shooton marbals at recess, and collecting lady bugs in a coffee can. I remember the movie rock in roll high school, that was one of my favs. I also member the cartoons the snorkels, and punky brooster. I wanted to be punky brooster lol. Well I love the 80's and im a child of them and I always will be,,"sometimes ill still wear my hair really big lol"
From: Sue

The 80's profited off consumerism and commercial marketing, (music, movies, restaurants, television, video games, wacky breakfast cereals and toys) Those things are all anyone remembers!! It was ultimately the follow up to the wired world of the 90's we know today but was it ever a blast! I remember long summers spent outside with my bike, fun with friends at the casse-croute (french for snack bar) eating lotsa greasy food mostly large fries bombarded in Ketchup, pogos (corn dogs) and washing it down with slush puppies. The snack bar was where all the firebirds, trans-ams and camaros (IROC-Z) parked and the guys blared their music sometimes walking around with ghetto blasters on their shoulder playing Corey Hart, Tears for fears, new order, duran duran, Bon Jovi and Cinderella. Anyone remember mini-pops! I wanted my MTV but only had it for a short while before moving out to the country and had to settle for 12 ocklock episodes of Good Rock'n Tonight. Go Edmonton Oilers!! Michael Jackson thriller style jackets, white ozzy shirts with the long dark embroidered sleeves, stone washed tattered jeans with chain links, wind jackets that turned into a puch around you're waist, archie comics, ET showings at the school gym on two seperate film reals!! flying kites, glass-wood / plastic glider plains, lucky charms, whack-a-crack fudge for ice cream, going to the magazine section just to fold the back cover of MAD mags, too much money spent at the local candy store on fizz-whiz and coke and surprise candy bags, mr. freeze and fun dip (candy stick-powder) and big league chew shredded bubble gum. None of us had a swimming pool but thanks to our mickey mouse sprinkler, turtle slide outdoor tubs, and wet bananas we kept cool!! we made little jumps for our bikes, and attempted skate boarding with oversized boards and fat wheels. We skinned our legs from falling off but got right back on. long hours playing pitfall, pole position, bezerk, frostbite, and coin-op excitebike, choplifter, galaxian, and some game I loved with this little fat guy in a cape bouncing around collecting items...we didn't have Quake back then but the technology wired world was subtely getting its foot in the door which kind of ruined the fun, and emptied the parcs where kids used to swing, skip and slide, there was never a dull moment!! I guess the laughter has faded a bit in the heat of it all but we can always fight our best to bring these times back in one big retrospective movement. Bring back the eighties!
From: Jesse Stacey

Oh, the 80's! I was born in 1981, but I still got addicted to the music of the 80's! I grew up loving Michel Jackson and The Bangles. 80's groups came and went really fast, but I'm still obsessed with one of them. The Jets, (You found out, I got a crush on you!), they were the coolest band ever, and they still are! The younger 7 of the 14 kids, are now touring and have a record out! They still rock. I love the 80's, and I wish it wouldn't keep getting further and further away! Donny :)
From: Donny

I was born in 79', makes me 22 now. I miss and love the 80's. I mean that was when the coolest stuff came out, and now I find that I'm spending time trying to find all my old toys and memorablia that I thought I would never use. Electric boogaloo, Fraggle rock, Carebears, smurfs, Punky Power!, rainbow brite, and of course my little pony. All bring back memories that I will never forget.
From: Nicole

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