Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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From 1980-1989. Where did the time go? I was born in 1976 which makes me 25 years old. I remember everything from the 1980's very well. I remember: Transformers and Gobots and My Little Ponies. I also remember the day that Mr.T came to Honest Ed Mirvish's store on Bloor Street in Toronto. I almost got crushed in the rush of people who were lined up for hours to see him. I got to shake his hand, nobody beleived me when I told them that, and he autographed his book, Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool, for me. All he had time to write was M.T. but I wasn't mad at him. After all he was a celebrity at that time and he was busy. :)
From: Celeste

I love 80's!!!! I was born in 1980. I could NEVER forget anything from the past. I remember watching all of the cartoons on saturdays morning! It rocked! fraggle rock, rainbow brite, smurfs, my little pony, nosy bears, care bears, wonderwoman, and more.. They must come back! maybe later in the future....who knows... The 90's cartoons are mostly boring because of fights, weapons, etc.. I do remember what kind of clothes I wore in 80's. The 80's is the BEST! I still have a lot of 80's toys and I will never give 'em away cause it's part of my childhood memories. One of my old friends e-mailed me with a long list of 80's.. I can send you one through email if you want me to? 80's forever!!!
From: Mandy

Ok after readin the saturday mornin cartoon line ups a lot of crazy memories came back to me. I was born in 1977 and i love the 80's... ok there will never be music like 80's music..."Send Me An Angel"....Wham "Last Christmas", Denice Williams "Lets Hear It for the Boy" , Michael Jackson, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure , "Weird Science" , Prince, Madonna, "Come OnEileen" ... too many to list and they dont make sitcom theme songs like they used to... "Family Ties", "Webster", "Bossom Buddies", "Growing Pains", "A-Team" too many to list and who didnt want to live in that crib from Silver Spoons ok and who remembers the flat rubix cube, and the Sgt Slaughter GIJoe figure that you could only get through the mail?! Hungry Hungry Hippos..; The first Nintendo hand held games like Donkey Kong and the minature ones shaped like a real arcade game. Duckhunt! Gyroscope with the little robot that came with the Nintendo that moved discs....Spy Hunter... Tron, Spys Demise for the Apple... the Giant 3 foot tall plastic Robots that came packaged in giant boxes with chinese written all over it and had the fists that would shoot out when you pressed a button that came out way before voltron! I remember when hoola hoops came back and yo yos where in style! etch a sketch Laser Tag, Slip and Slide!..Entertech Water Guns member when everyone wanted to be Freddy Kreuger for Halloween and who will ever forget the fashions...when everyone wore suspenders but let them hang down like in Miami VIce. Rolled up cuffed jeans.... "rice bowl" haircuts.. Funky colored Denim and those shirts that would change colors wherever you left your hand prints. and who remembers buyin all those bmx magazines...Haro , GT Performers , Mongoose COMIC BOOKS! Xmen GIJoe, SpiderMan, Iron Man , Thor...the first role playing games...DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS!!! I heard over the radio that they don't make you say the Pledge of Allegiance no more in school... I remember when Hulk Hogan lost the Championship Belt to Andre the Giant!!! Lou Albino! they had a WWF cartoon too... and who can forget The Goonies!!! i could go forever... these are some of my memories from the 80's
From: Habernafi

I was born in 1983, I may have been young but I still remember alot from the 80's. The music was good and so were the movies but the best stuff for me were the cartoons and the toys. I remember racing home from school everyday to watch my little pony, care bears and play with my barbies and all my other toys. I remember trying to beat my dad at super mario brothers and then watching it on tv. There was also a hug-a-bunches movie. I can't remember the name of it and I can't find it in video stores but I loved that movie. Also there was the last unicorn another good movie. I sat dow to watch some cartoons from today and they were no where near as good as our cartoons were. I miss being a kid. I sit here in college with my friends, we are all around the same age and remember the toys we played with the movies we watched and just the things we did growing up, like wanting to be rainbow brite or watching the alice in wonderland tv show on the disney channel. our jelly shoes are stored away by our parents and our cute little stuffed animals have probably ended up in the garbage some where but we were kids who still had an imagination and who really knew how to play with dolls, even if they didn't do anything like go to the bathroom or eat. I miss being the 80's ;-)
From: amanda

Three things I remember well...Vans, pegged Levi's and lots of Aqua Net! The good old days!
From: Shelly

Well i liked the 80's because i liked all of the clothes the people used to wear and i also liked the hair bands like Def Leppard, Poison, Motley Crue, Winger, Warrant, Slaughter, Firehouse, White Lion, Skid Row, Cinderella, Whitesnake, Boston, Night Ranger, Bullet Boys, Ratt, Pantera, Scorpions, Quiet Riot, Queensryche, Damn Yankees, Faster Pussycat, Hanoi Rocks, Danger Danger, L.A. Guns, Europe, Bangles, Honeymoon Suite, Y&T, Dangerous Toys, Extreme, SteelHeart, Kix, Jackyl, Kiss, Bon Jovi,Great White, Tesla, Mr.Big, and Zebra.
From: Brittany Dunn

Why I Love The 80's? Beacause the 80's rocked! The 80's was fun! Though I was born in 1983, remember lots of things about the 80's. I remember cartoon shows like Masters Of The Universe, Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Popples, Carebears, and GI Joe. TV was totally cool back then. They didn't cuss, talk about sex all the time, use the word "gay" like every other word, or show sex crap like today's TV. When I was 3, my mom let me watch whatever I want on TV including MTV. Nowadays, when I babysit my 3 year old cousin, I don't allow my cousin to watch anything on TV except the cartoon network, Disney channel and Animal Planet. Clothes of the 80's was very hip. Not copycated like what the 90's did. And MTV played music videos, not stupid, pointless shows like they do today. I Want My MTV Of The 80s!!! Movies of the 80's was cool; I loved The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, Sixteen Candles, Terminator, all Cheech And Chong movies, Born In East L.A., Conan The Barbarian, Empire Strikes Back, Ghostbusters parts 1&2, Little Shop Of Horrors, Beast Master, Fright Night, Uncle Buck, Footloose, Friday The 13th parts 1 thru 5, Flashdance, Police Academy, too many others too name. And the best of all was the music... Though I listen to some music of the lame 90's, but I think 80's music that I also listen to like New Wave, Synth Pop, Hair Metal bands, and early Alternative rock is much better. In fact I listen to 80's music more than I do with 90's music. I love New Wave songs like "I Ran (So Far Away)", "Our House", "Whip It", "Eyes Without A Face", "Lies", "Hungry Like The Wolf", "Obsession", "Too Shy", "She Bop", "Don't You (Forget About Me)", "One Thing Leads To Another", "Shout", "The Look Of Love", "We Got The Beat", "Der Kommissar" and so many others. 80's rocked and I wished it never ended! The 90's was all about fear and wanna be's. The 80's was about fun and great music. I hope the 80's styles will come back.
From: Loren L.

Wow, I remember the 80's like it was yesterday. I was a teenager in the 80's. I remember watching Friday Night Videos and Hot Tracks to watch the newest videos. Reading Bop magazine and Star hits getting the hottest pictures of our favorite artists eg. Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Inxs, Howard Jones, Nik Kershaw, Thompson Twins, Tears for Fears, Powerstation, Arcadia, The Cult, Culture Club, Wham, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Bryan Ferry, Gene Love Jezebel, Bananarama, Japan, Fine Young Cannibals, ABC, New Order, Spandau Ballet Human League. The winter of 1984 was the release of "Do they Know It's Christmas" by Bandaid, and the summer of 1985 watching Live Aid. Collecting and wearing black and neon braclets, wearing the "Frankie Says" shirts.Listing to groups like to Guns N Roses, Slaughter, Warrant, Poison, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, AC/DC, Metallica, Whitesnake, Megadeth,Pantera, Anthrax, Dio, Queensryche, Scorpions, Ratt, Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne, Lita Ford. Watching Dynasty on Wednesday nights at 9:00pm and Friday at 9:00 was Dallas. Miami Vice, Max Headroom,Hill Street Blues, St. Elsewhere, Cheers, L.A. Law. Saturday morning cartoons like the Smurfs, Strawberry Shortcake, Carebears, Superfriends, pacman, plasticman, Punky Brewster.
From: Robin Atlas

Well I was born in 1980 so I was a child of that era.(Wish I was a teen back then)But oh well at least I can enjoy what I remember. Nothing beats saturday morning cartoons like back then. You had my fav rainbow brite, my little pony, carebears, straberry short cake, jem, smurfs need i gone. And of course my brothers made me watch GI Joe, Transformers, Voltron, Thundercats etc...but I sit and think back to does days. And and do remember some of the music it was great. I'm 21 now and all I listen to is 80's music.
From: Shyla Soto

2 words feathered hair. I loved the 80s for Obvious reasons; I to lost my virginity in 1985 but heres a twist, I was 17 and it was during a Billy Idol concert. I was back stage and....never mind. I still cant deside who is sexier. Billy Idol OR Jon Bon Jovi..I worshiped them both. I remember that school stopped when the Challenger exploded and there was sheer silence throughoout the school as we watched the coverage for the rest of the day. I loved my clothes, I had this "rad" Madonna like a virgin outfit and a fake beauty mark, i wore it last halloween and it still looks great. I loved crimping my hair and wearing like 4 scrunched up colored socks, I remember my dad always wore these skinny ties and my brother taught me how to breakdance..he was one of the few white breakdancers at my school in Chicago. I loved the music and still do! My all time faveroite song is Melt with you..i cant believe i forgot the bands name....modern english i think. and my faveroite movieis the Labrenth - Bowie is great!! Im a teacher now and for home comming week the students and teachers dress up differnt for every day, we have a 80S day and all the kids love it. This web site is so rad and Im stoked that somany people love teh 80s like me!
From: Sydney

I loved the 80s. Everything about the 80s makes me smile. I spent my late teen years & early 20s dressing up like madonna and hanging out downtown at CBGB's in New York City. What can I say sure, I loved the cartoons the TV and the Movies. but, what I love most is the music. queen, duran duran, billy idol, michael Jackson...oh, i loved it all. I remember thinking that Janet Jackson would never make it on her own...Micahael is a god. Hanging out at the mall was my favorite past time. I would always flirt with the guys in the record stores...I remember that after the AIDS scare i stopped sleeping around, Freddy Mercury I miss you so much(freddy was from QUEEN) Hmm..so much happened I wish that we could just go back to the days of care bear, she-ra and Slap wraps. It was a simpler time... I think thats what we should do, declare it 1985, then maybe Osama would leave us alone, I bet even he would have no qualms with era. My older sister Roxy and My other brothers Zeke & Elija love the 80s too- Roxy told me to put Franky Goes To Hollywood all the way.
From: Lucky

Ahh the 80's a time when life was simple, none of life's pressures. Tv was the best in the 80's, big robots (Robotech, Voltron, Transformers) astroboy, Kimba the white lion, the cities of gold, thundercats, silverhawks, Mask and Inspector Gadget. We had a cool black talking car (Knight rider), the A-Team, magnum PI, Punky was funky!
From: Michael Cogan

The 80's...where to start... big hair, colored hair. mini skirts and bright clothes. I was born in 81' I look back on the 80's and think of barbie, jem, smurfs, alvin and the chipmunks and the muppet babies... Rainbow bright too. I think of saturday mornings watching tv...lots of cool toys and music. Gold and really flashy clothing. The 80's is a feeling not just an era... when ever I want to smile all I have to do is remember how great it was back then!
From: Dolorse Baker

I love the 80's because of... The Smiths and Great Cartoons!
From: Richard

I was born in 69, the Eighties were great! Atari 2600, intelivision, Rollerskating, parachute pants, Big Hair (on girls or guys). Eighties were all about image. bottles of Auqua net hair spray, when MTV actually showed music videos, Muscle cars of the 60's were still plentiful and cheap, my first car when I turned 16 in 1985 was a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner. I remember the keg parties from highschool, break dancing, and the girls girls girls! the 80's is when I discovered them and most of my time was spent being obsessed with them. life was a little more simple then. watching tv with the family like different strokes, the jeffersons, eight is enough, partridge family, Bionic man, and woman, the incredible Hulk, Smurfs, Motocross went to the next level with the invention of the monoshock, what I want to know is what happened to Women with big hair and lots of hair spray and makeup, Metal bands that have guitar solos, and Real Skates...you know the ones with 4 wheels on each skate (Quads) not these stupid roller blades. anyway I will never forget the 80's I get sad thinking they are gone forever. oh yeah and how could I forget Dee Snyder!
From: Ray Hughes

I love the 80s because... The music. Makes me HAPPY, which is so much more than can be said for the soulless machined thump-thump-thump discord of pretty much everything now. The politics. C'mon, fall of the Berlin wall... those pictures, that triumph. The cartoons! Jem and the holograms! the smurfs! was anyone else terrified of the scary huge rubbish pile creatures (whatever they were) in Fraggle Rock?! But that show rocked :) The swedish chef on the Muppet show (lets not talk about how bad the whole muppet endeavour became after Henson passed on). Magnum P.I.!!!!!! the breakfast club. playschool (t.v. show in NZ and i think i australia too; here in N.Z, so politically incorrect its refreshing in memory). love the 80's; miss the 80's; remember 'em so well, too well, really, considering i'm a baby of 1983.... "terror on the airline, ayatollahs in Iran, Russians in Afghanistan".... guess we really didn't start the fire, Mr. Joel.
From: JC

Born in 75, I spent my whole entire childhood in the 80's. Everytime I log on to this web site, I get swept back to the best period of my life. All I want to some days is get in a time machine and relive my childhood and the 80's. From the music, tv shows, movies, cartoons, toys, everything. Long live The 80s!!!!
From: Joel S.

I was a teenager in the 80's and it was so much fun. I still talk about the 80's to my friends about how cool it was and how we had the best music. I loved listening to bands like Poison, Ratt, Motley crue, Billy Idol, Def Leppard, Guns n Roses. I can remember I had posters of all the cool metal bands on my walls you couldn't even see an inch of wall paper. It pissed off my mother i know that much. The 80's had awesome movies too my favorites were Breakfast club, 16 Candles, Valley Girl, Weird Science. I just bought the DVD of Fast times at Ridgemont High that's a classic. As for the clothes well where i lived we wore our pants pegged, izod shirts collars up and even tucked in. Izod [Gator] pink cardigan, polo shirts, Jeannie pants were my favorite to wear. bobby socks [ruffles] with high heel shoes remember that girls. Had to wear big earrings and lots of bracelets with your outfit. And makeup well blue eye shadow was real big and the girls around my way wanted to see how high they could get there hair. and it was high. with the use of dippity do gel and aqua net [the purple can]hairspray. I wish the 80's weren't over i would love to relive them days again and i know other people feel the same way. But it will never happen but we all can remember the good times we all had back then and hopefully you have pictures from back then so you can reminise about it. Because i do and will keep the memeories in my heart forever......Rock on
From: Karyn Pedretti

I miss the 80's. What a great time. I was born in 1975, so I remember the eighties pretty clearly. AAHHHH, the memories.... Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, She-ra, Punky Brewster, Fame, Solid Gold, Dance fever, neon coloured clothes, Madonna, Michael Jackson, the Goonies, Pretty in Pink...... the list goes on:) It's nice to read the other memories from everyone, now I know I'm not the only one who misses the 80's.
From: Denise R.

(ENFL) I was born in Finland in 1971, so in the Eighties I was living my teenage years and loved every minute! Sorry for you who were born in the Eighties, you don't really have a clue, for you it's all just retro, for us older people it was the real deal! The saddest event though was the Challenger explosion, as it happened on my 15th birthday.. I loved (and still do) Eighties music, TV shows (although all of them never reached Finland), clothes, hair, almost everything. It was really a fun and colourful decade, now in the Noughties the clothing is just ugly and boring. Fortunately, they are now showing many Eighties show re-runs on Finnish TV! I don't dress like I used to in the Eighties anymore, but I do have many happy memories which I cherish.
From: Maria

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