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As I read all of the entries, I can't help crying. I miss the 80's. I miss the music Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, U-2 & Poison. The clothes were great too. I loved the parachute pants, leg warmers, penny loafers, leggings and jelly shoes. Girls wore their hair big with lots of hairspray and they looked cool. Guys could wear pink and not be considered gay. Saturday morning cartoons were the best. Smurfs, Kid Video, Monchichis, Strawberry Shortcake were some of my favorites. The cartoons now are horrible. Toys were alot nicer too. Cabbage Patch dolls, Care Bears, Atari and Rainbow Brite are still a part of my household. Molly Ringwald was by far the greatest actress. I loved her movies. I remember watching "Can't buy Me Love" and "The Gremlins" at "The Rialto". The Rialto was a theater with one screen downtown. They shut it down a long time ago when they opened a Plaza 4 theater. Prices were are also better. I remember walking to a near by store and buying a soda and bag of chips with a buck. Now I won't allow my children to walk to the store and they need more than a buck. I'm really looking forward to "That 80's Show".... I think it will be nice to watch something we can relate to. If given the choice to bring something back, I would have to say the cartoons. They were just so clean and innocent.
From: Leslie

noone is mentioning anything about 80s soul. isn't that part of what made the 80s so good? chaka khan, loose ends, luther vandross and alexander o'neal. please, anyone out there add some comments on this. after all, it is the era that has shaped popular R&B today!!
From: lulu

I was born in 1969, so the 80s were my "wonder years" of junior high and high school. I was growing up fast and yet I didn't have to worry about carreer, bills and other headaches we face now. The 80s were also my "glory days". I sometimes like to look back on all the fun times I had playing in a championship high school band, being selected to play in the Washington All State band in 1988, and going to many solo competitions. As well as the honor bands in which I played in. To this day, some of the songs I hear that were from the 1980s takes me back to several times in those years. "Kyrie" and "Life in a Northern Town" for example takes me back to the January of 1986 when our band did a concert tour thoughout parts of east oregon and parts of southern Idaho, namely Boise. And the smell of Aqua Net as we were getting ready for yet another concert wearing our white dresses (mine was home made with a blue sash)and trying to get our hair just so(and big enough). And the boys dressed handsomly in their blue tuxes joking around until it was time to take the stage. There are many stories with many other songs. As I sit here, a musician with a husband, a beagle, and a few websites two music degrees and 13 years later, I can't help but miss the 80s at times. To me it was also a decade of good movies, good music, and good television shows. The 80s were definately our decade.
From: Lisa

Heavy Metal, cruising, the best clubs, girls, and most of all shrink-to-fit Levis. Days where if you had a problem with someone you settled it the manly way and fought it out not using a gun to coward behind. Muscle cars weren't front wheel drive. The president was someone to look up to, a role model with morals and believed in his country. A womans role as a homemaker wasn't criticised, but respected. Public schools were good schools, now demoralized, the private sector is booming. Not only do we pay taxes for public schools we have to send our children to private (at college tuition rates) schools to be safe and insure a good education. The 80's will never be replaced by another generation, we were the underdogs that nobody thought we had the courage to stand up in time of need. We survived and were still kick'n!! Tim Thompson
From: tim thompson

I graduated from high school in 1985. It was a magical time; yes the Cold War was still in full swing, etc, but we were very optimistic then. And..yes...LA Radio did play some decent stuff. X was the greatest band ever! I still have most of my "preppy" clothes....you know...alligator shirts....501 jeans...and Sperry Top Siders...worn without socks, of course! How time flies! Bless us all....
From: John

I was born on August 29, 1969. It was Michael Jackson's 11th birthday. (Imagine that!)My memories are the cool fashions, the big cool hair and the cool music. I remember when MTV was music videos only, Casey Kasem had his Top 10 on TV, tuning in to Solid Gold on Saturday nights before T.J. Hooker, watching Night Flight on the USA Network, Miami Vice, Radio 1990 and Friday Night Videos, and going to the mall almost every single weekend. This was the best time in my life. I didn't care about politics (and still don't), and it really didn't concern me that we could go to nuclear with the Soviets. As the 70's resurrected in the 90's, I'm looking for a resurrection of the 80's - with the 60's coming in at a close second. Nowadays, I like watching Charmed, Poltergeist:The Legacy, The Outer Limits, Alias, COPS, America's Most Wanted, and The Practice. But I still listen to Rush, INXS (well, not as much), AC/DC, and a few other groups from my youth. As a songwriter and aspiring musician/singer, I use my memories of mostly 80's music to give me ideas, but more than that, inspiration. Long live the 80's!
From: Mike

AHHHH the 80's. Let me first say that it is great to see so many people who feel the way I do. The 80's were the absolute best. I started High school in the 80's. Lincoln High in Philly, Pa. What a blast! That whole decade was one party after another. Quiet Riot released Mental Health which was the first Heavy Metal Album to hit number 1. M.T.V. was a GOD send. It sucks now. I remember the first time I saw RATT - Round and Round, I was hooked on that band and still am to this very day. 2-6-02! I really loved Heavy Metal - Hair Metal - Glam Metal. It was awesome. I also enjoyed Corey Hart, John Cougar Mellencamp, Huey Lewis and the News, a lot of the one hit wonders. Remember the Tubes? One in a million and Talk to you later, Great songs. How about Nena - 99 red ballons! Cool tune. Remember Men at work, Duran Duran, Thomas Dolby - She blinded me with Science. Flock of Seagulls. The Motels, The Cars. I liked all the music in those days Except Rapp. The Movies were cool also. Fast times at Ridgemont High, The Breakfast Club, all the horror movies. I met the best girl in 1988 while working the West Coast Video wharehouse. We have a beautiful Son together. He's almost 8. I don't really regret anything from the 80's. Anyone have a time machine?! Take care, Tim - Tbullsr@yahoo.com
From: Timothy T Bull Sr.

I was born in '64, and graduated from high school in '84. Yeah,I failed two years in grade school and also was a late bloomer and never truely grew up until 1990. I do have fond memories of the 70's, but my fondest ones are from the 80's. Who could forget the great music, and what some are now calling the golden age of video games. I can remember rushing through last minute chores at work in '85 so I could get home in time to see Friday Night videos. the 80's were my favorite decade because everything seemed so alive, so full of energy. I'm glad to hear more radio stations, even in my little corner of the world, are playing music from the 80's, it brings back a lot of fond memeories, I can always remember where I was and what I was doing the first time I heard each song (well, not every song, but some). And let's not forget the movies!! Ghostbusters, Summer School, Back to the Future, the Breakfast Club ("does Barry Manilow know you've raided his closet"), 16 candles, and who could forget the all-time classic: E.T. which will be comming out yet again for a new generation. It originally ran for what 16 weeks in '82. Wow, was that really 20 years ago?! Uh-oh, I'm feeling those age spots begining to burst, better go now.
From: Will

I was born in '82 now(20)and growing up as a child in the 80's I grew up on great music such as Micheal & Janet Jackson, Culture Club, Lisa Lisa, and Simply Red. Also watching shows such as The Cosby Show, Golden Girls, Designing Women, Punky Brewster(My favorite), and Facts of Life. Despite incidents such as baby Jessica and the beginning of AIDS, the '80s was a time where there were good tv shows, good music, and good movies (Fright Night, All Nightmare on Elm street, and Sixteen Candles - my favorite).
From: Lisa

When I first think of the eighties I think of the Goonies, which is my favorite movie of all time, Teen Wolf, Back to the Future, The Boston Celtics, Bill Buckner's blunder, Madonna in her prime, and Micheal Jackson at his original color. I was born in 1980 so my childhood was spent in the heart of the eighties and the amenimities that came with the greatest period in history. Now, at the age of 21 I miss the times of glam rock, Bon Jovi, and the dressing styles that gave America a new name. To me the eighties were a time when i could be care free, listening to such groups as Tears For Fears, and GNR, and the list goes on, gave me feelings of endless joy. At the curent time I find myself tuning into 80's friday night on the local radio stations at a maximum, i find myslelf getting excited that a show labeled "That 80'S Show" is being broadcasted yet will have the unfortunate tragedy of surviving 6 months if they are lucky. Every time that i hear an 80's song on the radio or on my cd player i sit back and reminisce about the wonderful times of growing up as a child and realizing that i took for granted of a time that will never be duplicated. The 80's were an incredible time and if i could live those years over again, i would, again, and again, and again.
From: Matt Legner

I was born in 1980. I remember getting up early on Saturday mornings just to catch the "good" cartoons that came on real early, eating my Frankenberry or Count Chocula cereal. Then watching all the shows like Airwolf, Knight Rider, Macgyver, and Miami Vice, and wishing I would grow up to be like them. The music back then has so much more distinction than the hits of today. I miss those years. The first 9 years of my life.
From: Robert Russell

The 80s brought everything: Van Halen, Def Leppard, all the best music and people today still enjoy it.
From: Jen

After reading alot of comments I think it's pretty all much been said why the 80's were great. Who could know it would be a decade like that? Sure we lived under the threat of the cold war (we still do but don't think of it much) but the winds of change were blowing. Everyday we woke up to new things. New music, new movies,new inventions coming out, new political changes leading the the wall coming down and also to a new world community which we still enjoy. It was an electric time! Occasionally I hear some Gen 'X' er ask what was so neat about the 80's? Well for one thing we didn't all hate everything and everyone. We also didn't cry about how rough we have in in our generation while talking on our cell phones, driving nice cars and wearing nice clothes. We made things happen, took responsibility for ourselves and we were upbeat and optimistic. Everyday was an awesome day in the 80's. It was a 10 year party but like all good things it had to come to an end. Every now and then social, economic and political conditions come together just right sort of like the making or a tornado and when they do something powerful happens. Look at the roaring 20's, the 50's and then the 80's. No other times are quite the same. What was so great about the 80's? To be honest, you had to be there... and we were!
From: Dave

There are so many reasons why I love the 80's. I was born on January 22, 1980 so I truly am a child of the 80's. I have two older brothers who helped enhance my experience of the 80's. I can remember Summer mornings waking up to Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me". Boy that was the right way to start the day. I remember my friend Joe and I having a lemonade stand outside his house. I remember playing Nintendo for hours on end. I remember playing "Kick the Can" or "Tag" outside my house with kids from the neighborhood. I remember playing basketball in the swimming pool in the backyard. I remember watching great TV shows like Growing Pains, Who's The Boss, Saved By The Bell, The Cosby Show, Golden Girls, Cheers, Webster, Different Strokes and many more. I remember music from Poison, Whitesnake, Tina Turner, Cyndi Lauper, Culture Club, Tiffany, The Bangles, Bananarama, Ah-Ha, Michael Jackson, Belinda Carlisle, and many more. I remember great movies like Uncle Buck, Ghostbusters, ET, Adventures In Babysitting, Breakfast Club, License to Drive, and many more. It was a time of innocence when kids could be kids and being a kid was fun. There was a feeling in the air that just doesn't exist anymore. MTV was actually good. Videos and songs were fun, creative and made you feel good. Life was much better in the 80's. Pop culture was far better in the 80's. Being cheesy was alot of fun. Why did we as a culture go in the wrong direction? Being a kid is no longer fun. At least not as fun as it used to be. Things got really negative. My fellow children of the 80's I am dying to go back to the 80's. I don't know if we will every re-capture that special feeling that the eighties brought to us. Things can never be exactly the same. But we have the memories. Never let go of the memories. They are to be treasured because there is no doubt in my mind that the eighties were the best decade ever and should not be forgotten.
From: Matt Coskren

I was born in 1978 and reading all of the letters from people on this site almost makes happy tears come dowm. I think the 80's where really something special to me. I can remember staying up late with my dad watching the Carol Burnett Show, and Benny Hill, Hee Haw, Solid Gold, The Muppet Show, Sesame Street, my mom watching Dallas and Dynasty, me watching Nickelodeon- You Can't Dp That On Television and loved each skit in the lockers, and "deahhh, heard that!" Me and my older brother where so close then before he got married, I remember hearing Duran Duran, and Tears For Fears on his car radio in the summer while I was riding my Hotwheels Bike. I loved my jambos I got for Christmas and I used to record my voice on it and play it back and laugh, after making funny sounds in it. I miss trading Garbage Pail Kids, combin My Little Pony, stayin up late with the babysitter watching The Church Lady. I miss my jelly shoes and jelly bracelets, I can still remember hanging my colored feathers with the clips on them. I loved my Cabbage Patch Kids, and trading and collecting charms. I miss playing Atari until my fingers where raw (Pac Man). I remember the first time my dad gave me a quarter to play the jutebox and Purple Rain came on. I miss Who's The Boss, Growing Pains, Peewee Herman, Jem And The Holograms, She-Ra, Family Feud, Pinwheel, Captain Kangaroo, Scooby Doo, and so many more. Gosh I miss everything, and I love to hear old 80's music. I think that you really can really you back. It seems like you can think of a certin time in your past for each song that comes on. I also remember my dads Beta tapes and our first camcorder. I was such a ham them. lol Its nice go back in time. I miss it a lot.
From: kendra

I loved the 80's because we 80's children had our own style, language, and music. Our generation is often imitated, but never duplicated. We had E.T, Porkeys, Mike Tyson when he started boxing. Our clothing sytles are always making comebacks. As children we could play late and not have to worry about all the crap that goes on today. THe 80's was the best and if I could go back, I would in a Minute!!!
From: chris

Ahhhh! The eighties! Nothin' like em'. I remember I had a next door neighbor, Chana. We were laying on her living room floor on our stomachs, chins in hand, when the first video, "Video Killed the Radio Star", came on. We thought we had it all. MTV is now something toally different. I remember kids trading Garbage Pail Kids cards, mini-skirts in two-tone stripes with a belly shirt and lace tie in the hair (some Madonna influence, I'm sure). Remember jelly shoes! They even made a quick comeback in the mid 90's. Hah! The eighties were, like, totally awesome. I miss drooling over Nick Taylor of Duran Duran and thinking he actually wore more makeup than I did. Then I traded the new wave culture for the big hair bands. Bon Jovi was the guy to go ga-ga over then. I hear songs now from the eighties and the great memories come back to me, along with almost every word to every 80's song. Good times!
From: Sherry

I love the 80's, wish life was as easy as it was then. Especially like the fashion, Checkered Slip on Vans are so cool, I still wear them.
From: jay alhadeff

Let me put it this way--Michael Jackson and Phil Collins beat the living crap out of Britney Spears any day of the week.
From: Liz

I was born in 1962. I've lived through 3 decades, starting on a fourth, and the 80's were by far the best decade. I've always been a hard rock,heavy metal fan and the 80's had the best bands of both genres.What happened to music in the 90's and 00's? Music today has "dumbed down" like everything else. Guitarists don't even play lead solos in their music nowdays. Maybe I'm getting old, but I sure long for those days again.
From: After Burner

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.