Why Are You An Eighties Fan?

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What I loved most about the 80s was the return of the miniskirt--in denim and leather. When a woman wearing one was walking or standing, these types of minis weren't quite as short as those pleated high school cheerleader-type minis of the early 70s. But when she would sit, squat, kneel, or especially climb into cars, the hemline would hike all the way up close to the crotch area, exposing almost all of her bare thighs. Few girls still wear this type of mini today. But it's not nearly as fashionable as it was in the 80s. Another sexy dress that was in style toward the end of the 80s was the two- and three-tiered minidress, made fashionable by Debbie Gibson. This style is still around, too; but like the leather and denim mini, it's a lot more rare than it was back then.
From: Keith

The music was the best!!! i grew up in California and every body had a band. I was no exception! Life was good!!!!
From: Lynn

I just wanted to say that the 1980's RULE!!! There's so much I like about that decade, I don't know if I could fit it all on here. I like to listen to the music, play Super Mario games on my regular Nintendo (I like Pac~Man, too). I like the comedy TV shows from the 1980's too, but I can't get them because I only have regular TV. Please feel free to come and visit my 1980's page to see more of my memories ~ http://www.geocities.com/silly1980s/1980s.html ~*Silly*~
From: Kim Flowers A.K.A. Silly1980s or Silly80s

I am soooo happy to see this site!! I was born in 67 and came of age in the 80's (13 yrs old). I remember it all and The 80s Rocked!! And for the record, if I have one more milleneum skater kid refer to himself as Generation-X, I'm gonna scream! Children of the eighites are the TRUE GEN-Xers. Get your own moniker. Oh, I forgot...there's no originality in the 90's. Sorry. What ruled about the eighties? Everything, but especially the music! Adam Ant, Duran Duran, Prince, and Whodini, I could go on and on. Rap was fun and going to a rap concert wouldn't get you killed. Fashion was bright, colorful, and as individual as each person. I honestly can't believe that teenagers now are wearing all that tacky seventies stuff. I mean honestly, orange, pea green and mud brown together in the same outfit are not cute! Hair was big and and curl wasn't a four letter word. For me, the eighties will always be the best decade. I just hope I'm not too old before retro-80's returns so I can relive a little of it all over again. I want my MTV!!
From: Jade

I love Cyndi Lauper, 80's slasher flicks (i.e. Jason), the Goonies, the music, and the clothes. New Wave, Punk Rock, skinny ties and mohawks. Teased hair and leg warmers, side pony tails and bright make-up. MTV still played music videos (and they were actually good!). Valley Girls and polo wearing preppies. Records that once played on a record player now hang on my walls framed. Everything was so cool!
From: Blake Roberts

I was born in 1971, and I am from Mexico, but I thing 80's was the best, because there was a lot of fun then, In that time, one could believe thah dreams could become real, I love the 80's music (Madonna, U-2, Cindy Lauper; Toni basil, etc...)I wished to come back in the time to can live in the 80's again.
From: Gustav

I remember the 80's I grew up in the 80's and I loved the music it was a good time to sing and dance too also, I too this day still love the 80's music and still love to dance to it also, I think my favorite song is by belinda carlyle called heaven is a place on earth, thats one of my fav's! it was so cool! Denise Stellers
From: denise stellers

Well, being that I was born in 1967, I know everything about the 80's. By far it was the greatest decade in the 20th century. Basically, you pick even one other decade that did not have a war! We had lots of fun, good music, and good times. We had computer and technology, but it hadn't taken us over like it has now. It was simply and awesome time to be alive. I feel sorry for kids who were born after about 1973, they really don't remember the 80's like I do. I mean I got the entire 80's experience because I was 13 when it began and 22 when it ended. You couldn't have it any better than me! I also feel so bad for the kids today who have to be brainwashed that rap and the nonsense of the music today is good.....the music today is for the most part just plain bad. I mean, come on...everyone in love with the American idol thing....ridiculous.
From: Scott

I liked the Eighties because they were a decade when my world seemed to move forward and our country was so happy! The music was soooo much fun. I wish that VH1 and the media would not trash the Eighties and ram the hippie agenda down our throats! I couldn't afford all the fashions back then as Izods were pricey. And I was a brainwashed liberal and hated the yuppies and Reagan- though I actually liked both. But looking back I would rather worry about having to buy expensive clothes versus putting up with the sick culture today. Bring back big hair and lotsa eyeshadow in women! And let's have music ALL can listen to like we had back then. I have had enough hippies, fake country music, rap and slackerism! Ken, Class of '84
From: Ken

The 80's were a great time for me, in 1980 I was just entering high school, a new and unchartered world for me, I was young and beautiful, and quite shapely I might add, {I'm still shapely, but most of it has shifted}; at any rate the music was wonderful from Madonna to Janet and everyone in between {I still have some old 80's audio tapes}; I love to listen to them, and thank GOD for DMX on my cable line up, I can listen to classic 80's music all day and night if I want.... For me the 80's were a time of great fun, and discovery, I was young and for the first time trying to find my place in this world, God knows I fell more than a few times, but I still got up. Of course there are alot of things I wish I could've done differently, but ka sera sera {sp?}. I'm proud to have been born in the 60's reared in the 70's and 80's, because unlike many of the children today {including mine} they havent the slightest clue of what it's like to go trick or treating, without your mom having to check your candy, or waking up on christmas morning, with more stuff under the tree than you can shake a feather at.....when holidays still meant everyone went to grandmas for dinner and fun and conversation, when homelessness was just something you heard about {but never really saw}; when a grown up could watch the news and see a few stories that were distrubing, but most of the stories were pleasant, unlike today, when you watch the news and the first 6-7 stories are about tragedy and dispair....... Anyway I wont continue on, I appreciate the time you've allowed me.........in closing i would just like to say "THE 80'S ROCKED, YEAH"!!!!
From: Latricia Smith

I'll tell you the best thing about the 80s. With the onset of that great decade the four years of depression, confusion, shame and almost daily national humiliation that was otherwise known as the Carter administration were over. Yes, there was a new sheriff in town, his name was Reagan, and the bad guys were scared. Now a lot of people like to knock Reagan. They say he was a war monger. They say he was a senile old man. Well he was an old man who took an assasins bullit in the chest and lived to tell about it. Then he went on to bluff a world super power into total collapse with the threat of a starwars death rey. That my friends is a man to be reckoned with.
From: Richard T.

I was born in 1979 and why I loved the 80's was because My favorite cartoon shows were The Banana Splits, and the Wuzzles, as well as Hulk Hogan's Rock & Wrestling. My favorite music show was Kids Incorporated and I loved the pop songs done by youngsters. The Reason why I'm a true 80's child was video games. I grew up playing Atari and Coleco Vision, your basic video game systems. When the Video Game Market Revived, there came the Up-Market Nintendo Entertainment System and The Sega Master System. In music I loved Michael Jackson and a similar act to the Jacksons known as DeBarge. I loved the 1986 Corvette and the Ferrari Testarossa. That was the decade when Chevrolet introduced the Sprint minicar, based on the Suzuki Swift, The Spectrum subcompact, based on the Isuzu I-Mark and the Nova compact, based on the Toyota Corolla. I loved those cars.
From: Rohan Padiyar

I was born in 1965 and graduated high school in 1983. I found this site while I was surfing for ideas in planning for our 20th reunion next summer. Anyway, I remember the first week of senior year (August 1982), when the buzz around school was this new channel on cable called MTV. I remember high school parties where we would do nothing but drink alcohol, smoke pot, and watch videos for hours. I could have been a model for The Preppy Handbook. Here's what I'm wearing in my senior picture...a blue button down Oxford shirt, under a maroon and gray argyle sweater vest, and button-fly 501s, matching argyle socks, and a pair of tan Wallabies. Damn, I looked good!
From: Dr. Phil

I loved the '80s, and I miss them a lot, today basically doesn't compare to the '80s. In the '80's, everybody wasn't "offended" by everything, everybody wasn't so "politically correct" about everything, and the music, movies and TV shows of the '80s were actually good, not like the crap thats out today. Oh yea, and we had the greatest president this country has ever seen: Ronald Reagan!
From: Jason

hey my name is cecil but they all call me c.c. yes im a dude don't let c.c. make ya think lol..heres my message about the 80's...you could dress cool not that ya can't today everything was about partying great music may i note poison kicked serious butt!! they were a great band.. rock n roll never died people it's just resting and when it comes back it's gonna hit hard!!!! to all my 80's lovers out there stay true to yourselves keep looking the way ya wanna look the 80's ruled you ruled i ruled all of it ruled.. i still throw on my leather pants sexy rock star shrits cow boy hats once in awhile cowboy boots biker jackets hey im sexy all of you people were sexy so let's stay true to what we are don't give in to what you don't like....from your true rockn roller love always c.c. p.s. if ya ever wanna chat my screenname is cccrue1 e-mail ad same thing just ad @aol.com untili next time cheers!!!!
From: cecil

Oh, if I could go back in time and re-live the 80's, I'd do it in two seconds flat! I miss those days so much! I was born in 1976, so I was in elementary school and starting Jr. High in the 80's. I loved the styles, the music, TV, movies....EVERYTHING!! I want to wear my T-shirts with the fringe on the sleeves and hem with the little beads on the fringe!! I want to wear my sweatshirts with the neckband cut off so that the neck is really wide and hangs off one shoulder!! I want some pink glitter jelly shoes!! If I wouldn't be laughed out of town, I'd wear it now!! I say bring it all back. There's no other time in history as fun and cool as the 80's!!
From: Heather F

Hey Everyone, The 80's mean alot to me because of the Heavy Metal Hair Band Days,MTV was at it best ever at that time.I think MTV should bring back Head Bangers Ball,just alot of neat things with Metal,and Hard Rock,during those times. Thank You, Sincerly Joe.....ROCK ON.
From: Joe

Okay MTV experts, I'm trying to pull the name of a song out of the "gray matter" and I'm just not getting it done. Early onset senility or one too many party nights. I don't know the band or the song title, but the video, probably early 80s, dealt with old movies, "The Maltese Falcon" mainly and the video ended with a line like" Very magnanamous Mr Cairo". Nothing like next to no information, but that's all I can remember. It came out about the time Men at Work were popular but I don't think it was one of their recordings. Any help would be appreciated and I will get back on track to the "Why I like the 80s" question soon. I promise. Thanks, Barry.
From: Barry

I totally dig the 80's for many reasons. DURAN DURAN, CULTURE CLUB, ATARI just to name a few. The music is so much better than that teeny bopper crap they have today (N'SYNC, the skank Britney Spears (What a frickin' ho bag).The toys and cartoons are better in the 80's than today. Even the "reissue" stuff like HE-MAN sucks today.
From: Gene E Mapes

I Was Born In 73, For Me The Best Thing About The Eighties Was Michael Jackson...at That Time He Could Still Sing...and You Could Still Look Up To Him...
From: purplehaze

This is one page of many, check out the intro at Why I Love The 80s where you can add your own memories as well.