Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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I was born in 1977, so I was able to live the 80's. My fav. part was the end of the 80's. Hair Bands!!! My fav. bon jovi, and skid row. New kids on the block ( Donnie Walberg was sooo cute) and punky bruster. Pee Wee's playhouse was never missed( every Sat. morning) . I owned a Michael Jackson doll,got it for my birthday, years ago. I miss the 80's. I remember aqua net hairspray!
From: michelle

I was born in 1985, and though I was young, I remember everything! My sister and I along with my best friend used to always dress in these wild and funky 80's clothes (obviously because it was the 80's) and we would break out the Tiffany, Paula Abdul, New Kids on the Block, Debbie Gibson, Menudo, New Edition, Michael Jackson, early Whitney Houston, early Mariah Carey tapes and blast them on our tape player in the living room! It would always be one of us lip synching with the tape on this bench that we would stand on and the other two dancing around in the living room pretending to be backup singers and dancers and then we would switch. We had it all in those days. We weren't rich or famous or even close to wealthy, but the good times that we had will forever remain engraved in my memory. At 16 now I can remember it all: my sister always dressing me up in the brightest blue eyeshadow imaginable and us getting in trouble for that. I remember the slap bracelets, the teased hair, the bright clothes, the bleached and tight jeans, the huge earrings that my sister and I always wanted to wear, the funky clothes, the huge shirts that would be much lower than your waist, the sweatshirts with different neon shapes on it. Those were the times! And even in the early 90's, we would still wear 80's clothes cause we liked the style so much. Eventually my sister grew up and the games ended of course. She is 19 and in college and I'm 16 and in high school. I've been through a lot and we don't get along at all. I remember the 80's so fondly because those were the times when the future didn't have to be planned out, you didn't have to wear an exact outfit to be complimented on what you were wearing, it was all about the funky styles and the 80's pop that I still love. My friends think I'm crazy because the 80's are my absolute favorite time period. I still wear the 80's style now and incorporate the style with the style of today. I still have bleached jeans, the jeans with frays along the sides, the bangled bracelets, the huge hooped earrings...I think I'm stuck in the year 2001 but I'm not meant to be! People do compliment me because of my style since I can pull it off pretty well and turn it into my own among the sleazy styles of today. I'm not into the tight tank tops, the one shoulder shirts, and the belly shirts! I know this is very long and I sound foolish, but I am definitely one of the biggest 80's fan! The memories I have from the 80's really do bring tears to my eyes. Those were the times when all I ever had was fun and all I ever wanted to do was sing and dance. Gradually, in the 90's, life brought it's complex situations that have led to tough decisions and hard times so I hold on to the 80's memories as best as I can. :-)
From: Rachel

I was born in 1983, but I remember the eighties very well. I remember watching shows like ALF, Fragle Rock, Rainbow Bright, Family Ties, the Facts of Life all when they were new. Also, I still have my popples, carebears, and my Teddy Rukspin. I listened to George Michael, Cindy Lauper, and who could forget....New Kids on The Block! I had the biggest crush on Jordan Knight (lol).
From: Carrie Boring

I too was a kid during the 80s...born in '79. I got to experience all the great kids cartoons (like He-Man, Thundercats, Transformers, TMNT, etc) and early video games. Still, I wish I could've been a bit older to enjoy the great music of the era. It must have seemed so futuristic...even now it seems that way. I'm so jealous of people who were teenagers during the 80s. Without a doubt, my favorite music is 80s rock and 80s metal -- how can you beat it? As soon as I entered high school and started getting into music, all the great bands vanished and were replaced by talentless nobodies, pseudo-singing about nonsense. The vibrant, bright, colorful 80s were replaced by the lousy, drab, depressing 90s. It's about time for the 80s to make a come-back..I'm doing my part by starting a metal band!
From: Eric

Although at the time I intensely hated everything about the eighties is ironic for me because that is one decade I was glad to be in and will cherish for the rest of my life. There is so much that the generations that followed will never have the honor of experiencing. Bless you all for feeling the same as I do:)
From: millie OS

ahh the 80s! the decade where we all tried to make our hair as high as was humanly possible! I loved the 80s! The music and movies would have to be my favourite memories. Nowadays with movies being filled with special effects,its just missing the special touch that was there in the 80s movies..simplicity i guess. The Breakfast Club still remains to be my favourite movie along with all the movies with the "Brat Pack"! And the music...ahh, any of the music of the 80s just made u wanna get up and dance! Footloose, Run to Paradise..Bon Jovi, Madonna, Culture Club! oh the list goes on! Alot of people despise the 80s and well i can understand that in the light of our shocking dress sense, but the movies and music will always remain classic in my eyes!
From: SC

If I could walk out of the house with volumized crimped hair, blue eyeshadow, funky jewelry and heels I would. The eighties were the best. And thanks to the master mind of writer John Hughes we can experience it over and over. Personally, my all time favorite Hughes movie is Sixteen Candles. Molly Ringwalds awkward moments, Anthony Michael Halls' hilarious lines, and Michael Schoeeflings...well everything! I have the DVD version which is highly convenient. But I wish there were a way I could get the uncut version, or maybe behind the scenes stuff. If you ever wanna chat about the eighties, let me know, I'm a huge fan and would love to talk about it. My e-mail is Kix23@msn.com
From: Julie

I loved the 80's. I graduated from high school in 1982 and went on to college. No resposibilities!! The clothes, ripped jeans. Members only jackets. Turned up collars on our Izods. Rolling up pants making them super tight. My Panama Jack hat based on Duran Duran. I was into motorcycles and the 80's brought us the first pure sportbikes. And MTV had the best programming. I remember one winter night at my friends house, sitting back and waiting for the world premiere video. "Thriller"!!! I remember the cable companies digging up our backyard to install cable. Gosh, I would go back in a heart beat :)
From: Steve

i was born in 71 and looking at many of the posts on this site really brought me back.. I was almost exhausted after reading some of the highly detailed accounts of life in the 80's. Wow, how do you guys remember all this stuff! I remember most of it too - but had forgotten so much! When i was in 6th grade, my friends karen, Evie and myself were literally obsessed with being valley girls. One of us bought a book that had come out telling girls "how to be a valley girl" - it was right around the time the Moon Unit Zappa song "Valley Girl" came out. I still remember the song! It started out like this: "Valey girl, she's a valey girl.... ok fine like like fer sure fer sure...she's a valley girl and like there aint no cure"...... Anyway, my friends and i would say thinks like: "Like seriously you guys i am so sure....Like Oh My God! You Look Sooo Bitchin! - Oh no, Like, Barf Me Out...LIke, Gag me with a spoon...Totally!!" ------ Every wednesday it was "valley girl day" and anyone who wanted to hang with us had to wear one of their Valley Girl mini skirt outfits. we were pretty strict with the rule as i remember. We took it very seriously! Remember the mini skirts?! They were short with a drop, pleated waist and they flaired out. You'd always wear tights - in either a funky color or white - and oh yeah... a headband on your forehead! My favorite Valley Girl outfit was made out of gray sweatshirt material - very flash dance......it was the coolest. The matching top had a pleated ruffle around the edges..... and i had the matching twisted headband. Ah memories... And it took me several years to like--- stop like--- saying like!
From: barb

I was born in 1976, and my earliest memories are from 1981, so I got to have known how the world was through most of the 80's. I remember that in 1983 I could take a look at the world and see that everything is the way it should be, while it all crashed down in 1990 when, at once, vinyl records died and Milli Vanilli was found guilty of lipsyncing, and it never recovered. Back in the 80's, the only thing I followed was music, but I had an older brother born in 1974 who was into fashion, TV and movies as well. However, while I've always stayed with my 80's, he continued to follow the latest trends throughout the 90's and to this day. So lately, when I called him to tell him that I was back into the 80's after passing three years with boybands such as Backstreet Boys and Nsync, he remembered everything of the 80's and knew how it all differed from the 90's. I got surprised at how lovely he was while talking about the 80's, and he said it was because he's a very respectful guy and he knows the differences between us. I could really tell that the 80's had left their mark on him, too, just like they did on me! My first computer was a Commodore 64, and it's still my favorite computer to this day, since I can very easily create my own programs on a C64 that load the same way as commercial software, while creating my own programs on a PC requires me to run the software I used to create it before I can load it. The C64 also had the best games - they were simple, playable and varied, adjectives that do not apply to any 90's game! I also love the linear shapes of 80's boomboxes, feeling they were meant to be that way - today's rounded shapes totally gross me out! LP's were fun to watch, while CD's and MP3's don't have any appeal at all. I remember spending hours just watching LP's spin as they played during my childhood, and I would never want to get away from that beautiful sight for anything in my life! So nowadays I like going at that lady who sells used LP's and try to get every vinyl record from the 80's; I've already collected over 500 different albums from the 80's alone, a pleasure for my five turntables. The loveliest part of 80's music is the synthesizers, giving it a feel of a great, nice world; I'd rather have music with all synths and no guitar like Naked Eyes than music with all guitar and no synths. Naked Eyes, Kajagoogoo, Thompson Twins, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna then, Debbie Gibson, Belinda Carlisle, New Kids On The Block... 80's pop music ruled! Also, 80's rock like Survivor, Bon Jovi then or Loverboy was good while its 90's and current counterparts are totally grody. Another thing I like of the 80's is the fashion. Here in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada there is no sign of an 80's comeback besides neon orange shirts, although everyone will say that in the 80's we really had good music. Lately I've even decided to get an 80's haircut to go with not just the shirt but the pants too being neon orange!
From: Marco Melanson

I love the eighties. The music rocked, and so did the world. No wars, peace and good pop music. We saw the beginnings of some legendary items such as MTV, and the fall of the Berlin wall. We are known for our preppy dress and our BIG hair styles. Most of all, I grew up in that wonderful time, and really was given the tools to make it in this world. Computer craze began in the 80's.
From: tweetygaal

I was born (and still live) in Canada in 1968, and MAN do I feel old when I look at some of the other postings here! I started jr high in 1980 and graduated from university in 1990. My complete teenage life and a few years after existed in the 80s! Here are some fond memories - in no particular order... My favorite music was by Huey Lewis & the News, Van Halen, Billy Idol, Duran Duran, Def Leppard... among others. Memorable movies included Ferris Bueller, Indiana Jones, Goonies, Breakfast Club, and of course, Empire & Jedi! I watched the A-Team, Riptide, Diff'rent Strokes, Cheers, Greatest American Hero, Muppet Show, Dukes of Hazzard, Real People (much better than That's Incredible!), Love Boat, Good Rockin' Tonite, Video Hits, Test Pattern (those last few were thrown in for you fellow Canucks out there!) I could go on forever! I spent MANY quarters on Centipede, Space Invaders, Crazy Climber, Tempest, Pole Position, and Defender while at the roller rink, but got ColecoVision for Christmas one year and played Donkey Kong, Zaxxon, Turbo, Pepper II, and Space Fury. Then I got my C64, learned BASIC, and wrote all kinds of silly programs and composed music with it's built-in "SID" chip. I also played with Merlin, Simon, Head-to-Head Hockey, and Amaze-A-Tron - that is, when I wasn't busy trying to conquer Rubik's Cube - OK, it was a Ripoff Cube, but weren't 99% of them? I always wanted a Green Machine or Big Wheels, but I was told I was "too old" for a "trike". I just wanted to spin out and be cool like those kids in the commercials! I still listen to 80's music every Saturday morning, when out local FM station broadcasts the "80's @ 8" show. I have about 500 MP3s I put on randomplay, and I listen to the 80's channels on Spinner.com. I still have most of my original and mixed 80's tapes. I hosted an 80's party last year where guests dressed the era and we had an 80's trivia quiz - complete with sound bites, and music clips. It was a fun time, and I hope to share that fun with the next generation!
From: Todd

There will never be nothing like the good old fashioned eighties cartoons like he-man, she-ra, jem, and so on. Thoses were my favorite cartoons to watch. I wish they would put them back on the air so that I can enjoy them again and again. These are the classics that teach morals. That's why they're great!
From: Shannon Johnson

Reading all the posts from everyone is great. I was born in 1975 and can remember my childhood like it was yesterday. I can still remember go to Wal-Mart a see the He-Man Master of the Universe toys for the first time. Saturday morning cartoons like superfriends, gummie bears, muppet babies, and the smurfs. Getting home from school and watching GI Joe, thunder cats, the transformers, he man and waking up early to watch She-Ra princess of the universe. Wow, what a babe!! Then the TV shows like the A-Team, Riptide, Dukes of Hazard, Remington Steele, Moonlighting, Familiy Ties, and staying up late to watch Night Tracks on Friday and Saturdays. Playing my friends Atari games like pac man, donkey kong, space invaders, etc. Better yet he had a full size Super Pac Man video game in his basement. and daAncing to walk like an egyptian by the Bangles. I've got so many memories of my childhood in the eighties and can hardly keep my emotions stable. Long live the 80's. I will be a child of the 80's forever.
From: Joel Schaible

I was born in 1977, so I was three in 1980. I remember being 3 years old and belting out Physical by Olivia Newton John. I remember doing a cheerleading routine to "Mickey" in a talent show in first grade. Then I had my first crush: Michael J. Fox in third grade after seeing Back To The Future. I remember walking out of the movie theater and proclaiming " He's going to be a star someday" . My dad still teases me about that. After that I was totally hooked on Michael J. and Family Ties. I remember Cabbage Patch Kids and( people getting killed just trying to get one), walkmans, Swatch watches, Guess Jeans, Esprit,Slap bracelets, Garbage Pail Kids, Rainbow Bright, She Ra the Princess of Power, He Man. I still love all those great shows like Punky Brewster,Mr Belevedere, Growing Pains, Small Wonder, Who's The Boss,Full House. And who can forget the music Madonna, Bangles, Bananarama,Huey Lewis, Duran Duran,Whitesnake, Winger, Skid Row, Motley Crue, Poison, Samantha Fox,Bon Jovi, Lita Ford, Then as I got a little older NKOTB, and who can forget the Milli Vanilli Scandel. I guess I like the 80's because it was my childhood. And everyone is right about everything bieng so different now. I remember playing outside for hours on end , kids don't seem to do that now. Sure we had Nintendo, but we still went out side and played. I loved the funky outfits that were in style, the leg warmers,slouch socks,sturup pants,wearing big hoop earrings and teasing your hair up to the ceiling.Back than nobody cared , maybe because I was a kid. Things were so much simpler. well enough nastalgia for me, I just wish the 80's could come back, because being a teenager in the90's sucked.
From: shannon

Born: October 17, 1980. A main reason I love the 80's, would probably be because those were my childhood years. It brings back all of the 'I thought I forgot' memories. But that reason can be said about any generation-you love the 70's because you grew up in them. But with the 80's it was different. Music in the 80's was more raw and different than any other generation. Music now is such a rip off, repetitive waste. I could go on forever naming all the artists...Movies in the 80's were brilliant. Things were new and exciting (the toys that came out. The game systems) However cheap the fashion was, you could still wear it and look like yourself. Basically the 80's were a good time all around. I wish I was older during them.
From: Don Smith

Why do i love the 80s? Aww man, where do i start? I was born in 77, so i was just starting to be really aware of the world around me in 1980. I also remember The Empire Strikes Back as being the first movie i saw in a theater. My entire childhood was filled with Star Wars, i had all the figures, the X-Wing, the Millennium Falcon, the AT-AT, the AT-ST...and remember those dinky mini-rig vehicles? Return of the Jedi was huge in 83...just huge. I also remember having a million G.I. Joes around, and He-Man, and Thundercats, and especially the Transformers. They had the coolest theme song. "More than meets the eye!" Another reason I love the 80s is that back then, on Saturday morning, there was one thing you did, and that was watch cartoons. Are cartoons even on Saturday mornings anymore? Remember Thundarr the Barbarian, and his buddy Ookla? Spider-Man and Friends? The Smurfs? CareBears, My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite (I didn't watch those ones, but my girlfriend told me to put them on). And remember half shirts? lol... and parachute pants? I wish I could get a sweet pair of parachute pants now... I remember when Michael Jackson was a God. I had everything, the MJ record player, a red leather jacket with zippers all over it, and I even had a sparkly glove. I remember wearing it with pride. Remember Cabbage Patch Kids? They say the names on the outside now! When I was a kid, that was half the fun, and plus, if you didn't like the name, you could send away and change it. I remember when an arcade was a dark place. I remember table games! The sit-down Star Wars game! The one with the green line graphics...that game rules! Speaking of green on black, remember when the Apple 2E was the bomb?! Or the Commodore 64....or the first IBMs... Colecovision. Atari. Pac-Man, Space Invaders, FROGGER!!!!! And don't even get me started on the music....I could go on for hours. Movies too. Top Gun, Ferris Beuller's Day Off, Beverly Hills Cop. I have to stop, because i could seriously go on for weeks about how cool the 80s were. I haven't even gotten to Rubik's Cube yet!!!
From: mike eudaily

I was born in 82, so the thing I remember the most was the fabulous cartoons. She-ra, He-man, Jem, Transformers, they all bring back such great memories. I wish I had known at the time I was gonna miss having my neon pink Jem lunch box, or my copy of the California Raisins Christmas special. I totally would have saved them. Fabulous times.
From: Sarah

Aaahhhh Yes the 80's !! I was born in 1971 so I have a very clear memory of the 80's... well not so much high school ;) To me the 80's were truly the last original decade!! Everything was new from the tv show to the music and it was all original. People were creative and fun loving... sure it was the tail end of the cold war but people wanted to enjoy life. For the kids there was a huge selection of tv shows that were good quality and funny from cartoons to sitcoms. For adults the entertainment was endless and it never left you searching. The city I was born in and still live (Calgary Canada) hosted the 1988 Winter Olympic games, the first truly successful winter games ever held and man can I tell you that was a party!!! When the 90's came all the fun seemed to come to an end, music and outlooks got darker and all people especially the youth did was copy the 80's and other decades... they lost there own sense of creativity and a longing for fun. They say if you remember the 60's you were never there... well I remember the 80's and am proud to have been apart of it!!! 80's 4 Life!
From: Brett

Being born in 1975,i got the best of the 80s. I remember as a kid watching Whos The Boss,Cheers,Golden girls and watching Saturday morning cartoons.(had 2 have those carebears) i remember feathered puffy hair and bright colours. i remember buying tapes at Sam the record man.I loved Cyndi lauper,the bangles,go-gos,and especially Pat benetar. I remember having about 50 pounds of hairspray in my hair to hold it up!I remember staying up on school nites to watch MTV. I was a michael jackson fan. I'll never forget the first time i saw the video for Thiller.I was *thrill*ed pardon the expression.i;d never seen a music video like that and i thought it was weird but verrry interesting. of course,all the rage was neon and spandex. I always tried to copy the styles of Pat benetar and cyndi lauper.I remember watching the premieres for Whos the boss and alf..its pretty cool,actually when i see all the old tv shows again and thinking "wow,i was there for that"I loved slapon bracelets(even though i tried my first one on when i was 3 and slapped myself in the eye with it) and when madonna first performed Like a Virgin in 1984,in that wedding dress,and all the controversy and hoo-hah about it.But i loved it,i was such a madonna fan.Even now,im a material girl.if i had 2 re-live the 80s i would! I remember being soo proud playing the original Mario on Nintendo,getting past the first castle and gettin soo upset when the lil toad dude told me The Princess was in another castle! I owned a few Popples and still have 2 of them *i lost one when i was like 9:(* and remember watching the show on Saturday lol.
From: Madonna75

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