Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I love 80s fashion and the music rocks. I was born in 1985 and I'm pretty confident their is going to be an 80s revival soon. Rap/Alternitive/Grunge has ruled the 90s long enough (Especially rap, ugh.) and I think it's finally over. I can only dream that by 2005 it'll be like 1983. I was born in january, 1985. I can remember watching movies like breakfast club, bill and ted's excellent adventure.. watching cartoons like teenage mutant ninja turtles and thunder cats. I remember some of the videos like a-ha's take me on. If a genie came out of a bottle I wouldn't wish for money or peace on earth , i'd say .. bring back the 80s.
From: Brisk

I was in my 20's during the 80's, and I just really liked that the music and the club scenes were all about having fun. It wasn't about being "PC" or "making statements", despite being the "Regan Era" whatever that means. To this day I'd still rather listen to Bow Wow Wow or Psychedelic Furs. The movie "The Wedding Singer" was a really great trip back to the greatest era ever!!
From: Dave

I was born on Easter Sunday 1976, in the UK. I can't remember much of the early 80's, save for Princess Di's 1981wedding and Kim Wilde's "Kids In America" in 1984. My memories realy begin from August 1985, when my family moved to New Brunswick in Canada for two years as part of my father's job. Growing up in Canada was waaaay different from the UK; kids didnt have to wear uniforms to school for a start, we could chew gum in class and instead of prayers and morning assembly there was "Oh Canada" and recess instead! Rather than sausage and mash followed by soggy custard for lunch, we had hot dogs and popcorn, it was a dream come true for myself; a nine-year old at the time. I started to take notice of the pop culture that year; we had MTV for the first time, and cable..satellite TV was unheard of in England until 1989! I dressed like Cyndi Lauper in jelly shoes, electric blue spandex leotards, side ponytails and plastic bracelets, I borrowed my Mum's pastel lipsticks and sang Madonna songs into my hair brush in front of the mirror. My younger brother and I played Frogger, PacMan, Q-Bert and Crystal Castles for hours on our "new" Atari cartridge system in the basement, I invariably lost! Saturday mornings were a wonderful new experience; three hours of cartoons! We had maybe an hour back in the UK if we were lucky, now there were delights like "Transformers", "Laserlight Academy", "Rainbow Brite" and that old favourite "Scooby-Doo". Kids at school were fascinated by my accent, some teased me but most were friendly and soon a group of us had become firm pals. We used to share toys; Care Bears, My Little Ponies, Peaches 'n' Cream Barbies, Cabbage Patch Kids and those disgusting Garbage Pail Kids. Dad brought home our first VCR player in early 1986, with a remote control the size of a sofa. Gremlins and Goonies were THE movies to watch that year, and my friends and I all fancied Sean Astin and Corey Feldman. Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson were essential listening that summer, as we played on the Slip 'n' Slide out front, or rode our BMXs to the local park and drank Grape Kool-Aid by the gallon. My brother collected GI-Joes, and "waged war" on my toys, often returning my My Little Ponies without hair and with graffitti scrawled all over them. During 1987, I celebrated my 11th birthday and was given my first ever LP, Madonna's "True Blue", which I played over and over. We had to leave Canada and return to the UK that summer, but those two wonderful years stick in my memory like a beacon from my childhood. The late 80's seem drab by comparison.
From: Kelly (UK)

I love the 80's, they remind me of when I was a little girl and had no worries. I love the music - Bananarama, Debbie Gibson, the Go Go's etc. The movies - the Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, The Sure Thing etc. I remember playing the old computer games. And the cartoons - I still love cartoons. Dangermouse, Jem, Transformers etc. It was a much more innocent time - the 80's may be the decade of the yuppies but everyone was more naive. I just remember being young, having fun - being able play outside whenever, you can't do that now. It's nice to go back and reminisce sometimes!
From: Rach

I love the 80's they had the best toys in the world, and the cartoons were awsome. I was born in 1982, and I loved every minute of the 80's.
From: Dal

I grew up in the 80's and I found that no matter how rcent something is, nothing can beat what we had in the 80's. I loved everything from Staurday morning cartoons, tv, movies, music and diffrent ways of dressing. I feel that I am the only one in my group who enjoys it. i stand corrected. There are few others in my group. The thing is, to m,e and any other person, going down and remember what it was like in the 80's became important and we need to hold on to that. Up to this day, I listen to the new 106.9 The Point. Nothing but 1980's music. all day, everyday and that is here in Houston
From: Harrison Bazh Rozhenko Dax Taylor

Born in 1972. Got to enjoy it all. The obligatory comb in the back pocket. Games of Shinobi and Double Dragon in the arcades. Games of Frogger and Pac-Man at home. Diffrent Strokes, Silver Spoons, and the Dukes of Hazzard on tv. Huey Lewis and the News, Genesis, and Lionel Richie on the radio. Only losers and dimwits did drugs. Girls looked great when they abused bottles of Aqua-Net and those jeans that were so tight they looked painted-on. It's better to be a 29-year old today (better pay than 29-year-olds made back then) but it was a better to be a kid in those days.
From: Mike

Best things of the 80's : Degrassi high,Degrassi jr high, mullets, new kids on the block, teenwolf, ninja turtles,ghostbusters,
From: melissa

The 80's were great for 2 reasons: Ronald Reagan and The Replacements!
From: Seth

Day-glo clothes and pogo balls!
From: Laura

I was born in 1984, and although I missed the first 4 years, I have a great memory of the 80's. I can still vivdly remember going to my baby-sitter's house every morning and watching My Little Pony while eating my Chef Boyardee.MLP and Lady Lovely Locks were my absolute favorte shows. The one toy that I treasured the most was my Lady Lovely Locks giant card game. I would never put that thing down. I actually found a picture of myself in my LLL halloween costume. My older sister (born in 1981) and I would bond watching the Beverly Hills Teens cartoons. *sigh* There were so many great memories and simplicity was fun. The 80's will always be the best deacde.
From: Nichelle

The 80's rule! I was born in 1980, so everything I saw or heard for the first time in my live EVER was 80's stuff...
From: Gijsjan

Well I was born in '82 so I went through the whole thing. I loved it from Popples to glow worms to zoobilee zoo to the music. The '90's was fun in all I have a ton of memories from then but it was nothing like the eighties. Thats all I have to say the 80s Rocked!!!
From: Jennifer W.

Hey I was born in August of 89 so I wasnt there as long as anybody else here.But I did get small clips when I was younger.When I was in my dads car I remember that I would listen to the 80`s music & then I`d watch full house & step by step & the care bears some times.But you know what?I didnt realize that the left overs of the 80`s were disappearing.I was an innocent 3 year old that enjoyed strawberry shortcake.I didnt realize how cool it was.So I`ve recently started collecting as many hobbies & favorite shows as possible.Family ties,Growing Pains,Strawberry Shortcake,Care bears!!I am joining the 80`s party
From: Zoe

what i loved most about the 80's...hummm let me see...i would have to say the "sweet pickles books" the Dr.seuss books, and the music like the cure, pink floyd, hated the "glam rock"-poison,etc. I was born in 75 so i remember the 80's. the fashion...oh god i hated bright colors,and keds but LOVED the CHUCKS (converse). I also loved Capt. Kangaroo...Sat mornongs were a blast!!! Well now that im old and with a child i wish i had all the creative learning material that i grew up on :-)
From: tmh

I was born in 1979, so I only remember about half of the 80's decade. It didn't hit me till I was older how much I miss the 80's. I find it is much better than the 90's. That when the music really meant something to me. You can not compare the 80's music with anything else because the 80's music was and is still the best. I'm trying to find 80's clothes in some stores so I can feel myself again. If I could, I would restart my life back to the 80's. If I could chose one decade in which I will be stuck in infinately, it would be the 80's. Long life to the 80's
From: Dave

I was born in 67. Went thru the 70's as a kid. Enjoyed all the Saturday morning shows and great toys back then. I went thru most of my teen years in the 80's. Man, what memories. The friends, music, parties, girls, cars, clothes. It all rocked. I miss the 80's. The 90's SUCKED, and so far, the 2000's SUCK. Innocence is forever lost now. Long live the 80's....
From: brannon

I was born in 1981. The 80's were the best!! I loved the toys, the cartoons and the fun, simple life, not so much technology it makes you lazy or dependent on it. I didn't have a VCR, radio or Nintendo until 1989 but I played the original Mario in the arcade in 1985-86. My computer didn't come until '92. I listened to Madonna's Material Girl at my friend's house. My TV had no remote control - you had to actually get up and turn a nob. Popcorn was more fun because you had to wait for the aluminum pan to get hot for it to pop. Microwaves had doors instead of those retarded plates that open the door and help you to slop food around if you have something in both hands. I loved to come home from school and eat Teddy Grahams (little graham crackers in the shape of a bear), gummy worms and miniature gummy bears or Jell-O Pudding Pops. I loved that ice cream that came in the tube. The ice cream came out a hole in the shape of hearts or stars. After school I watched Punky Brewster, Family Ties and Webster. I loved Saturday morning cartoons, especially Rainbow Brite! I loved Today's Special. Living in the USA I had to idea what Toronto or Canada was when they made a rhyme about it. I loved how the mannequin Jeff came to life and Muffy Mouse's house was always getting ruined. I think it came on PBS Network, before Reading Rainbow. I had the multi-colored Rainbow Brite high top shoes, the lunch pale, refrigerator that I kept candy in (not a real refrigerator), the record player and the doll whose hair I chopped off, but only my friend had the horse. I had one of the Sprites. I stayed up for Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday, Magnum P.I. and Moonlighting. I never missed Heathcliff or Garfield. Every year I saw the Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin special, Casper the Friendly Ghost, the Grinch Who Stole Christmas and the Rudolph & Frosty the Snowman specials. Remember Pogo Balls? (Like a pogo stick but you hopped on a ball that had an edge around it for your feet). Everybody at my school had one in 1988. I had all the Popples, the big ones and the little ones. I had Cricket and her tapes drove my family nuts! I had a charm necklace with many clip on charms, lots of slinky bracelets and a bracelet that doubled as a pen. My mom made me headbands with lots of ribbons and I wore a leotard with a skirt and leg warmers to school. I had pink and regular saddle shoes with ruffle socks (the bigger the ruffle the better) and those cute little striped dresses with the thin belt and the Care Bears on the front. I loved those late 80's spandex shorts with the lace at the bottom. The girls on Full House wore them. At my day care they put on Peewee Herman movies. Those are so scary you didn't sleep for weeks after you saw them. Also, the Return to Oz movie was really scary. I had all the My Little Ponies and many Barbies. I remember Small Wonder. I loved that show - it was about a robot girl who lives with a real family. I had a dress just like hers and I wore it almost every day for a year. The robot's name was Vicki and I would imitate her monotone voice. I loved Bubble Tape, cut out fruit roll ups and the ones that were a foot long, Top Ramen, and Squeeze-Its. I had a Care Bears blow up pool and all their coloring books. Most kids today don't have books of any kind outside of school. I still have my scratch & sniff sticker book from Jack in the Box and 200 animal clips from 7-Eleven. I have a Wuzzles stuffed animal and a dragon from Dungeons & Dragons, plus 2 Cabbage Patch Dolls with sparse pen markings on the face. I had one of those dolls where you pulled her arm and her hair grew or retracted. I forget what they were called. I loved Thunder Cats. All the cartoons were larger than life! Now they are just rude, obnoxious and sick as in South Park and Rugrats. I have endless memories of the 80's. I used to sing the Alvin & the Chipmunks theme all the time. It came on a 3 P.M. and school got out a 2:30 so I raced home from the bus stop like my shoes were on fire. I wanted to be a Chipette. My jelly shoes were pink with glitter and I was allowed to wear big hoop earrings. My friend had the checkered Vans. I miss my "life's a beach" shirt with the little cats and surf boards. I made tons of frienship bracelets. In the 80's you could be creative without being an outcast. The food was fun, the clothes were cool, the hair was a little weird but it was the greatest decade. Entertainment wasn't thousands of dollars and didn't require a pentium processor. I will always treasure my memories as an 80's child. I'm glad there are others like me who will always remember the 80's. I'll never forget my Glow Worm night light.
From: Strawberry Shortcake

I was born in 1980 and as a result I remember lot of this crazy decade!It was a decade of fu, crazy looks and good music!New wave rocked as well as old school rap.I grew up in corfu,Greece and I did not have the chance to grow up in America.I always want to have a time machine and then go back to the 80's, somewhere in Los Angeles, which I consider as the most 80's city in the world because all the lifestyle of the 80's flourished there.My fav 80's music is Depeche Mode,Guns n Roses,Madonna,Michael Jackson and stuff loke Bangles and bananarama.
From: JOhn T.

I was born in the most awesome March of the year 1981!!! I don't remember much of it besides the fact that when She-Ra came out..Oh, I Had To Have everything that had anything to do with her..I wanted to be her when I grew up, so says my mom. I downloaded her theme song off the computer and my mom started talking about when I was little how I had to have all her dolls and the crystal castle and how I'd run around yelling,"She-Ra, Princess of Power!" That was the only cartoon I dedicated my self to. I liked the smurfs, they were a little scary to me, I loved He man too, my little sister did anyways. And thats all I could remember! But the 80's, they were the most laid back years of my life.
From: Rachel

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.